On stage tonight with @mirandalambert. Such a joy to sing with her. Women supporting women #dorightwoman ❤️ https://t.co/peXLJwNKdO
RT @CBBankArena: 🎶 @luciesilvas getting the party stared tonight for the #livinlikehippiestour! @ Citizens… https://t.co/iPohMhOIyg
RT @brothersosborne: Post your thoughts on the web to let the world know how you feel. Have a conversation with person next with you t… https://t.co/qv623WxFeE
San Diego was an amazing night , with this crowd and this whole crew on the… https://t.co/m2uhD8c7nH
Thank you San Diego! Beautiful crowd ! I won’t forget it. Just watched @JonPardi tear it up like a legend and now w… https://t.co/S4JU9hHKdJ
RT @brothersosborne: We’re super excited to be working with @TheFryeCompany for the Port Saint Joe album release. Plus we got to try on… https://t.co/IUiLLR5c7x
On our way to San Diego. This is such a beautiful place. Lucky to be with friends and playing a show tonight. Thank… https://t.co/NrskFRmhoV
@LibrarianJaime I didn’t see that particular argument . I just tweeted that my heart goes out to those poor victims… https://t.co/I1Ql4bR4eS
Absolutely Agree Joseph. how a ban didn’t happen before any list of this kind ever existed , is beyond my understan… https://t.co/Wf72lMwR5c
I hate that I don’t even know what to say anymore. Something has to change. My Heart goes out to the victims and th… https://t.co/UcwWKQy0LM
RT @KMLE1079: Anyone still need @mirandalambert @JonPardi @luciesilvas tickets??!! Play BEAT NINA all week at 7:05am to score a p… https://t.co/Oqq3hn6NbK
My dad turned 70 yesterday and I so wish I could have been there to hug him and tell him in… https://t.co/ykhfBgYbgk
She sang that note and my whole body went wobbly! Having the best time out with @mirandalambert . Her, her band and… https://t.co/Uo6n2uynzI
RT @theforum: TONIGHT: @mirandalambert brings the #LivinLikeHippies tour to the Forum with guests @jonpardipics and @luciesilvas!… https://t.co/G7xCQhfDfd
Heading to @theforum Los Angeles today on the #LivinLikeHippiesTour with @mirandalambert and @JonPardi . Having an… https://t.co/rLMiAOTQjr
RT @Nakattacks: I gotta say @brothersosborne's 'Port Saint Joe' is my most anticipated album this year. I CANNOT WAIT!
Mr @WadeBowen album is also out today. Honored to be singing on this with him . It’s brilliant and beautiful. Congr… https://t.co/ODJh5tXqkf
@MariHarren Noooo. It IS on the cards, just maybe not today. But our stars will align 😘😉
This music and this Artist is impossible not to love. Go listen to his brilliance. Love you DB. Congrats on your al… https://t.co/WBNKROfV1S
I can’t say enough about this artist, songwriter, musician, comedian, husband, father, friend… https://t.co/BOzI6cQkS0
Hey You Beautiful Sacramento peeps at the @Golden1Center , come say hi at the tower records merch stand after Miran… https://t.co/rVe1tNcI3D
RT @Golden1Center: “You look beautiful, Sacramento” Right back at you @mirandalambert 💜 https://t.co/wsNTq6qQdY
@JonPardi and his band sounded brilliant tonight ! Crowd went wild ! 👌🏻❤️ #livinlikehippiestour
Just arrived on the #LivinLikeHippiesTour Sacramento and so thrilled to see everyone, play a show at this amazing v… https://t.co/BGK9qjQbGm
Amazing record ! Thrilled to be part of it ❤️🙌🏼 https://t.co/fvcLWZqwY7
RT @randalourita: With 5/6 sold-out shows so far, the #LivinLikeHippiesTour arrives to California this weekend with @LucieSilvas! https://t.co/pJIoq0TOOh
RT @LiveNationSD: GIVEAWAY -- Enter now for your chance to win tickets to 103.7 @ksonSanDiego Presents: @MirandaLambert with… https://t.co/LaK6LXJdUc
RT @terrinpender: If you do not have @LucieSilvas song "Villian" you are missing out!! Constant repeat today!!
@huwknight Haaaa total klepto
Ready .... 📷: @natalieosborne https://t.co/BRRROlfjkL
@countrycarlmusi Thanks dude !
RT @3rdandLindsley: Dave Barnes and Friends WBWP Songwriters Night benefitting XOXOXOX - featuring Dave Barnes, Lucie Silvas, The Warre… https://t.co/xuZIis9OoH
RT @mirandalambert: I've got a lot of friends on the road with me this year making great music. Y'all check out our road family playlis… https://t.co/FzAE4GbqO6
Can’t wait for next week on the road with this doll #Repost @mirandalambert ・・・ I've got a lot… https://t.co/gkGseON6iE
RT @LiveNationSD: MUST SEE LIVE ✌️ -- @MirandaLambert brings the party to @ViejasArena on February 15th with @JonPardi and… https://t.co/ihetSmyT2b
RT @brothersosborne: "The only place you find success before work is in the dictionary" -Quincy Jones
RT @bobbybonesshow: A perfect, emotional performance by some of country music finest. Thank you for that @ericchurch @MarenMorris… https://t.co/TlFvRVYF1t
😭😭😭😭 I’m already emotional after tonight ! https://t.co/LFsJw8OmcV
Such a brilliant heartfelt and powerful show this year. Honored to have been in the room. #Grammys
RT @RollingStone: See Eric Church, Maren Morris and Brothers Osborne sing Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” for Vegas victims at the… https://t.co/1LDuWW9k14
RT @HuffPost: Eric Church, Maren Morris and Brothers Osborne paid tribute to the victims of May’s deadly Manchester bombing and O… https://t.co/XYvIA53XF2
RT @RollingStone: Maren Morris weighs in on gun control on the #GRAMMYs red carpet: "I want the county music community to get brave a… https://t.co/uu27hAG7GU
Congrats @reba for your Grammy !!! And thank you for having me be a lil part of your amazing record ❤️❤️🙌🏼🙌🏼 #grammys
So thrilled for her !! Yay https://t.co/1UvbRNfxZO
Incredible voices, musicians, songwriters and most of all, people. Wait til you hear this beautiful masterpiece fro… https://t.co/UKLjaDiWkL
Thank you Kindly 😘❤️ https://t.co/hHHTnD882v
She inspires me with her spirit and true love of country music. Can’t wait to get on the road with @mirandalambert… https://t.co/kOCRgisDl5
She inspires me with her spirit and true love of country music. Can’t wait to get on the road with @mirandalambert… https://t.co/LVhljWAaXK
I always felt they had hidden talents as actors 😂👏🏻 https://t.co/MMC7KTg3pM
This record is an absolute classic. So proud of you guys. What a coincidence that it comes out 4/20 ! 🤪 Everyone yo… https://t.co/xxZF7107kS
RT @brothersosborne: It's merely a coincidence that our next record will be released on 4/20. (or is it...?)
Thanks Em! 😘😘😘😘❤️ https://t.co/V2mGtNMNnh
So badass ! One of my fav voices singing a great tune 👏🏻👌🏻 @MarenMorris @Zedd #themiddle https://t.co/huOTU8lPYH
@suziemacmusic @LizMcClarnon Love this ! And your hair ! Can I have some ?
@suziemacmusic Aw thanks Suzie !! 😘
RT @GDickieDesign: When your work playlist is just full of amazing artists @LucieSilvas posts about on Twitter 😂 smashing playlist tho… https://t.co/1FFpRfp6GA
Haaaa thank you! What are the other reasons ? ❤️😘 https://t.co/FaJ9foVMX0
#tb to that time @rubyamanfu and I sang some Bill Withers with @mrcraigrobinson and @skrillex At Bonnaroo . This ye… https://t.co/Pogk4VFxaK
Go guys ! Congrats. We all love you. Can’t wait to see you all on the road together. You’re badasses ! @LancoMusic https://t.co/iEyKlbX0rw
Records and singles out today starring people I’ve gotten to know in this amazing place that… https://t.co/UXtlgtlU7G
Congratulations my friend. You deserve this and have made a phenomenal heartfelt piece of art. Go get it guys. She… https://t.co/CSTOWwBL7J
RT @jessicamitchell: if @caitlynsmith, @jillianjmusic, @LucieSilvas & @zdevin are an indication of where music is going with “new” artis… https://t.co/yosWgcLHHk
When your friends keep cranking out brilliance . @caitlynsmith @zdevin Happy release day !! https://t.co/SglL0j4ikj
A sincere lyric and a moving voice always touches my heart, but every so often a song literally makes me break down… https://t.co/LIQL0rXB5f
RT @MarenMorris: I will never forget talking to @BrothersOsborne after we played Route 91. I will never forget hearing @EricChurch p… https://t.co/bLzWeu9wG4
RT @trentdabbs: Hard to go wrong writing with @KarenFairchild & @LucieSilvas at @readysetmusic on this fine day! https://t.co/Ns42w4e1zk
🙌🏼❤️ https://t.co/ZZRaS40WBN
@KaceyMusgraves I guess a lesson in Grammar is all we can hope for here! 😳
RT @CountryMusicAZ: Our top 5 concerts in 2018: 5. @mirandalambert with @LucieSilvas @JonPardi 4. @CodyJohnsonBand and @NealMcCoy at… https://t.co/utWsWHfwZ8
You beautiful people. congrats ! Love you guys https://t.co/jwgxJDpWdM
I can't stop watching this video... can't stop. Incredible and Filthy ! https://t.co/Ncd61SGMf0
RT @brothersosborne: Our family started in a trailer park in Odenton Maryland. Some would have called it a shithole. We called it a start.
RT @RScountry: 2018 Country Music Preview: 30 Most Anticipated Albums and Tours https://t.co/xLa7mIUlih
RT @brothersosborne: Huge congrats to @MarenMorris for earning her first number 1 today. She's worked her ass off and deserves every dam… https://t.co/O9Dt34XQYh
@theshadowboxers ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘
RT @MarenMorris: 43 weeks. Proud to be a woman today. 🎤💨To my amazing Columbia promo team, to country radio, to the fans, thank you… https://t.co/5J41KVfBgK
RT @Andersoneast: “Encore” is finally available. I am extremely proud of this record. I have never worked harder on any collection of… https://t.co/cnQoCfrfol
@davebarnesmusic Haaa love you more
Wait a dang minute .... we can get this too!!! I love you @davebarnesmusic ! Totally brill https://t.co/PKS6y32Yap
It’s a delicate balance when such talented lovely peeps like this are your good friends and you’re also a genuinely… https://t.co/1b2AAPLHg9
Today is such an exciting day for music , especially in the close proximity of our Nashville Community!!… https://t.co/ZFVRtx0VdO
@KreepinCountry @mirandalambert I’m pumped to go out on the road with my girl. One of the absolute best there is. Can’t wait ❤️
RT @Wilderness615: Love this version of You Got It by @LucieSilvas Wonder Woman - "You Got It" https://t.co/WRoAmM2BiC via @YouTube
RT @OndesVitales: Coup de Coeur 2017 (50/50): Le single "My Old Habits" de @LucieSilvas sorti en Juin. https://t.co/iYb3b69qkI
One word : OPRAH
So many good tunes released yesterday ! @brothersosborne with first new single from new album ! So GOOD! Plus… https://t.co/ZDyx5RBZBg
Dammmmmn @jtimberlake . You know how to bring it 👌🏻 #filthy
RT @neal_carpenter: Dang. Just heard @LucieSilvas My Old Habits on the radio. Sounds timeless.
Out NOW!!! 🙌🏼 #shootmestraight @brothersosborne https://t.co/Jnx5GueWaD
@neal_carpenter Thanks Neal!! 😘
@brothersosborne out NOW ! First single off their new album. So excited for them and for you guys to hear it ❤️🙌🏼👌🏻 #shootmestraight
RT @Picture100Words: Oh my goodness, I can not wait until I can download ‘Shoot Me Straight’! I’ve heard it when some uploaded it to You… https://t.co/97WoZlCmyn
RT @TheBluesMarie: There are a whole bunch of records to get excited about in 2018 including new music from @mooseblooduk, … https://t.co/vm4by1D5fW
Happy new year ! For me it’s starts this Friday ❤️🙌🏼👌🏻 @brothersosborne https://t.co/zvHmilQIVK
Hope you’re New Years is as chill as Barley ❤️⭐️ #happynewyear #2018 https://t.co/L3csQkDSzx
@Jenford130 Thanks so much Jen. And for you too 😘⭐️
Let’s do this ........ ❤️ #2018Ready #HappyNewYears https://t.co/iO7jhYMexb
RT @MusicNutMatt: #Top5 most played of 2017 continues (according to @Spotify ; see earlier posts for rest of list) In at Number 4-… https://t.co/uAhqZtjWe0
Thanks Martin! Happy new year! https://t.co/a6MgUBbZYU
RT @BrosUpdates: Just for the record I really wished @luciesilvas & @brothersosborne would have stayed a little longer tonight at th… https://t.co/FRg9yjb5t6
Great to have you here in Nashville https://t.co/DqPYawJayo
@KreepinCountry Thanks so much. This is so sweet and makes me even happier to make music . Happy new year !! Wishin… https://t.co/7uFvTdSOQQ
Smiling so big my eyes are closed ! In legendary company here at the @bluebirdcafetn last night… https://t.co/IjMcNps6Lh
Love you guys. Thank you https://t.co/2yofzLya3p
RT @SoVeryBritish: How to wrap a present: 1. Cut paper smaller than present 2. Have a drink 3. Rip paper on one of the present’s co… https://t.co/VeXzH1Ze19
@lacikent Thanks Laci! Hope you had an amazing Christmas time
@marblehead1 Not sure of dates yet but planning on it 👌🏻
@Celticmariah I certainly will ❤️
RT @brothersosborne: Family is everything. Not just your immediate family, but the joining of families to create one big diverse crazy g… https://t.co/UQaHZB0Nkq
So looking forward to starting 2018... around feb 9th approximately . Always takes me a minute to get going 😳
Gracias !! All my love ! https://t.co/EgEmsZMaUv
RT @JamieMcLeanBand: I recorded this w/ @luciesilvas on my first trip to #Nashville. I love this duo version of Winter Wonderland. Check… https://t.co/repsMnR0Oy
@Miztory77 😭😘
@QueensoCountry @carlypearce @AshleyMcBryde @MarenMorris @jillianjmusic @DBradbery @camcountry @leeannwomack… https://t.co/xrQHiLyy7R
RT @QueensoCountry: Here are Queens of Country's 10 best songs of 2017 → https://t.co/hKmZULRm85 https://t.co/TcoBnfQho3
@margorivi I miss Greg too. What an angel ! Glad you are a fan of him
@Shann_X0 Thank u Shannon !
@JLiooo @brothersosborne @MMusicWorks @alexbergerphoto 😘😭
@AFMAlexField That's so kind of you, thank you . And the same to you 💖
RT @lacikent: Listening to BobbyCast #90 right now with Barry Dean..and love hearing him talk about @brothersosborne &… https://t.co/sMgZoEiaOg
New playlist on Spotify with a few of my buds and their Christmas tunes ❤️ https://t.co/MRn7KxAf2R
Her voice and soul are captivating. You are an idol for me @nataliehemby ! Everybody buy the perfect gift this Chri… https://t.co/U6q3f2Co4L
@vincegill made me cry and stand frozen in awe last night. Watching you and @amygrant sing like angels together was… https://t.co/rko3jnqByW
#tb to @brothersosborne headline show this year at @mmusicworks . One of my fav moments of 2017. I love you guys. T… https://t.co/f4NLEZ8q3H
Some of my fav songs and Christmas tunes for this holiday ❤️🌲💋 https://t.co/HR6KhJ2Z16
Barley thinks that lying as close to me as possible at the Vet is the best way to stop the Veterinarian from coming… https://t.co/c3tTJGmIkR
RT @DollyParton: I just love this time of year. The season, spending time with family, the movies and the music! I put together a sp… https://t.co/uoflg6JYGr
RT @vickytreherne: @CMT Where to start.... @DanAndShay @dariusrucker @MarenMorris @LucieSilvas @charlieworsham & last but by no means… https://t.co/xXVWPq4pwm
My dad grew a white beard 🌲😂❤️ https://t.co/YVg3uo9V8n
Family. Always discussing, debating, laughing, and usually disagreeing - usually about my dads… https://t.co/5OKpJoKSLY
Love this !! @AliceMerton . Heard it on the mighty @Lightning100 https://t.co/WRJ5jSGp2i
RT @brothersosborne: Isn't the term "ugly Christmas sweater" a little redundant? Has anyone ever seen one and thought "man, that's a gre… https://t.co/D85162I7rM
RT @ElisedTaylor: My top 25 songs on Apple Music. I see a pattern/obsession @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas @mirandalambert https://t.co/3CYSsnBPuR
RT @opry: “Everything Looks Beautiful” with @LucieSilvas on the #Opry stage! 💖 https://t.co/7rf9bpPnBu
RT @jillyy822: Ended my last night working at the Ryman for the year on a high note with @LucieSilvas and @ChrisYoungMusic
Thank you Courtney ! Right back at you. ❤️ https://t.co/mpyouxgOAv
Special night last night @opry at the theryman with my sister mimis72 and my sweet @kreeharrison… https://t.co/dZQYPiLCvG
@opry @ChrisYoungMusic @randytravis @DaileyVincent I still pinch myself I get to play at the Opry. Thank you guys
RT @momofpepe: @LucieSilvas My heart is SO happy after hearing you sing tonight!! You sounded awesome!! https://t.co/Sk6DrAwBIZ
@TwinnieOfficial Thank you Darlin !
RT @opry: 💖 We can't wait!! https://t.co/ogBh5wTzXm
@opry 🙌🏼😘
RT @LaLorenz: This just came on and got me excited for new @LucieSilvas music. I can't believe this album came out over two year… https://t.co/IE4B0KBoiN
Tomorrow night. My family just arrived from New Zealand so it's a special one for us ❤️ #opryattheryman… https://t.co/ufipigC7XE
No tolerance for Bullying. Keaton is a Brave kid. This destroys me. 😭💔 https://t.co/GmmtJuLZjK
RT @Tazhoe61: This is why I love living in Nashville. This was only about 2 years ago. Met each of them. Lovely, talented, humble… https://t.co/S3TfzrDaI6
RT @MarenMorris: Chills. “We can’t all be crazy. We can’t all be sluts. We can’t all be ‘asking for it.’” Bravo, @time .… https://t.co/R9ngUmS9MV
RT @brothersosborne: Exclusive! Barley's first radio interview. https://t.co/BR2KLsUPQ6
2018=New Music #ego https://t.co/5SSEtP1Xra
@Tracy_Ulam Oh thank you Tracy
Ha ha, just the writers and musicians on it, but I would love for you to hear it my friend!! And that's also my fav… https://t.co/Vw5rBVmJFq
This amazing duo are now part of a new exhibit at the @countrymusichof . Started as a waiter in the restaurant and… https://t.co/njUkqEJgkc
😭 Thank you Trent https://t.co/IL8uVw2J9G
@jillianjmusic Thank you my sweet friend 😘😘😘❤️❤️
@allfiredup93 😂 I like that !
RT @RecycledRejects: Accurate representation of me at the thought of having a new @LucieSilvas record in 2018! The excitement is real, y… https://t.co/Errr83GxYo
@Shann_X0 Yes indeed !
Thanks so much Ryan! ❤️😭 https://t.co/kowUpkD4OJ
Last night I had a little gathering just for friends who played or sang or co wrote on the album… https://t.co/ycMNRQCZ1t
@trickster1966 No just one in nashville for people that helped me make the record and write the songs. Wasn't a public event ❤️
Thank YOU for being part of it. I love you! ❤️ https://t.co/i7ECxMwG85
Coming from you ❤️😭🙌🏼 thank you 😘 https://t.co/gQlqQ9gcvQ
Shot something lovely with @jbamn last night ❤️ #alltomyself #newmusic https://t.co/60tR37bZhG
@momofpepe @brothersosborne Aw I wish I could but need to be home. Hug them extra for me
RT @JamieMcLeanBand: Follow the new JMB @Spotify Playlist! https://t.co/MWzP0Rdgxe I"ll be adding stuff weekly and new songs from Jamie… https://t.co/K2bk4qKDnZ
Please let me , and all your friends be at this meet and greet - should this guy have the balls to show up https://t.co/ZGKBcq8gJu
@blackberryfrm Thank you for taking care of us and everyone who comes to this beautiful and… https://t.co/gPya3QEvfj
Dec 12, 2017 at Ryman Auditorium - Opry at the Ryman...
Impossible not to love him ❤️ https://t.co/glkB2hqL89
Grammy Nomination for @brothersosborne !!!! Amazing alarm clock this morning. That beautiful maze in South County m… https://t.co/eX9S5snv76
December will be a magic month with this and my family coming into town from New Zealand . So excited ! ❤️💫… https://t.co/kLPSNRHrqP
Throw back to when I wasn't a sneezing coughing mess at the Rolling Stone show in Nashville… https://t.co/3xBoiF5T7q
Nostalgia hearing "wishing on a star" by Rose Royce. Used to sing it over and over when I as about 8 years old in t… https://t.co/T2Nphrao36
RT @NCGAmyworld: You make the mountains easier to get get around. 🖤 https://t.co/HBVIWMWIoR
@Travis_Meadows We love you Travis
She is as stressed as she looks 🎅🏻🤶🏻 @ The Home Depot https://t.co/cGcv4SlLka
Happy Thanksgiving everybody. I'm still sick in bed but my honey is hard at work in the kitchen, as you can see. H… https://t.co/OE29Yyhojw
Thank you guys for welcoming me back again. I played in some of my fav cities with a band of… https://t.co/43eCpmtTEc
RT @SoVeryBritish: “I’ll certainly give it a go” - Translation: I won’t be giving it a go. Goodbye.
RT @charlieworsham: another UK/European adventure in the books! thanks everyone who put the trip together & special thanks to the fans… https://t.co/EBvoAPFqZi
Dublin is such a beautiful city , so sad I had to be confined to a hotel room sick and not see it or play my show.… https://t.co/6d8ykZVxnU
RT @mcd_productions: ICYMI Tonight's @LucieSilvas show in @academydublin is Postponed . Lucie has got a throat infection. Hold on to you… https://t.co/OKe16HJ2XM
Also want to apologize to people that were so excited to see @charlieworsham play. Stay tuned as he may be announci… https://t.co/kaWUSuFWUg
RT @charlieworsham: my heart goes out to Lucie. she’s been so sick & it’s taken a turn for the worse w no way to do the show tonight. i… https://t.co/CnrqJ71LoI
I can't apologize enough for letting you all down. I tried to battle through it but unfortunately am unable to sing… https://t.co/aFWHgDjdTj
@missuscereal @jennyd84 Thank you. We put the word out as soon as we could on the socials and that's all we could d… https://t.co/YTl3xzPQzC
@WheelerWalkerJr @charlieworsham Thanks dude 😘
@loveyouluce I'm so sorry Linda. You're so sweet and supportive making all this effort. It kills me to let you and… https://t.co/zqJ1JLaWe7
RT @countrymusicNI: ATTENTION! Sad news re @LucieSilvas and @charlieworsham show tonight! Hold on to your tickets though! 🤞🤞🤞 https://t.co/9ZWe56Kg65
Everyone- I'm so very sorry. I'm having to reschedule tonight. I've been nursing this awful throat infection in the… https://t.co/VSN9NXVdOx
RT @countrymusicNI: Heading to see @charlieworsham and @LucieSilvas TONIGHT at @LimelightNI?! Check out our interview w/… https://t.co/16m5ieI7y3
RT @mcd_productions: Tonight @LimelightNI - @LucieSilvas & @charlieworsham - This Monday @academydublin @TicketmasterIre https://t.co/W4l3ixtwcB
RT @TheEllenShow: Please retweet & use #BeKindToElephants, and for everyone who does, we’ll make a donation to The David Sheldrick Wi… https://t.co/dAGQh3O4in
RT @AidanBranch: It was lovely getting to catch up with @LucieSilvas and her amazing band again after an amazing show last night 🙌🔥… https://t.co/NW3WYsuXpZ
RT @loveyouluce: Music is just the best!! I just don't know where we would be without it!!! @LucieSilvas thank you for all you stan… https://t.co/eYi7DvjJ9T
Thanks @sarahbuxton for posting . Please sign the petition. Can't we respect and protect these beautiful creatures.… https://t.co/WUUJh7m4IB
RT @gophar73: @LucieSilvas You were absolutely awesome last night in Glasgow can't wait until you come back https://t.co/LlgauJVTOp
Happy birthday to one of the coolest, most talented, best men on the planet . Love you so very much @tjosborne . In… https://t.co/pyXgwhKPUi
RT @countrymusicNI: Caught our interview w/@charlieworsham yet?! He plays @LimelightNI alongside @LucieSilvas TOMORROW NIGHT! Make sur… https://t.co/b7238xLowM
RT @brothersosborne: Y'all have become some of our favorite crowds to play for! Can't wait to come back in May for our first ever U.K. h… https://t.co/zbQmsgto8J
RT @Martoon15000: 12 years on & @luciesilvas still blows me away. The new material is her best yet! Can't wait for the next chapter!… https://t.co/fN7gJQFs6I
@linsbaumeister @kingtuts @charlieworsham Charlie 8.30.... Me 9.45
RT @mattyevo1: @LucieSilvas Amazing set @LucieSilvas! So much I can't pick a favourite track 💖🙌🎼 Shout out to @charlieworsham for… https://t.co/uDV5XoUMBk
@Rosie_Liz @iainetc Haaaaa way too hot for stage !! Comfy tho right ?!
RT @annagraciex: Had so much fun seeing @LucieSilvas in Nash/UK this year but last night was by far my favourite gig of the year!! C… https://t.co/JrFdhylPW4
RT @kingtuts: TONIGHT AT TUT'S → @LucieSilvas, supported by @charlieworsham. Doors 8.30pm, tickets at the bar!
Total pleasure to be playing these shows for such amazing crowds. Thanks for showing up for us.… https://t.co/sz2ONkaCxf
RT @SeanCKennedy1: What a show at The Ruby Room in Manchester filming for @luciesilvas & charlieworsham phenomenal… https://t.co/QMvMQ98TpP
RT @Bopshopnick: It's only @LucieSilvas Day!! 💎👑🎶🎹⭐
RT @NYC_newmusic: @LucieSilvas It was an amazing show, so excited about the new album..the title track is incredible!!! 😵 😵 Thank you… https://t.co/5JQzJur43L
One of the best crowds I've ever experienced to date. Thanks so much Manchester. You showed up in more ways than one. I love you!
RT @leeboyontour: With @LucieSilvas little cameo on Tuesday with @brothersosborne that means I’ve seen her 5 times this year! WOW thanks Lucie 👍🏻🤠👏🎤🇬🇧
RT @willsheen: @LucieSilvas don’t forget the guys behind the scenes https://t.co/x8zIHNgSJP
RT @traceymurray191: @MarenMorris & @RyanHurd on Monday in Glasgow and @LucieSilvas on Friday in Glasgow. Now @brothersosborne on sale..… https://t.co/KAe65ZsXQu
Thanks for coming out to see us tonight Birmingham ! Manchester here we come !
@acrossthepond25 😘
RT @Stephraq: My all time favorite song and I just heard it covered by @LucieSilvas..wow it moves me soo much. So great❤️❤️… https://t.co/tW5fs9aJav
RT @mcd_productions: @LucieSilvas with special guest @charlieworsham // Live at @academydublin. --Monday November 20th-- Ticket at… https://t.co/xRrKNeniSB
Aw thank you! I miss my baby too! https://t.co/aNlMwANYJ2
RT @TheBluesMarie: Longest review in a while but @LucieSilvas and @charlieworsham were just too damn good @Islington_AH on Monday! https://t.co/OMK6nrowiQ
@TheBluesMarie @charlieworsham @Islington_AH Thanks so much Marie ! Appreciate you being there and writing this
April 2018! First time playing this fantastic festival. Excited to be amidst this line up. Hope to see you in the s… https://t.co/12KSnqNn1m
@mandybaggot I loved it!! An honor all round last night
RT @nashvilleblake: Oh hey @LucieSilvas ... you & @brothersosborne are playing in Ft.Lauderdale in 2018? Can we say reunion? Best news all day! #Tortuga
RT @mandybaggot: @LucieSilvas Loved Loving Me Back last night! How cool was performing with hubby in Kentish Town? https://t.co/OY1pLa8Uws
@brothersosborne opening the show for @thecadillac3 tonight in London. Unbelievable show all round. 🙌🏼🇬🇧 https://t.co/iLyI4jx9xp
RT @HeyBaylen: .@brothersosborne & @thecadillac3 smashed it tonight! Backstage was pretty happenin too w/ @LucieSilvas… https://t.co/Uue67B73SS
RT @ST8MNT: Loving the just-announced TORTUGA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2018 lineup with @KeithUrban + @FLAGALine + @SnoopDogg +… https://t.co/OER4cxRncm
RT @__hannahgoddard: Nothing beats hearing these three together. Most talented family goes to... also @LucieSilvas you looked badass, lo… https://t.co/oCiHDfkaoh
RT @o2academybham: ICYMI // @LucieSilvas will take to our stage tomorrow! Watch her interview with @TicketmasterUK here… https://t.co/q8kpLemsIP
@michaelgrib Yes absolutely! I'll be at the merch stand after my show and will have the vinyls with me
RT @DogAteMyWookie: Loved @LucieSilvas last night. Can we have a live album please? Amazing vocals. https://t.co/9OaI3Aze4b
Having @charlieworsham with us is an absolute dream. Your talent is unreal and we are so proud to have you with us.… https://t.co/AsF278HfFZ
Thank you so much for being there and supporting myself and Charlie. And for being a music lover. 😘❤️🇬🇧 https://t.co/JhpRx7RqBq
That's the man!! @charlieworsham https://t.co/Jpkrtf077j
@djcox Thank you David! 😘
Meanwhile back in Nashville... this woman has the number one song in the states in country music. She has been work… https://t.co/dw96CIhhCI
@Jamescu13227055 Sorry to hear that james. All my love to them x
RT @loveyouluce: @LucieSilvas never ceases to amaze me. I need this new album like tomorrow!! Such an amazin performance at… https://t.co/fG4k4a7w5p
London you melt my heart, yet again. Thank you for your warm welcome back . It was so exciting to play the new song… https://t.co/8YYzkX956x
RT @PeripateNic: Well. Tonight. Just. Beautiful. @LucieSilvas you are amazing! https://t.co/0tvLf5EPiH
RT @losilaja: .@LucieSilvas at @Islington_AH. Great show! https://t.co/5woQ4m8FuX
RT @allfiredup93: @LucieSilvas sorry I couldn’t make it tonight! But I’m excited for E.G.O and will see you next time 😘❤️
RT @lmarks84: Omg @LucieSilvas never stop being incredible ❤️ What a gig https://t.co/Y7YdwyyJfr
RT @Coopers_Country: @LucieSilvas @charlieworsham onstage together great show. Love the new songs. https://t.co/5iCXxpGpW3
RT @BADM1NTONChris: Wow. Can't lie...I was totally spellbound throughout the entire performance from @LucieSilvas tonight… https://t.co/dhs2hFyyeV
RT @Coopers_Country: @LucieSilvas @charlieworsham great night and hardest working rhythm section backing both acts. https://t.co/Qzj2VTHDau
@dazgale Thank you Daz. You guys are amazing to me
RT @officialcharts: Lucie Silvas (@LucieSilvas) reflects on the success of her debut album Breathe In, shares details of new music:… https://t.co/wZNrT50ru4
Can't wait to see you London ! @Islington_AH with my special guest @charlieworsham ❤️🇬🇧 https://t.co/8AgcOEScsh
RT @itsDjLilJo: 2x tickets available for @LucieSilvas tonight @Islington_AH - she’s on stage at 8:45pm (need to collect https://t.co/D4rbpkpXHK)
RT @brothersosborne: I mean... https://t.co/qboPCqcbCi
RT @Islington_AH: Approx. stage times for LUCIE SILVAS tonight: Doors 7pm @charlieworsham 7.45pm @LucieSilvas 8.45pm Tickets avail… https://t.co/OzrcPIEaaK
@leeboyontour @charlieworsham Thanks so much for making such a big effort to see us
RT @PeripateNic: I will be listening to @LucieSilvas all day tomorrow in preparation for tomorrow night’s gig in Islington ❤️❤️
RT @MichielvMusic: Amsterdam had to miss @LucieSilvas for almost a decade but she returned to #Melkweg with a bunch of new songs and… https://t.co/WbcZe68RkB
RT @marije_Molen: @LucieSilvas Thank you for a wonderful show last night! Me and my boyfriend enjoyed it so much!! Also the new songs… https://t.co/4JpcGv0QBL
@LangenbergHeidi Thanks so much for being there !! Id missed you all
RT @baddragonite: Thnx for the nostalgia yesterday in Amsterdam @LucieSilvas Please don't wait another 10 years until next time 😜… https://t.co/MQpaIZFxKz
Last night in Amsterdam. Having @charlieworsham out on the road with us is the absolute best! Don't miss his set ev… https://t.co/W0K1u4NL2W
@Margriet1973 @dutchytv THat makes me happy ! Thanks so much
@xBelieveAgain Likewise!! Such a memorable night. Thank you!
@Margriet1973 @dutchytv Thanks so much you guys!! Great seeing you in the crowd !
RT @IamBellyButton: Just WOW! Beautiful, effortless vocals, and wonderful songs, new and old! Can't wait for the new album @LucieSilvas… https://t.co/zFiyWDrh5P
RT @twodutchies: @LucieSilvas @melkweg Lucie Silvas live in Amsterdam! Still Awesome 🙆after 10 years!! What a voice and funny perfor… https://t.co/fZBm6LqsBn
@DaveCatt28 Thank you Dave !
RT @FBeardy: Live music week So excited Monday @LucieSilvas Tuesday @brothersosborne Wednesday @MarenMorris Thursday rest Friday… https://t.co/ERuqxCobAF
@cherrysodablog Thank you Laura !!
RT @EFCountry: Interview: @LucieSilvas chats with @cherrysodablog ahead of her UK and Ireland tour, which kicks off on Monday nigh… https://t.co/wCDlMA6Iln
RT @OfficialChappy9: @LucieSilvas Listening to 'How To Lose It All' full blast on my beats headphones and just heard the Ba's at the cho… https://t.co/9nWBgMvvp0
@BuczMartin Wonderful info to have !! Thank you!
Early hours of the morning in London and listening to @carrieunderwood performance from the @CountryMusic awards. C… https://t.co/bLhsewR1KG
Amsterdam .... I'm so excited to see you. It's been a while ❤️
@charlieworsham Noooo! Shit. The monkey ! 😂
Love this ! New tune by @TheBonfires @jackmcmanus and @jaypryormusic ! Check it out ! ❤️ https://t.co/xkwlEsWyUt
RT @Islington_AH: Smoky vocals and emotive song writing with @LucieSilvas next Monday. Get your tickets https://t.co/0MsJMoursk https://t.co/mbSydBZKjY
RT @cherrysodablog: Lovely to speak to @LucieSilvas just now - interview coming up on @EFCountry this weekend before her UK tour!
RT @mcd_productions: as good as it get's @LucieSilvas & @charlieworsham play @academydublin & @LimelightNI @TicketmasterIre https://t.co/CRwxILzxVq
For real they are gonna gently escort me off this aircraft if I don't stop crying . Telling them it's from happines… https://t.co/DR2J2T4foE
Oh my gahhhhhhhhhh 😭😭😭😭😭😭 my plane is taking off and I am losing it . Go babies!!!!!!!!! @brothersosborne
Nashville is so special. For @brothersosborne to have a huge moment on stage at the @CountryMusic tonight and have… https://t.co/4h7WMAXfsp
Absolutely dying with pride right now. And crying at the airport watching . You steal our hearts… https://t.co/VAKEBUnao6
@charlieworsham @Dishoom So excited to see you!!
RT @charlieworsham: ditto. also, this side of the pond is excited to have you back! ps i’ll be at @Dishoom 🥘 https://t.co/ElMbQUv8Qq
Clip from last night for @rscountry and ramtrucks . On stage with my band and the legendary… https://t.co/axYJgvQFdK
I'm on my way to London and missing a huge night for Country music but wanna wish everyone luck but mostly an amazi… https://t.co/63mhdeSXae
RT @brothersosborne: Y'all!! Honored beyond words here. HUGE props to our directors Ryan Silver and Wes Edwards. They're the true heroes… https://t.co/rrokDgS3Gj
RT @Paul_E_Paul: The definition of effortlessly cool just got rewritten. @brothersosborne 's John Osborne is the modern day guitar h… https://t.co/nr8yqmDzgo
Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghhhhhhhhhh!! Congrats @brothersosborne #cma #videooftheyear @brosupdates https://t.co/EJwAq7TAF7
Video of the year !!!!!!So incredible . Huge congrats @brothersosborne . I'm so proud I don't know what to do with myself !! @CountryMusic
RT @JesseKnutsonNC5: Had a great time at the @RScountry event tonight featuring @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas and @Brent_Cobb! Ready for… https://t.co/z0jhjuRfow
RT @barefootmovemnt: @LucieSilvas being awesome @RollingStone #country party in Nashville! Lovely songs! https://t.co/yyCcaOfaD9
RT @leeboyontour: So looking forward to next week, Monday seeing @LucieSilvas and Tuesday seeing @brothersosborne, and I’ve got M&G s… https://t.co/r1oIMjrbgo
Thanks so much to ramtrucks and @rscountry for having us play tonight. Had so much fun and it's… https://t.co/BJapec45JE
RT @LiveNationUK: Such a nice day hanging with @charlieworsham at @ticketmasteruk! Don't miss him supporting @luciesilvas next week 🎤🎸 https://t.co/3aMrBIERcO
Can't wait !!! https://t.co/z4DKkUIAv5
RT @MarenMorris: Country music has always been about the truth. Out of respect for the Las Vegas victims, let’s keep it that way.
RT @carro111: Would you have loved to win £50k when starting out? Help @liamdoyle1994 to further his music career, vote and share… https://t.co/5RNbOxSeLB
RT @simonewalraven: Dutch Airwaves update: Walk along the musical life trails of @LucieSilvas in Simone's Songlines tonight. Interview… https://t.co/J88LRz2Bru
RT @country_nl: Wil jij 2 tickets voor concert @LucieSilvas & @CharlieWorsham op 11 november in @Melkweg winnen? ℹ️… https://t.co/Tcj7j7IDE5
Rock n roll and untouchable. Night in heaven watching sherylcrow with Jeff Trott and her… https://t.co/K7pHYmoxmg
This is the hard part... when you've finished your record and wanna keep holding on to it, but also the want to put it out there NOW! ❤️
RT @countrymusicNI: Check out our interview with the amazing @charlieworsham below 👇👇👇 https://t.co/eaDdl0GEFB He plays @LimelightNI… https://t.co/JRoL8CMOP1
RT @scriptsoundmag: @charlieworsham set to join @LucieSilvas on upcoming Nov UK tour & issues limited-edition #BeginningofThings vinyl.… https://t.co/V0FDVOGpZw
RT @Nakattacks: My top artists - last 30 days. Not sure it gets much better #GirlPower https://t.co/zZ5RC0kWIz
Not long before he can actually take a bath in it ❤️ #newhome https://t.co/E3WCZD5zMe
RT @Islington_AH: Making us "proud to be British" 🇬🇧 a lovely review of @LucieSilvas new singles https://t.co/MUatGI8YIV 13 Nov |… https://t.co/iO2bBZjoHh
Incredible @thebonfires @linkinpark 🙌🏼 #makechesterproud https://t.co/uneR0tdOq2
New cosy tees available on European tour dates coming up in November . I'll be at the Merch stands to help dress yo… https://t.co/psM7faRIrJ
RT @StuartBanford: I'll be chatting to @LucieSilvas tomorrow evening after 8pm on both @downtownradio & @DTRCountry https://t.co/bfKKN9LCgr
@nltop40 @538 @borsato ❤️❤️❤️❤️
RT @W21Music: Don’t miss @charlieworsham as he heads back to the UK with @LucieSilvas soon tix selling out fast Brand new ltd ed… https://t.co/d1Uv7evv7V
@mdl507 🙌🏼😘
I love these ladies and can't wait to watch the show and get up to sing a few in a scary outfit.… https://t.co/5S9i5DTyS3
RT @GDickieDesign: @LucieSilvas tickets are finally here! Not long to go now! 😎😁 https://t.co/5lt85Roaiy
When the woman responsible for all the renovations in your house and is currently painting your… https://t.co/uDgzCvFWmu
RT @Islington_AH: Back on top form @LucieSilvas performs her contemporary country on 13 Nov 🤠 Tix | https://t.co/7Rm4nBClwv https://t.co/e13d8Kathe
RT @brothersosborne: 1987: What do you want to be when you grow up? Kid: an Astronaut 2017: What do you want to be when you grow up? Kid: Instagram famous
RT @TheBigYellowDog: This @keelandonovan & @LucieSilvas duet of their song #ChangeMyMind they co-wrote with @_Tenille is giving us the f… https://t.co/ztnu31ZB0Z
This man is a true poet. Very excited for your album release Mr Meadows 🙌🏼 @Travis_Meadows https://t.co/Vz1NGZqr0d
@CountryinAZ Yes I Think so! 😘
Making a record with your friend since you were 15 years old is hard to beat. Makes me so proud… https://t.co/9Y80saV4QJ
@shanemcanally Still laughing out loud
@IAmMaggieRose @jillianjmusic Congrats darling!! I love u!!!
🙌🏼❤️ https://t.co/sCXbZrh0G7
@jillianjmusic @IAmMaggieRose Incredible talent
@loveyouluce @keelandonovan @_Tenille Soon !! It's on the new record ❤️
May we all embrace the weekend the way my niece is about to embrace this donkey ❤️ #incominghug https://t.co/GQUJs9I3CS
Can't wait !! I love these peeps ! https://t.co/JGIQRFrxnb
RT @gettothefront: FOLLOW, RT and tell us where you’d like to see @LucieSilvas perform live to #win a pair of tickets! Ts&Cs:… https://t.co/A6vwBakMSp
RT @keelandonovan: .@LucieSilvas has been one of my favorite artists in Nashville for a minute...Here’s a song we wrote w/ @_Tenille c… https://t.co/jCY3A8aEuu
RT @NathalieSLarsen: Always, but right now more than ever, I wish I'd written #justfortherecord. In tears. 😢Flawless @luciesilvas in 🇬🇧https://t.co/9i8ReWxgam
RT @_Tenille: Last night was magical. Thanks @luciesilvas. It was an honour to be part of the @BluebirdCafeTN round. Incredible p… https://t.co/TfL59vY8c6
RT @momofpepe: Love reading nice comments about @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas!! https://t.co/yodzIBnhjJ
Brilliant crowd at @ACL festival . You killed it @brothersosborne . Loved being up there with you ❤️ https://t.co/rqeQJgCn7N
Happy birthday Mika! My cool ass niece is 2 today !! Time is moving too quick! See you very soon… https://t.co/94zfWbZbLI
RT @Dolly_cat: So much excitement; our tickets to see @charlieworsham & @LucieSilvas have arrived 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💃🏻 @OliviaRobbins10… https://t.co/pBOz8QuW8P
Just before @brothersosborne came off stage at @BrdgstoneArena tonight opening for… https://t.co/x6AMEBUhrN
Last night's sparkle 💫 https://t.co/FQELKRo0x5
RT @brothersosborne: Night 1 of the @chrisstapleton All American Roadshow at Bridgestone. Had the help of lovely @luciesilvas. It was so… https://t.co/mCN80SjJMZ
Bridgestone Arena + Family 🙌🏼❤️ Will never forget it 😭 https://t.co/tduN8BJLLf
Cried with pride watching @brothersosborne tonight at Bridgestone opening for @chrisstapleton .… https://t.co/e6eGnpPruU
Blows me away every time. Can't believe what I'm seeing and hearing. You made Maryland and Nashville proud tonight @brothersosborne
@aubriesellers Now I see pink too!! Wtf. I've gone mad
@kalisa21 @brothersosborne thank you so much. Means so much to me
RT @NashvilleBecca: The lovely & talented @LucieSilvas on stage w/ @brothersosborne in Nashville singing “Loving Me Back.” https://t.co/YvOreP4CBa
Awwww guys! 😘❤️ https://t.co/Q5Ml5VTpd3
Aghhhhh love you! https://t.co/iFfgJK0o9E
Ive literally lost my mind
This is messing with my head ! I see grey and aqua https://t.co/cFb6l1JhAc
@DuchessofRnR @brothersosborne Sure am ❤️
Go boys!!! So proud #Repost @brothersosborne (get_repost) ・・・ Can't even count the amount… https://t.co/NehM8vO6ZR
So badass! Congrats on your release day . Love you @jamiefloydmusic https://t.co/UmdYR3l1Q5
RT @LiveNation_LA: Presale for @mirandalambert at @theforum on 2/10 w/@JonPardi + @LucieSilvas is NOW-10pm w/pw 'APPLAUSE'! Get tix:… https://t.co/eCPVOizRWk
RT @battletapes: Been overdubbing past two days. Sounding fantastic. @luciesilvas day 4 starts now https://t.co/lOJW8JQIuS
RT @hmarie8706: My current jam!! Should be everyone else's too! Go download this song right now y'all! @LucieSilvas ❤️🙌🏼 #WCW https://t.co/YJPKp7XPB1
RT @theforum: PRESALE for @mirandalambert w/ @JonPardi & @LucieSilvas on Feb 10 starts TOMORROW, Oct 12 at 10am. Use code FABULOU… https://t.co/BuUZS6QOYB
@anniepeters08 😭❤️
RT @LiveNationUK: Hey @LucieSilvas fans! She's got a lil' message for you ahead of her UK tour NEXT month... Book your tickets here 👉… https://t.co/9ngGO2j1BH
Waking up with @jinglejohnosborne is my fav thing. https://t.co/1xk9whVHMb
Can't wait to see you all over in the U.K., Ireland and the Netherlands. One of the new Tees coming to my merch sta… https://t.co/vznXlWEg1s
RT @LiveNation_LA: ICYMI - @mirandalambert is comin' to @theforum on Sat, Feb.10 w/ special guests @JonPardi + @LucieSilvas! Tix + inf… https://t.co/tkZOdPGIfm
Absolutely breathtaking bride with her gorgeous husband @bencaver . Was so honored to share your… https://t.co/dR0TXFd2Gf
@margorivi Thank you! Je taime Aussi
RT @mattyevo1: So happy, my "hints" paid off...look what arrived this morning! 😊😊😊 @LucieSilvas @charlieworsham https://t.co/AMYL45eDLr
This beautiful and talented woman just released #sexicon. Check it out. And then check yourself… https://t.co/ymiXWO4nkw
Only a month away !! Very excited to see You guys over in Europe for these tour dates. See you very soon with my bu… https://t.co/DRMbdbP3k3
@lindsayell @charlieworsham @VUMCchildren Can't believe that was 2 years ago! You have a heart of gold ❤️😇
RT @lindsayell: 2yrs ago, I played on broadway for 24 hrs...artists like @LucieSilvas & @charlieworsham came to help. Raised lots o… https://t.co/LKryObThFN
RT @KaceyMusgraves: I'm donating. Here's how y'all can too: https://t.co/qTT4okXDiA ❤️
Playing music is our favorite thing to do and our life's path. I'm so grateful to fans who… https://t.co/oIepn1XZLL
RT @kelleighbannen: The idea is truly whatever you can afford for a day.The amount of your morning coffee, your paycheck. #adayforvegas https://t.co/CpljeITXgW
This is so fantastic . You're an angel https://t.co/NWNjKgvyfy
RT @chantalkjl: Ticket is finally here! Can’t wait to see @LucieSilvas again it’s been too long! https://t.co/1nlQtdTRj9
RT @Travis_Meadows: Didn’t cry when we wrote this song - Now I do every time I hear it. https://t.co/hcyTbVEvz6 @brothersosborne @bobbybonesshow @SoundsLikeNash
All heart and soul. So much love and hurt for people who have made all of our dreams come true only to have theirs… https://t.co/cREAtIF5Kz
RT @MarenMorris: Due to the overwhelming response, "Dear Hate" will be available on iTunes Friday with proceeds going to the Music City Cares Fund.
RT @mrBobbyBones: now the LAPD has changed its statement. says Tom Petty hasn't died. but they have taken him off life support. 🙏🏼 for the family and for Tom
RT @brothersosborne: To every person that has or will ever come to our shows... we love you so much. In tears right now. We deeply appreciate every one of you.
#Repost @natalieosborne ・・・Love you Nat Nat… https://t.co/ed4K7mqC00
Needed to hear this song today. Beautiful @MarenMorris https://t.co/nLZeaPLPJ5
@SallyRyland Ofcourse I know there is no way to stop certain things, but can't we atleast do SOMETHING to limit or deny access to weapons
If you have a name and a platform ... please, for humanity's sake, use it!You have the power to change things. Speak up now #guncontrol
Overwhelmed today. RIP to one of the absolute greatest 😭🙌🏼 https://t.co/IgcKoGeb91
My husband, brother in law and their band played #route91 festival a few days ago, & devastated by this horrific act… https://t.co/wFjoPSmXG7
RT @RubyRedTootsies: @LucieSilvas Exactly! I live in Vegas. You need credentials to buy machine guns. He had NONE of them. Fully-Automatic's are not legal in NV.
RT @countrymuso: @ownnashville @LucieSilvas The American people have the cure in their hands though. Amend the 2nd amendment
Sending love and prayers. I played this festival last year and my loved ones here were just there 2 days ago. Unfat… https://t.co/Q6XaOpaJSO
So horrendous. All those happy and care free supporters in the crowds and countless crew and musicians just doing w… https://t.co/BnRVRASR4C
How does someone just get hold of a machine gun and be able to destroys lives like this? Heart breaking and disturbing. Praying for victims
This is so terrifying . Praying for you all. https://t.co/97OYeXXdTV
Celebrating the future Mr and Mrs Kelly tonight! We love you guys ! Huge thanks to… https://t.co/IFGlD38WEs
RT @clfallis: These shows with @LucieSilvas & @charlieworsham are not to be missed! Get your tickets here https://t.co/7sHQDrcAXT https://t.co/WqpI2yefQK
Aw thank you!! https://t.co/rFbYVRwYqJ
RT @TheRubyLounge: @LucieSilvas + special guest @charlieworsham Thursday 16th November #luciesilvas #charlieworsham Tickets >>… https://t.co/s2jBGl6SSn
RT @RScountry: Miranda Lambert plots 23-city Livin' Like Hippies Tour, launching January 18th https://t.co/RwF8qtNIjg https://t.co/7IMs1aM4yI
RT @brothersosborne: Dear new country artists, Don't call yourself the country version of [insert pop artist]. Believe in the artist that only YOU can be.
RT @dazgale: Nice little @LucieSilvas advert in the Evening Standard tonight. Can't wait for the gig in November. https://t.co/jtNozEbuWI
RT @MorningHangover: .@MorningHangover @mirandalambert + @JonPardi + @AshleyMcBryde + @charlieworsham + @LucieSilvas + @TpTroubadours… https://t.co/8L8ThbzZYI
Few tickets left for my November dates over in Europe with my buddy @charlieworsham opening the shows. So excited t… https://t.co/cFl0kAAx1w
Close to sunset ending an amazing week with sweet Mr John and a group of incredible people ❤️ 📷: @alyssabonagura… https://t.co/RdYE07cwOj
RT @natalieosborne: A few things that I love right here 🌊 + 🌅 + @luciesilvas @Fancyhagood @CayleeAnnaMusic @dmpgroup… https://t.co/PlAZ1mKpwR
@hwebster12 @mirandalambert Thanks so much ! I can't wait !
Feb 17, 2018 at Talking Stick Resort Arena (w/Miranda Lambert)...
Feb 08, 2018 at Golden 1 Center...
Announced today! #livinlikehippies tour with @mirandalambert ! Honored and excited to do these dates with her and… https://t.co/4Bx4sCUSsh
Bunch of friends Living like Hippies next year ! Can't wait 🙌🏼 https://t.co/BRmOZhW98R
RT @SoundsLikeNash: BREAKING: @mirandalambert announces 2018 Livin’ Like Hippies Tour with @JonPardi: https://t.co/VTjQU4BDnF https://t.co/XiMWmqNvDL
@RanFanCentral So excited to be on the tour !
RT @brothersosborne: Well damn...! Thanks Bobby! Means a lot man. Really does. And we freakin love and respect every artist in this list. https://t.co/aWTOhlwmCI
RT @Mogedos: #NP on WMOG: Lucie Silvas - @LucieSilvas - Villain - https://t.co/aOajqm9nSY
RT @AmyMunz2: So psyched to catch @charlieworsham and @LucieSilvas in The Netherlands 🇳🇱 #phillytoamsterdam #roadtrip
RT @LiveNationUK: Here's a lil' acoustic treat from @luciesilvas ❤️ Book tickets to her UK tour: https://t.co/u3iEiFBwLr https://t.co/bfdKSkC6WH
RT @mcd_productions: Don't miss @LucieSilvas + special guest @charlieworsham live @academydublin on November 20th! A show not to be miss… https://t.co/twLI7syEGB
RT @Mogedos: #NP on WMOG: Lucie Silvas - @LucieSilvas - Letters To Ghosts - https://t.co/Yp4MEvHowJ
Ma girl! @MarenMorris Powerhouse 🙌🏼 https://t.co/pwXMHc7CeH
@Mogedos Thanks so much guys! 😘
RT @StacieTennessee: I know I already said this once this week, but @LucieSilvas #Villain on Repeat!! LOVE!!!! https://t.co/knQljgTSgl
RT @jtimberlake: I dare you NOT to shake your ass to this song #HotDamn. Proud of my boys! @theshadowboxers : https://t.co/IgI4nCMzPW https://t.co/LEJyIXggap
Also out today !! My talented friends have release their EP. So thrilled to have co written one with them. Check it… https://t.co/jcBjBLZkdQ
These dudes are nothing less than #hotdamn AMAZING!! Out today. Congrats guys 🙌🏼@theshadowboxers https://t.co/XuoQ7jWeDo
RT @AntoSalvatori: Back to my old habits again 🎵🎶❤ I love this song! @LucieSilvas
They recorded some beautiful things today @battletapes 😭 @jinglejohnosborne https://t.co/ta0REpl8MJ
So proud of @mirandalambert & to be a lil part of her brilliant album. Fearless woman. Huge congrats on its success 👏🏻#theweighofthesewings
RT @haileykudlik: Maren preaching nothing but the truth 🙌🏼👑 @LucieSilvas https://t.co/3hrhZUxNcI
RT @MissCourtneyA: When @mirandalambert gives @luciesilvas a shout out for being a writer on "Smoking Jacket" from… https://t.co/Y3806TbCIu
Dude! 🙌🏼 #blackmagic https://t.co/12eHfNgbXC
Until the next shows... I'm gonna miss hanging with these peeps ❤️ #AmericanaFest https://t.co/YFDrXzTMv0
You're beautiful , strong and are inspiring people to follow their dreams, fearlessly being yourself. Self expressio… https://t.co/z2xvzU9kZR
RT @_heyitsheidi: Current situation, "Roots" on blast and sunsets. Not mad at it. @LucieSilvas https://t.co/mgTKO68XeV
@scottyrich23 Yes! Nov 12 Assembly hall in london
RT @KarenFairchild: New girl band. 💪🏻 https://t.co/4UC5KehbpD
Barley ain't letting anyone take her man https://t.co/xTZKmF8Dbj
RT @littlebigtown: Another weekend @TheRyman we'll never forget. Thanks to @charleskelleyla @KaceyMusgraves @LucieSilvas… https://t.co/st0IMlQTTr
❤️ @nataliehemby @Fancyhagood @natalieosborne @heathereleven https://t.co/Wci24EjduY
What a fun night last night ! @TracyGershon @natalieosborne @Fancyhagood @SamPalladio @ChaleyRose ❤️ https://t.co/t20hVLBKaw
How much I love her is indescribable 🙌🏼❤️ @wruckestrike Thank you for this moment at @americanafest @3rdandlindsley… https://t.co/C2sAFNeNa6
RT @thecountrynote: He only wants those girls from California, unless you happen to be @LucieSilvas and @nataliehemby at @AmericanaFest… https://t.co/dr8ZqrU2VG
Last night at @TheRyman with @littlebigtown 📷: Reid Long https://t.co/OSxA6m6YPl
@MicheleinMD @littlebigtown Ha! Love it. Never heard that one. I don't have any clothes made out of bacon tho.
Tonight ! At @3rdandLindsley for @AmericanaFest . Excited to play with the great artists on this bill tonight ❤️ https://t.co/Gy2gyqZtpa
@MicheleinMD @littlebigtown I sure will
Black velvet suit that looks like Pajamas means you can get directly into bed after a show 🙂 💤 https://t.co/2SjAEvyAmm
RT @GigsBelfast: Tix are slipping away! Lucie Silvas in Belfast on Nov 19. Hurry up! → https://t.co/5izQ7SGFqT @LucieSilvas https://t.co/mE3sanWldu
@MicheleinMD @littlebigtown Aw thank you!!
RT @CJlovesJD: @LucieSilvas you KILLED it at @TheRyman tonight! Awesome set 🙌🏻💒 https://t.co/WiOQwqBkM2
@CJlovesJD @TheRyman Aw thanks Chelsea!
These beauties. Love them so . They sang their hearts out tonight. Amazing ! 🙌🏼❤️ @littlebigtown @KarenFairchild… https://t.co/zcss1ocebe
That is the best compliment ever! Thank you! https://t.co/cjoThrQKz2
@jillyy822 Thanks so much that means a lot
There's two brilliant handsome men missing from this photo but I'm in heaven here sandwiched… https://t.co/E4H2i7SKG2
@littlebigtown blow my mind in every way. What brilliant people and artists! And their band is insane too. High on this music!
@hey__taylor @TheRyman That's so sweet! Thank you!
RT @TheRyman: TOMORROW: @littlebigtown is back with @LucieSilvas 💒 We can't wait! >> https://t.co/zp7E7JdFsH https://t.co/kJWuIT65Lf
Red lipstick day 💋 https://t.co/k2lFZrBkRB
@MarySteenburgen I'll bet you make theirs a joy too. 😘❤️🙌🏼
This weekend !! Can't wait to play with @littlebigtown at the Ryman on Friday night and @AmericanaFest on Sat nigh… https://t.co/OwGyjEHg8u
RT @LaLorenz: Couldn't have been easier. Going to the website and they take Apple Pay. #HandInHand ♥️ https://t.co/MF3m0gUpgF
Join in tonight by donating at https://t.co/8dDf0SwEVY ❤️🇺🇸#handinhand https://t.co/O0KAiDVPv4
Change gonna come... yes it will, by listening to the sincerity and pure talent of @elisehayes 🙌🏼😭❤️ https://t.co/aYhXgJgfRw
RT @brothersosborne: Call y'all! @handinhandfund https://t.co/hRzFEhHHDI
RT @mirandalambert: Y’all tune in tonight to the #HandinHand benefit at 8pm ET to join us in supporting people impacted by Hurricane Ha… https://t.co/3ksUJjlgIB
RT @Andersoneast: Great times this past weekend. Blown away by @luciesilvas & her insane band & always great seeing @chrisstapleton 📷… https://t.co/skLdQrvx54
RT @limetreemusicpr: @LesleyHastings I know! Almost too much... Excited to see @iamyolacarter, @MrDaltonDomino, @LucieSilvas, @JackIngram....
@Section101Tweet @AmericanaFest @jamieskent Oh my god this picture might actually be 17 years old ! 😂 Can't wait to play tho !
That's a F# I think #allamericanroadshow https://t.co/WfbSA17g4g
@cincygroove @riverbendpnc Thanks so much!
RT @KashOnAir: Can't get over how incredible @LucieSilvas and @Andersoneast were tonight @KMClivenation. AMAZING voices, music. Cheers!
@Andersoneast @KashOnAir @KMClivenation You're unreal. Brilliant few shows with you!
@KashOnAir @Andersoneast @KMClivenation Thanks so much !!
RT @coreycongilio: Just a few more shows left with these legends. @luciesilvas @jbamn megbc #wilmo4lyfe https://t.co/Kssn4d8WMo
RT @wesholtsclaw: Excellent @chrisstapleton show tonight in Indy. Packed house. @andersoneast and @luciesilvas… https://t.co/OVtIRB9fFM
RT @acowboyzgirl: 🎶🔥 @luciesilvas @ Klipsch Music Center https://t.co/L3fao0GJ9B
Had an amazing last night of this tour with @chrisstapleton and morganwithane , their fantastic… https://t.co/euayQWF4bm
Don't miss the world premiere of "Lucie Silvas' Friends" coming at you tonight - made by @jbamn. It's his birthday, … https://t.co/OqWX1qoAe7
30 today and ready to take the world on. Honored to spend it with you playing music. You're truly brilliant @JBamn… https://t.co/V6ymAY9Axs
This year has been one of the best yet touring with such talent. Honored @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne… https://t.co/IucXn7tBH1
So sad. Way too young. RIP 💔 https://t.co/3zuwKjc3dQ
RT @brothersosborne: RIP Don Williams. 100% class and spirit. Said so much with so little. He was and will always be a blessing in country music.
RT @coreycongilio: @luciesilvas puttin in overtime at the console and wondering if it would sound better in "doubly". https://t.co/K9uoN7NB1f
@brains63 @ChrisStapleton Just everything !
His voice...!! And then his guitar skills too. Holy holy holy heaven 🙌🏼👏🏻 @ChrisStapleton
@psycelium 😂😂😂
@lissaleeisme That sounds funnnnn
That was a fun show!! https://t.co/0eH1iS1gyX
RT @Mutt_Nation: Our hearts are with you, FL. Please remember to keep your pets safe and take them with you. Sending strength, love… https://t.co/Uuq60sf8pL
Out today! I'm so proud of you @erinmccarley . You've worked damn hard on this masterpiece. It's sonically and visu… https://t.co/9SShKfOpF9
RT @riverbendpnc: TONIGHT: @ChrisStapleton @Andersoneast & @LucieSilvas! RT if you'll be here for the #SoldOut show! Doors open at 5:… https://t.co/lPpjMhlf29
RT @brothersosborne: Gave @RyanJohansen19 some guitar tips in return for some hockey tips. None of us be quitting our day jobs anytime s… https://t.co/QVZWS6mwBO
RT @mcd_productions: .@LucieSilvas brings her remarkable show along with special guest @charlieworsham to @academydublin on November 20t… https://t.co/JnZ3ycFuVh
Back at it tomorrow. Gonna be a fun weekend... especially cause it's @JBamn birthday! can't wait to embarrass you e… https://t.co/doyG7FsHXQ
RT @eleanor__s__: sooo excited @LucieSilvas is back on the Stapleton tour! see ya Friday and Saturday! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Happy birthday to my sis @natalieosborne !!! If your life didn't or doesn't alter when you meet… https://t.co/kXHUO2lMDw
Praying for the safety of every being in the path of hurricane Irma. Have family and friends in Florida who are already evacuating. 🙏🏻
RT @DaveOBrienHANK: Congrats to Brian of Camby! He is going to see @ChrisStapleton @Andersoneast @LucieSilvas https://t.co/nEbiJMGth8
@LucieSilvasSP Thank you guys! Miss you all too
@michaelgrib I sure am
@jillianjmusic Love you !!!
RT @DaveOBrienHANK: Congrats to Andrew from Indianapolis! He is going to see @ChrisStapleton @Andersoneast @LucieSilvas https://t.co/ZWNlFul0h5
@sarah_ledwell Thank you Sarah!! 😘
RT @natalieosborne: Happy birthday to my sister, @luciesilvas - you bring so much joy to my life and to everyone… https://t.co/F7a4IvTOq8
This is so adorable. Thanks so much !! https://t.co/fBVQKpzh6k
@Martoon15000 Thanks dude!! I look crossed eyes 😂
@nashvilleblake Love you!
Thanks Bob!! Lotsa love! https://t.co/hdJbKixH7W
@ThinkYouKnowMus Thanks guys!!
@ianrkenilworth Thanks Ian! Yes can't wait for November
@CahutchinsCarol Thanks Aunt Carol!
@haileykudlik Thank you Hailey!! 😘
@JDHartil Thank you John! So sweet
@JamesMurrum Thanks James!
Awe Thanks guys https://t.co/C6PEEqJUAG
@allfiredup93 Thanks friend!
@JaredEvans77 @GrangerSmith @EarlDibblesJr Haaa no way! Happy birthday dudes!
@leeboyontour 😘
@freakychris_d Haaaa thank you!! I love being 21
@Monieek Thank you honey!
@JulietteQuirant Love u! Thank you hon
Thank you darlin!! So happy to be working with you. This is gonna be a good year ❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/AxzNdzGh2J
Huge day for everyone in Country music. Amazing list of noms to be so proud of 🙌🏼 Congrats my darlings @brothersosborne and all my favs here
Yes yes yes !!!!!! https://t.co/qJpdKOY9Yh
RT @GMA: #CMAawards: Nominees for Album of the Year @ LittleBigTown @ChrisStapleton @LadyAntebellum @JasonIsbell and the 4… https://t.co/vNwwEwoJeK
RT @GMA: RIGHT NOW ON @GMA: @brothersosborne perform LIVE in Times Square! #CMAawards https://t.co/Zv6dWyTRNY
@jonathanshalit Thank you Jonathan ! Appreciate you
@katieellenmusic You're so sweet thank you! Hope you're playing and singing your heart out
@AllieJ0308 Thanks Allison! Love u back
@margorivi Aw thank you!!
RT @amyjaron8: Happy birthday @LucieSilvas You're awesome!❤️🎉 https://t.co/jfhc3Wq3um
@momofpepe Thanks Lisa !!
On my way to NYC to meet up and so excited that they are performing on @gma this morning and… https://t.co/UWjZwIgiSx
@Charelle92 Thank you sweet thing
Thank you! And for supporting me so much! https://t.co/2XyF8bvS7q
@YesThisIsAna Thank you Ana! 😘😘😘
@jennywhiteway Thank you Doll!
@margorivi Thanks so much!
What a crew to spend a Sunday with. I've known @BenJStone and @CharlieGavshon my whole life and… https://t.co/OEZa7tNfrB
@BrandonRayMusic Thanks my friend ! 😘
When you've been up since 4am and your hotel rooms in the next city aren't all ready yet. #gimmeacuddle #creepy https://t.co/Kh5NFkNGCi
From a great weekend with @ChrisStapleton to @Bumbershoot festival tonight! Hello Seattle ❤️#bumbershoot https://t.co/TKOrHKVsfT
This tour inspires me beyond belief. Thank you @ChrisStapleton for having us out! We love you guys
Signed by fans for @ChrisStapleton . Thanks for taking the time ! @jcfoxx https://t.co/LzZJojvaXt
Thank you guys! Great seeing you! https://t.co/qbwXYzpAhl
Insanely talented. @Andersoneast https://t.co/VDQbSIMalj
@jcfoxx I came out but couldn't see you!
You guys are awesome. I'm a goofball 😂❤️ https://t.co/N0L0XpIvJ1
@JennaonKRTY @nate_deaton @TinaFerguson @KRTY It def gets better than my terrible hair in his picture tho 😂. You gu… https://t.co/59dWbrpVOg
@nevins_pat @ChrisStapleton Thanks dude!
@yungralphie831 It's "smoking Your Weed" 😘
@jcfoxx Here I come
@glenwhitcroft You'll have to wait and see 😘
RT @mirandalambert: We are thankful to have been invited to help our furry friends in this time of sorrow. We will continue to help.… https://t.co/6Lhic4N5Z5
Throwback photo to singing with @brothersosborne ..... Johns guitar playing is so good it makes… https://t.co/kMDa4ll8tD
@jordyntrulli Can't wait to play! 😘
@Mandyfran2 Aw thank you! It's thrilling to be part of it
Had the best time playing with these badass people tonight opening for the one and only @chrisstapleton… https://t.co/ae1C2fdRjH
@Debster8901 Thanks so much !
@KRTY So great chatting to you today. Thanks for supporting me! 😘🙌🏼
@KRTY @ChrisStapleton @Andersoneast Love you guys
@chriswhoparties That's the one but it's brand new. Not released yet 😘
@calikid_27 Thanks Jeremy !!
@C_Whiskey_G I'm coming to Seattle! #bumbershoot
RT @KaceyMusgraves: ❤️ HELP THOSE DEVASTATED BY HURRICANE HARVEY ❤️ https://t.co/vMjR6nGE5R https://t.co/BDuoxemsJ5
Back with all these brilliant people. Can't wait to hear their voices tonight. A bottle of… https://t.co/x1lD1a2kB6
Through this awful flood there is so much compassion and kindness in the world. Amazing to watch people rally for Texas 🙌🏼
@LaLorenz Thanks so much Laura! 😘
RT @billboard: .@LucieSilvas talks new music and touring with Chris Stapleton https://t.co/bqdliz3pfz https://t.co/dFZPFgO8kw
@MissCourtneyA You're the best Courtney! 😘😘
@elisehayes This is the best and cutest thing in the world !!
Thanks @billboard Lovely chatting to you guys 🙌🏼 https://t.co/iYHv1hqooy
Tomorrow night ! I hate to miss it but if you're in Nashville you shouldn't!! His talent never stops amazing me.… https://t.co/wcQXkcH8ak
RT @coreycongilio: West coastin' with @luciesilvas opening for the one and only @chrisstapleton Lookin forward to… https://t.co/YCCQ3YA3mA
RT @KreepinCountry: Looks like mostly sunny skies for Sun. 9/3. That day is also know as "Silvas Sunday in Seattle" as @LucieSilvas pe… https://t.co/FB6CDrT6Fc
Sep 16, 2017 at 3rd & Lindsley Theater...
Lots of ways to help as well as donating whatever you can #texas #harvey ❤️ https://t.co/5nKWCRTHzs
RT @brothersosborne: Remember to text HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross Hurricane Harvey relief fund. It literally takes seconds.
Yes @bjewelb ! Angels @mirandalambert #HarveyFlood https://t.co/KAqHK6Eh4e
RT @brothersosborne: Dude's jamming It Ain't My Fault. Sounds great Riley! Keep it up! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 https://t.co/KUtiL49e6K
Old habits... Ridin around Nashville! Love it @keelandonovan @gogetemcam https://t.co/t1pi98WMXq
Very special day in our new house. It will be a while before we move in and we will so miss the… https://t.co/gD5GrIBS22
Just got my dog walked by Wag! Thanks so much @WagWalking! https://t.co/RwwM0Clbwt https://t.co/AmOMGszSSK
RT @TheEllenShow: The people of Texas need our help and our kindness. Text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation. @RedCross
@MarenMorris Me too!! Held my breath for most of that , and might be until the next one
RT @KreepinCountry: One week from right now @LucieSilvas will be performing at @Bumbershoot! She is great and life is good! https://t.co/TK1tzQ4dAw
Poor people in Texas. Thinking of you all 💔 https://t.co/JPCa7at3WA
@BluebirdVH @brothersosborne Thanks Vicky
🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 https://t.co/KWlD5SK3RI
Feel good music! Love this song and your voice @hannahgreyellis https://t.co/eH9kUSdIU1
Yes Carly!! Hard work paying off 🙌🏼😘 https://t.co/dM0GOsFcTv
17 years in Nashville, still getting up every day and pushing hard, staying humble about their… https://t.co/e5KE0Ow231
@TuckerBeathard @brothersosborne That's so kind. Don't know if I deserve that but thank you !
RT @TuckerBeathard: @LucieSilvas You still stand as the best/my favorite girl singer in The business. Great to hear y'all kill it tonig… https://t.co/fUXpYvifGW
@jcfoxx Sure thing! I'll be there
No words!! Just pride @brothersosborne #maryland @ Calvert Marine Museum https://t.co/snxjqJ3wDF
Could not be more proud of @brothersosborne tonight . What a special night with family and friends. Will never forget it ❤️🙌🏼 #Maryland
@TuckerBeathard killed it tonight in Maryland ! Sounded so good. 🙌🏼
RT @Naysapp: Holy shit @brothersosborne !!!!! What a night! See you Sunday for round 2!!!! Oh and @LucieSilvas 😍😍😍😍😍
Back with my love on a huge night in Maryland for him and Tj. So proud of you guys. Nothing like… https://t.co/amSaDq3Uzw
RT @SoVeryBritish: Seeing someone going door-to-door, so immediately army crawling into a cupboard
Too funny watching @Fancyhagood insta stories this morn watching our dog Barley @brothersosborne. The only thing on fire-is you Fancy!! 😂
RT @TheRubyLounge: @LucieSilvas + special guest @charlieworsham Thursday 16th November #luciesilvas #charlieworsham Tickets >>… https://t.co/poVf3nNGKj
@mrBobbyBones I'm listening to war on drugs. Cause it's badass
Bumbershoot ! Next Sunday Sept 3rd. Can't wait to play this festival for the first time 🙌🏼 #bumbershoot https://t.co/xsaeIAJFak
Maybe I'll just tweet him for the biggest "hint" of all 😂😘 https://t.co/rjH7kwyJJJ
Can't wait to play the next run of amazing shows with my dude @coreycongilio ! Brilliant all round !… https://t.co/75jqX9EH2p
#Repost @brothersosborne ・・・ A beautiful act of human nature in Austin, MN. 92 year old Millie… https://t.co/8p2LPX68yQ
🙌🏼❤️ https://t.co/aiPTuWBl2k
I'm getting Sooooo excited for my European dates in November.... few tickets left so please get… https://t.co/StrNWdq5vJ
@GDickieDesign Yes.... for sure! Oldies and newies
@Nicolas_Marcs Ofcourse go ahead !
Brilliant #SolarEclipse2017 https://t.co/TStDhInrNo
That damn cloud. But it was unreal 🌚🌞🙌🏼 #solareclipse @ Shelby Bottoms Greenway https://t.co/n2ZRO2Ub0L
RT @brothersosborne: You've got to be kidding me... #eclipse https://t.co/7DGkjuwIoC
We're ready 🌚🌞 #solareclipse https://t.co/uEgEu3MKDy
RT @charlieworsham: 4 years ago #Rubberband was released 4 months ago (as of tomorrow) #BeginningOfThings was released
@erinmccarley Haaa the full routine and more of the song will preview at a later date ☺️😉
@americandream09 Thanks so much!
Happy Saturday yo #triplethreat @erinmccarley @ksrhoads https://t.co/fjcuY1ReD9
RT @BrandonRayMusic: Tune into @SXMTheHighway this wkend- #EndsOfTheEarth is debuting #OnTheHorizon -If you dig it let them know!… https://t.co/141x4Zptav
@carlypearce Legs ❤️
Go Trent! Badass https://t.co/6v99RcBVEG
I'm not sure my little brain can even compute how good this performance was. So incredible proud… https://t.co/iSFSuf5o6m
When ur friends start dancing and playing air guitar to your music- and u just stand there in awe of them looking l… https://t.co/kvfia9hrlE
So in awe and proud of you @brothersosborne . So inspiring at the #CMAFest at Nissan Stadium. Total brilliance. And then the new album... 😱
RT @GigsBelfast: Don't miss the Lucie Silvas at The Limelight on Nov 19! @LucieSilvas #LucieSilvas #LucieSilvasTour https://t.co/JY7R8EAPhJ
@mcorton30 @D_weezee @natalieosborne Ha. Isn't most music complimentary these days? 🙂. Mine just told me it liked my outfit today 😉
RT @JasonIsbell: Don't assume all recording artists' primary concern is being as famous as possible. Some of us have more important shit to accomplish.
RT @littlebigtown: The future of country music @brothersosborne! #CMAFest
RT @iHeartCountry: .@brothersosborne has everyone's hands up at #CMAFest! 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏼🙌🏻 https://t.co/k6GDhKQ3AR
@WhiskeyRiff That's a tough one .... but prob Etta James
@trickster1966 @silvasontour @D_weezee @natalieosborne Haaaa thank you!
The faces I make when I hear musicians I love play 😙 @d_weezee #battletapes 📷: @natalieosborne https://t.co/WBA3Zv3Xty
Had the most amazing week with two of the most brilliant people- Jeremy Ferguson @battletapes… https://t.co/3xuLSLnOzy
Now I know what my stage outfit is https://t.co/C76VEvB6Lh
@AshleyGloria 😘😘😘😘
@MattieBlyth Yay!!!
RT @riggers62: @LucieSilvas a very true reflective break-up, soulful song 🎼❤️💔 #luciesilvas #soulful https://t.co/awny2jkX9N
@riggers62 Thanks so much!
RT @AshleyGloria: This song makes me cry!!! So beautiful. ❤️🎶 https://t.co/uVn3fbipH9
RT @kurteichenwald: Peter Cvjetanovic, a white nationalist, is upset that this photo of him has gone viral. So be nice: dont retweet th… https://t.co/NXMmHcsT75
@realDonaldTrump Human beings first, human beings Donald
RT @brothersosborne: Considering vast numbers of our ancestors died fighting Nazis in WWII, wearing Nazi regalia is the most un-American thing you could do.
RT @brothersosborne: Tomorrow! @ABCNetwork @CountryMusic https://t.co/6UDim0wige
@MarissaRMoss @JosephHudak3 Agreed. I loved Joseph's original article about this
Congrats on your album release my darling friend ! So happy for you. Wishing you huge success ❤️👏🏻 @martineofficial… https://t.co/vFYkw8bQNe
RT @DWeeZee: Love you guys! @luciesilvas @thebonfires @battletapes what a great 3 days! https://t.co/WS31QHIPRO
Yes. Some people get it right 🙌🏼 https://t.co/pikO4tQozV
Serious ... about having a good time #album https://t.co/Gbrl2OPUms
The drive to the studio is my reflection time https://t.co/bJyRK1Z1KI
RT @battletapes: Easy, fun session with this crew this weekend thru tomorrow. @luciesilvas @thebonfires @DWeeZee… https://t.co/Qw2h0PT6LH
What in the hell is going on in the world?! How is this mentality even possible. Shocking
Making the album with @thebonfires at @battletapes . 📷: @natalieosborne https://t.co/UX71zGrBO0
RT @battletapes: Day 1 with @luciesilvas and @thebonfires with @DWeeZee and #FredEltringham and Jared making it… https://t.co/H9CfIkwiph
You're just too sweet to me . Thank you. You gotta come and hang with us and sing! https://t.co/ndK5oGWqeK
🎤 ......... https://t.co/4CpcRaWvSo
It's go time ❤️ #newalbum #battletapes @thebonfires @battletapes https://t.co/IARBO9F5Uj
RT @EurovisionWolf: So happy rn that I will see the amazing @LucieSilvas live in Amsterdam for the very first time! YAY!😃❤️😁❤️✌️… https://t.co/zADG5Ggvv2
RT @jaimcferran: If only @LucieSilvas had been playing @LimelightNI two days earlier it would've been 12 years to the day she last p… https://t.co/C8lNAwkZLE
RT @SoVeryBritish: Ways to respond to complete disaster: Well that's no good Oh dear It's hardly ideal Bugger Not to worry It's fine Could be worse Yay Great!
@davebarnesmusic @Arsenal Yes yes yes . Finally
RT @brothersosborne: Glen Campbell was one of the finest musicians to ever grace country music. Hell, ALL music for that matter. Thanks for all you've done Glen.
Booking your flight ....... 👌🏻😘 https://t.co/6RbeZ4tL2J
😘 so much appreciated. Thank you for being there xxx https://t.co/Ou0W3nrsGl
@KreepinCountry I can feel a photo shoot coming on ..... ☺️
Yes. You boss ❤️ https://t.co/pKcNID1EfN
RT @TheRubyLounge: @LucieSilvas + special guest @charlieworsham Thursday 16th November #luciesilvas #charlieworsham Tickets >>… https://t.co/7g4D3h8raB
Well I look pretty pleased here. You do too actually, I think. ☺️☺️ That was so much fun @LightningCasey 🙌🏼… https://t.co/mP63pkIaq9
@GIDtheKIWI @Lightning100 Haaaa! Miss you Couz
RT @keelandonovan: Still on an absolute high from last night with @lightning100. Here's a pic of @LucieSilvas @tenille & me...I'll nev… https://t.co/hqadWaJzVu
@BecciCohen I can't remember lyrics or what I had for breakfast 😂. This is so sweet. Thank you!
@cait_gresta 😘😘😘
Huge thanks to my friends/this band who played with so much passion and made it such a fun show… https://t.co/sqnQMZUcI1
RT @annagraciex: Best last gig in Nashville ever, with the best group of people 🖤@LucieSilvas https://t.co/G0Q63ODye4
@sara_jean16 Thanks so much for coming !
@JesseKnutsonNC5 @3rdandLindsley @Lightning100 Aw thanks Jesse!
RT @katiekauss: The only person who could get me out to a 9pm Sunday night show! @LucieSilvas @Lightning100 https://t.co/NFFjL5BUI4
@doredarling @keelandonovan @3rdandLindsley Thanks so much !
@loveyouluce Thanks darlin!!!
RT @JLouweezy: Holy hell, @LucieSilvas @keelandonovan and @_Tenille just cracked my heart wide open! Love nights like this and songs like that! #magic ✨
RT @hannhms: @LucieSilvas killed that show! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I am dying for the cut of Change My Mind! @Lightning100 @3rdandLindsley 🎶🎶
@cait_gresta So sorry! I spaced on that one tonight. I'll make it up to you
RT @breezygirl_432: One heck of a night in downtown Nash. Shout out to @LucieSilvas and @keelandonovan for putting on a killer show tonight!
Thanks so much for being there ❤️ https://t.co/VljtgkhhRl
@KreepinCountry Ha omg I'd be so thrilled! And amused and want to borrow it
RT @tenoutoftenn: Nashville Sunday Night is happening at @3rdandLindsley tonight! Don't miss @LucieSilvas & @keelandonovan! Music kic… https://t.co/mu5AKld30n
RT @AnalogWalrus: Nashville, go to this. She's awesome. https://t.co/IDFJPWc9Sj
@AnalogWalrus Thanks steve!
RT @Motobec810: #Nashville #livemusic tonight 8/6 @NashSunNight feat @LucieSilvas @keelandonovan #music #newmusic #Lightning100… https://t.co/QjYXb7dXhX
About to sing a few a chat with @LightningCasey on @Lightning100 ! Tune in at 1pm ❤️
Obviously I'm just slightly freaking out in the background I'm just saying words like shit balls. Thank you… https://t.co/BqshzY8GmV
@__hannahgoddard Will be early hours of morn for you hon! 3am! But keelan is on at 2am
RT @LightningCasey: After 1PM, I'm joined in the @ONErpm studio on @Lightning100 by @LucieSilvas! She's playing tonight's @NashSunNight @3rdandLindsley!
Tonight !! Gonna be such a fun one. You can also listen LIVE on @Lightning100 at 9pm. See you soon Nashville ❤️… https://t.co/oLx14YnEUJ
“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” I love this quote ❤️
RT @GigsBelfast: Don't miss the Lucie Silvas at The Limelight on Nov 19! @LucieSilvas #LucieSilvas #LucieSilvasTour https://t.co/qf1CQUkdVd
@loveyouluce It should be corrected now. Not sure what that was
Great music coming out today. Blast this loud !! Congrats baby @erinmccarley #dignity #thosemelodies https://t.co/s9ihYjB1fs
@BrandonRayMusic And what a fun 5 shows they were !! Apart from the weird corporate one we did that day -but atleast we got to eat BBQ! 😂
Talented and cool Af. Congrats on your single release dude! So happy for you 🎉 @BrandonRayMusic https://t.co/40Sd4ij1ux
@loveyouluce No not that I'm aware of. I'm playing the academy on nov 20th. That's the only one
Very excited to see these amazing people again starting Sept 1. 🙌🏼 @chrisstapleton @morganwithane @andersoneast… https://t.co/qzadbV8p7y
RT @LiveNationSF: The countdown is on! Less than a month until @ChrisStapleton @AndersonEast @LucieSilvas at @ShorelineAmp on 9/1! Ti… https://t.co/BIlYKKtQFz
RT @KreepinCountry: One month from today @LucieSilvas takes the stage at @Bumbershoot! (Not that anyone is counting down or anything l… https://t.co/u5QCqw5VKP
@KreepinCountry @Bumbershoot Can't wait !!
@WestonJoeN Hey Joe. All contacts for manager and agent are on my website https://t.co/4dqoLgP3Ug
RT @mcd_productions: Great review of @LucieSilvas ! See her live @academydublin on November 20th! https://t.co/GTN77U6dnP https://t.co/7luGsUMQZn
RT @sarah_ledwell: Late night music 🎶 @LucieSilvas...you are good for the soul 💔 #JustForTheRecord https://t.co/8z9HxhKiln
November 21, 2017 at The Academy Dublin...
My motivator for the day. Mickey ⭐️ #Disney https://t.co/VE2gz3wEUH
RT @tenoutoftenn: This Sunday's show at @3rdandLindsley is going to be a good one! Mark your calendars! You won't want to miss it!… https://t.co/s07crtVtp6
@moblair Hey thank you! THats going back a bit song wise but I'll see about putting in set. Thanks for the request!
This Sunday! With some special guests, including this badass @keelandonovan. Come see us! @bigyellowdogmusic… https://t.co/tXGWOYHDIz
@BrandonRayMusic @AmericanaFest Haaaa it's too bad you're busy being a Badass artist !
#americanafest line up! Gonna be a good one ! Can't wait 👏🏻@AmericanaFest https://t.co/IySEeUFltm
Excited to be performing at Americana fest on Sept 16! Details to follow 👌🏻 #americanafest @americanafest https://t.co/wUgxO9Ut7l
@cait_gresta I think I can ! ❤️
RT @cait_gresta: @LucieSilvas Can't wait to FINALLY see you live on Sunday!! Any chance you'd be able to sing Reset? 😏🙏🏻
I'm obsessed with @DagnyMusic song #wearingnothing since @TheBonfires played it to me! So good ! Video amazing too ❤️
RT @_heyitsheidi: Not sure how somebody manages to break my heart every time I listen to a One Direction cover, but @LucieSilvas did… https://t.co/u9Rz0mKSsu
RT @keelandonovan: I wouldn’t miss this one if I were you… @3rdandLindsley @LucieSilvas https://t.co/VfojsLa95o
@n8van2 Haaaa! So sweet
Who wouldn't wanna Iive in a rhinestone house ? ❤️ #theoriginalrhinestonecowboy https://t.co/N6dFjHENKj
If you haven't travelled to space straight after a show with your band and stage plot still in position - you haven… https://t.co/in0HeHfhlB
Playing at show tonight in Sheboygan and looking at he beautiful art in the Kohler arts center.… https://t.co/oFy0bj6kFI
@IBeStacey You sure do. gotta live life to the full while we can
RT @3rdandLindsley: @LucieSilvas with @keelandonovan @Lightning100 Nashville Sunday Night August 6 Tickets: https://t.co/nMBUObp2N5 https://t.co/G6PPjVf5OY
#Repost @sara_bex (get_repost) ・・・ #aboutlastnight 😍 Just LOOK at these beautiful humans. Thank… https://t.co/qQbjmw7k28
@CountryWOL Ooh that's a tough one. But probably between "roots" and "happy"
RT @grandphubaar: Hey @LucieSilvas can't wait to c u again, looking forward to hearing your new material. @kingtuts in November #luciesilvastour
RT @keelandonovan: Hey Nashville! Come see me sing this live @3rdandLindsley on 8/6 as we party with the incomparable @LucieSilvas! https://t.co/2QPCi9RZoH
RT @TicketmasterUK: INTERVIEW: Watch our chat with country star @LucieSilvas ahead of her November UK tour >> https://t.co/lvylzygNMQ https://t.co/SkjphS1PQI
RT @NashMeetsLondon: Thank you #NashvilleMeetsLondon 2017! You all were amazing. See you in 2018! https://t.co/oaIE9AArDZ
@momofpepe Thanks Lisa. I totally forgot the lyrics. Miranda does her own song way more justice !
RT @CarthyB: had SUCH a laugh at Nashville Meets London. Was a tad drunk and then some haha but great to see y'all! @LucieSilvas… https://t.co/UeukoBK07a
@PipEllwood @NashMeetsLondon Thanks so much Pip!!
Thank you so much for such a lovely review of last night. Felt great to be back in London. Can't wait for the Novem… https://t.co/dhqVvnjIhi
Singing "pull the stars down" tonight with my life long friend @thebonfires . We are gonna be… https://t.co/J5zWLDSsHi
@dazgale Haaa oh lord!! What was I wearing ?!
RT @Andykaren7893: @Thejakemorrell @LucieSilvas 'Pull The Stars Down' its an incredible song, lyrics get me everytime 👌 #songwritingmasterclass
RT @Dolly_cat: I feel a bit naughty that we didn't pay for a ticket! Fanbloodytastic, thank you @LucieSilvas #NashvilleMeetsLondon https://t.co/9NXtFSIKhU
RT @PipEllwood: Highlights for me at @NashMeetsLondon: @guitarleena, @theSamOutlaw and the incredible @LucieSilvas. Hearing What You're Made Of was a treat!
Aw thanks Jake! Great seeing you dude https://t.co/90md8tZcjR
RT @jennywhiteway: I look atrocious as I'd been there since 11 but thank you @LucieSilvas for a fab day😌 see you soon❤️ https://t.co/d41oBJRgmG
RT @InnocentSwiftie: such an amazing performance tonight by @LucieSilvas thanks for being the sweetest 💕#NashvilleMeetsLondon https://t.co/OQ54eMPt7i
Haaa not my best pout. But still. Great seeing you https://t.co/Q2TQHtrbMt
RT @CheesePuffs_89: Thank you @NashvilleMeetsLondon @HeyBaylen @ChrisCountry for another amazing weekend #CanaryWharf @LucieSilvas you where superb❤❤
Love all my U.K. Friends ! https://t.co/t9Up5J2hdE
@loopy141 @Nash Thanks Katherine ! See you very soon
Back to back, picnic blanket, beers, hats, boots - these cute folks are ready for #nashvillemeetslondon… https://t.co/IcPfT9Jjpl
RT @TicketmasterUK: Yes! Singer-songwriter @LucieSilvas is coming to th UK and she's bringing @charlieworsham – tix on sale now:… https://t.co/kbGvZtxOAw
RT @NicolaHarman: On my way to @NashMeetsLondon and can't wait to see @theSamOutlaw and the lovely @LucieSilvas 🤠🎶🌵👢
@toferbrown Ha aw love you longer
Yes will have the vinyls with me and start recording the new record in couple weeks! 🎉 https://t.co/RgyNN0fUb5
This girl ❤️ @jillianjmusic #godblessthismess. Listen to these lyrics peeps 🙏🏻 @LoriMcKennaMA @toferbrown https://t.co/2ZfXDMjK1W
Our dude @kendellmarvel has this badass new record out. Love it and love him! Have a listen ! https://t.co/0Y1N9H9dbQ
I love you Nashville. And am grateful for my confused English, Kiwi, American accent 😂 Was an honor to play here, u… https://t.co/se9XD1BYHx
We are excited to play nashvillemeetslondon this weekend !! Apparently it's America verses… https://t.co/eDVQtmF9ux
RT @mcd_productions: ICYMI @LucieSilvas & @charlieworsham coming to @academydublin @LimelightNI on sale now @TicketmasterIre https://t.co/xMGZ4KAvvT
RT @GigsBelfast: Belfast, are you ready for Lucie Silvas? Get your tix here @LucieSilvas #LucieSilvas #LucieSilvasTour https://t.co/0ZP3Lni780
RT @thewharfnews: It’s America v Britain as Nashville Meets London headliners go head-to-head https://t.co/1xbpouRRvH @LucieSilvas… https://t.co/S9oOyvDtOs
This weekend !!! https://t.co/gbut2bSFpw
RT @Islington_AH: @juicylucy25 @LucieSilvas Hello - all fixed, head over to the link on our website (https://t.co/EQ9ALvj7NR) and balcony are back on sale!
RT @KreepinCountry: "I don't expect a second chance. I'm everything you say I am..." Damn...@LucieSilvas is everything... #Villain
RT @Islington_AH: Tickets for @LucieSilvas on 13 November are on sale now! Get 'em quick! 👉👉👉 https://t.co/HXUxvftOX8 https://t.co/9cMPKT1tGi
RT @TicketmasterUK: #tmFriday You could be watching singer-songwriter @LucieSilvas with support from @charlieworsham – tix on sale now:… https://t.co/VSq7sCQe3b
RT @O2InstituteBham: NOW ON SALE @LucieSilvas // Institute3 // 15.11.17 Grab tickets here >> https://t.co/YOj16VQYgO https://t.co/2o7PRYI22j
RT @mcd_productions: Tickets for @LucieSilvas plus guests @charlieworsham in @academydublin on November 2oth are on sale now from… https://t.co/JOFEI7A98M
RT @Alicia_Joy7: When you're in the @ChrisStapleton VIP tent, and @LucieSilvas is a playlist option, you obviously play… https://t.co/xFy0J7K7q1
@Dolly_cat @janebritain66 @charlieworsham Haaaa me and Charlie can't wait to just go do what makes us both happy, b… https://t.co/HMl0QlkcIB
@janebritain66 @WildAngel92 @loveyouluce @charlieworsham Plus we will get you a comfy chair ☺️
@janebritain66 @WildAngel92 @loveyouluce @charlieworsham You're absolutely right to like who and what you like. But… https://t.co/z9Mal3a60r
@loopy141 Yes most definitely !
@janebritain66 @charlieworsham That's great, you can see him and then just go out for dinner right after 😂
@IanKofficial Sure will
He is so damn talented , and coming to the U.K with me this November ! If you missed pre-sales, get your tickets fr… https://t.co/S9KlGf3R6R
RT @countrysongblog: Pre sale for @LucieSilvas and @charlieworsham on sale now... go here https://t.co/UxsYEFn3in
RT @lmarks84: So excited to have bought tickets for both @LanaDelRey next week and @LucieSilvas in November 😃
RT @scottishgem: Just got tickets to see @LucieSilvas for the hubs bday. This is scoring me mega points and I'm seeing my fave so win win 🙌🏻
RT @LiveNationUK: #LNpresale: @LucieSilvas confirms UK tour with support from @charlieworsham! Tickets 👉 https://t.co/u3iEiFjVTT https://t.co/DNMzgYowBM
RT @mcd_productions: Tickets for @LucieSilvas plus guests @charlieworsham in @academydublin on November 20th go on sale Friday at 9am fr… https://t.co/FMQBdAzwSn
RT @Think_Country: The fabulous @LucieSilvas is back in the UK. Come and see her at @NashMeetsLondon this weekend & then on tour in Nov https://t.co/wWNUTPRdQk
@CarthyB Oh no get well soon Chrissie! Wish I could have seen the show but not in London tonight
RT @LYRICmagazine: Mark your calendars y'all! https://t.co/hcr1tEHk37
@brothersosborne It's your body telling you you should have been drinking
@InnocentSwiftie Done ! Xx
@psycelium @nyoung1 @charlieworsham @O2InstituteBham Yay!!!
RT @O2InstituteBham: NOW ON PRE-SALE @LucieSilvas // Institute3 // 15.11.17 #O2Priority tickets >> https://t.co/wj1L4NkYfw General on s… https://t.co/6OeNBaCus4
English country girls https://t.co/XVjq5nqxRy
Come see us! Tickets go on sale this week 🇬🇧❤️ London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin and Amsterd… https://t.co/cLapxOlzwS
@dutchytv @charlieworsham Yes!! See post. So excited
RT @charlieworsham: ahhh i can't wait for this! i ❤️ @LucieSilvas & her music so much! see you soon, UK/Europe! (ps may just have to a… https://t.co/fe9pytCQ5b
RT @LNUKPR: ANNOUNCED: @LucieSilvas announces UK headline tour for November! Press assets here: https://t.co/RErsdA4oqT https://t.co/Ey9JhfwlxX
RT @O2InstituteBham: NEW SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT @LucieSilvas // Institute 3 // 15.11.17 O2 Priority Pre-Sale 19.07.17 General Sale 21.07.17 https://t.co/m9D3ygEVZR
The best welcome to London experiencing my friends beautiful cafe @brontescafe ! It's fantastic… https://t.co/bjAl9q1J7t
RT @GreenhouseTLNT: Lucie Silvas komt op 11 november naar Amsterdam! 😍 https://t.co/RBqGDLApyX
RT @Think_Country: What... @LucieSilvas & @charlieworsham this is not to be missed! https://t.co/jYnuSITFe7
RT @academydublin: NEW SHOW // @LucieSilvas plus guest @charlieworsham will play the Academy on November 20th! Tickets on sale Frida… https://t.co/Hs9OiO4qm2
RT @TicketmasterIre: .@LucieSilvas + special guest @charlieworsham Live @academydublin Mon 20 November. Tickets on sale this Friday 9am… https://t.co/JJ77e8ydw0
Amsterdam ! I'm coming to see you in November, and so happy to be bringing Mr @charlieworsham with me! This will be… https://t.co/6CoZm2neVv
On arrival in London, so excited to announce These plus more.... thrilles to come back again for these dates. With… https://t.co/kC7c6mkMeP
RT @LimelightNI: *NEW SHOW* @LucieSilvas plus special guest @charlieworsham @LimelightNI 2 - 19th Nov Tickets on sale this Friday… https://t.co/bTG1R0f2Bi
RT @LiveNationUK: NEW: @LucieSilvas confirms UK tour with support from @charlieworsham! https://t.co/u3iEiFjVTT https://t.co/y1NxpnbEYR
Can't wait to play this beautiful place in London this November ! https://t.co/vbu45ZFXt9
Show announcement !! First time in Dublin in a long while https://t.co/Cejl8LyCnc
@NatalieAL So looking forward to seeing you guys !
On my way to you 🇬🇧
I'm a Lucky girl getting to sing with her... https://t.co/ek4nIVcWe1 Go @shellyfairchild @samcstephens
Family back together again ❤️ 📷: @natalieosborne https://t.co/CRDZaxzNDa
RT @brothersosborne: Happy Game of Thrones Day urrybody! https://t.co/QRuVHX08rZ
@FramLeslie With you Leslie !
RT @Rhiannasdad: @Think_Country @NashMeetsLondon If I go it will be @LucieSilvas our best export to Nashville !! Should be a lovely homecoming ❤
RT @USACOUNTRYUK: Only 1 week until @NashMeetsLondon !! Who are you most excited to see?!! #NashvilleMeetsLondon https://t.co/8ibPx1xZww
Hang on every word 🙌🏼 #dollyparton @ Dollywood https://t.co/ZaayTCm2zb
@davebarnesmusic @KaceyMusgraves Haaaaa so many diff emotions in each person in one picture 😂
Girls girls girls , celebrating @KaceyMusgraves at #dollywood ❤️ https://t.co/J0I4Cyq3mO
Look at how "tickled" he is to be marrying this beautiful babe 👌🏻 #nicehair @KaceyMusgraves @rustonkelly https://t.co/jdDmuF6WfJ
Haaaaa you mean with JD the badass and the garbage lady who walked in from the street 😂😎👇🏻☠️ https://t.co/zitakORleN
@TheRyman @LbtMedia @littlebigtown Haaaaa no worries, wish I could just play every night !
@LbtMedia @amanda522 @TheRyman @littlebigtown Hey! This is so weird but it's def the sept 15 show I'm playing , not July 28
Not only do I love these people, but I'm honored to open for them on SEPT 15 at the Ryman. @littlebigtown @theryman… https://t.co/V8hNLxzoPg
@Anthropologie and @reformationx , two of my favs https://t.co/a0DNvhptcm
@GabyRoslin @AnnaKrantzMusic Love this !
RT @Lamitschka: Free country music festival, #Nashville Meets #London July 22 https://t.co/9h2IihAt0N https://t.co/ynEEHJDlO5
Never thought, as a Brit, I'd be so happy to see that Winter is approaching ... 🙌🏼 https://t.co/elySkCWHmJ
RT @SoVeryBritish: Spending half an hour trying to choose a sandwich based on someone's personality because they said "oh just get me anything"
RT @brothersosborne: Just now realizing that if @carrieunderwood took her husband's last name, her name would be Carrie Fisher. Mind = b… https://t.co/uOt6Bn9SA0
RT @dittytv: Music videos from @LucieSilvas @julimaeso & @Charlie_C_Music are on today's GPS - WATCH 3pm CDT -… https://t.co/2rHMbdVItQ
@GAdoresCountry Ha woh what?? Not that I know of 😂 do I look like I am?
@Thejakemorrell Yay! Can't wait to all hang out
@ricardoboersma Haaaa sorry dude. I do always post my shows on here and also on my website, just for future ref if… https://t.co/0FofEEkHh5
#Repost @nashvillemeetslondon (@get_repost) ・・・ You Can take the girl outta London, but not London outta the girl.… https://t.co/lZxRzAef3b
My apologies to Dutch fans that I won't be able to see u weekend after next as planned, but have some news to announce for something else!
RT @whiteoakconserv: "In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous." -Aristotle #teamrhino #conservation https://t.co/UIwaYafNBz
RT @brothersosborne: That was a lot of damn people! Had a blast, Cavendish! @CavendishFest https://t.co/SW9tK1bM7a
RT @natalieosborne: chicago. 📱📸: @luciesilvas @ Parson's Chicken & Fish https://t.co/CyG4wunsSL
Aghhhh wish I could be there to see it https://t.co/JyxFJwfsj1
Huge congrats to @MarenMorris and @RyanHurd ! So happy for you guys https://t.co/GKzCjFHiBg
You inspire me @marenmorris . That show was spectacular. Love you so much ❤️ https://t.co/MmHdhqJRlo
All together for Miss keargow birthday to watch @marenmorris on stage tonight and probably all… https://t.co/NQSEk2KLMV
@_jennytweets That is so sweet of you!
This is disgraceful ! https://t.co/O5cZGMgDqf
@ERDiscos @carlypearce @DBradbery @IAmMaggieRose @runawayjune @jillianjmusic @kelleighbannen Thank you guys!
RT @BMGNashville: Save The Date, #Nashville! Our girl, @LucieSilvas will be taking over the @Lightning100 stage at @3rdandLindsley o… https://t.co/0bsXLLiGOv
Get your tickets for my show on Aug 6 at @3rdandlindsley ! With special guest @keelandonovan for @lightning100… https://t.co/Kf1QSFMC5u
I hate goodbyes 📷: @jinglejohnosborne https://t.co/1IvdOD3Xqt
RT @Travis_Meadows: Bluebird on the Mountain a couple of years ago! #TBT @whiskeyjackuntz @LucieSilvas @JeremySpillman @BluebirdCafeTN https://t.co/TZiZLh1j8F
RT @chloehwalton: @LucieSilvas can't stop listening to this gorgeous song 😘#AllTheFeels #JustForTheRecord https://t.co/CSF5DtsDJf
@chloehwalton Thanks Chloe!
International kissing day ? That's everyday, surely 😘 #internationalkissingday #kisswhoyouwant https://t.co/V27mXwEuMl
RT @BigMachine: GIMME ALL THE GALS! This @Spotify playlist is all you need! You nailed it @carlypearce! 👏🏼 #WCW https://t.co/A8C6jZibpb
RT @carlypearce: Check it out y'all! Featuring some of my favs from @KelseaBallerini @camcountry @MarenMorris @saraevansmusic… https://t.co/LCpe5edpk7
@carlypearce @KelseaBallerini @camcountry @MarenMorris @saraevansmusic Love you Carly!! Thank you Doll
@ecleken @brothersosborne @beatsbydre ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@Oliv_9 Merci!!! Very kind of you
RT @brothersosborne: Thank god for these noise canceling @beatsbydre headphones. #fourthofjuly @LucieSilvas https://t.co/wJ745AAxTd
Meanwhile in London.... @thebonfires on stage with @linkinpark ! So proud of you my friend. You… https://t.co/plyfR7hj1M
When Will Ferrell photo bombs your family fourth July pic 🇺🇸 Happy Independence Day America! Thanks for having me ❤️ https://t.co/qrFgTSMkKg
My dog has finally calmed down a little - meaning that she is now just really freaked out #fireworks
😭 was listening to this on @NPR . The musicians are all out there, but the world and industry has changed too much.… https://t.co/0WTqvldrhr
My poor Barley would literally crawl up the fireplace if she could 💔 https://t.co/03NtyIwfOK
RT @tjmartell: Artists like @clarembee @jillianjmusic @LucieSilvas signed this #guitar to support #cancerresearch. Bid now:… https://t.co/CzXoJdOUDW
@jimmeadows2 @brothersosborne 😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
RT @brothersosborne: We'd be the tits. https://t.co/fwkkpikngW
Hearing on @nprmusic @NPR the world is desperate for a modern day guitar hero. I'm not bias, I just know it's John Osborne @brothersosborne
Badass!! ❤️ https://t.co/DvAiXdXCNX
RT @momofpepe: Love seeing @ladyantebellum and @brothersosborne in the Top 10 on the ITunes chart!! https://t.co/Ly6KZqMfLE
RT @momofpepe: #NowPlaying LakeShake Festival 2017 by Sounds Like Nashville @brothersosborne @luciesilvas ☺🎵💗 ♫ https://t.co/00MVeWHGUt
RT @_alliereichert: I just wanna go see @ChrisStapleton @Andersoneast and @LucieSilvas in September omg 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Thank you guys ! 😘 https://t.co/tYDaEi7n61
Truly bewildered sometimes. I will never understand anything but EQUAL rights for all or any justification for oppo… https://t.co/K3l7L0xeYM
@elisehayes @KelseaBallerini @carlypearce I was sitting at the doctors crying and I think they considered referring me elsewhere 😳
Uh oh. I should have prepared myself . Beautiful 😭😭😭👌🏻 https://t.co/EZnYhrionI
@HeyParkerMcKay Haaaaa it's a few folks rolled into one
@KarenFairchild Love you and every creative thing you make
In L💗VE.... @karenfairchild dress #fairchild #details https://t.co/xmqFwGeBJI
They would literally tear those to pieces with utter joy ! https://t.co/yGuqkHQEzz
RT @3rdandLindsley: @keelandonovan has just been announced as support for @LucieSilvas ! August 6 Get your tickets here:… https://t.co/R0FlkNw8tY
RT @3rdandLindsley: @keelandonovan has just been announced as support for @LucieSilvas ! August 6 Get your tickets here: https://t.co/nMBUObp2N5
@n8van2 @Summerfest @countryfest Haaa I'm still pulling the same faces 🙄
My pretty little Aussie diamond 👌🏻😍 #writin @nikitakarmen https://t.co/hNx7YxtggI
@VikkiFerguson Aw thank you! Hope I can play a show near you soon
@trentdabbs You're a total badass !
RT @davebarnesmusic: i am absolutely devastated by this story. Please RT and give if you can. https://t.co/vCS93WBNLv
When someone doesn't like my dog, something in me dies a little bit. #wecantbefriends #shesperfect
A day of music with @jdmcphersonjr jeremyspillman @brothersosborne @trentdabbs and @casoncooley… https://t.co/DL66DKwbgU
You're the best Katie!! Thank you! https://t.co/5vcaa6HKLq
RT @SoundsLikeNash: We went vintage when it came to taking snaps of your favorite country stars at @LakeShakeFest. Check it out:… https://t.co/zm6n6fvZ6n
RT @MaribelMa04: Obsessed with this song by @LucieSilvas she's an amazing artist so your self a favor and check her out!! #love… https://t.co/9M4gbizvBD
RT @DanAndShay: @LucieSilvas @camcountry Love ya right back! We are huge fans. And so is @AbbySmyers. 😍
@DanAndShay @camcountry @AbbySmyers 😘😘😘
RT @mrBobbyBones: yes. one of my favorites https://t.co/P9daMdKjlU
RT @mrBobbyBones: with downloads raising over 2, 000% on #FemaleFriday. Im going to do one female artist a week til the end of the year.
RT @nathali1209: https://t.co/ixYxchhJ6B I love your new song, relaxing, always as beautiful voice @LucieSilvas 😘❤
A moment from last nights show at @countryfestwi !! Thank you so much for showing up for me. #justfortherecord Love… https://t.co/y5umXbEWcu
Sep 03, 2017 at Bumbershoot Festival...
Jul 27, 2017 at Koehler Arts Center...
Sep 09, 2017 at Klipsch Music Center w/ Chris Stapleton...
Sep 02, 2017 at Toyota Amphitheatre w/ Chris Stapleton...
Would have given anything to witness the magic @thekillers brought to @GlastoFest this year. Just seeing clips gives me chills 🙌🏼
Youngest ever to be inducted into hall of fame?! Unreal. Congrats @mrBobbyBones . So happy for you. Thanks for all you do for us artists.
RT @RecycledRejects: @DanAndShayFan3 @LucieSilvas Me.....everytime I sing along to Just For The Record. 😭😂 https://t.co/UKMgn3kV49
Thanks so much @countryfest for having me. My first time here and felt the warmest welcome. ❤️
@n8van2 Oh you're the loveliest! Thank you so much for making the journey ! Stay you ❤️
RT @DanAndShayFan3: @AbbySmyers @LucieSilvas oh my gosh!I LOVE her too! Her album "Letters To Ghosts" is 👌🏼! I credit @RecycledRejects for getting me into her!
#countryfest wall of fame ! Meant so much to see such a great crowd. my first time here in Wisconsin, hope to come… https://t.co/bOWCNpUCKr
@Jenford130 I don't really have a radio team but I always said I would push my music even if I have to sell it out… https://t.co/ElxBYmY7kB
Made my day hearing shout outs from @camcountry and @DanAndShay during their sets. Love you guys. Meant so much to me. Thank you!! 😘
RT @AbbySmyers: I'm Abby and I'm a @LucieSilvas super fan. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
@AbbySmyers You are an angel !!!
Love her !! She sang her ass off tonight 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 https://t.co/G2A4LM58t3
@momofpepe @SXMTheHighway @buzzbrainard You never give up, love you for that, and I don't give up either ❤️
Not many artists headlining a big festival wud stand in audience of a side stage to watch & support another artist. Thanku @mirandalambert 😘
Oh man, me too. Beautiful https://t.co/UE2yUtQwwc
Throw back to #cmtawards back stage with my lovely @jinglejohnosborne here talking to to the legendary Peter Frampt… https://t.co/ovSrFmK16n
@Charelle92 Don't worry love, I'm about to announce something else that might make you happy ❤️
@LaurLaff1 Thank you! You're the best. Today was fun !! 😘
That makes me happy! 😉❤️😘 https://t.co/0V75krYFNa
Action 🎥 #lakeshake 📷: @jbamn https://t.co/Ng2iTQu7Fm
Haaa love ya B! https://t.co/CUHlFNxme4
Lake shake !!! Happy to be here. My first time in Chicago. Pumped #LakeShakeFest. Come see me at the #nextfromnashville stage at 6.20pm ❤️
RT @sportsandra: Seriously @LucieSilvas "just for the record ". All the feels 🎶😪❤️
Anyone asked this question in their head too many times and wanted to ask certain people out loud ? #shitshow 😂🙄 https://t.co/N9ERhhEDOY
It went more than just number, it went number ONE! 😂🙌🏼👏🏻 amazing boys !!! Best support ever ❤️ https://t.co/aXEbd0m49d
RT @Ash_Marie20: Downloaded @LucieSilvas album for #FemaleFriday! In love with Villain 👌 @mrBobbyBones https://t.co/5cVyZmTN8K
Thank you Kim! Ps I like your twitter handle . Does that sound strange ? 😊 https://t.co/melkEO2sxE
@LizzFree_OrDie @brothersosborne I'm not and I miss them ! I'm heading to Chicago for lake shake tomorrow !
The king and Queen are back 🙌🏼 https://t.co/KVDFFP6aTM
RT @heartplusbeat: Happy Download A #FemaleFriday ! Here are some of my purchases today! (*Already owned @lindsayell and @nikitakarmen… https://t.co/xmmOzdjK4R
@heartplusbeat @lindsayell @nikitakarmen @kelleighbannen @carlypearce @aubriesellers @caitlynsmith @baileymyown… https://t.co/nKi93xMuz3
RT @vickyioliver: If anyone needs to induce a good cry I highly recommend Just For The Record by @LucieSilvas because my god that's emotional.
RT @mrBobbyBones: check out all the females featured today on #FemaleFriday ... https://t.co/VbYkJn3EIz
RT @Charelle92: #NowPlaying Just For The Record van @LucieSilvas please give it a listen! JUST LISTEN! So heartbreaking but also re… https://t.co/0pOP5RUZs0
Ready to play some fun festivals this weekend with my buddies in my band, play some new songs… https://t.co/yHbPFEn0sZ
@rozehernandez @mrBobbyBones Thank you so much !!
Just a few of my fav women.... I need a bigger collage ! #FemaleFriday https://t.co/3pruMuFU3N
@BackstageWSam @JessieBrownBand Will try our very best. Thanks for supporting us ❤️
RT @RadioAmy: whoop!!! #FEMALEFRIDAY IS HERE! support the hardworking girls out there. simply download a female artist's record.… https://t.co/KUYODQEaNe
This is so brilliant . Thank you all! https://t.co/wTNQWNSU8F
"Just for the Record" you're our hero #FemaleFriday https://t.co/Xwp0VfZ1KG
@momofpepe @mrBobbyBones @bobbybonesshow So excited !! Thank you all !
RT @BackstageWSam: Apparently today is #FemaleFriday and well this music industry is pretty damn blessed to have these females @LucieSilvas @JessieBrownBand 🙌🏻
@jen959cox @mrBobbyBones Awesome !! Thank you!
RT @Krose610: It's #FemaleFriday! Downloaded music from @baileymyown @IAmMaggieRose and @LucieSilvas! Thanks @mrBobbyBones for supporting women in country
RT @ardenmouangdy: @mrBobbyBones @LucieSilvas @mrBobbyBones Just purchased the single! Thanks for the recommendation on this fabulous #FemaleFriday
RT @mrBobbyBones: Tomorrow lets support female artists. #FemaleFriday . Ill be playing some cool stuff all morning .... https://t.co/0VdCi8EArC
The Video for "Black magic" is out!! This song is pure fire and he is utterly brilliant. Video directed and shot By… https://t.co/SEiX4f0N3s
Thank you @mrbobbybones for creating #FemaleFriday ! I got some favs to add to these badasses I'm gonna download to… https://t.co/xVeDxywWvF
RT @changetheconvo: Heck YEAHHH!!! 💃🏼 Shout-out to the man @mrBobbyBones for declaring tomorrow "Download A Female Friday" #FemaleFriday https://t.co/S7qKMHxNJS
RT @dittytv: GPS today takes us around the globe with tunes from @LucieSilvas @andyshauf & @julimaeso - WATCH 3pm CDT-… https://t.co/KXDXeHSgKa
RT @FramLeslie: Review: Completely true! @LucieSilvas "Just for the Record" https://t.co/kItzZcBEqY
@FramLeslie Thank you! Love you!
this tweet goes straight to mine! https://t.co/T15e3JffUA
@tessadebergh thank you so much!
@tessadebergh im gonna be announcing some dates soon. stay tuned!
RT @EricaYCarr: Early to #DownloadAFemale Friday but these are too good to wait @mrBobbyBones also @lindsayell @LucieSilvas… https://t.co/7NaiVPsLVL
Thanks so much guys ! https://t.co/nk9xmKYcOW
@charlesnashvill @AnnaHasselbring Yes! Will announce soon
RT @cmorelliwrites: Just heard @LucieSilvas "You Got It" cover while writing at #CaffeNero. *Smiles*. Familiar voices make my day. {So does air con.} #london
RT @Erika_Raen: "Just For The Record" by @LucieSilvas gives me ALL the feels every time. Every. Single. Time.
RT @AnnaHasselbring: The only thing I've listened to the past 24 hours @LucieSilvas. See you at #Lakeshake https://t.co/7esxicPSK5
@kelleighbannen Aghhh can't wait too! Fun! So happy we playing this together
This Saturday. My first time playing there. Can't wait to see everyone ! #lakeshake https://t.co/QLPzILAdJI
RT @nextwomenofcoun: We've got your 2017 @countryfest lineup featuring all the best performers in #countrymusic from @camcountry to… https://t.co/xkR9iPviWt
Backstage jams with @jbamn . Can't wait to start recording this one I wrote with @wruckestrike and @lizrose0606 ❤️ https://t.co/tJswXNXx5g
@gjkooijman July 22nd! Nashville meets London ! Come see!
RT @CharlesEsten: Um... me too. #SoooGood https://t.co/lqKAbVDGOc
You dare me to what ? Come see you in London next month..? Ok, I will 😂 https://t.co/HzaoMs6cXW
@LexioftheDSC Thank you so much ! Means alot
Thank you Nat! 😘😘 https://t.co/N0kjNeBKaI
RT @PerezHilton: Listen to @GeriHalliwell's heartbreaking tribute to late friend #GeorgeMichael. https://t.co/3YfY1MbHMF https://t.co/torkUuLwwS
Out today! @GeriHalliwell beautiful tribute to George Michael, co written by my daring @AnnaKrantzMusic . So proud… https://t.co/s0x2yL0tSO
Haaaaaa usual story with these things ! https://t.co/HrV4tkSsiv
I love you Dad https://t.co/32indrCmmu
@WildAngel92 Haaaa yep. The worst
Haaaaaa atleast I got some exercise! https://t.co/M8sNmu0U4Y
@AnnaKrantzMusic @brothersosborne Haaaa only if you join 🤗
@brothersosborne @natalieosborne I love you !
Peace ❤️ 📷: @natalieosborne https://t.co/biBDSyRfHb
@trickster1966 @brothersosborne Maybe...... stay tuned
RT @Fancyhagood: Come out tonight to mercy lounge and here me and some of my friends belt out the ballads of… https://t.co/AWJLtknnzz
Growing up I'd be in awe of voices like this , and she has brought that iconic talent into this generation. The bes… https://t.co/596Mvte2k2
RT @momofpepe: @CMT 12 Pack is a cool countdown cause it has @LucieSilvas AND @brothersosborne!! #SoMuchTalent https://t.co/YmOrTeCyiI
RT @TwinnieOfficial: Broken for the rest of the day. 💔💔💔💔kind of song! @luciesilvas @ianfitchuk 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 https://t.co/gyxJxDLukm
RT @designlove: @LucieSilvas @JacobDavisMusic @brothersosborne @JordanCWDavis @LucieSilvas "Letters to Ghost" is profound & explain… https://t.co/SVPD9ND5JF
RT @designlove: 4 songs I can't stop listening are from @LucieSilvas @JacobDavisMusic @brothersosborne @JordanCWDavis! Addicted & on constant repeat!
Excited to announce some more shows this year..... stay tuned ❤️ 📷: @sonyajasinskiphotography https://t.co/UcG75EY7Pr
@TommyFleming1 @CityWineryNSH How cool Tommy ! Lemme know when you get to town !
"You can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to see in you"
RT @Jenford130: @SoundsLikeNash My old habits @LucieSilvas !!
@Rebecca_Mich Thank you Rebecca!! So happy
@WildAngel92 @CCountryUK Aw thank you!
RT @ericpaslay: Spread the word! @mrbobbybones nominated for the #NationalRadioHallOfFame - vote via text or online. Good luck Bobb… https://t.co/94WpeWb1Hc
RT @TheShotgunSeat: If You Like @rihanna's "Love on the Brain" You'll Love These Five Country Songs https://t.co/rh8QxainDJ https://t.co/9gtmWmx78N
@RyanHurd killing it with #loveinabar . Go request and receive badass music coming out of your radios https://t.co/CTB2Oa4Wtl
Was late to watching the movie #Lion and realized it's cause I was saving 100 billion tears for tonight. Beautiful devastation ! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
RT @Travis_Meadows: In good company on @brothersosborne's playlist... #FriendsForever @Spotify https://t.co/4XqR7b8Pa1 https://t.co/mZLU08J8ul
Tickets on sale Friday for my next show in Nashville @3rdandlindsley for @lightning100 Sunday night . Come hear som… https://t.co/PnD1PTrOs1
RT @Martoon15000: Pass me the @Kleenex! This @LucieSilvas cover has the eye ducts streaming! #powerhouse https://t.co/XQdHQQJSse
RT @3rdandLindsley: @LucieSilvas @Lightning100 Nashville Sunday Night August 6 | 8 PM Tickets On Sale Friday at 10 AM… https://t.co/JOcczNFyMV
Beautiful voice singing with such heart. Thanks @johntuckermusic ! #justfortherecord you're awesome https://t.co/fv9YGMaSO6
@Coco_EastCoast 😘😘😘😘😘
@johntuckmusic Aw thank you John. Your voice is gorgeous
RT @nashweekender: @CMT Next Women of Country was such a once-in-a-lifetime show. @luciesilvas thebrandyclark… https://t.co/46UZGt0mjV
Now I'm running late cause of Katy Perry and she's asleep still. 😂 I love you for alerting me to this @MarenMorris @KaceyMusgraves
RT @DaveOBrienHANK: Congrats to Brian of Indianapolis! He is going to see @ChrisStapleton @Andersoneast @LucieSilvas in September! https://t.co/RuJfdUGgep
Love this guy! 🙌🏼 https://t.co/65bO8MzvFh
Very well said 👏🏻👏🏻 https://t.co/s57jHouSQM
@gogetemcam Thank you was so lovely to see you too!
RT @makro0809: "You Were Always On My Mind" - @LucieSilvas - (Forever Country Cover Series) https://t.co/T0Dh4oZjJB via @YouTube
I'm dying with pride tonight after watching @brothersosborne play their hearts out. They belonged on that Nissan stage, so incredible ! 🙌🏼
On my gahhhhhhhhhh! @brothersosborne @ Nissan Stadium https://t.co/VtblAijm7B
RT @brothersosborne: Soundcheck underway at Nissan Stadium (📷:Reid Long) https://t.co/TzIDuxvt3m
Coming soon... interview with @billboard from backstage at #cmtnextwomen at the @officialcmhof on Friday ❤️ https://t.co/SGTWoSxM5y
Can you ? 😉🤗 https://t.co/qX0ZNLEYHh
@AmyMunz2 I'd love to come there. Hopefully I can soon 😘
RT @sgtutvols: 2017 Next Women of Country Music: Lucie, Maggie, Jillian, Carly & Brandy - funny, poignant, talented & beautful la… https://t.co/Kiu7hjoR2r
@sgtutvols @TheBrandyClark @IAmMaggieRose @jillianjmusic @carlypearce @countrymusichof @FramLeslie Thank you Susan!
RT @moniqueparra: #CountryMusic has our own Adele 🤗🙌🏼 this song ♥️ https://t.co/QRYauIRd5f
@moniqueparra Too too kind. 😭❤️
@gogetemcam Aw likewise. Thank you for coming
Best day. There aren't many things more powerful than when women have each others backs. I love you guys ❤️ https://t.co/lGVVURTrBj
@jillianjmusic @carlypearce @IAmMaggieRose Love you right back
RT @jillianjmusic: sharing the stage at @countrymusichof with these women today was a DREAM. So thankful. ⭐️ https://t.co/rihOidBRtp
Thank you my friend https://t.co/9RTL6eMfgd
RT @OCTP_Sarah: @LucieSilvas Fab to hear the new songs live! Thanks to you and the girls for a great show, well worth the trip from… https://t.co/C3REIHATMC
This made my day 🙂 @vincegill https://t.co/3cfGFWgrZe
I love you guys @jillianjmusic @IAmMaggieRose @carlypearce https://t.co/vH39TDO9UC
@momofpepe Thank you Lisa!!
@annagraciex Thank you so much for coming ! 😘😘😘
Such a huge honor, not only to play at he @countrymusichof but to play with women I look up to… https://t.co/xBKy1CXx21
@katieellenmusic @CMT At 12.30 ❤️
RT @KreepinCountry: One hour! It's a live stream of @LucieSilvas @IAmMaggieRose @carlypearce @TheBrandyClark & @jillianjmusic! Tune in! https://t.co/JRg028OAp2
RT @jojacks521: Excited to see @LucieSilvas and @carlypearce live once again. https://t.co/1zM9cHREJo
Today ! Come see us at the @officialcmhof for @cmt #cmtnextwomenofcountry #cmafest . So happy to get to hang with t… https://t.co/fiTMbL6Wi9
RT @KreepinCountry: Not in Nashville? Tomorrow you can still see @IAmMaggieRose @LucieSilvas @carlypearce & @TheBrandyClark! 12:30pm CT https://t.co/Hmll553yRK
RT @dittytv: GPS has tunes from @LucieSilvas @west_darling & @irawolfmusic - coming up at 3am CDT (UTC-5) -… https://t.co/BYG7Ush2O1
These ladies are so sweet and talented. This made my day ❤️ @avenuebeat #justfortherecord #yeahboy https://t.co/iF2gIpL6go
Congrats darlin!! Amazing https://t.co/zvTsblFzq7
@rarecountry Aw love you guys
RT @monica_soper: I fucking love yall! John - love that you're rocking the Deale shirt....see yall tomorrow! 💙 https://t.co/9DEGalP2LP
RT @BluebirdVH: @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne Raise my hands up 🙌 Would ❤ to have been there! Sure was an awesome performance of #ItAintMyFault 🤗
Wanna be stuck like this forever ❤️ https://t.co/ALIpDcd4J1
So proud of you !!! Aghhhh what a way to play the #cmtawards playing with Mr Peter Frampton !! @brothersosborne you… https://t.co/FPEAFSV3qG
RT @TheAvenueBeat: The Traffic Jamz: Episode 34 🌸☀️🌵a.k.a we're turning into a rap group & go get #justfortherecord by @LucieSilvas (a… https://t.co/Ex8jbMbAJ5
@KaceyMusgraves Haaaaa! Is that good Luck?
My sister-in-law taking photos of me posing last night at@auroranashville And now getting ready for the #cmtawards… https://t.co/wyMLoxf6bj
@Charelle92 @TuckervilleNL I absolutely will 😘
@lukedick Oh that too, yes
@Charelle92 Yes! Festival in July ! I'll be there July 21
@Charelle92 😘❤️❤️❤️
RT @QueensoCountry: May music roundup ▶️ https://t.co/DzvFTtYJuZ https://t.co/FTBAcfQ4jz
@QueensoCountry @IAmMaggieRose @lexiehayden @lizrose06 @jillianjmusic @wardthomasmusic Thanks so much for this ! In great company here ❤️
Lovely way to end our #cmafest Tuesday - got up to sing one with @brothersosborne at cannery… https://t.co/fCoSRuOsIm
My sweet friend @CaroHobby hosted us tonight at @auroranashville and we had the best time! Thank you all! Love thes… https://t.co/iTH3pRPsB0
RT @coreycongilio: @auroranashville is friggin cool y'all. @luciesilvas and the band played swimmingly! #auroralive… https://t.co/yuTYQ93PAc
@Rebecca_Mich Yes! @cmt women of country at the Hall of fame on Friday !
RT @momofpepe: @LucieSilvas You looked and sounded AMAZING tonight!!! I'm SO grateful to see you on the live stream!! https://t.co/jMO4b3TJaP
Lovely meeting you Hailey! https://t.co/FtAOWmN1l7
@annagraciex @natalieosborne @Fancyhagood Lovely seeing you again! Have the best time in Nashville !
Great meeting you Colby! Thank you and look forward to hearing your music https://t.co/1i0Qlq9FjO
@MarkEvanMusic Yes! Can't wait
@KreepinCountry @auroranashville Thank you!
Thank you so much @auroranashville for having us and to everyone who came and everyone who… https://t.co/n2RZldGuw3
RT @auroranashville: We're live with @LucieSilvas now at https://t.co/sRBK82NjB3 https://t.co/gkK9NNprrd
Streaming a special live performance from AURORA Nashville! https://t.co/gBNoTuk7qk
Guests coming to my @auroranashville show tonight need to arrive by 5.15 before doors close for the LIVE taping to commence at 6pm. #Aurora
Staying curious=Staying young 💕
RT @auroranashville: Going live on Facebook (https://t.co/ghldtgIdrx) at 6pm CT! So excited! https://t.co/9aIC1m83Bf
Can't wait to sing this tonight at @auroranashville . Will stream LIVE on their website and… https://t.co/SlU2uFcGcQ
Excited to play @auroranashville tonight ! Who's coming?! Starts at 6pm sharp and streams live on Aurora website and their Facebook page ❤️
Thank you guys !! ❤️ https://t.co/JB8wNkTNNS
RT @rockjames: Great new music this week from: @TwoWaysHome @ladyantebellum @JasonIsbell @temecularoad @imcathmcgrath @LucieSilvas https://t.co/2J6ds4GaLp
RT @momofpepe: @LucieSilvas Can't wait to watch the live stream tonight!!
@thekatieL @auroranashville Yes!
So beautiful and heartwarming. Cried watching this https://t.co/s24dde1nGV #OneLoveManchester
@CharlesEsten Dude that was so fun!!! Great seeing you too
@charlesnashvill My pleasure ! Lovely seeing you
John. His hat. The Preds. All WINNERS !!!! #predators #smashville https://t.co/AlKfTB1OIR
RT @AmandaRaye_: So excited we got @LucieSilvas for the rescheduled show!!! 🤗 https://t.co/H9cjcSZ5zF
@tpkgill42 @blue Hey! Thanks so much! I won't be with him on those. But hopefully I'll play there some other time ❤️
Here we go !! #predators @brothersosborne tjosborne tisaustin @eric_masse @brothersosborne 💛 @… https://t.co/8skQqYVYRv
RT @KMClivenation: UPDATE: @LucieSilvas is the new support for the rescheduled @ChrisStapleton date on September 9th at… https://t.co/csatKZPTDl
@krause_jonathon @KMClivenation @ChrisStapleton @Brent_Cobb My apologies !
@Draslaya Thank you! So happy the music reached you
@KAStomberg Aw thanks. Makes me happy
@lisagabriellaaa Yes !
@kendellmarvel Don't I govna? Well blimey that's a shame innit
Have you entered to win tickets through @auroranashville ? Love to see you there for this up close and personal sho… https://t.co/wdnaB8PyNo
RT @iHeartRadio: A beautiful moment as @ArianaGrande sings "You Are My Everything" with a youth choir. 😭 Can't stop crying.… https://t.co/igp30sdCff
RT @katieellenmusic: Bravo @LucieSilvas tears in my eyes listening to this for the first time today! Love My Old Habits too! #myfave https://t.co/JwSv2KQpxe
@katieellenmusic Thanks Katie! Appreciate it
I couldn't have put it better. My love thoughts and prayers to everyone involved and effected by… https://t.co/VDbCx63dMq
@SoundsLikeNash @auroranashville Tuesday night this week ! Huge week ahead in Nashville and I'm so excited to be pl… https://t.co/03svo0BYvs
RT @auroranashville: Just in time! We can't wait! https://t.co/woRFLnVFoK
@KaceyMusgraves Love you Kace xxx
RT @topcountrynews: 🎶 Check out @tareyaofficial, @amandasadler, @LucieSilvas & more on the TC Discovery playlist on @Spotify! https://t.co/s3CZoXCwr3
@ellenpope Aw thank you Ellen
RT @newwomenofmusic: You just can't go wrong with new music from @LucieSilvas! Here's 'Just For the Record' https://t.co/21XZfNZygL https://t.co/S99pQuFUQk
@newwomenofmusic Thank you! And for supporting female artists
RT @NathalieSLarsen: Thanks for coming back @LucieSilvas at #nashvillemeetslondon 👏 already can't wait!! https://t.co/P4RYX5vHWP
@ricardoboersma Thank you Dude!
RT @riverbendpnc: JUST ANNOUNCED: The Sept 8 @ChrisStapleton show will feature support by @Andersoneast and @LucieSilvas.
RT @BrandonRayMusic: Jamming these now!!! You should too!! https://t.co/jp7G3Mc2hR
@BrandonRayMusic You're a badass. Thanks dude
RT @brothersosborne: Couldn't be more stoked to be playing NISSAN STADIUM at CMA Country on Sunday night 6/11! Details:… https://t.co/g4PFx1tfgr
@GQJesus Thank you so much !
Thanks so much. Love to play new songs at one of Nashville's treasures https://t.co/kHe1QdatT2
RT @RossMike15: Shit I changed my mind Today's #SongOfTheDay @LucieSilvas #MyOldHabits Going back 2 the streets we were drunk on https://t.co/p8VITcW6ps
So excited to play more shows with this badass! @ChrisStapleton . I'll be playing the first 5 listed here with the… https://t.co/FTWxzXAZko
@kelleighbannen Love you! Thank you The support I feel means so much to me xxx
RT @ScottKash88: #NewMusicFriday Go get a double dose of @LucieSilvas with her new songs “Just For The Record & Old Habits”… https://t.co/nLehsnzGok
@ScottKash88 @iTunes Thank you!
@themaxstraub @kelleighbannen Thanks Max
Thank you Elise, and for always being there for me. You're amazing https://t.co/tNkrJEVIjy
@vivianemarotta @mrBobbyBones 😭
@momofpepe No you're so kind and supportive. Thank you
@katiebethmusic This is the best message. Thank you. ❤️🙌🏼
@QMusicAddict Thank you kindly. Love this
@C_Whiskey_G So sweet, thank you!
@momofpepe @mrBobbyBones Thank you Lisa
RT @MusicNutMatt: Just a big ol puddle of 😭 listening to this one; @LucieSilvas #justfortherecord #SongOfTheDay #NewMusicFriday https://t.co/qdhwtyb4xW
RT @CountryHub: 🎼I'm on the wrong side of midnight and I'm not going home🎼 should probably be the title of my autobiography @LucieSilvas #myoldhabits
Thank you so much. You have a way with words. Was so touched reading this ❤️ https://t.co/daWvblWqdb
@keelandonovan @thesilverseas Dude. I'm so lucky to get to work with such great talented people. More more more !
RT @dittytv: Different Towns, Different Sounds - GPS gives us music from @LucieSilvas @sonsoftheeast & @DotanMusic - 3pm CDT -… https://t.co/6GVgNnEHnU
@dittytv @sonsoftheeast @DotanMusic Thank you!!
💕 thank you Taylor https://t.co/cU4OaULWm7
Thank you Mags! Guys.... go check out my friends new track "Plain Jane" out today too ❤️👏🏻 https://t.co/hJm5xjkfme
RT @samfish88: The best friday's are those with new music - Can't stop listening to the new @LucieSilvas tune 'Just For The Record'!! #newmusic #nashville
@magsduvalmusic Honey! Congrats on your new single today !! You amaze me xxx
@keelandonovan Yeah dude !!!
@EmmaWalker99 Aw thank you!
RT @TheBigYellowDog: .@LucieSilvas released #MyOldHabits co-written with @thesilverseas & @keelandonovan today! Go give it some love:… https://t.co/HVPEzLPqTn
@Alex_Stern_ Thanks Alex! Hope you're well
@BackstageWSam Yay!! Great gif
😘😭 Love u https://t.co/JW7UPDLo7W
@MarenMorris YOU'RE brilliant. Thank you. You inspire me everyday
Also... I'm pretty obsessed with this. What a brilliant record 🙌🏼 @danauerbach #WaitingOnASong https://t.co/6qKb8C9aoN
@brothersosborne I love you, obviously. Cause you're both amazing in every way ❤️
Thanks guys ! ❤️ https://t.co/TVik3cRtWv
@presleyjooo Aw thank you. I believe in doing what I love and love what I do, but I don't like to take myself too seriously that's all ❤️
@MaribelMa04 Thank you kindly xx
RT @mrBobbyBones: This is @LucieSilvas . She is happy to meet you. Listen to this song. https://t.co/idhgRJVBS7
@mrBobbyBones thank you my friend. I'm happy that you're happy that I'm happy to meet people , and myself, no.. wha… https://t.co/rlucZdlKA1
@phoenixx2812 Thanks so much !!
RT @FramLeslie: Thank you @WSMradio @BillCodyWSM - @LucieSilvas always shines and her new music is ❤️❤️ See you next Friday… https://t.co/9oqqIqubAX
@edhickman87 Thanks Eddie !
@reltubkram Thank you !!
@StIvesCat @lindsayell Thanks David. Likewise
RT @GwenSebastian: Been waiting & now it's here! #newmusic from @LucieSilvas ! ❤️ https://t.co/HCxx1qo8G7
@GwenSebastian Adore you. Thank you Gwen xxx
@B_McC_ Aw thank you
@Naysapp Thanks Naomi!
@RecycledRejects @RustonKelly Oh man thank you. And you're gonna fall in love with Ruston's recording when you hear it too
@MissCourtneyA Thank you my sweet friend
@macijones23 Thank you Pretty woman
@CCountryUK Thank you so much !
❤️u Leslie https://t.co/kz1gpgTNEO
@freakychris_d Thank you Chris !
I can't accept a huge compliment like that, but I thank you!! 🙌🏼😭 https://t.co/lI7PkTlDcI
@TheRunawayHamst Thank you sweet folks
RT @WildAngel92: .@LucieSilvas' #JustForTheRecord is one of four songs to make me cry on first listen. Holy shit 💜
RT @josephlistens: Just for the record... the new @LucieSilvas single pulls on those heartstrings hard 😢https://t.co/loZKVuXpBF
Love you guys! Thank you https://t.co/kblnUPTQKY
Thank you so much @BillCodyWSM and @countrymusichof for having me this morning. Was such an honor to play #justfortherecord for you ❤️
@xLauraxHollandx Love you darlin!
@jounimikael_ @lindsayell Hello there !
Sneaky John. Love it 😂👏🏻❤️ https://t.co/UtO1584ocr
@brothersosborne Ha badass!!
@jounimikael_ Thank you , means a lot to me
@ownnashville Would love that. Let us know where you'll be
@TameGenius Well I would love that ! ❤️
@xBelieveAgain Thanks so much
RT @MarkDaleyUK: Two new tracks released today by @LucieSilvas - never has an artist written music that's speaks so honestly to my heart quite like hers.
@momofpepe Thanks Lisa! Always xx
RT @NathalieSLarsen: Fridays are so good during summer #newmusic out so frequently!! Today @LukeCombsMusic album and two songs from @LucieSilvas :)
@grandphubaar Thank you Gavin!
@allfiredup93 @auroranashville Yes you are. I think you may be an ocean away, but we would love to have you at Aurora next week
@srmagee88 Thank you my friend!
@katepatto @Jordana_91 @JenKenyon_ I would love to !
@TimDriesen Thank you Tim!
@_heyitsheidi Thank you so much
Thank you for such kind and supportive words ! Can't wait to play London again. See you soon! https://t.co/IoRp7fGDuy
RT @lindsayell: This girl has a voice all of you need to hear... Go listen to these two new songs. 👌🏼 Proud of you @LucieSilvas! https://t.co/9QpOFrlcA1
@lindsayell You're an angel. Thank you !
@BrandonRayMusic Thanks so much my friend ❤️
RT @mrBobbyBones: everyone. Ive heard these songs. Youll want to download them for sure. Ill remind you tomorrow. Im @LucieSilvas big… https://t.co/oH8e8FYTgJ
@mrBobbyBones Thank you Bobby. That makes me very happy !
RT @ianrkenilworth: #MyOldHabits - Brilliant new single from @LucieSilvas #OnRepeat https://t.co/7Y7HES6DsX
@KreepinCountry Aw thank you' should be up there in a matter of hours
Can't wait ! 😘😍 https://t.co/jayc92hRyO
RT @allfiredup93: It's a good day already. ❤️❤️❤️ @LucieSilvas https://t.co/kpXQbJEqgk
RT @silvasontour: Happy Anniversary Lucie and John! ✨ https://t.co/gxAOtsp4di
@LoTownie @ShorelineAmp @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne It is indeed cancelled. Please do check back for any updates
@KreepinCountry @auroranashville Thank you Duuuude!
@BrandonRayMusic Love ya buddy
@ownnashville @brothersosborne Thanks guys !
@SethEnnis Thank you Seth!
RT @USACOUNTRYUK: Not long now till the release of new music from the highly talented @luciesilvas #LucieSilvas https://t.co/cGlh6CJKqu
Happy 2 years married today. I love this man more every minute. Thank you for loving me ❤️ https://t.co/6hsmDbyysD
RT @JBamn: b-a-n-a-n-a-s --- don't miss out on this one --- https://t.co/85KVcMwQgK
RT @adammarkrobson: Seeing @LucieSilvas on my TV in Miami is 😍😍😍. Reminds me of watching TV at uni back in London! https://t.co/gOVXNbL0q1
A couple that goes red together, stays together 👀 https://t.co/VE4PnBoPff
RT @NathalieSLarsen: @BellesandGals Can't wait to hear them live at #nashvillemeetslondon in July!! 😀 https://t.co/JIr26OEP8J
RT @keelandonovan: Stoked!! I wrote "My Old Habits" with Lucie & @thesilverseas!! Check it 🕺🏻 https://t.co/4qq6EzX4lJ
RT @MarenMorris: This is absolutely inspiring. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 https://t.co/inOCUNTt3q
RT @auroranashville: Can't wait to have @LucieSilvas in the studio next week! Check out her awesome giveaway to get you in to watch! https://t.co/RR9C59QXpm
RT @MarenMorris: Yes ma'am. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I'd like this pretty picture on a 45, please. https://t.co/J4GaJdBnKD
@MarenMorris You're gonna get it too. I love you!!
RT @RyanHurd: Can. Not. Wait. Just for the record is one of the best songs I've ever heard. https://t.co/FZIyqcdtDc
@RyanHurd Thank you so much Ryan! Means a lot
This Friday ! Digital release of these two new songs #myoldhabits #justfortherecord https://t.co/es9XoLGrcJ
@JammieMugg @auroranashville Yes! July 22nd I think in London !
@JammieMugg @auroranashville Haaa wish that was a new habit too! Miss you bro
@OfficialChappy9 @auroranashville Haaaa i love that. If you can make the show in Nashville next week you can burst… https://t.co/d9mDfXiOGr
Tuesday June 6 in Nashville for #cmafest I'll be performing at @auroranashville ! Can't wait to play some new... https://t.co/5WYpoxQQpL
Details will follow for winners to see this show in Nashville next week at @auroranashville . Send me your stories, … https://t.co/j5NQ17Loff
RT @silvasontour: Tweet Lucie a story of an "old habit" for a chance to win tickets to her show at Aurora next week! https://t.co/pMtdN6ePrx
So excited to play @auroranashville next week! Tweet me a story about an "Old habit" of yours and my picks win tickets to see the show !
Hey guys. Myself and @brothersosborne were on the first 3 shows listed here . Will keep you posted on any updates a… https://t.co/egbJxOpp1t
Love this photo here on stage on the #allamericanroadshow . Pictured with Mr @ps1625 and a sneaky… https://t.co/VbCr7eeHPv
@Naysapp Ha love it! Woh
RT @momofpepe: Getting my votes in for the CMT 12 Pack!! @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas @ladyantebellum https://t.co/DsolNxa4sS
RT @natalieosborne: Still Colorado dreamin' @ninalorraine @luciesilvas @ Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre https://t.co/pvZBUgjuNc
Gutted to hear of Greg Allman . I was honored to play a few shows with him, he was a musical hero to so many. love , prayers to his family
RT @ownnashville: Nashville Meets London 2017 Music Festival Returns with Highly Anticipated Talent Lineup – https://t.co/yRnUvehwlN https://t.co/8OKERf2Zat
Lovely meeting you too Derek! Have a great rest of your stay here ! https://t.co/knJzLgaDkA
RT @momofpepe: So happy that @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas are on the @CMT 12 Pack countdown!! https://t.co/rcGJrQqdlu
So proud to sing this song every night on tour. Available a week from today on all platforms. #justfortherecord… https://t.co/SWgqVBCg7y
RT @coreycongilio: Settin up the soul sista @luciesilvas at #redrocks this week. The girl crushes it night after… https://t.co/CVFNTBq8lb
@DaniRodgersSing Yay! It's a free show !
@Claralee_123 That's so sweet. Thank you
@bbqbeerbeaver Thank you kindly ❤️
RT @TheLizKellogg: Cross seeing @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne and @ChrisStapleton at the Red Rocks off my bucket list. Life is complet… https://t.co/YhjYroUnNg
RT @LesleyHastings: What a fantastic weekend this will be! Particularly excited to see @guitarleena and @LucieSilvas ! Fingers crossed… https://t.co/nQG035xpx5
RT @brothersosborne: "Oh, and John Osborne of Brothers Osborne. He could have ruined it all." This is a 100% true story. Haha. https://t.co/z1hEf8Frpt
RT @CountryinAZ: We loved @brothersosborne even more with @LucieSilvas #redrocks https://t.co/nB73sRsy9d
RT @HeyBaylen: So excited to announce the line up for #NashvilleMeetsLondon 2017! A free outdoor Country Music festival 22-23 July… https://t.co/z4Mzqr6col
London... see you in July. I've missed you ❤️🇬🇧 #nashvillemeetslondon https://t.co/55FHOwcmb4
@__hannahgoddard Haaaa we've all been there!
RT @LifeInASong_UK: Loving the Nashville Meets London 2017 line-up! 22-23 July, Canary Wharf - get yourselves down there for a cracking… https://t.co/Bfmmb5FGgb
RT @CountryinAZ: On the Road with @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas Awesome venue, epic show. Cross @RedRocksCO off th… https://t.co/HgmrQKA6rK
Home we go to Nashville for a few days to sleep in a bed and cuddle Barley ❤️🐶
Friends at @RedRocksCO @Fancyhagood @JBamn #allamericanroadshow https://t.co/M6XZ8qOQbd
@jcfoxx Come say hi at merch stand after bros show !
So many incredible people have signed the walls, steps and ceiling of this tunnel underneath… https://t.co/sTNYRQLrAR
RT @RedRocksCO: TONIGHT: @ChrisStapleton with @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas #RedRocksCO Doors 5:30pm | Show 7:00pm https://t.co/Ee09Urgd6D
RT @natalieosborne: First time listening to what the @brothersosborne have been working on... total masterpiece.. I… https://t.co/dzMGb6ZLBG
Lovely meeting you guys, in this beautiful place ! https://t.co/OzPKL9MgDD
RT @kendellmarvel: It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll. @brothersosborne @chrisstapleton @LucieSilvas @RedRocksCO https://t.co/bwMk7bv58A
@BrandonRayMusic Thank you my friend !! And congrats to you !
RT @sammy_lee13: Absolutely blown away by @LucieSilvas! Those pipes girl, what a way to open up @RedRocksCO with @ChrisStapleton! #bestlineup #actuallycried
@sammy_lee13 @RedRocksCO @ChrisStapleton Thank you so much !! Was a thrill to play
Huge thank you to @mercurynews for this lovely article https://t.co/OHEAwV8p8e ❤️
RT @RedRocksCO: @ChrisStapleton at #RedRocksCO is as smooth as ___________ https://t.co/uZSUVQcrqM
Lil Ol me playing the piano in this Unforgettable place, scenery and crowd. Thank you thank you… https://t.co/Y6Fo5jABN9
RT @Jessie_2110: @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas that 13 hour drive including the 6 hours through Kansas was totally worth it! You guys rocked those rocks!
Such a thrill and an honor to play here. Thank you redrocksamphitheater and these beautiful… https://t.co/CzwNzy2ngH
RT @Tracy_Ulam: Red Rocks welcomes you @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas. Can't wait to see you tomorrow night! #allamericanroadshow
@RedRocksCO tonight with @ChrisStapleton ! So lucky to be playing here again. Magical place ✨ https://t.co/7PKEsiUGYc
RT @mattyevo1: @LucieSilvas So shocking, targeting young music lovers 😔 Heartbreaking to see so many innocent lives destroyed #prayersforManchester
So sorry to hear about the awful tragedy in Manchester. My heart goes out to everyone involved and their families. Senseless and horrifying
RT @ms4cy: Not even 8AM & I'm completely distracted by my first #RedRocks concert tonight! @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas
But seriously... huge amazing night for Nashville... the Preds Win plus a @Skylinemotel show happening as we speak!! Massive ! ❤️👏🏻👏🏻
Go Preds... I frickin LOVE golf
Wins and fails in Utah @jinglejohnosborne @jbamn https://t.co/Qd0FX1cJUE
RT @coreycongilio: Come on get "Happy" @luciesilvas @jbamn @145music @Drummeradambox @ The Forum https://t.co/xZNkCowZ0J
One more from stage last night at @theforum LA. Huge honor to play here especially with @ChrisStapleton and… https://t.co/T9FNgexDo6
RT @sportsmouth95: @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas are some of the most amazing artists I've heard! What a performan… https://t.co/aY7t3NnAvH
RT @nextwomenofcoun: Get your boots ready for dancing all weekend long at @LakeShakeFest! Tickets available now... https://t.co/efdkmx15HO
RT @TracyLeshay: Still lovin' last night's 3 layer cake @chrisstapleton @brothersosborne and @luciesilvas at #theforum. My… https://t.co/Fh0KIDZqs7
RT @eliz2it: Crazy show w/ an All-star line-up!! @luciesilvas @brothersosborne… https://t.co/uYgBAPOILC
@trickster1966 Thanks Alan, and to you !!
@paytoncarrianne Yes ofcourse ! He is coming to Nashville from la ( he is based there) on June 4 and will bring it… https://t.co/Pfkfkfhcz2
@paytoncarrianne Thanks so much ! I'm very excited for more music. Tonight was so special for us
We also did some drawing and coloring tonight for a little wall space at the legendary @theforum… https://t.co/QRzKvd4gQU
@nataliacamello So sorry my friend, there was some confusion with that tonight and with security
@paytoncarrianne So sorry Payton. There was some confusion as to which one I was suppose to go to. Thanks for supporting me !!
@JamieeeMason Aghhhh they took me to the wrong one !
What a thrill to play at the @theforum in LA with @chrisstapleton morganwithane and… https://t.co/EJcbzNTTv4
@apie0000 Yes I'll be there after bros set! 😘
Love you Mary! https://t.co/RO25b98d5o
@JamieeeMason I'll be there after bros set! 😘
RT @theforum: TONIGHT: We welcome @ChrisStapleton to the Forum w/ special guests @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas! Doors open 6p &… https://t.co/aiBy9REZiS
Ladies. Amazing talent ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/IkdrhJhtaC
RT @JuliaDolf: Super excited for tonight! @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas in LA! Epic night of music! Hope to see you tonight @LucieSilvas
Amazing shot of John and his magnificent beard. By Mr @andybarron 👏🏻 #allamericanroadshow https://t.co/GFOGQjlVI8
In the middle of @brothersosborne ❤️ #lovingmeback https://t.co/K7fYhcBMog
Amazing moment that made me cry watching a young couple get engaged while Chris and Morgane serenade them 😭❤️… https://t.co/7X5iscTaKP
Posters smashing it. Love this ❤️ @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne #allamericanroadshow https://t.co/QULeHSY7vq
RT @nataliacamello: Excited to see my favorite family tomorrow night @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne #adoptme https://t.co/Pbhmlyqh0n
@rockmeetscountr I sure will be !
Thanks so much ! https://t.co/ag3zjY2KZ3
Tassels like Tina #allamericanroadshow https://t.co/0ZlXDA2099
Lovely folks in Phoenix. I'll be at the Merch table after the @brothersosborne set tonight if you wanna come say hi ❤️ #allamericanroadshow
RT @momofpepe: SO excited that @brothersosborne AND @LucieSilvas were on the @CMT 12 pack again!! Hoping they both go to #1 !! https://t.co/whMLdePEhw
RT @ShorelineAmp: An epic show with @ChrisStapleton @BrothersOsborne @LucieSilvas is only two weeks from tonight! Get tickets at… https://t.co/O9sfpoUOfP
@GAdoresCountry @brothersosborne Come see me at the march desk
@iamdiamondrose I wish!! Love her ❤️
@Tzlil_Moshe THank you for coming to see me!! Chris will blow your mind tho !
RT @filbillyleslie: Awesome set @LucieSilvas. So cool to see @brothersosborne John watchinh you from the side of the stage #justfortherecord
RT @10NewsMaryMac: Holy harmony batman @luciesilvas @brothersosborne beard #onpoint #SanDiego #10Beards https://t.co/8iPpYNXDWB
@gronsuk 😘
RT @filbillyleslie: I see you @brothersosborne watching @luciesilvas on stage. @ Mattress Firm Amphitheatre https://t.co/rz5vPTTpmp
@_SofiaStephanie Thanks so much !
30 mins til show time !! Can't wait to play here for the first time ! #allamericanroadshow https://t.co/9FgfdDOld7
RT @LiveNationSD: TONIGHT — @ChrisStapleton w/ @BrothersOsborne and @LucieSilvas at Mattress Firm Amp! 7pm. Tickets still available:… https://t.co/PfTK1i8TpU
RT @filbillyleslie: Waiting for @LucieSilvas to start her set for #allamericanroadshow with @brothersosborne & @ChrisStapleton
So so sad. Another great and influential voice gone too soon. #RIPChrisCornell
@jeffgreenlutcf @BrianaTyson True that !!
@DuchessofRnR Thank you Duchess ! 😘
RT @auroranashville: Alright #CMAFest and @LucieSilvas fans, here's your chance! https://t.co/eCmQMCZlPX
RT @elvisarturo: Lucie Silvas - "You Were Always On My Mind" (Forever Country Cover Series) https://t.co/TqSyeKPVG4 @LucieSilvas beautiful! greatings!
#Repost soundslikenashville (get_repost) ・・・ We're giving our readers a chance to #WIN a pair of… https://t.co/6BHhLQRvAf
And one of the first people I met in Nashville in 2008 was @jamiefloydmusic . Thank you for being you and my friend. Happy bday honey !!!
When you discover that one of your fav people, who you make music and tour with and has so many… https://t.co/zsEzIYAZJ1
Happy birthday to my angel of a friend who has more beauty and talent than I can even wrap my arms around. Love you so much @kreeharrison
#allamericanroadshow https://t.co/WHdt1hWh7S
RT @JamieeeMason: SO pumped to see @LucieSilvas, @brothersosborne, and @ChrisStapleton & Morgane Stapleton this Saturday at The Forum! Can't beat this lineup!
RT @collegetimes: Her Old Habits: Lucie Silvas shying away from trademark sound on new material https://t.co/12DMjEWDsJ @LucieSilvas https://t.co/iofpxVYsNV
RT @monica_soper: @LucieSilvas Kalyn took this at VA Beach. ❤ https://t.co/6uHvYY9S32
Photography by @andybarron from #allamericanroadshow Virginia Beach show with @chrisstapleton https://t.co/SMhd9a21ug
RT @auroranashville: RT your answer for AURORA TRIVIA! Who is @LucieSilvas married to? Any guesses??? #musicmonday #countrymusic #funfact
RT @keelandonovan: Stoked to have a copy of @luciesilvas' song My Old Habits that I cowrote & sang on! On the road now with… https://t.co/8GhWCEeoQT
@peterwilson40 @silvasontour Thank you!
RT @TheBrandyClark: Can’t wait to join @CMT’s #NextWomenofCountry for Music Fest at the @countrymusicHOF on June 9! Details:… https://t.co/qXtRG9TEvj
RT @CountryinAZ: Tickets still available for @ChrisStapleton with @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas Friday night in Phoenix --->… https://t.co/Y2XhNT1mfp
RT @DaveHansonMusic: @LucieSilvas I heard that David Bowie was unsigned when he made Let's Dance album. Nuff said
I dislike that label "unsigned" ... you either make music or you don't. I salute all those that do. 🙌🏼
RT @SoVeryBritish: A handy collection of awkwardness from the Very British Problems book https://t.co/Rod29q68dM https://t.co/FBNovbo1AB
I love you Mum. And your rollers, and your outfits. Miss you everyday. It's Mothers day… https://t.co/7mzKb8oKQ0
@coach_dudley @ChrisStapleton @andybarron @brothersosborne Thank you Johnny. I sure will 🙌🏼
RT @sarah_ledwell: I hope you loved your shirt @LucieSilvas! Please come back to NC soon! Love the new song too! https://t.co/3ZXUf07oYA
@sarah_ledwell That is so fantastic Sarah! Thank you! Hope I get to meet you soon. Thanks for cheering me on!
Go @brothersosborne . So good every time 😍 #allamericanroadshow @ PNC Music Pavilion https://t.co/VEivyh7yg6
Thank you Charlotte!! You were an amazing crowd. Thanks for welcoming me #allamericanroadshow
Drinking a light refreshment before showtime 💯 https://t.co/dmBVNDTJXi
RT @ChrisStapleton: Raleigh 5.12.2017 📷 by @andybarron https://t.co/NvebNZCzcd
This guy wowed us last night with his trickery. Incredible magic to top off a great night. Thank you @caseymagic !… https://t.co/JTqBI85vDz
RT @momofpepe: Any countdown that includes @brothersosborne AND @luciesilvas is a great countdown!! #cmt12pack https://t.co/Sk9x3ZIyJ1
RT @Caseymagic: Nice hangs with this crew of beautiful people #Repost @luciesilvas with @repostapp ・・・ The… https://t.co/eysuEa2hMb
RT @sarah_ledwell: Project! @LucieSilvas what do you think for tomorrow!? #CharlotteNC https://t.co/RvvNb6LuOG
@JamieeeMason @ChrisStapleton 😘😘😘
@sarah_ledwell Aw I love it !!!
@presleyjooo @brothersosborne Oh no! I'm so sorry . Where are you at ?
@IanKofficial U will be able to very soon !! Details to follow
@nataliextara @AVOND76 @TheBrandyClark @carlypearce @IAmMaggieRose @CMT @countrymusichof @jillianjmusic It is indeed 😘
Another cool poster from tonight's show !! #allamericanroadshow https://t.co/ecedeBZXuh
Listening to Morgane sing "You are my sunshine" melts me every time 😭 @ChrisStapleton #allamericanroadshow
Telling @carlislemarlowe what a badass she is for handling our bandwagon like a pro 👆🏻 https://t.co/7ranBE9fOv
RT @brothersosborne: Blockbuster video and chill?? #90sPickupLines
RT @sarah_ledwell: Won a meet & greet @brothersosborne!!! I don't wanna miss seeing the talented @LucieSilvas!! Can't wait!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼… https://t.co/gjrZ0NJLvX
RT @Jenford130: British songwriter @LucieSilvas finds inspiration in Nashville https://t.co/Gz40ApFOx6
RT @Naysapp: VA Beach Bound!!!!not sure I've ever been this excited for a show before! @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas @ChrisStapleton
My cheeks are hurting from smiling watching this video. I love it, and love you happy people @littlebigtown https://t.co/krli1qbT0R
Passing the time traveling to Virginia Beach by sewing cool shit to my blouse #bushaberdashery https://t.co/H9PFRPMkld
RT @monica_soper: Deale ➡VAB. Ready for some great music, saltwater, and crab legs 🦀🌊🎶 @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne @ChrisStapleton https://t.co/QNH6KFF0h4
Harry...! James .... throw me a bone here ! magsduvalmusic @scotteffman @jskaggs @_CreativeNation https://t.co/fe9ScM6vip
Fun day with @magsduvalmusic @scotteffman , Harry Styles and James Dean 🔥☺️ https://t.co/nwpKIIugrk
RT @auroranashville: It's coming!!! #newmusic #livemusic #cma #nashville https://t.co/UjqAWgZibD
@KreepinCountry @Bumbershoot Thank you !! I can't wait to play this for the first time ! 🙌🏼🔥
RT @momofpepe: Getting my votes in for @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas for the @CMT 12 Pack!! https://t.co/snHHzBvai1
RT @erinadams0210: It's @ChrisStapleton week! PUMPED to see @brothersosborne for the 7th time and @LucieSilvas for the 1st time on Friday #somuchtalenton1stage
This dude! He really is a special talent. Check it out #Repost rustonkelly with… https://t.co/DvHhBEX8v2
@ambiedj @brothersosborne Ha. That thing will come off next week I hope. It's really annoying so I'm hoping so
Couldn't love you more @Fancyhagood 💕 https://t.co/hQ1Z8UNXGO
Listening to @ChrisStapleton sing inspires me the same way my fav singers and heros of ALL TIME did and still do. Best in the world 🙌🏼
Sandwiched between two amazing people. I love you @brothersosborne #allamericanroadshow 📷: @brothersosborneupdates https://t.co/up8OmRgD0M
RT @AshBoesch: @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne @ChrisStapleton I was reminded of why I ❤️ Country music. Phenomenal show tonight! #AllAmericanRoadShow #ATL
@osbornesupdates @brothersosborne @silvasontour Aghhh sorry I didn't get to be at that !
😘🙌🏼🙌🏼 https://t.co/qY2pBBjlPx
RT @momofpepe: Really cool to see @brothersosborne It Ain't My Fault on CMT Hot 20 and @luciesilvas Smoke on… https://t.co/hHM0VHbl0w
I forget too Sometimes ! 😂 https://t.co/9rIxx540Vn
RT @benacwright: Great to see @luciesilvas rising up in country scene. #kingstonlove #lovelondon Was kick drum tuned to song key in… https://t.co/TbW19KiPck
@SharonPrickett 😘😘😘
@haileykudlik Thank you Hailey!!
Just practicing trying to hold it together for tonight. A special day getting to open for him today of all days. Th… https://t.co/TH0FduFXEj
RT @brothersosborne: Honored and excited to get to play with these beautifully talented and kind people. @chrisstapleton @luciesilvas 🙌🏼 https://t.co/4NPI4OioJb
Congratulations @ChrisStapleton on another incredible album. U inspire me more than I can explain. Celebration toni… https://t.co/SYBu3qhRNi
Posters for the next two shows with @chrisstapleton and @brothersosborne !! Love them 😍 @matthewjay… https://t.co/FGIXH274Ws
RT @hmarie8706: Holy shittt!! This song y'all 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Cannot wait to see @ChrisStapleton @@brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas tomorrow. Do… https://t.co/8LQK1R7Fx0
Our new home on the road. #bandwagon #allamericanroadshow https://t.co/EZEP52BBDR
RT @haileykudlik: Tomorrow i will be #blessed by the presence of @ChrisStapleton, @brothersosborne, & @LucieSilvas all on one stage in Georgia. I love life.
RT @ChrisStapleton: 'From A Room: Volume 1' is out now. Listen on @AppleMusic https://t.co/tr7vhBRKHT
@ntaly4 Haaaaa you sweetheart
This is so incredible. @MarenMorris kicking some ass in this video ! Epic @ThomasRhett @davebarnesmusic https://t.co/B8AXve7xn0
RT @silvasontour: Lucie sang "Things I Keep Losing" and "Just for the Record" tonight with John! https://t.co/lBr5PTx3vX
@silvasontour Wow that's amazing !! Thank you
Come on by !! Tonight at @3rdandLindsley with these amazing ladies ❤️ https://t.co/LBbBf5aQnM
RT @TasteOfCountry: . @BrothersOsborne have a little fun with the concept of "fake news" in their latest. https://t.co/UzUbnoKcSq
Excited for this weekend !!! @brothersosborne @ChrisStapleton #allamericanroadshow https://t.co/DMkpEoOA9Z
The real news... here first. Proud of you boys !! https://t.co/dIRoYSvq9F
RT @brothersosborne: Tomorrow https://t.co/9huHH87qBV
RT @JamieeeMason: Praise Beysus!!! 😱😱😱 https://t.co/JLjatKglrJ
Love that song ❤️ https://t.co/JsAMbS8Ggs
Yay very excited ! https://t.co/2Z6lnWCegh
😘😘😘😘 https://t.co/j9kbeQFMvh
RT @McKeanJmckean7: @LucieSilvas get to see you @RedRocksCO with @brothersosborne and @ChrisStapleton
On sale on the Chris Stapleton tour from this Friday. Limited edition 7'' Vinyl of two brand new recordings!… https://t.co/a20ghHmRAE
👀❤️👌🏻 https://t.co/HjfiktIVbV
Yay gonna be so fun ! Thanks doll https://t.co/zoHde5i4pX
RT @magsduvalmusic: This Wednesday night! I can't wait to take the stage with these amazing girls✨https://t.co/Z2SZeL2O9w https://t.co/hvhAZ7ooab
@_Justine_G We laughed a lot and it didn't matter that we couldn't really speak each other's language. We had the b… https://t.co/ytrsSaEFcf
Likewise. Counting the days ! https://t.co/0ZCci9OcFK
@AdamZahraBx Merci. 10 years ago and yet still fresh in my mind. He is and always will be so missed ❤️🙌🏼
RT @MadameLourido: #FLE 10 ans sans #GrégoryLemarchal : info et #musique : https://t.co/1R8YCyd8Nw https://t.co/4cz2SeKNv3
@heloisesmile @A_GregLemarchal ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
You.are.LOVELY! Thank you https://t.co/pBCDNOdRsm
@app1e22 @Spotify Thank you!
@the4pooles @ShowMeCenter @ChrisStapleton Thank you so much !! I will!
David thank you ! That means a hell of a lot coming from you 🙌🏼 https://t.co/d9ljb7kJ5s
Love this shot by @andybarron . I'm seriously in love with these two. Greatest singers and people on earth… https://t.co/YSbOx3JEIW
Such a thrill. I get to play with these guys and then get to watch/listen to one of the greatest shows on earth !!… https://t.co/TGbw8aGAUP
Wow you guys!! One hell of a crowd. Was a pleasure to play for you ⚡️ https://t.co/uMXWoXBJRy
@jillianjmusic @ChrisStapleton @morganwithane Love you!
RT @coreycongilio: 3rd night opening for @chrisstapleton with the sweetest most talented lady I know @luciesilvas… https://t.co/MpmgCxgVzQ
RT @sueludwig15: Lovin @LucieSilvas tonight at the us cellular coliseum! #chrisstapleton #luciesilvas
What I dreamt about my whole life everyday since I could hold a microphone. Grateful for every moment 🙌🏼… https://t.co/qFRNHjtyd5
@ambiedj @brothersosborne Thank you !! 😘
@momofpepe @SXMTheHighway @buzzbrainard Lisa you're a true fan! Thank you!
RT @ToCNights: New @chrisStapleton music is here!!! 🎵 https://t.co/krZ9O9LKUL
Thank you to a wonderful crowd at the @ShowMeCenter Cape Giradeau . Only second night in on @ChrisStapleton tour and having the best time ❤️
@silvasontour So glad you asked ! It's " the same old story, and I know just how it ends....." #myoldhabits
RT @momofpepe: So cool that @brothersosborne AND @LucieSilvas are on the CMT 12 pack voting page! https://t.co/DsolNxa4sS https://t.co/rqDO4dhokn
I would love to 😘 https://t.co/EzM0rAfJWv
Loved you guys! Thank you https://t.co/RkTtLcixMq
RT @brothersosborne: https://t.co/6rberogLSZ
@KazTD New show in U.K. To be announced shortly
Thank you kindly 💕 https://t.co/o5vTW5HPLJ
Tees on sale at merch booths now (minus the tour dates) in 2 colors. More merch being added next week ⚡️… https://t.co/U7LTooRNX4
Pinching myself while watching Chris & Morgane Stapleton floor the room. This is what it's all about. Honored to be here ❤️ @ChrisStapleton
Thank you Duchess Cheryl https://t.co/bO0PODEkRm
@AlexKickert Thanks so much !!
RT @slolee: Love that a big name is opening with a singer/songwriter not as well known. Support musicians! @LucieSilvas… https://t.co/RuP9lUDoti
We love you guys https://t.co/bAFBM3ffcv
Thanks for filming this Celeste! Had a blast on my first night on the Stapleton tour. Thank u to… https://t.co/5eOr3dVBAP
First show tonight with these wonderful people. Can't wait to play ! #mizzou @chrisstapleton @morganwithane… https://t.co/3Brl964MyN
Happy birthday to the kindest, warmest most beautiful man I've ever known. I love you John John ! Have the happiest… https://t.co/NTewcJifEZ
So lovely seeing you guys. You were amazing last night ! https://t.co/tg36WcRLX9
@HBeats4JessieJ I'm on the mend thank you for asking ! Sending love back
Blasting the new @charlieworsham record on our way to begin shows with Chris Stapleton tomorrow night . Love this scenery and this music 🙌🏼
Very excited to see you all! https://t.co/dzMOxqH6OJ
Next week , with these amazing women. Tickets on sale now #girlsofnashville https://t.co/GT2iYMdUKu
RT @GigsRaleigh: Buzzing concerts: @LucieSilvas in Raleigh on May 12. Get the tickets from $110 → https://t.co/2Q7hVEOUtD https://t.co/GvnVtuaXgs
RT @DuchessofRnR: Tomorrow Columbia Mo @LucieSilvas & @ChrisStapleton Today feels like Christmas Eve ✌️❤🎸🎤🎄
No caption needed 🙌🏼 #tompettyandtheheartbreakers @ Bridgestone Arena https://t.co/jYxhOO54xX
RT @RenGlendaleAz: Get out your hat and boots! @ChrisStapleton, @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas will be playing at @AkChinPavilion May… https://t.co/81iPh41AQJ
This is gonna be fun ! Birthday fun ! More details to follow ✌🏻 #bumbershoot https://t.co/dPVKUEwK4N
RT @whiskeybabe24: @LucieSilvas @ChrisStapleton Feel better! Looking forward to seeing you and @ChrisStapleton and @brothersosborne in May!
RT @brothersosborne: DANG!! https://t.co/j8Krilhw3K
@KreepinCountry @ChrisStapleton No damaged goods here, just resting goods
Not ideal. But I'm very excited to see you @chrisstapleton and @chrisstapleton , and… https://t.co/1ZsxGUh7bS
RT @momofpepe: @natalieosborne Thank you for posting this Instagram story! @LucieSilvas https://t.co/ZkbX5sQpeX
RT @BMGNashville: Love his pic of BMG's @LucieSilvas, @RustonKelly & @JBamn backstage at the @opry! Lasting friendships built over s… https://t.co/oCo0AZLKvy
Huge congrats to this amazingly talented and brilliant person @thesilverseas and badass… https://t.co/HMX02YBXmv
RT @Q104KC: Glad that @brothersosborne are recording their 2nd album! It'll be great to hear @LucieSilvas on some tracks! #Tater https://t.co/YNDwwK5pIn
Haaa my parrrrtin https://t.co/vVffzEju8f
RT @n8van2: #justfortherecord, there's pretty much nothing better than turning on the @opry and hearing @LucieSilvas & @RustonKelly
Got to sing #justfortherecord with rustonkelly tonight which was such a special moment at the… https://t.co/6OxCOm9Ehc
Huge thank you @opry for having me again and making me feel so welcome every time. It's a true… https://t.co/rPHZyxAFDi
@jbamn taking a photo of me taking a photo of @fancyhagoodofficial while @jinglejohnosborne laughs at… https://t.co/Rwrn9HiMhh
@silvasontour Love y'all!
@momofpepe @opry Thank you Lisa !!
@momofpepe You sure will !
Loved getting to spend last few days with you. You're an angel @Fancyhagood . Thank you for… https://t.co/vrFFAweuNA
Love watching these two at work 🙌🏼 John and Jay https://t.co/5P9MUfJgtE
@Monieek Oh I see what you mean. Yes one is Netherlands instead
@Monieek It is accurate but more have now been added
@StephenMosher1 That's a good question but I don't think there is any. Do you mean the one that was on "Smash"?
My girl ! I love her - and if you don't already, you will. Get this and be inspired 👌🏻🔥 @jillianjmusic #reasons https://t.co/zLj8f2Cfvg
@Monieek Will announce soon as I know which day
@ownnashville It does yes ! Details coming
Friends in the Netherlands! I've missed u! I'm very very excited for this. First time I'll be back there in a long… https://t.co/hQXCQFn2Lg
RT @BMGNashville: Calling all @opry fans! Don't miss this gem of a human sing her heart out on Saturday! @LucieSilvas #Nashville… https://t.co/JtmyPSlI5L
@BMGNashville @opry Thanks guys ! 😘
Tomorrow night ! Can't wait to be back on the Opry stage ! ❤️🙌🏼 #grandoleopry @opry https://t.co/yEKrhjQM9e
Me, canoes and choppy waters don't mix 😬
@YesThisIsAna Hang in there sweetheart . You have love around you
RT @brothersosborne: Support for marijuana legalization is the highest it's ever been... and so am I. Happy 420 y'all! https://t.co/XpfTCVl8zy via @cbsnews
This is awesome ❤️ https://t.co/P9yU7mJsU2
RT @Fancyhagood: I was told there was definitely space for me on the bus....😑😂! @brothersosborne @luciesilvas https://t.co/dzUtgFwCyu
RT @Jenford130: Meet up-and-coming country music star, Lucie Silvas! @LucieSilvas https://t.co/LtdcuyI3Un
RT @monica_soper: When this comes in the mail......its a damn good day! I'm so ready..... @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne… https://t.co/e8xn8yGgYJ
This new song plus one extra coming right up... will be posting details soon ... #myoldhabits https://t.co/Z1IMVLBPBM
@jillianjmusic Haaa ! You're perfect
😂😂🔥👌🏻 https://t.co/HAn6eHcpSR
Deep in thought kendell_marvel 👌🏻 https://t.co/BoeDukrnF5
RT @momofpepe: Hope my vote gets @LucieSilvas Smoke on the countdown! https://t.co/DsolNxa4sS https://t.co/AeSqG6nQYz
RT @MusicJDiscovery: @LucieSilvas does her take on the song originally performed by @onedirection Simply perfect! https://t.co/ti2oTSrF9A
#Repost @yepnashville with @repostapp ・・・amongst good people ... Big THANK YOU to Music Row… https://t.co/8fq6f0OkSN
RT @silvasontour: @LucieSilvas I'm going to a show with @osbornesupdates on the Stapleton tour to see you and brothers Osborne!
@silvasontour I sure will !
Thank you. That makes me so happy https://t.co/XKuersEWEw
@BenKay5 Ha golden oldie. Thanks Ben !
@osbornesupdates Not for a little while , sorry guys . Can you make any of the Stapleton shows ?
Thanks Rob! ⚡️ https://t.co/3IZ8nii43A
RT @LiveNationVB: Happ Bday to @ChrisStapleton! See him live w/ @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas at #VUHLA at VB on 5/11 - tix on sale… https://t.co/P6OPib7qzW
@brothersosborne "Look at that less hairy beast 5 times as big as me- lets forget everyone else and just munch on her" - mosquitos to me
Yes ! @rickbrantley . So special. Congrats on this big day. You're amazing ! https://t.co/unL9GTvkfH
Thanks so much @CountryCommon_ for this piece on my "Smoke" video https://t.co/MDwChQIBNH
@hmarie8706 @YEPNashville So good to see you !
RT @sven111: Have to recommend - The Trilogy by @LucieSilvas from album #LettersFromGhosts Brilliant album https://t.co/4wNDH2Dfw6
She is gonna charm the world with everything that she is and does . Love you @jillianjmusic https://t.co/xdw112PUWt
RT @TheBigYellowDog: #TBT to last night! @abestoklasa ruled the stage with @LucieSilvas at the @YEPNashville Rewind Night! 💃🏻🕺🏽 https://t.co/vVvktm0L3p
@13ReasonsWhy is great. Very poignant as well as upsetting. It's tough to watch but these are real issues facing a lot of people out there
RT @edgycntrygirl: Such a fun night! @abestoklasa @LucieSilvas @charlieworsham @jillianjmusic @CayleeAnnaMusic @YEPNashville https://t.co/i5gpr1o3Hf
Thank you @DWeeZee and @yepnashville having me up there tonight for a great cause for Soulfinger… https://t.co/zKvw9MvQ5c
Beautiful people @ianfitchuk @caitlynsmith #legendary https://t.co/9Z8IH3YNYo
Tonight ! Come sing along to some of our favorites. @thebasementeast #nashville https://t.co/wmgd3ND0Kt
I'm already ready to cry. In a good way. @keithgattis @brothersosborne https://t.co/LTHci9VZq9
Tomorrow night ! It's gonna be a parrrttttttayyyyyyyy @YEPNashville @DWeeZee https://t.co/eRW2Vzl1ip
You can't see her gorgeous face here- but that's @marenmorris signing our marriage certificate… https://t.co/em0aArgBpU
Thank you Linda. Made me tear up when you mentioned Howard New. Loved chatting to you ❤️️ https://t.co/xXGcz1ZGOs
RT @Ash2102: 🙌 listen to @LucieSilvas twitter peeps https://t.co/lhRLgLNd4y
The talent ! Best way to spend a Sunday , with @thesilverseas 🙏🏻 #newmusic https://t.co/1ZIpb54qry
Rent-a-trio @Fancyhagood @natalieosborne https://t.co/SvY9RI6oPD
Singing with you guys makes me so happy! Incredible show tonight , thanks for having me up there with you… https://t.co/3RoAurxM6k
They're gonna blow the roof off @3rdandlindsley tonight to a sold out crowd. I love these guys @theshadowboxers 👌🏻😎 https://t.co/8sVmcVYTDI
@kateyorkmusic @sonyajasinski Haaaaaa!
Tonight !! Come see @theshadowboxers play at @3rdandLindsley and bring your party clothes 😎❤️️ #Nashville
I've seldom met someone who has persevered like this woman. I ❤️️u @jamiefloydmusic . Check out her duo with John… https://t.co/6s6Vup8xrQ
.@lindsayell Love you my friend @lindsayell
@kateyorkmusic I feckin love you
RT @RyanHurd: I love you. Thank you for not letting me quit and for being right there through every song I write and day we have… https://t.co/NzQ1Ikjy82
@jillianjmusic No you are !! I'm a lucky woman to have amazing women in my life 😘❤️️
@kelleighbannen Love you Kelleigh, thank you !
Showing now on CMT! ❤️️ #smoke https://t.co/FWJvO7yrwJ
I can't wait to get my hands on this. Congrats on your new Record @ChrisStapleton ! https://t.co/DwEw1tGRyv
@charlesdecant Merci Charles !
@CMT Thank you @cmt for premiering "Smoke". Love you guys . Thanks for supporting me and my fav villain in this story! ❤️️😈
RT @CMT: We didn't see that one coming! Don't miss the premiere of @LucieSilvas' video #Smoke > https://t.co/P8fsjVqsPg https://t.co/Re1VVW6LuK
Go @RyanHurd ⚡️👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 https://t.co/10ZC8zGubI
Here we go. First song of new music being recorded today. Waited a long time to get back into… https://t.co/AKbBqhCPKt
RT @GraceTheisen: Y'ALL. This show will be killer. AND it's all Motown covers. Get yo tickets asap! These shows always sell out!… https://t.co/dAqPPJTtfE
RT @loveyouluce: EXCITED EXCITED EXCITED!! Monday 10 April 3pm is my @LucieSilvas special. Music, news, interview and collaborations. CCR946FM ❤❤❤❤❤
Watching Miss @marenmorris smash her home away from home show ❤️️🎤 @ Cannery Ballroom https://t.co/KO25AuUth5
Thanks dude! That's some gadgets you got there https://t.co/sTRXzV1JzY
Thank you MICHAEL ! https://t.co/IhFG4a9e2c
@wheelzo Yes! To be announced soon ❤️️
Wednesday April 12th! Come party with us to all our favorite tunes 🎤⚡️ @YEPNashville @DWeeZee #rewind #soulfinger https://t.co/VvWNsZndH7
Big little lies was everything I wanted and more. So. good ! #BigLittleLies More please
😭 @brothersosborne #acms https://t.co/UbpTh3Q5PR
Haaaa and Karen loves it too! We are all obsessed @littlebigtown @KeithUrban https://t.co/cav5TG0IcU
Very excited for this one! And I've never been to Chicago ! #lakeshake https://t.co/1QM3Ye9MJk
@Jenford130 Thank you Jen!
@sarboy22 😭😘
I love you John Osborne ❤️️ @brothersosborne https://t.co/oAgSViwlY4
Fans of country music and music in general - you change lives with your love and support. Thanks for supporting people doing what they love
RT @ACMawards: Amazing performances by New Artist Award winners presented by @TMobile. Congrats @brothersosborne, @JonPardi &… https://t.co/MNxqoipjmX
RT @JamieeeMason: Seriously can't wait for this show! Especially with @LucieSilvas opening as well! 🤗 https://t.co/ENL6RR25lM
Was in baby pink for the #acms last night from online store #revolveclothing Have a huge smile… https://t.co/XIU7c6GlmN
RT @hmarie8706: Excuse my screaming but @brothersosborne WON DUO of the YEAR! FUCK YES! @LucieSilvas & @natalieosborne have the wor… https://t.co/s5bUK9K8ls
RT @n8van2: @LucieSilvas @mirandalambert Congrats on being part of such an iconic album😊
#Repost @brothersosborne ・・・ HOLY SHIT!!!!!! Can't even believe what is going on right now.… https://t.co/4m6gh9iNkj
Love you Kelleigh https://t.co/SFgFZfhMax
RT @BrandonRayMusic: The looks on @natalieosborne & @luciesilvas faces is exactly how we all feel!! Congrats @brothersosborne - we've be… https://t.co/SOPsnHiKpD
What a night !!! @mirandalambert congrats darlin!! So proud ❤️️
RT @CMT: @BrandonRayMusic @natalieosborne @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne Those cameras always get 'em and we love it! #ACMs
Brothers Osborne !!! So so so proud of you #ACMs
Let's go boyz #acms @brothersosborne https://t.co/JVkUjjK0If
RT @AdrianoMollo: Mi è piaciuto un video di @YouTube da @LucieSilvas: https://t.co/hxf3gHIt3J Lucie Silvas - "You Were Always On My Mind" (Forever
@BrettFairer Thank you Brett! 💕
RT @WheelerWalkerJr: #WheelerFest Website crashed due to overwhelming demand but is back up now. Some tix still left!… https://t.co/s66fBWNugN
It's about time @wheelerwalkerjr ! I love a DIY Festival 👊🏻👌🏻⚡️ #wheelerfest https://t.co/cgszgUwQbd
Vegas baby, Vegas ⚡️ #ACMAwards
When one of your favorite people on the planet writes a song another of your favorite people is… https://t.co/7RfqNqrf9N
Haha! ❤️️👌🏻 https://t.co/N5RXugk13e
RT @europafmg: Nos acercamos al fin de semana "despacito" con @LuisFonsi, y después llegan @MattSimons o @LucieSilvas, ¡para todos… https://t.co/mXFrSWs9V3
RT @brothersosborne: That's a wrap! #itaintmyfault https://t.co/3t10zcUWn5
Honky Tonk Ladies Angaleena and Penny. Very excited for @guitarleena new record that is about to hit your ears.… https://t.co/emDleffpC0
@nattym1979 that's so sweet. Thank you
RT @kimmie_muller: Whose down to see @ChrisStapleton, @brothersosborne, and @LucieSilvas with me on May 20th at @theforum?!
I'm always saying that in my head, at the very least 👌🏻 https://t.co/fnQshOjhnF
RT @CarthyB: @leader_music and of course looking forward to new music by @MissMargoPrice @LucieSilvas and @JohnMorelandOK
Another from last night with kendell_marvel @keithgattis mickeyraphael @brothersosborne ❤️️… https://t.co/931pBdHiN4
@SV_Photog @postmonroe @lizlongley thank you , I love these folks 😘
They've been stuck like this for days ❤️️ @nataliehemby @shanemcanally https://t.co/xLDHKZjgU6
Come see this amazing show tonight. I'm gonna sing a little number with them 💛 #nashville @kendellmarvel… https://t.co/TMWP6fBnha
RT @YEPNashville: Let's go back in time...🕰🎙🎶🎷 #yeprewind tickets are on sale now! https://t.co/rq0lYzuq6S https://t.co/zOdfyy6ivC
RT @_Alston_: Join me in 30 mins to celebrate the best of British Country Music! Music by @theshiresuk @lauraoakesmusic @LucieSilvas and LOADS more!
I've stepped back in time into some sort of 70s disco gown soirée for the #acms this weekend. Sneak peak ✨ https://t.co/LMVNZDOVAV
RT @MusicJDiscovery: Next week the ep features artists of the week @brothersosborne! News, music and press conference from C2C! A song from @LucieSilvas too!!
@loveyouluce @brothersosborne thanks lovely Linda
RT @loveyouluce: @shellyfairchild What a cool vibe with the song mississippi turnpike ft @LucieSilvas. I ended my radio show with that song! Airs soon! 😊
@jillianjmusic noooooo. I can bring you chicken noodle soup
@shellyfairchild @SIRIUSXM @SXMTheHighway love you Shelly!
So cool! Thanks @sxmthehighway ! @shellyfairchild @brothersosborne @ladyantebellum @ejl1028 ⚡️ https://t.co/CG5RLhs3vD
@lindsayell right back at you darlin
@katieellenmusic @baznguitar @UnsignedHour ha. Happy mistakes ❤️️
I love this girl's humble and giving nature, she has supported me so much and I'm so proud of her for this new musi… https://t.co/QweL3sizaS
Thank you for such a fantastic couple of days @lorimckennama . It's no wonder you're so loved 💕 https://t.co/KEwcdI4yx6
RT @2countryradio: In case you missed it listen again to @EddieCorrick chat to @LucieSilvas https://t.co/valXuEH5Rv
When someone needs to put a sock in it 😂🎼😳 Fun memories from Nola @nataliehemby @kateyorkmusic… https://t.co/9SYxPbzCjF
RT @MusicJDiscovery: Episodes to look forward to come from @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas @DrakeWhite @martystuarthq and many more! Music, news and inspirations.
RT @2countryradio: #NP @mirandalambert Smokin Jacket, on the way a tune from @LucieSilvas before we get the chat with Lucie started, tune in y'all! (Eddie)
RT @EddieCorrick: @LucieSilvas and I chat on @2countryradio this evening & I have lots of tunes lined up. Kicks off at 7pm & would lo… https://t.co/JKn4CniF4s
RT @ownnashville: The C2C audience wished Brothers Osborne could’ve ‘Stayed A Little Longer’ after their unforgettable set in London… https://t.co/6A3Mro8pcP
Stoked to have this beautiful book and Vinyl from @mirandalambert. Great to read and see the… https://t.co/RZQSNengyz
RT @hmarie8706: Windows down listening to #LetterstoGhosts kinda Nashville day! @LucieSilvas ☀️✌🏼 https://t.co/dZbpvTHKNd
@Pip_EntFocus thanks a million for this 😘
RT @2countryradio: . @LucieSilvas won a lot of new fans in the O2 arena at @C2Cfestival https://t.co/3A2NbUpZur
RT @DanAndShayFan3: Dear @LucieSilvas, #Smoke is the ultimate JAM! Also your album is listed as pop, but I think it's more country/folk… https://t.co/DsxfEECDTE
Love on a porch ❤️️ @marenmorris @ryanhurd https://t.co/qeNmXZDqER
Dude !! Holy crap https://t.co/LRJwWJLhZ5
I can't get over how beautiful these bags are. One of my best friends in the world designed them. Check out… https://t.co/jqkyIzQYxN
RT @DanAndShayFan3: Just bought the 3 new songs from @MarenMorris's deluxe album. Also got @LucieSilvas' newest album, @trentharmon's EP & @HIGHVALLEY's album!😍
RT @SoundsLikeNash: .@MarenMorris @JonPardi & @brothersosborne are already winners heading into next month's #ACMAwards! Congrats!… https://t.co/HTGqhhSzgG
Thank you kindly! New tracks coming soon https://t.co/Gw6AwaoqKx
Thanks to my friend Jarrad I'm hooked on @GrandDesigns .... inspiring! I'll start with some Lego and spread my wings from there 🙂
@MeganGilligan3 😘
RT @momofpepe: @SXMTheHighway @buzzbrainard Doing a dance of joy cause u played @shellyfairchild @LucieSilvas Mississippi Turnpike! https://t.co/WQ5XfGJcGV
RT @SaraCude: Bit obsessed by @brothersosborne since C2C! Amazing performance brought the album to life! Not even bias from being a huge @LucieSilvas fan💓
One more from @DingwallsLive London with @brothersosborne . What a night 🙏🏻 #pawnshop https://t.co/LdMBRlEYGj
@thomasmeadows haaaaa I wish my shoulders could play drums like you do
RT @momofpepe: @LucieSilvas Is this a new song? I love it!! Old Habits https://t.co/XDYyVomD5K
@momofpepe it is indeed !
RT @CiarasCountry: My #review of Day3 @C2Cfestival is now #live on the #blog: https://t.co/sYNutWz7WC inc @temecularoad @CassadeePope @DrakeWhite @LucieSilvas!
Brought back these items from beautiful London store @question_air . From a line called… https://t.co/PnKqMYNtnm
@SteveSpikeRixon I loved it. Wish I could be in two , or three places at once !
Hello again, Nashville. So happy to be home 💕
RT @Jeannine_Barry: Warming up to @luciesilvas @soundloungesw17 last night. Come see us supporting the amazing @3halos Sat, 18th March… https://t.co/SLZ184uP76
😂 I don't even think I've agreed to go for a walk lately @AnnaKrantzMusic @sonyajasinski @kateyorkmusic @TheBonfires https://t.co/dyVfmoSbem
When you realize you're not as flexible as you use to be 😳 @brothersosborne @sonyajasinski #twister https://t.co/RDii0I4SGo
@AnnaKrantzMusic you would have been good at twister
Ballshit.... balls. And bullshit 😂 On our way back right now then https://t.co/OcJgJiAxXn
Thank you UK. I love coming back to see you, and can't wait to come back yet again very soon… https://t.co/qEb0vNGJtw
RT @helenjerome: Nice job by @LucieSilvas on @LeeAnnWomack vocal duties alongside husband + bro-in-law @brothersosborne… https://t.co/cKyLBKBam0
RT @BBCRadio2: A stunning session from Surrey-born, Nashville-residing @LucieSilvas at @BBCR2Country: https://t.co/htdas2SpBE 🎵 https://t.co/e9NCNh9P60
RT @brothersosborne: Thanks for the hangover London 🍻 🇬🇧
Congrats @brothersosborne !!! New vocal duo of the year ACM Award! So so exciting @ACMawards #ACMs
London we had such a ball with you. Thank you so much. See you again very soon. 📷: @sonyajasinski #c2c2017 https://t.co/66Wng2bNjs
Caught up with some oldest dearest friends last night at an amazing night for @brothersosborne . Love you… https://t.co/KAWgtooZ1a
RT @HarkUponTheGale: Saw @LucieSilvas at the @BluebirdCafeTN last May. Heard radio hits all night. JFTR easily best song of the night. https://t.co/DTxYPNbpjb
@HarkUponTheGale @BluebirdCafeTN thanks Seth!
@YesThisIsAna so sorry too Ana. Hang in there
RT @bbqbeerbeaver: Great weekend @C2Cfestival @LucieSilvas was wonderful on the Yamaha Stage and her husband plays some unbelievable… https://t.co/NMAQIe4DmS
@michd68 @C2Cfestival 😘🙏🏻
@rab3006 thanks Richard !
RT @UKCountryBlog: And now @LucieSilvas has come on. Best. Night. Ever. #brothersosborne #countrymusic
RT @allfiredup93: Ok I need a studio version of Just For The Record! ❤️❤️❤️ bring on album 4! @LucieSilvas
RT @loveyouluce: @benmark7 @LucieSilvas @TheBonfires C2C performance at Londons O2 arena Yamaha stage 12/03/2017 ❤❤ https://t.co/4tGjSof5sK
That's my girl @sonyajasinski taking shots backstage before the show on Saturday night. Been so good to be in Londo… https://t.co/sPmhRYgAVk
@OfficialChappy9 just til Wednesday after work is all done. Be back soon tho !
@kelleighbannen 😘😘😘
It isn't at the moment but I'll def let you know if and when it does. Thank you James! https://t.co/OMfbbtb1BQ
I know how much this song means to you. So beautiful. Check out my girl singing her heart out on "Church clothes"… https://t.co/QxYoaL6wyu
Lovely bumping into you https://t.co/1VAOUgOa0y
@nwvocalacademy @brothersosborne @C2Cfestival thanks Katie !
RT @Pip_EntFocus: Review: @LucieSilvas captivated on the Yamaha Music Stage at @C2CFestival https://t.co/F073lqQXzG #C2C2017 https://t.co/DGlzGPu2Z8
@Pip_EntFocus @C2Cfestival thanks so much for your lovely words . I had an amazing weekend and was in the best company 🙏🏻❤️️
In great company here. So good getting to hang with you both ! @WhisperingBob @BBCR2Country #c2c https://t.co/crNKD1UDC5
Thank you for being you Reba and inspiring us all!! https://t.co/ZJKYmLUTgv
RT @__hannahgoddard: .@MarenMorris playing the o2 arena was a spiritual experience & then @LucieSilvas played Just For The Record & I ugly cried so hard.
@southcompanion thanks so much 😘
That's so cool. Thank you! ❤️️ https://t.co/m8nMYxRGOg
@popes love you!
@shelleyj89 @C2Cfestival 😘❤️️
RT @asiansnax: Brilliant @BluebirdCafeTN session at #c2C2017 with @LucieSilvas @charlieworsham and Josh Osborne earlier. More Char… https://t.co/PGUKIkeAFh
RT @Cruising_Radio: Wow, that was a great set from Lucie Silvas. Top stuff. @luciesilvas @C2Cfestival https://t.co/boAojqbZ6i https://t.co/fd3CVQi6zn
RT @brothersosborne: That was so much damn FUN! Thanks for everything tonight @C2Cfestival!!!! https://t.co/vVGBtZkzex
Unbelievable feeling being on stage tonight at @c2cfestival with my buddies @thebonfires and… https://t.co/yqiPEoyk5z
RT @TwoWaysHome: Amazing second day at #C2C2017 @C2Cfestival blown away by @LucieSilvas and the band! https://t.co/SYzVvn8Wag
Great seeing you Jamie!! https://t.co/JdqwBEf3nz
RT @CarthyB: Excited to see @MarenMorris @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas blow the roof off the millennium dome at #C2C today 🏟🔥🇬🇧
Starstruck tonight meeting @reba #C2C2017 https://t.co/HKtr3Qxs7m
RT @BBCR2Country: From New Zealand to Nashville via Surrey (!) 🎤@LucieSilvas is our last live Saturday session backstage at #C2C2017… https://t.co/9LxOO6d4uE
@LittleJeva thank you Laura 😘
RT @limetreemusicpr: The incredible @luciesilvas at the #C2C2017 late nights @indigoattheo2 https://t.co/4RgRGOkduK
RT @CiarasCountry: The party's not over yet - @LucieSilvas making sure Day 2 of @C2Cfestival ends on a high! Never too late for some g… https://t.co/GKQN5VhEya
@Fran73 thank you Fran ❤️️
@markprice84 @BHarrisCountry @C2Cfestival thanks so much !!
Backstage with @sonyajasinski before the second show tonight . What a crowd. Thank you so much… https://t.co/bLMVhcsl9V
RT @NatalieAL: Proud moment in the O2 @LucieSilvas ♥️ https://t.co/ZU9PGfZkKr
RT @taliafromfundon: So good to see queen @LucieSilvas again 🙌🏼 @BBCR2Country #C2C2017 https://t.co/j9GPU7CaEu
RT @ownnashville: Loved chatting with @temecularoad @_SarahDarling @LucieSilvas @DrakeWhite @CassadeePope @SethEnnis today.All amazing artists and lovely ppl
@clfallis lovely meeting you
❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️ https://t.co/1zTkTV5WSn
Congrats to a great music legend and a great human @WhisperingBob for his CMA award. You're so loved . Thanks for everything you do #C2C2017
Had such fun on the BBC Radio 2 Country stage at Indigo for @c2cfestival , incredible crowd.… https://t.co/WjVhy2yRjE
Thanks so much for having me ❤️️ https://t.co/m2RyNlAZ7t
THanks Rob! 😘 https://t.co/FbKDFWunbS
RT @mini_squish: @LucieSilvas Loved "Breathe In" back in the day and "Letters to Ghosts" is amazing. Perfect for car singing!… https://t.co/0AGpDFpbow
@Roshnarr aw thank you!!
Excited to be here at @C2Cfestival !! Great atmosphere. I play Indigo at 3pm sharp on @BBCR2Country stage ❤️️ #C2C2017
That's @TwinnieOfficial kicking it off at #C2CFestival . Awesome show honey! https://t.co/3GWeTx0jly
See you later!! ❤️️ https://t.co/GaaLuKXlxC
RT @C2Cfestival: We've got SO much going on this weekend! Make sure you download the #C2C2017 app - https://t.co/P3rUwHNsDf https://t.co/bER9ng9FcA
@Pip_EntFocus @C2Cfestival ❤️️😘
RT @Pip_EntFocus: EF Country: 5 artists outside the Main Stage you should check out at @C2Cfestival incl. @LucieSilvas… https://t.co/mAlzElxW8O
@AnnaKrantzMusic love being here with u 💕💕
😘 ❤️️ you Lindsay ! https://t.co/tIWXCN8uWZ
@LondonLive thank you guys for having me on the show 😘🇬🇧
The Serpentine on a beautiful day in London with @brothersosborne and @annakrantzmusic ❤️️🇬🇧 https://t.co/jNF7chQ5vE
@itsbetterthanj @charlieworsham thank you girl! ❤️️
RT @LaurelCanyonUK: Our LCM #TrackOfTheDay is anthemic Smoke by the excellent @LucieSilvas #LettersToGhosts Main stage @C2Cfestival 12/… https://t.co/GURPWBCIny
@LaurelCanyonUK @C2Cfestival thank you! 😘😘
Stage times for @C2Cfestival ! So excited for this weekend ❤️️ #C2C2017 https://t.co/kXHvK53CNv
Well hello again, London 🇬🇧
@BBCR2Country @BBCRadio2 can't wait you guys 😘
RT @kost1035fm: Don't miss the chance to see @ChrisStapleton, @brothersosborne, & @LucieSilvas at The Forum! Enter now:… https://t.co/7UNKnXDfuR
RT @BBCR2Country: The great @LucieSilvas will be playing the @BBCRadio2 stage and joins us for a live session backstage on Saturday n… https://t.co/J6EzsUntnv
Happy moment at my beautiful sisters wedding with her little Mika. We are on our way to London… https://t.co/SpW2h0abdU
RT @MissRowdyRodeo: everyone needs to get over to Spotify and listen to the Alt-Country playlist...you'll find this incredible voice @LucieSilvas on it
RT @bbqbeerbeaver: #happydays @C2Cfestival tickets have arrived! Only a week! @zacbrownband @MarenMorris @LucieSilvas and a few beer… https://t.co/X5O6GFCPNk
RT @lacikent: My sister & I got our tix today for @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas in GA in May!! So excited!! I ❤supporting awesome people
@1Anna_Christina 😘😘😘
RT @KFrogPepper: @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas will be opening for @ChrisStapleton at @theforum! Win tix tonight from @KFROGRadio at @SanManuelCasino!
@sonyajasinski Um. You're gorgeous and so is your grandma
RT @brothersosborne: Congrats @whiteoakconserv for being nominated one of top 10 Safari parks in the country by @USATODAY 🙌🏼 https://t.co/ZXX0KuLE06
Story time with Mika @brothersosborne 💕 #newzealandfamilytime @ Milford, New Zealand https://t.co/daWgiqMHFc
@ianrkenilworth can't thank you enough. I'll have a new one this year !
@kanyindo aw thank you !
RT @radiotecnia: 🎧 Roots - Lucie Silvas 📡#FríodeInvierno @LucieSilvas "And I'm not ready to lose you yet" https://t.co/Jm1dgNv3Um
RT @hmarie8706: Pre-"30th" bday road trip to see my favsss May 6th in GA! @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne @ChrisStapleton love y'all!… https://t.co/kWlAMuvc9q
My sister in Law. Ow ow oooowwwww ❤️😍🔥 Beauty ! @natalieosborne @fordfairchild @NashGlam https://t.co/YCqbmKEcNh
RT @pstreet74: Join me from 8pm this Sunday on @SevernFM and hear @kasey_stone_ song of the week by @LucieSilvas
Do it! 👏🏻 https://t.co/wa6kssk0MV
RT @LiveNationSD: ON SALE NOW: @ChrisStapleton w/ @BrothersOsborne and @LucieSilvas at Mattress Firm Amp on 5/18! Get tickets today a… https://t.co/KwM1IU3cD1
RT @LiveNationVB: @ChrisStapleton's All-American Roadshow Tour w/ @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas at #VUHLA @ VB on 5/11.Tix on sale:… https://t.co/c7Kultozli
This album, these artists, the songs, the songwriters, and the guy who wrote the title track… https://t.co/AIrWGMyVme
@hmarie8706 @Amanda_Renae81 haaaa! Love ya Mom!
RT @KreepinCountry: They are all exceptional, but my favorite video from @LucieSilvas' Trilogy has been and always will be #Villain. https://t.co/DLpxAE2iJ1
RT @brooklynvegan: Chris Stapleton's shows at PNC Bank Arts Center & Jones Beach are on @BrooklynVegan presale today-get the password:… https://t.co/1e10zzRBVx
So proud of you @shellyfairchild . Proud to be singing on this one. We love you @lightning100 🙏🏻❤️ https://t.co/yn4X0fWH02
RT @shellyfairchild: @lightning100 this morning!!!! @luciesilvas is KILLLLLIN it on the "where it feels like, where… https://t.co/Amph3nSvBF
RT @samanthaawoods: Starting my US trip with @ChrisStapleton @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas in LA, ending it with @ChrisStapleton @Andersoneast @Brent_Cobb in WV
The Haka at the school my sister teaches at. So happy to be here ! #newzealandfamilytime @… https://t.co/VuF4WXEmbn
hilarious.ted's video https://t.co/ra5q57C9Wb dogs know what's important 😂 @natalieosborne
RT @ChrisStapleton: Citi pre-sales start today. Tickets and more info at https://t.co/ijLzMdEswU
RT @RedRocksCO: NEW SHOW: @ChrisStapleton with @BrothersOsborne & @LucieSilvas #RedRocksCO 📅: May 23 ⏰: 7pm 💻:… https://t.co/yBgjOqXES6
Tomorrow I'm off to New Zealand to watch my beautiful sister Nikki marry her sweetheart. I can't… https://t.co/I8Fd8xFZRF
Thank you kindly! Working on a new one now too 😋❤️ https://t.co/VddRLxuG9y
RT @lovinlyrics: #MM Women rockin' country music - @heidinewfield @MaddieandTae @LucieSilvas @nikkishae @EmilyMinorMusic @baileymyown @MorganMylesLIVE
Love her! So thank you 😊 https://t.co/hDzaJFZN9E
Family ❤️ @Fancyhagood @brothersosborne @RyanHurd @MarenMorris @natalieosborne @keargow (Nina was meant to be in th… https://t.co/3wZJ6w2vtY
Pride and happiness for our girl @marenmorris + @jinglejohnosborne 💕 https://t.co/HaMHvAtyYT
Great meeting you 😘 https://t.co/RWp3f151ar
You're my hero @marenmorris 💜 https://t.co/1sVBGVjee0
Yes @RyanHurd ! Badass 👏🏻👏🏻 https://t.co/vkX06wWNDJ
About to watch @RyanHurd and @MarenMorris smash it up at the Georgia theatre tonight 😍😍😍😍 #Athens
RT @NashCntryDaily: Chris Stapleton Announces New Tour and New Music https://t.co/GUxgmJFuuI
New music coming soon and these tour dates. Full details on my website. Hope to see you out there ❤️… https://t.co/2wZHmqmdGz
@lacikent @brothersosborne thank you Laci!! 😘
Im just a lucky one in the room with you two https://t.co/ANcGWMgxb1
RT @brothersosborne: Crazy!!! @ACMawards https://t.co/Ni4EcKIvZr
@tjosborne picking up bitches in his sick ass car 😎 https://t.co/40ucz1ir6H
RT @LiveNationVB: @ChrisStapleton's All-American Roadshow Tour w/ @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas at #VUHLA at VB on 5/11.Tix on sale… https://t.co/yIzFyDZWYn
Tour dates ! More to be added 💜 (see website for details) https://t.co/qAgTnKeKRg
On stage with family last night for the benefit for our Brave friend @mattylovell . Huge thank… https://t.co/iYmshAXYi9
RT @NC5_JKnutson: .@brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas at the Matt Lovell benefit concert. Such great talents and great people, support… https://t.co/vtBgFcsJ3g
RT @BBCR2Country: 3 weeks today we'll be opening the doors to our very own stage @C2Cfestival with @LucieSilvas, @chasebryant… https://t.co/C9CZk8cWUe
@mrBobbyBones @RadioAmy @ericpaslay @BrandonRayMusic @lindsayell love ya Bobby
RT @mrBobbyBones: Random acts of kindness day. Shoutout to the kindest people I know @RadioAmy , @ericpaslay, @BrandonRayMusic , @lindsayell , @LucieSilvas
RT @BasementEast: TONIGHT: Benefit for East Nash gunshot victim Matt Lovell w/ @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas and more! Get Tix Here:… https://t.co/LO2EOBxRLY
RT @PACRadioShow: #ICYMI: @ChrisStapleton announces NEW tour, featuring: @BrothersOsborne @LucieSilvas @AndersonEast @Brent_Cobb… https://t.co/KJ0qWlSPtd
RT @theforum: ANNOUNCE: @ChrisStapleton coming to the Forum on May 20 w/ special guests @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas! Tix on… https://t.co/3LihavI8hm
So proud to be joining the @ChrisStapleton tour along with @brothersosborne . More details to follow !… https://t.co/ZdTrfBBXYd
RT @WhiskeyRiff: BREAKING: @ChrisStapleton Announces New Album & Tour – We’re Losing Our Minds https://t.co/7aX7d1rZYT https://t.co/9GgIBMvEdd
@brothersosborne you're legends. #ACMAwards
Huge congrats to all the #ACM nominees! ❤️🎉
RT @RollingStone: Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris lead nominations for #ACMs https://t.co/KaROuVHq2A https://t.co/8ZfhmUYIf6
Check out this interview with the beautiful and sweet @CaroHobby on https://t.co/oXezIA6TBf 💛 https://t.co/Az5Y3Y5zcN
RT @NC5_JKnutson: There are still tickets available for Matt Lovell's gunshot recovery concert ft. @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas… https://t.co/qxuBwJMIKQ
#Repost @carohobby ・・・ TOMORROW ON HYPER CAROLINE HOBBY PODCAST: Lucie Silvas! This interview… https://t.co/x7VUHMUOJH
RT @C2Cfestival: Joining the Bluebird Cafe at #C2C2017 is @LucieSilvas on the Sunday! 🇺🇸🇬🇧 https://t.co/T1miz2ghMO
Singing some Patsy Cline with @jinglejohnosborne and @misathebear tonight at the @opry . Honored to play there and… https://t.co/UGPM71umJt
Perfect way to end night celebrating our sweet @marenmorris after a monumental past week for her. ❤️🎉 https://t.co/OSOn7SXbnE
My other Valentines ❤️❤️ @natalieosborne @Fancyhagood https://t.co/U8ZoxDy9AV
With Mr @EddieStubbsWSM at the @opry tonight playing with John and Misa ❤️ https://t.co/M3HpT9eOdv
Honored to play the @opry stage again with @jinglejohnosborne and @misathebear 📷: Misa ❤️ #opry https://t.co/24nPR1DtAU
RT @kalisa21: I love you so much it hurts @LucieSilvas #johnosborne ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍#Opry @opry https://t.co/gw7BBaf2Zt
Thanks so much 😘❤️ https://t.co/R085URjas1
🙏🏻❤️ https://t.co/jyee2uYDbe
Tomorrow night 💜❤️ We are spending Valentine's Day playing some songs together. Can't wait to be back on the @opry… https://t.co/hqOFhiPMVB
RT @BasementEast: THREE DAYS: Feb. 16 Benefit for East Nash gunshot victim Matt Lovell w/ @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas and more! Tix… https://t.co/4nI2MedHIp
RT @natalieosborne: When your bud wins her first Grammy, the rest of the buds lose their fucking minds.… https://t.co/4PaKumx41H
@HillaryScottLA congrats darlin!!! So happy you won! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
@ElisedTaylor @brothersosborne thanks so much 😘✨
So proud of these gorgeous Men who work so hard and have a long career ahead of them. This is just the start. Love… https://t.co/WN8HJhK8Rj
I couldn't love you more @Adele . You don't need to worry about a mistake... you're just the real thing. Every time 🙏🏻
Maren and Alicia. Insanely brilliant !
I think I just wanna be @BrunoMars . Holy crap 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #grammys2017
MAREN MORRIS !!!!! we love you! So deserved . Now sing this house down baby 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @MarenMorris #GRAMMYs
@twentyonepilots loveliest acceptance speech ever at the #grammys2017 Congrats !
Happy birthday to my Dad and my hero. I love you to another solar system and back again https://t.co/004WnqTF4w
Huge congrats @LoriMcKennaMA . We love you and always in awe of your talent and kindness xxx
RT @EOnlineStyle: More Brothers Osborne please! #GRAMMYs https://t.co/lFKSKCysCm
RT @brothersosborne: Dressed for excess... Grammy bound #grammys2017 https://t.co/xsT6vKVnnB
@brothersosborne you make us all proud , in everything you do boys
Beads and angles 🍷 #grammys2017 https://t.co/oY5P75VMvY
@TheRunawayHamst @brothersosborne thank you sweet folks
RT @janakramerstar: @kramergirl will be joining @CassadeePope & @LucieSilvas on the C2C Yamaha Music Stage https://t.co/WdG4zCFdX8 #janakramer #countrymusic
Love you so much Anna Banana ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/NQq3lefIxi
Thank you my friend ! https://t.co/t6NAekYF9g
RT @opry: It's our first full weekend back at the #Opry House! We hope to see you there! https://t.co/TBL2ZfFURf https://t.co/N0WFMCzYJk
Thank you guys! https://t.co/SBaMKtCyAS
Love this ❤️ https://t.co/412WpwDCWw
RT @BrekkenCampbell: @LucieSilvas for the 15th time tonight ...how to lose it all ❤❤❤❤
RT @AEG_Live: NEW SHOW: @brothersosborne are playing @DingwallsLive on 13th March as part of the @C2Cfestival series! Tickets on… https://t.co/dPP2v318a8
Our co writer forgot to shave this morning 😂 @thesilverseas @keelandonovan #monkeybusiness https://t.co/UB6LnNO5fg
RT @opry: Our first Tuesday Night Opry of 2017 will be Feb. 14... which also just happens to #ValentinesDay! Make a date! 💟💟… https://t.co/5zbZYKdtRz
RT @BasementEast: JUST ANNOUNCED: Benefit show for East Nash gunshot victim Matt Lovell w/ @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas and more! Ti… https://t.co/NkLYHdRTWP
So proud of my beautiful friend with her amazing new video. Check it out ! https://t.co/KIW1XggvhO
Can't wait to watch @marenmorris take the stage this weekend!!! Aghhhh #grammys2017 https://t.co/2X177JlaHK
RT @NC5_JKnutson: Just in: benefit show planned for Matt Lovell at @BasementEast with @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas and many more!… https://t.co/b4IWr3Fn7I
@NC5_JKnutson @BasementEast @brothersosborne @NC5 thanks Jesse!!
Our friend @mattylovell has not only been through this terrifying ordeal but now is faced with… https://t.co/ikV6BPlMGS
Thank you so much Tim Finch at @eastmanguitars for this beautiful new Mandolin! Black on front, Mahogany on the sid… https://t.co/oFWfwM2XfS
RT @CMT: Tuesdays are better with @LucieSilvas! Enjoy her #CMTNextWomen LIVE performance of "Letters to Ghosts" >… https://t.co/BiafQz82rr
@CMT love you guys 😘❤️
RT @C2Cfestival: With only 5 weeks until #C2C2017, we have created a playlist with the full line up to get you in the C2C mood! 🇺🇸🇬🇧 https://t.co/Nyneiz2JQQ
@LittleJeva @MarenMorris @brothersosborne @reba 😘❤️🙏🏻
RT @BellesandGals: The final shout goes to @LucieSilvas with "Smoke" https://t.co/XDWfePgP1S
#NP @Bobmosesmusic ❤️🙏🏻 https://t.co/GDZIf1Q2m6
Win. Again. And again 😂 https://t.co/g1g1EPwjdh
Damn this is emotional . Incredible game, i fucking love baseball 😉SuperBowl2017 #Patriots #history
Genius woman !! Was spell bound by her and everything about this performance and production .… https://t.co/qOPlKxbQnT
😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 https://t.co/OEnhx9IwVu
I'm gonna dream about @ladygaga performance and outfit for a long long time. And now I wanna cover all my clothes in glitter #SuperBowl2017
Before I nearly ran Barley over. I don't think I'm nailing this 😂😳 #tractorsandheels 📽:… https://t.co/I6khhOs1Zj
@__hannahgoddard @C2Cfestival that's my set time approximately
@EurovisionWolf @YouTube thank you!
RT @nextwomenofcoun: The @opry is featuring a 'Ladies of February' lineup that y'all have to check out! #countrymusic https://t.co/Xy1MrR7CyD
"Who is wise? ... the person who learns from everyone " @MiaSilvas #kadimah
One more update to come but here are my stages and times for @C2Cfestival coming up ❤️ #C2C2017 https://t.co/vRRRZx73KU
@C2Cfestival ! Updates to come and posting days and times in a mo ❤️ https://t.co/VAGfGxWYYJ
@NatalieAL posting in a mo!
@s_hynesmusic @YouTube thank you so much 💕
RT @changetheconvo: The ladies of February at the @Opry this month! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 https://t.co/XcKhANpAXY
Thank you for the work you do @nashvilleblake . I'm proud to support you and call you a friend. I ❤️ you #hrc https://t.co/oC2hXF9lsE
@slick8834 I really love "three"
Holy Moly @Lauren_Alaina . Blasting your songs and blown away by your singing. Go Woman 👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️
Valentine's Day at the @opry . Come see us February 14 ❤️ https://t.co/ikbR7JNCHT
RT @TheShotgunSeat: .@LucieSilvas Releases Three-Part Video Project "The Trilogy"https://t.co/NHUZ2y5LBf https://t.co/9TqdqhnAeK
Then and now. Kingbilly back together again last night. Some of the finest bunch of people I've… https://t.co/H5DZOdadRn
RT @rockjames: @C2Cfestival themed this week - all aftershow or @BBCR2Country Stage. @SethEnnis @DrakeWhite @kramergirl… https://t.co/bU96wMOrYk
"Obstacles are the inspiration you need for invention" ~ James Mcavoy 🙏🏻
#tb Marathon music works show with @brothersosborne 📷: Reid Long https://t.co/hF5xgilDKB
💕 happy birthday to one of my fav people https://t.co/7Jz7PGrXF8
RT @CMThot20: Coming up! @LucieSilvas gets personal with @cmtcody as she explains her "funny" accent + being married to one of… https://t.co/VDiXbSepMa
Is it time yet ? 🚀 #marsseemsappealing https://t.co/PSoc5nZ6FS
RT @dmrmaya: Gostei de um vídeo do @YouTube de @LucieSilvas https://t.co/OkNvZUglet Lucie Silvas - "You Were Always On My Mind" (Forever Country
RT @KyleEDey: On my iPod this week: @ChiliPeppers, @LucieSilvas, @bastilledan, @mirandalambert and Janie Fricke. Some classics, some future classics.
RT @momofpepe: Today was one of the best episodes of @CMThot20!! My favorites!! @ladyantebellum @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas https://t.co/QWJShitXoB
@elainadsmith thank you Elaina!
@momofpepe @CMThot20 @cmtcody thanks Lisa! I loved it. Was so fun
Wow. This life long fan & friend tattooed the lyrics from my and @rustonkelly and @jbamn songs "Just for the record… https://t.co/xvabnpzPda
@MarenMorris awe thank you. done 😂❤️❤️
RT @elainadsmith: Getting ready for my dad to visit next week!! Cleaning isn't so bad when you're listening to @LucieSilvas #LettersToGhosts 😍
Will it be weird if I'm in the front row wearing all your merchandise head to toe ? #imgonna https://t.co/oghSIyEJcY
RT @nashoverhere: SATURDAY BRUNCH: Look what’s caught our eyes & ears this week https://t.co/htOUPcJwIT #countrymusic https://t.co/WItCjmXYFZ
RT @hmarie8706: Finally got to sleep in on a Saturday & watch @CMThot20 @cmtcody ! I spy @LucieSilvas ! 🤗 @CMT https://t.co/E5cPLCcMm3
Tomorrow on @CMT watch @CMThot20 for all the fun from this past weekend at @crashmyplaya 9a/8c https://t.co/0bdDG4hp7Q
RT @CRoutesNews: Yamaha Music Stage / @BBCR2Country stage announcements + Pop Up Radio 📻 service to return for @C2Cfestival… https://t.co/N3WfF1gdpf
One of my first ever friends in Nashville and an insane talent. Jamming this today 🙏🏻 @charlieworsham… https://t.co/XjentQjt98
RT @TheShotgunSeat: .@LucieSilvas Releases Three-Part Video Project "The Trilogy" https://t.co/NHUZ2y5LBf https://t.co/XKRKajDWbj
RT @RecCollMag: RC taking in the artful singer-songwriter pop of @LucieSilvas Letters To Ghosts (Decca). https://t.co/K6IMVOH02C
@RecCollMag thank you so much !
This song is so stunning. Is there anything you can't do? Congrats @TheBonfires . "Silhouettes" by @aquilo . Incred… https://t.co/SoplHR3FHE
@rachonair thank you ! 😘😘
Have you seen the 3rd installment of the Trilogy yet? "Smoke" is up online now ⚡️ https://t.co/eWtXJGPeQ4
@CRoutesNews @LOCTVSHOW @countrymusicmag it's you and me @charlieworsham ❤️🙏🏻
RT @CRoutesNews: @LucieSilvas ❤ @LOCTVSHOW The terrific @countrymusicmag 5-page feature in Sept and BBC spins in 2016 was a lovely i… https://t.co/BdTR2zQ7Qx
@CRoutesNews @LOCTVSHOW 🙏🏻😘
RT @TheShotgunSeat: Watch @LucieSilvas' haunting new video project "The Trilogy" https://t.co/NHUZ2y5LBf https://t.co/FIAfhDS44f
@TheShotgunSeat thank you guys!
The @bbcradio2 Country stage has been announced for @c2cfestival in London!! ❤️ #c2c #bbcradio2 @whisperingbob https://t.co/LFJGOhCLeT
My friend @TwinnieleeMoore is playing hotel cafe in LA on Feb 9th. Go check it out, gonna be badass !!! ❤️ https://t.co/Ik58UHrtks
RT @C2Cfestival: The #C2C2017 @BBCRadio2 Country Stage line up announced! Entry permitted to anyone with a C2C ticket or wristband o… https://t.co/mRz9uwJNHp
@LifeInASong_UK thank you ! ❤️
Haaaaa but am I really tho ? 😉😘😘 https://t.co/Fo9Tl2kT0K
RT @MorningHangover: This is pretty cool...check out @LucieSilvas 12-minute video/short film for #Trilogy https://t.co/Yk9LfMZpur
Thank you! Always appreciate your support 💕 https://t.co/kGsvP7IJlU
Also at @C2Cfestival in the UK in March. Excited to play this stage. Come see us! More to be announced #C2C2017 https://t.co/5xyKIGl2Ba
Huge thank you for @TheTelegraph__ for supporting my new video https://t.co/iUoIi7yb93
@SomethnCountry thanks so much guys!
RT @Think_Country: Fantastic new video from @LucieSilvas - Smoke https://t.co/fN7vgGCv9s
@ignacionumero1 😘
RT @NatalieAL: 1 year ago @LucieSilvas @Cazabellaroo @Martoon15000 all the shades of blonde represented here 😂😂😂 https://t.co/0dSShyAdIn
@OfficialChappy9 thanks Jack! So glad you love it
@JasminePal84 thank you Jasmine !
@Nicolas_Marcs that's a good idea. Thank you Nicholas
Thank you Alan. If they are not verified it isn't me. Appreciate the support always but not false accounts 👊🏻👌🏻 https://t.co/nFYEqgz7G5
You guys are the coolest https://t.co/XwsVRpMiDM
@TwinnieleeMoore thank you doll , love you! ❤️
@hmarie8706 you angel. Thank you
@ElisedTaylor @RollingStone @RScountry thank you Elise!
@Ashlyn_Nicolex I don't know who's account that is but its not mine. Sorry about that
@thederekminor @RollingStone you badass! 👌🏻😎
@NCGAmyworld thank you so much !
RT @RollingStone: See Lucie Silvas' devilish turn in the new "Smoke" video https://t.co/PUAShFbATa https://t.co/u6QIdzwov5
RT @brothersosborne: You go girl 👊🏼 https://t.co/2VneCsOkJ9
@elisehayes you amaze ME!
Thank you Taylor! 😘 https://t.co/9DresvB31I
RT @ownnashville: YAMAHA MUSIC STAGE 2017 Artists Announced – Building Our Own Nashville https://t.co/QkcHtoS7IJ https://t.co/2LQPjJT3iR
Thank you @RollingStone ❤️ https://t.co/XEDUuHndin
@BrandonRayMusic @RollingStone @RScountry love ya B!
Thank's so much @rollingstone and @rscountry for premiering my "smoke" video as part of my video trilogy. Im truly… https://t.co/8wXLzfZRwM
@Oliv_9 Merci! 😘😘😘😘
RT @TracyLeshay: Congrats @LucieSilvas & @JonLeshay #Oscar18 ! See Lucie Silvas' Devilish Turn in New 'Smoke' Video https://t.co/3A46B6ojE7 via @RollingStone
Agreed. I'm giving this tweet 5 stars 👌🏻 https://t.co/OecAeL00ZS
Thank you @SoundsLikeNash for this pic last night. Such a thrill being on that stage. Hope you guys had fun !!… https://t.co/EvvHhAlYoj
RT @natalieosborne: Last night was insane.. @luciesilvas @brothersosborne #crashmyplaya @ Crash My Playa https://t.co/yLWDXIgWa2
RT @silvasontour: Lucie's next shows are at the C2C Music Festival in the UK! https://t.co/O8iF7KobuC
RT @ownnashville: Please share this post from @mindysmithmusic this was also posted by @LucieSilvas https://t.co/eR5oG6Yqqa
RT @SoundsLikeNash: What a weekend! @LukeBryanOnline closed out @crashmyplaya with a two-and-a-half-hour set! https://t.co/IPBQT66aNV https://t.co/LrzDChAFa0
RT @silvasontour: Tomorrow @RollingStone and @RScountry will be premiering @LucieSilvas video for "Smoke!" https://t.co/jBX2xOGxqF
RT @KISSFM_es: ¿A punto de regresar a casa? ¡Llévanos contigo! AL MICRO en directo @PedroGarciaKiss Sonando (suaves) de… https://t.co/5CGPh4FuH0
Tomorrow! I'm thrilled that @rollingstone and @rscountry are premiering my Video Trilogy featuring "Smoke" ❤️… https://t.co/7f31J3tqZT
@CJlovesJD it's from urban outfitters !
❤️ @ Crash My Playa https://t.co/ESGZfEGmKi
RT @thecountrynote: .@mirandalambert's #TheWeightOfTheseWings Soars Into 2017 https://t.co/LzFk7mI78v
Can't wait to play this stage ! With @brothersosborne and Mr lukebryan . This is such a… https://t.co/bjqpxtCJBk
My back up singer still hasn't gotten dressed and is messing up the schedule. #youneedlotion #crashmyplaya https://t.co/vRAgn6SPZd
Our dear friend Matt was shot in the chest & had a very lucky escape and is recovering. But His medical bills will… https://t.co/aDy2sYGiZ9
Best way to start the day, chatting to @cmtcody ! And we're in beautiful Mexico! Can't wait to play @crashmyplaya today. ☀️🎉🍹🎤🙌🏻
@gogetemcam I sure will. Stay tuned 🎉
One of my fav bands and one of my fav signs I've seen on social media today. Wishing I could join them #equalrights https://t.co/lwt4UKkG5u
@rab3006 march for @C2Cfestival ! ❤️
RT @natalieosborne: Guys, hug the ones you love. Because I love this man SO much and he was shot in 5 points last… https://t.co/rnRiE1mCKC
I wish I could join everyone in Nashville today making us proud out there, but was so happy to… https://t.co/k1TDHa1CzG
First of many tours to come. So proud of you and that I got to be part of your first. I love you both to the moon a… https://t.co/dCV2nmpQK3
RT @CMT: .@brothersosborne brought their #DirtRichTour to Nashville, and of course we were there! 🎤🎸 Details:… https://t.co/6b8dfuSVD6
RT @hmarie8706: Rough day today. Can't wait to be in a room filled of love and here these beautiful people sing! ♥️@LucieSilvas… https://t.co/7QB456hf4h
Good lord. This makes me happy today 👌🏻🙌🏻 https://t.co/AtlUXjVYC9
I remember you, and them 😂 https://t.co/ZDdKqxeygo
Thank you Reid Long for capturing these moments on stage. Music brings me joy and heartbreak every day. I'm hopeles… https://t.co/rFJ6OxpgLZ
Come and join us all tomorrow night at @3rdandLindsley Honored to play this 💛 @nashvilleblake Only 20 tickets left ! https://t.co/Pgttn1bnz5
@jkenneymusic @brothersosborne thank you ! 😘😘
@hmarie8706 thanks honey ! 😘
RT @brothersosborne: Last night was unforgettable. https://t.co/dnCnKBctLS
@jillyy822 awe thank you ❤️
RT @MDtoTN: .@brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas last night 💯 https://t.co/3ZPb0i5H3D
Unforgettable night. The result of hard work, determination and passion from @brothersosborne .… https://t.co/HZCEw8xmmB
@TwinnieleeMoore love you Twin! Thanks so much.
@theshadowboxers 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😘😘😘😘
@LibrarianJaime aw thank you!
Brings me so much joy to sing with my friends and talent like this @theshadowboxers ! Thank you for joining us toni… https://t.co/zKCBUbL1hu
Thank you!! Night of my dreams https://t.co/QOL2Kcsgr5
@michellebourey 😂❤️
@lindseyjoy09 😘
@amcosco 😭🙌🏻😘
@lacikent thanks laci!!
@ashleyeicher thanks so much !
@FramLeslie love you Leslie !
@michellebourey @brothersosborne happy birthday !
@haileykudlik you're so sweet thank you
@iheartthelake thank you for being there !
Thanks so much @alexbergerphotography for capturing this moment at the end of the show tonight. Means so much. What… https://t.co/r1zGLVl8Yi
Last show on the Dirt Rich tour tonight for me with @brothersosborne . I couldn't be prouder to… https://t.co/hcvjtWRDJm
This is so exciting for so many reasons. Not only do I adore @littlebigtown , and I can't wait… https://t.co/XIYYhLPuzv
Tonight ! Can't wait to play this show. Show starts at 8pm ❤️ @brothersosborne @MMusicWorks https://t.co/TfSW7H1pwf
@momofpepe @brothersosborne thanks Lisa!
RT @hmarie8706: New year living in Nashville & going to the SOLD OUT @brothersosborne show tomorrow. 2017 is the shitttt!! 💃🏻💃🏻… https://t.co/8tQQW0LdYn
@iheartthelake youll have to wait and see 😉❤️❤️
@IanKofficial I'm working on it as we speak 🎉❤️
RT @amp_1114: @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas Can't wait to see you again! #Soldout https://t.co/JqfGBRHJgc
Blissful night with @paulmoak and @jinglejohnosborne ❤️🎤 https://t.co/ZO8qcioA4E
RT @hmarie8706: 2 moreeee days until @brothersosborne rock outttt in Nashville with @LucieSilvas ! So can't wait to see y'all! 🙌🏼💃🏻💃🏻
Thank you lovely people ! ❤️ https://t.co/BdycjUCHWs
RT @TwinnieleeMoore: First breakfast in Nashville with these beautiful humans @luciesilvas @brothersosborne 🙌🏻🙌🏻😘👌🏻 https://t.co/sIB8d1tBsE
RT @ownnashville: @TwinnieleeMoore @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne can't wait to see you all at @C2Cfestival flippin excited
🙌🏻 #martinlutherkingjr https://t.co/1o5CTdcKSY
RT @crashmyplaya: Counting down the days. ☀️🌴🎸 #CrashMyPlaya https://t.co/ufGpTrioMr
Thanks Thomas! I love their show from start to finish. Glad you had a great time https://t.co/M3KC0AKj7q
RT @kasey_stone_: Great to hear @LucieSilvas on @pstreet74 @SevernFM show! 'Villian' now playing 🎶
@pstreet74 @SevernFM thanks for playing ! 😘
@notsoirishErin @natalieosborne happy birthday Erin! Have a great night
Can't wait for @crashmyplaya in Mexico! 🍹😎☀️🎤 #singnsnorkle https://t.co/MeNmnOBEPj
Mexico! Can't wait to play crashmyplaya . Amazing line up lukebryan @littlebigtown… https://t.co/27Sp9jKuCt
This is so awesome and beautiful! Love it @lennonandmaisy . Check it out everybody! #upandup #belove https://t.co/mRBZ0eCPwP
Love and respect! Thank you for being you Cody ❤️ https://t.co/nQUqfDBodL
@RebeccaHindle_C ha. The other stages are not announced yet but I'll post as soon as I know. Can't wait
This is a big big day I'm in awe of this woman, as a person and an Artist. Congrats @nataliehemby on your album rel… https://t.co/orGyHcWJqA
@brothersosborne I love your Brains 😂
RT @RyanHurd: I am so proud be a part of Nashville and country music. So many beautiful people and the most incredible music community in the world.
💗👌🏻 @kateyorkmusic @ianfitchuk @ksrhoads https://t.co/V88ie3uEVk
@momofpepe never ! They love you
Boy are we gonna have fun next week ! Who's coming to see us play at @mmusicworks ?! Jan 18th. @brothersosborne… https://t.co/5hEvTrNzUi
RT @momofpepe: @buzzbrainard @SXMTheHighway you should definitely go to see @brothersosborne w/ @LucieSilvas next Wednesday!! The #DirtRichTour is awesome!
@LucaMarcadent thank you! 😘😘😘
If anyone needs me, I'll be here, forever 💗 https://t.co/R1Zs3fCutJ
@YesThisIsAna thank you Ana and I'm glad it brings some comfort. Never know what life can bring. Hang in there ❤️
Watching @brothersosborne playing with @mrbobbybones and #ragingidiots last night for the… https://t.co/Yon2mFNsdT
@momofpepe @brothersosborne hey darlin I didn't get it yet but I will this weekend ❤️❤️💗❤️
Proud to have co-written this with two of my closest buddies in this town @davebarnesmusic and… https://t.co/X4yyQjqTmy
It's wonderful and reassuring to hear such class and grace on stage in the form of Meryl Streep. #GoldenGlobes
Holy crap this is a tough one. Have watched all of these and would find it very tough to pick! Predictions ?… https://t.co/JwzM4aflYy
You never know what you're gonna find next...... #planet9 ? https://t.co/aXjUtvzUx2
He is always missed. My friend. ❤️ https://t.co/cRn2HmybLP
@priscila_vp_chi thank you. That's the sweetest!
Such beautiful people. Happy birthday @erinmccarley . Love you guys so much @ksrhoads 💗 @… https://t.co/jvxcScOdxx
@Motobec810 thanks Michael!
@ownnashville thank you! 😘
RT @ownnashville: One of my favourite songs of last year @LucieSilvas https://t.co/ZQmP1oQXMN
@BellesandGals @YouTube thanks Belles and Gals! 😘
The Queen. So proud and excited for this for @nataliehemby https://t.co/CKJzV4BfX5
Barley isn't pleased with her new hair cut, or jacket #stylistneedeed https://t.co/yXGbcrE2JX
@momofpepe @brothersosborne I'm sure we would . Sorry I can't be there to join the fun 💗
@sparkplugwhit so sorry but im not on this one. I hope we can pose for a photo together soon 😘
@VirtualPeacock @brothersosborne hope you have a fun night , im not on this one, but enjoy this amazing show
@CarthyB haaa not that I recall!! I feel less cool now cause I don't play drums 😂
@itsShaLizabeth @MMusicWorks @brothersosborne we can't wait 🎉
RT @NCmasonjar: Just all happy and such, you know, cuz I got my tickets to @brothersosborne in #Nashville @MMusicWorks As a bonus! 👉👉👉 @LucieSilvas
@sashamcveigh @countryfest ❤️👏🏻👏🏻
RT @countryfest: It's a beautiful thing. RT! 1-day GA tickets are now on sale > https://t.co/GFkTTMemEc #CountryFest2017 https://t.co/sw2p9oQGhR
@momofpepe @brothersosborne we may have to do just that
We love Nashville ! Hope to see you all on Jan 18th @ @MarathonMusicWo #eastnashville https://t.co/bfWIHiDe0Q
RT @brothersosborne: Playing our first show in Nashville in years at @mmusicworks on Jan 18th w/ @luciesilvas. Can't wait! https://t.co/Y6cpQSR1z8
Coming up on Jan 18th! So excited to play at home with @brothersosborne . Gonna be such a fun night! ❤️… https://t.co/OhSaJXjYLu
RT @3rdandLindsley: Love will Conquer Hate Tickets: https://t.co/WePMcUKFoA Performances by @wrabel @TyHerndoncom @LucieSilvas… https://t.co/VhnrcGKXpk
Starting the day off with this ❤️🙌🏻 #np @jarrydjames https://t.co/asO6sC9c6k
You too Lisa!! ❤️ https://t.co/aCbvsHtLKi
You make every second of this life sweet. I love you John Osborne. I'm a lucky woman. Here's to… https://t.co/CPjFP6f0jf
These are some moments I captured in 2016, the rest are just in my memory. Thanks for these… https://t.co/ivjfeliL0f
Some of my fav moments on stage from this past year and some moments that made me cry ❤️😭 https://t.co/KaB0QOc0Mw
Some of my fav moments on stage from this past year and some moments that made me cry ❤️😭 https://t.co/UrvmyeNlP8
RT @momofpepe: @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas Your concerts were highlights of my 2016!! Can't thank you enough for everything!! https://t.co/PPUIMn7Bq1
RT @rockmeetscountr: Amazing year! I was so lucky to get to meet @brothersosborne again, and met @luciesilvas and… https://t.co/iXBhhBX1Cm
RT @LulaFortunes: Happy New Year @MissMargoPrice @LucieSilvas @MorganMylesLIVE @nataliehemby @nikkilanemusic! thanks 4 the music that… https://t.co/EtD1TXF6jt
Barley trying to stop her mum from leaving the house in this outfit 😀 📷: @kateyork https://t.co/FWBBsB8z7R
RT @4thgradenothing: In the words of @luciesilvas - "there's blue skies above, those clouds are just blocking the sun." ❤❤❤ #nofilter https://t.co/9fQlYw3UCH
RT @sarah_ledwell: Darlin' if you're looking for a villain....I'm willing 💔 @LucieSilvas is good for the soul 🙌🏼 #Villain Please keep telling our story ❤️
RT @FramLeslie: Thank you Jon-blessed to have you as a friend all these years ❤ We love @luciesilvas #Repost… https://t.co/RImDf7nvnd
Happy birthday to this badass and beautiful 7 year old Monty. Stop growing up so fast !! Can't… https://t.co/Htzo7mbKbK
RT @RecycledRejects: Can we all just agree to agree that this entire album by @LucieSilvas is straight 🔥🔥🔥!! So obsessed! 👌 https://t.co/H8LF1Lh6UD
If only I could reach the pedals @tjosborne 🕑🕑🕔 https://t.co/6Wb8MgJaoN
@momofpepe I'd love to
@rab3006 @KazTD that's so sweet!
Such a sad week. Mother & daughter gone together. Both heroes. Debbie Reynolds & Gene Kelly made me wanna be on stage. RIP Debbie and Carrie
@CountryHub thank you! This song is special to me 💗
" it's not about winning, it's about changing the game". #moneyball
@mrBobbyBones Thanks Bobby! 😘
Coming soon....... #smoke #video-trilogy https://t.co/hVYGyAxkS8
Hoping this finds people in the giving spirit. Sending you love https://t.co/gtKvT305yV
Full, in every way after a wonderful Christmas in Maryland ❤️🇺🇸 https://t.co/wj78RmR5VO
Little did I know- my haircut wouldn't stop me finding him .... thank f👀k 😂❤️ https://t.co/DE2ZQ0Cw7s
His music was part of my childhood. So many great songs, from a unique and creative force. RIP George Michael
@BuczMartin and to you! Wishing you all the best
To one and all. 🎄❤️😘 https://t.co/5I66AW0jGK
RT @carolynsnell: Setting the #ChristmasEve mood with a new @reba song on @Spotify by @davebarnesmusic @LucieSilvas @JeremySpillman. https://t.co/6zuu8FK1Qn
And my other Dad. Killing it, with every song ❤️👏🏻😂 #coldycoldycoldy https://t.co/FpAKYpdX0M
tjosborne bought his bro @brothersosborne the Manuel Jacket he wore at the CMA awards with his… https://t.co/p5YDdi8roc
Merry Christmas dad, I love you and your purple bow tie 💜 https://t.co/HknBj5vomz
@MarenMorris @brothersosborne haaaa. I don't trust food that you can keep for a year
These are a few of my favorite things..... 🎶❤️🎄 https://t.co/IdGAgKzWsu
RT @HannahsHeros1: @RealKurtAngle Funds R Urgently Needed 4 This Little Girls Medical Expenses And Surgeries Pls Help Donate&RT https://t.co/v2dU1qtoTF
RT @momofpepe: @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas I wonder if Barley needs this toy? #emoji https://t.co/N0lA15Bs5Y
Get in the Christmas spirit and help our neighbors ❤️🙌🏻 Thanks for posting @RustonKelly . Another angel https://t.co/Ges08XI9RM
@LunaticAtLarge @nadameansnothin you too Kristin! Merry Christmas !
@nadameansnothin perfection. So good. It's my friend @AnnaKrantzMusic brothers cafe. Great shops all around there too 👌🏻😳
@nadameansnothin are you at bluebells ? ❤️
RT @nadameansnothin: The cafe @LucieSilvas sent me to in Notting Hill is playing Spice Girls and it makes me love Lucie even more https://t.co/LQOmTh3Edz
Barley guarding some of dad's favorite things #ampaddict https://t.co/12zE7eZPuo
@toferbrown happy birthday honey!
Ha yes! How did I leave that out ?! ❤️ https://t.co/zB9bpQYzqN
@ksrhoads is a bloody genius. Film score career ✔️ Songwriter ✔️ producer ✔️ comedian ✔️ singer ✔️ musician ✔️ good bloke ✔️ and much more
Look at that cute face! This was written in 2000 when he was a teenager. Words are still true to… https://t.co/4G6ZiwYHwX
RT @katiekauss: Got to photograph these talented women @CMT #nextwomen event last month @MissMargoPrice @caitlynsmith… https://t.co/pnaXiVpJx4
#Repost katiekauss. thanks katiekauss , @cmt and @people at @CMT #nextwomen of country event… https://t.co/T6WMinXY7R
@trickster1966 thanks Alan, and to you too ❤️
@OfficialChappy9 aw thank you Jack. That's good to hear
@nadameansnothin have the best time ! Hope my English peeps take good care of you ❤️🇬🇧
The way this town comes together just warms my heart. I love you Nashville #family
When you find out @dominos pizza won't deliver to the street you live on after dark 😳 https://t.co/V5qadBenuj
@sonyajasinski haaaaaa hottest Santa ever
@momofpepe we love u back
@NatalieAL sorry to hear that Nat! There is never enough time 💔
Tell the people you love, you love them ❤️🙏🏻
Thank you @CaffeNero_US for making me your Artist of the month in the U.K. Listen out for my tunes across all the U… https://t.co/f6h7AJ58sE
You'll be missed by everyone you've ever met Andrew Dorff. Glad I got to know you a little. This was a sad day 💔
@karenfairchild you're an angel! Inspiring woman in very way. Can't wait to wear this! Thank u for making Christmas… https://t.co/b0JLCELXtR
RT @scottmaguire4: Omg in work at Caffè Nero and they are playing letters to ghosts by @LucieSilvas !! This 12 hour shift just got better! 😄
RT @sven111: One of my favourite albums of the year is @LucieSilvas #LettersToGhosts amazing singer songwriter
Home ❤️ 📷: @fancyhagoodofficial https://t.co/9AoLF9Tslu
RT @haileykudlik: Can it be 2017 already? Already know it'll be the best year ever bc i get to see every single one of my favs 🙌🏼 https://t.co/sYuVMId7tE
Best way to end the years touring. I love you @brothersosborne and your whole band and crew. Huge thank u to these… https://t.co/Fr7QvsQzZk
RT @HOBLasVegas: TONIGHT -- @brothersosborne w/ special guest @luciesilvas! Doors: 7P, Show: 8P. Info & tickets:… https://t.co/TATKBLusxp
Learning some Patsy on the bus. It's been the best ride with you on this tour my love @jinglejohnosborne ❤️ https://t.co/gqpuGyg5uR
@JessicaMurski that will be LanCO with them but you'll get to see us together later in the year ❤️
RT @LoriMcKennaMA: Umm yes please!!! (And we totally should bring @thebarrydean )❤️ https://t.co/K3gRIrP1TT
RT @paulinap80: Christmas is coming early...@brothersosborne @LucieSilvas tonight at @HOBLasVegas 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
@acountrygirl_ @LoriMcKennaMA I'd do it in a heartbeat
Everyone should listen to "humble and kind" every single day. It's such a beautiful and poignant song. @LoriMcKennaMA ❤️😭🙏🏻 #humbleandkind
RT @brothersosborne: Yes! Starting Jan 17th 👍🏼 https://t.co/aMyVaDhiSV
@swestxo3 thanku!! Too kind
RT @mays_natalie: Had so much fun at @brothersosborne show tonight in San Diego! Thank you @LucieSilvas for being so lovely! Xoxo https://t.co/Vb0MZxrGYg
RT @BindyShay: @brothersosborne 4th time seeing you in 2 hrs, you didn't disappoint! @LucieSilvas was incredible! (cont) https://t.co/KotEYbYQi2
@BindyShay @brothersosborne thank you!!
RT @MsErinOSullivan: 👏🏽👏🏽I got my hands up 👏🏽👏🏽I need an alibi👏🏽👏🏽 @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas were awesome last night. Thanks @UMGNashville 💃🏽
@zackotoole thank you Zack 💗
RT @HOBSanDiego: TONIGHT -- *Sold Out* @BrothersOsborne w/ @LucieSilvas! Doors: 7P, Show: 8P. Info: https://t.co/qBFZF3NIiP https://t.co/cObnx232pb
Tickets on sale now ! ❤️#chrisstapleton https://t.co/r8KsfoVf61
I'm so excited for this project and honored to be part of it @reba . Wrote a song on there with @davebarnesmusic &… https://t.co/aVoX2zNRAI
RT @NickBandG: And my top 5 Spotify artists I've listened to in 2016 #bellesandgals https://t.co/mXsycRV6TV
RT @jamiefloydmusic: I have a BIG show announcement!!!! It involves @wrabel & @luciesilvas....🔸✨💛✨🔸 [pic] https://t.co/o7k25E5LBp
Piling in ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/oqVBPpCAW6
@amyjaron8 they would have come out sooner, they had high school buddies come to see them . Hope you got home safe
@LaurenEdel @brothersosborne you're lovely 😘
@esilva79 thanks so much ! We had a blast tonight
RT @esilva79: @LucieSilvas You rocked tonight!! You gained a new fan! Can't wait to hear your album! https://t.co/NZ27Ufpx2K
@amyjaron8 sorry guys. You are the sweetest. They are coming out now
Every single sing kills me from @brothersosborne . This show is true artistry and musicianship at its very best. Inspired every night 🙏🏻
@nataliamarie15 that's not announced yet 😳✋🏻❤️
I just love this girl and her talent. Early Christmas present right here ✨ @elisehayes https://t.co/viXzAx3auP
@KFRGHeather @KFROGRadio haaaaaa baby steps ...
@__hannahgoddard I think I can do that 💗🙌🏻
#Repost @coreycongilio ・・・ 3 shows left on the west coast with @luciesilvas and @brothersosborne… https://t.co/A7B0sgoUjJ
Best secret Santa gift we got from @KFRGHeather @KFROGRadio !! The Potty piano! 😂🙌🏻We love you ! https://t.co/mwBpHyeuXM
RT @dogzrmewith23: @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas @crncorona Thank you for such a wonderful show last night! Y'all rocked hard, but ke… https://t.co/GDkkedawtk
RT @nataliamarie15: @LucieSilvas thank you for being so sweet to us. We adore you and your amazing voice! Reminds us of Stevie Nicks❤️ https://t.co/5Ja2GUuUHQ
@nataliamarie15 lovely meeting you guys !
Love meeting people every night. This sweet girl made cookies especially for @brothersosborne . So good! Thanks Gih… https://t.co/k5Ojg5xewA
@rockmeetscountr lovely meeting you!
RT @JuliaDolf: Amazing night! Officially meeting and seeing @LucieSilvas at The RMA with my fave duo @brothersosborne Great meetin… https://t.co/TdlW1MHBWr
@apie0000 @brothersosborne sure will 💗
RT @JamieeeMason: Lucie - f*cking - Silvas 😵😵😵 #LucieSilvas #Smoke #LettersToGhosts @LucieSilvas https://t.co/yzCiNuQ3Hf
@JamieeeMason 😘🙏🏻
RT @apie0000: Listening 2 @KFrogPepper waiting to hear #FrogWar winner @TheBrandyClark while @JamieeeMason and I wait 2 see @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas
@KFRGHeather haaaa I look asleep, but happy!! 😘
@KazTD yes! Be posted soon 😘
@DrinkOne4Me put in the word "smoke" and see if it goes to pre sale . Smoke is the code
Hey guys! Get a special pre-sale for tickets to see me open for @ChrisStapleton . Go to... https://t.co/23pkOBkkoc
Hey guys! Get a special pre-sale for tickets to see me open for @ChrisStapleton . Go to https://t.co/66zKKtwwH4 and use code word "smoke"
RT @n8van2: According to Spotify, 11 of my top 12 most played songs in 2016 are all @LucieSilvas 🤗
Pre-sale for show I'm doing with @ChrisStapleton , go to https://t.co/1NojO2hgVY and use the password "smoke"
RT @davebarnesmusic: “If we are not willing to fail we will never accomplish anything. All creative acts involve the risk of failure.” Madeleine L'Engle
RT @conleymarissa18: @LucieSilvas is playing and all I can think is @mrBobbyBones introduced me to her music💁🏼
Cutest piece of shit I've ever seen 😂👏🏻 https://t.co/PIrMFZJoZL
When asked to dress up as his favorite emoji..... 😂😂😂. I can't stop laughing ✋🏻 https://t.co/mPsD4mIYYk
That's a suit!! Guessing that glass is subject to an alarm system. 😎🙏🏻 #buckowens https://t.co/PRhZ3yGDES
RT @KFRGHeather: Tomorrow at 5:30p PT, join me on @KFROGRadio Facebook Live 4 the most EPIC Secret Santa gift exchange w @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas. RT
RT @iheartthelake: 2017 concert game strong yall. all within 1st 5 months... @MarenMorris @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas @LionelRichie @MariahCarey 🙌🎶😍
RT @KFROGRadio: .@kfrgheather will host an epic Secret Santa Gift Exchange w/ @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas LIVE on FB tomorrow @ 530p pre-Riverside show!
RT @BellesandGals: Shout number 2 goes to @LucieSilvas with "You Were Always on my Mind" https://t.co/bguTGY9wLl
@DaveHansonMusic @brothersosborne they played "Mama tried" the night before last ! Tonight will def be the perfect venue for it!
Last 5 shows of the year starting tonight in Bakersfield. Excited to get on stage..hope the ceiling is solid 😉✋🏻 @brothersosborne #dirtrich
Go Brandon. This Voice! Check it ❤️ https://t.co/lExHcLh7bJ
RT @mrBobbyBones: thats only after 1 play on the radio. you killed it today man! https://t.co/W9AamZhaXr
@rockmeetscountr @JuliaDolf @brothersosborne ha! We're excited to see you
RT @NC5_JKnutson: I just skyped with John Osborne of @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas about the roof falling down at shows TWICE in th… https://t.co/setdUaCPFX
RT @HOBSanDiego: Tickets for @brothersosborne with @luciesilvas this Friday, December 16th are now SOLD OUT! See you guys at the sho… https://t.co/hNr1UYPg27
Love this by my friend @russelled . What a gem. And he found a star here! 💘 https://t.co/90k8VAHcHW
RT @momofpepe: @brothersosborne Jam "It ain't my fault" @LucieSilvas https://t.co/2F2HIO3QHP
RT @BMGNashville: The show must go on! @luciesilvas, we're glad you skipped the heels for this performance! #shesnotafriadofheights https://t.co/7mVLwKQgeS
RT @RossMike15: Okay, if this is as close as @LucieSilvas is going to get to MN, looks like a #RoadTrip. Willing to travel up to 4… https://t.co/PxWdU7jluA
@AngelicaLeilani @brothersosborne ofcourse go ahead ! Thanks guys 🎉
Jun 25, 2017 at Chippewa Valley Festival Grounds... https://t.co/FHe6rOtKT1
RT @mrBobbyBones: this, literally, is what music legends are made from... crazy awesome @brothersosborne. https://t.co/4zdvJuUocw
@jason9571 @C2Cfestival thAnks Jason, I'm excited to play !
@courtneyisaboy artist impression of last night. Thanks for giving my hair so much body @brothersosborne 😂👌🏻 https://t.co/5XLJusvhVv
RT @RScountry: See Brothers Osborne perform surprise concert on the roof of their bus after show is canceled… https://t.co/VwGFodJEm4
RT @__hannahgoddard: @LucieSilvas @MarenMorris so excited to see you both in March 😍✨
RT @Alaynemc: @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas Made it happen last night! A top their tour bus in the rain! It was awesome!… https://t.co/hdukwZE1cK
I can imagine you'll never forget this moment @MarenMorris , and neither will we. You're a Superstar!! ❤️👏🏻👏🏻 https://t.co/pZ9t73kXyS
RT @Alaynemc: @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas brought the house down once again at the Hanford Fox Theatre! They played on top of… https://t.co/5PK2ZzDof1
On top of the bus as it started to rain tonight in Hanford, CA. Best acoustic show I've ever gotten to be part of.… https://t.co/r3Yn2fBp2v
RT @MariHarren: YALL @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas put on a damn show on top of their bus! That's dedication and love for their fans!
RT @HeyParkerMcKay: @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne are you guys effing JOKING?! This is the most Rock and Roll thing I've ever seen. Damn.
RT @LbtMedia: Night made...Facebook live notification from @brothersosborne rockin' on top of a bus and then @LucieSilvas shows up!! ❤️ #21summeracoustic
And while this is all going on.... our incredible @marenmorris is on @nbcsnl tonight !! So damn… https://t.co/wrYnvHKOcz
Damn amazing !!! @brothersosborne https://t.co/vF1SYjopZJ
What do you do when the ceiling of the theatre falls down?... you perform your set on top of your tour bus!!!… https://t.co/v29hiV8GVD
@brothersosborne are about to perform on top of their bus!! The theatre roof fell down, sooooo . Time to put my heels back on 😉❤️
Was all ready with my flarey catsuit and the ceiling just fell down .... again!! Twice in one tour. Mind blown ! 😳✋… https://t.co/QXQeUUlv5y
RT @Andykaren7893: Wow powerhouse vocals from rising star (& friend of @LucieSilvas ) take a bow @MarenMorris https://t.co/mUvgPC78Yr one for @ianrkenilworth
RT @kristinchism: Seeing @LucieSilvas and @brothersosborne tonight! Super excited! Can't wait!
If you're getting messages from a unverified Facebook page, it ISN'T me. I love fan pages but not fake pages pretending to be someone else
RT @lellecowboy: Jag gillade ett videoklipp på @YouTube från @LucieSilvas https://t.co/I5TxyTDfDf Lucie Silvas - "You Were Always On My Mind"
RT @mirandalambert: The process of creating #TheWeightOfTheseWings was inspiring. It showed me you can use things in life for art’s sak… https://t.co/0h1PePj52Y
@jordyntrulli thank you Jordyn! 😘
Thank you my darling sister @mimis72 for surprising me this week and singing with me again, which I've missed so ba… https://t.co/5zGlXAZA32
"Two birds, one stone" tonight at @aceofspadessac @coreycongilio @ps1625 @notadambox 📷: @joycesomerville https://t.co/nUWultzgyq
#Repost @coreycongilio ・・・ @brothersosborne sellin out another one! This room sounds great… https://t.co/lUXdpzvXXl
3rd show with @chrisstapleton and @morganwithane goes on sale 12/16! Can't wait !!! ❤️ https://t.co/StBADcM9s3
RT @LiveNationSTL: JUST IN: @ChrisStapleton w/ @LucieSilvas @ShowMeCenter in Cape Girardeau on Fri 4/28! Tix on sale 12/16 at 10am ►… https://t.co/7XQ98AfUAX
RT @CargoReno: Killer show last night! @brothersosborne & @luciesilvas rocked our stage🙌 #CargoReno #BrothersOsborne #LucieSilvas… https://t.co/3jhCfsCUWO
@kiannaf @brothersosborne thank you 😘
RT @KreesKreeper: @Amanda_Renae81 @LucieSilvas @HRC @3rdandLindsley January 20! Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning! https://t.co/PKUlBxjgMu
Me and Mia Hanging with some beautiful fans after my set. Come on Bros! We have our hats on ready 👌🏻… https://t.co/obuBKzrnqa
Thrilled to be part of this night and support my friends who continue to fight for what's right. Love this line up.… https://t.co/tt13XwLsyu
@mrsgama98 hey there. I tweeted it and it was the word "smoke" but they are sold out 😭
It looks like my head is growing out of mia's chest. I loved this moment having my sis on stage… https://t.co/aM6mDy32sk
RT @CargoReno: .@CountryMusic Duo of the Year, @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas are coming to #CargoReno TMR!! Get your TIX HERE: https://t.co/tM5kXnL10d
RT @nashvilleblake: ANNOUCEMENT: We are so ecstatic to have @luciesilvas returning to our hrc_nashville Stage this… https://t.co/YZqFDCLlhz
RT @HighLarious36: @LucieSilvas been on repeat for 2 days. https://t.co/uNstN4LgoZ
So so so proud of @brothersosborne . And on the day they get nominated for this music award, … https://t.co/wdJNyrqZXJ
@ianrkenilworth @RadioWarks aw thank you guys!
Was staring into space, no idea John was filming and about to Shazam @davebarnesmusic and my… https://t.co/2WC2pki3oV
RT @JennaSSumner: @LucieSilvas A big CONGRATULATIONS to @brothersosborne !!!!🎉
What a list to wake up to. I'm so happy I can't stay still. Huge huge congrats to this people I… https://t.co/4sg7ln3QNE
Aghhh keep seeing this list of Grammy nominations. Congrats to everyone. This is amazing. Go @busbee !! Can't sleep anymore. Or ever again
Woke up to @brothersosborne @MarenMorris @mirandalambert @LoriMcKennaMA @shanemcanally all nominated for Grammy Awards! Wow!! Congrats!!
RT @NessaAngeline: Thanks for the great show tonight @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas! You were amazing! https://t.co/5UqivWvwmY
Damn boys 🙏🏻 📷: @steve_hostetler https://t.co/s4oHXZ6pZj
RT @momofpepe: @SXMTheHighway @buzzbrainard I think @LucieSilvas should be your next #HighwayFind! She's SO talented! #OnTheHorizon https://t.co/tYzw2VBXq0
@momofpepe you're so sweet Lisa 😘
What a line up!! Thanks @LukeBryanOnline and @crashmyplaya for having me. This is gonna be so much fun! 🍹😎🎤… https://t.co/lHfID4GjT2
I love this lady and her incredible talent. So happy to have sang on this beautiful song 🙏🏻 @shellyfairchild… https://t.co/UQqdajJ3NM
RT @shellyfairchild: "Mississippi Turnpike" feat 1 of the best singers I know Miss @LucieSilvas, written by @CareyOtt and Tim Lee Jones!… https://t.co/bH1bvLQYUL
Huge thanks to Luke Bryan for including me in this amazing line up for 2017 for #crashmyplaya Mexico! https://t.co/aYSKmzQ7xG
My second show with him in 2017 @ChrisStapleton ! Tickets go on sale this Friday. 2017 is getting close, so excite… https://t.co/WIKBPgwg0X
RT @crashmyplaya: Here it is, your full #crashmyplaya line up! https://t.co/ZDddcsHZGd https://t.co/q3dWh7FK5J
RT @raianneray: LOVE seeing more ladies in the lineup this year! 🙌#CrashMyPlaya @kelleighbannen @BrookeEdenMusic @LucieSilvas https://t.co/GJqWYY00zc
@letsBRIEhonest I won't be at that one. So sorry. But there'll be others 👌🏻❤️
@Ms_A_Sunshine @coreycongilio thanks so much! I totally got the credit wrong ! 😘
@KFRGHeather @brothersosborne bam! That's money 💅🏼👌🏻
RT @JBC_London: @LucieSilvas You are amazing! I mentioned your song "Smoke" in my last text -not published- "El club de los olvidados". Love you!!!
Haa. We love you. How about multicolored ! https://t.co/jw5LAONGVV
@Boo_Riverside hey! Such a lovely voice ! Message me on the day of ❤️
So much fun playing music with these fellas every night. They are true gems @coreycongilio @notadambox @ps1625… https://t.co/kW2SgaEOyW
This is so lovely. You're a TRUE fan of music, and artists. Thankyou so much for supporting the boys and me 🙏🏻 https://t.co/RBYvRWSduS
We missed you Katie! Next time tho 💗 https://t.co/GqtAxTdNZV
@xLauraxHollandx wow congrats darling!!
Keeping it classy on the bus #tasseltwins https://t.co/wY4Fuvwpc1
Pre-show Whiskey shot @jinglejohnosborne 👌🏻🚦 #thedirtrichtour https://t.co/oWaZQpp9vM
@BrettPack1 @brothersosborne @Jenford130 we loved it
@doug_lee42 @coreycongilio @ashleyng1988 thank you so much 💗
RT @brothersosborne: Last night jams in Portland with @LucieSilvas (📸: @Jenford130) https://t.co/C8GuRb87lu
RT @Ms_A_Sunshine: The beautifully talented @LucieSilvas in Portland last night! Thanks for a magical set! #thedirtrichtour… https://t.co/kP31TYTFpU
@Ms_A_Sunshine thanks so much , I had a blast. Hope to come back soon 😘✨
"High tides raise all ships". Love this quote. Everyone I know in music supports eachother. So grateful for that 🙌🏻 thanks @coreycongilio !
First came "letters to ghosts", then "Villain" .... and then what happened next ... #videotrilogy #smokevideo Comin… https://t.co/hIlCQn2Mt7
@BrettPack1 @brothersosborne sorry to hear that, there'll be other shows. Keep your head up ❤️
RT @brothersosborne: Portland, OR! Playing the @roselandpdx tonight with @luciesilvas. Can't wait to see y'all. #thedirtrichtour https://t.co/H4VzXAhIDw
RT @MsErinOSullivan: Just found out @LucieSilvas is performing at the @brothersosborne show in LA and now I'm doubly excited 🙌🏽🎶I hope I hear Shame! 🙏🏽
RT @alyssa_shovlin: @LucieSilvas and @brothersosborne just pure talent, heart, and soul! https://t.co/ZqmIqzesdc
Family ❤️ Thank you @alyssa_marie123 for this shot of us from last night in Seattle https://t.co/Hww6bNkMnZ
RT @LiveNationKC: ON SALE NOW: @ChrisStapleton w/ special guest @LucieSilvas at Mizzou Arena in Columbia on 4/27! Tix ►… https://t.co/4OsSfAD7ee
RT @xxoomaddie: Had the best time last night seeing @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas. Incredible show! Definitely recommend 🔑
RT @NC5_JKnutson: .@brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas were amazing tonight at the Neptune in Seattle!!! https://t.co/8c9wBCNDnn
@NC5_JKnutson great seeing you !
Seattle you were such a warm and amazing crowd. We will never forget it. 🙏🏻❤️ https://t.co/RA4x9lkV4Z
@brothersosborne total perfection tonight in Seattle 🙌🏻
RT @NC5_JKnutson: .@brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas about to take the stage at The Neptune in Seattle! Bringing some great music to… https://t.co/ids7rJhyyh
RT @Jenford130: Finally got to see @luciesilvas perform + I went to church 🙌🙌🙌💙🎤💙. Can't wait to see you again… https://t.co/zmzHGRhf7p
RT @alyssa_shovlin: @LucieSilvas and @brothersosborne tonight at Neptune! Be there or regret life choices
RT @stgpresents: SOLD OUT show tonight with @brothersosborne at #theneptune! Got tix? Doors 7, show 8pm. @LucieSilvas opens! #enjoy https://t.co/qODZEXBnbw
Side stage look from @jinglejohnosborne ❤️ 📷: @coreycongilio https://t.co/6y5Ib5y5nc
@SarahSadler aw love you!
Hey guys! Use this link with password "smoke" to get your tickets EARLY for this show with @ChrisStapleton… https://t.co/RQL3ff7gj1
https://t.co/pfTeYJQDbd Hey all, I’m so excited to once again be performing with Chris Stapleton… this time... https://t.co/mrAWeTz7xF
@TheRunawayHamst you guys are so sweet
@Anastasiabrown @brothersosborne dec 15th. Come on ❤️😘
@coreycongilio taking a photo of me taking a video of @brothersosborne . I'll never ever ever not be in awe of thes… https://t.co/MyVFCzQO91
RT @concertaddicts: One more of @luciesilvas at the Commodore Ballroom in #Vancouver tonight.... 📷 @cryptic_ph… https://t.co/goYSlGpn2h https://t.co/wRfLaI2sHx
RT @brothersosborne: The first 5 shows of the west coast leg of The Dirt Rich Tour are SOLD OUT. Grab tickets while you can. See y'all o… https://t.co/dRoN4sr9LJ
RT @jrfm: @stevesharpy @brothersosborne Doors at 8, @LucieSilvas 9:30 and the @brothersosborne at 10:45
Can't wait to play tonight opening for @brothersosborne at @commodorevcr ! My first time in Vancouver. ❤️… https://t.co/xqlGCboFa1
RT @brothersosborne: Vancouver shows (tonight and tomorrow) @commodorevcr Doors at 8pm Lucie Silvas at 9:30pm BROS 10:40pm https://t.co/rcsZr9p847
First show with Mr and Mrs Stapleton next year. Can't wait. Get your tickets now ❤️ https://t.co/HHzRKpAS0J
Thank you so much to The Runaway Hamsters for filming this in Boise. On tour with Brothers Osborne and having... https://t.co/VG1JQqOiEA
RT @CMT: Thinking of our neighbors to the east tonight. Our prayers are with you, Gatlinburg. 🙏🏼
@brothersosborne shaking up the place in Boise last night. Here in slow-mo accompanied by @BrunoMars just cause 👌🏻😂😳 https://t.co/7QrOB2nAUb
RT @NashFM979: the roof literally came down when the Brothers Osborne came to #Boise last night! check out my Video recap here: … https://t.co/k5hOjoNH0e
@TheRunawayHamst @1_Capitalist that means a lot. Thank you ❤️
RT @TheRunawayHamst: Girls got pipes @luciesilvas Loved her & what an amazing opening act. https://t.co/yGe4eIgSgx
Thanks for filming this in Boise @TheRunawayHamst https://t.co/jonpAlgTA2
RT @LiveNationKC: JUST ADDED: @ChrisStapleton w/ special guest @LucieSilvas at Mizzou Arena on 4/27! Tickets go on sale Friday 12/2 a… https://t.co/NlOKU9NinQ
RT @xblandx: .@LucieSilvas support on that 4/27 @ChrisStapleton bill at #MizzouArena. Also a presale Thurs. via @Clear99. Info:… https://t.co/IHWexb2HVL
RT @hmaboi: @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas Except for the ceiling thing, what an awesome night! Come back soon & play us that en… https://t.co/V31n93exDi
RT @tbspratt: Dinner & baseball talk w/@Daltob64 then @LucieSilvas and @brothersosborne who really brought the house down. Good… https://t.co/pbT6Wl6pY1
@brothersosborne took "blowing the roof off the place" to a new level tonight... Metaphorically and actually! The roof started falling down!
RT @OnAirWithRick: @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne @BoiseEgyptian @NashFM979 great meeting you! https://t.co/9qiOutX5m6
RT @rwinchel: @LucieSilvas having a blast, so glad we got to hear letter to ghosts🙌🏼❤️
Thanks for coming there early to see me! Have a great night https://t.co/C6geHnLAg4
@OnAirWithRick @brothersosborne @BoiseEgyptian @NashFM979 thank you ! 😘
Hit it Boys @brothersosborne #thedirtrichtour https://t.co/vSB5bsBLqy
Thanks for being such an amazing audience, Lewiston and making this Brit feel welcome ❤️🇬🇧🇺🇸 #thedirtrichtour
@rwinchel yay! Hope you're having fun
RT @LibrarianJaime: "Smoking Jacket" is by far my favorite song on this record. Damn good country music @mirandalambert @nataliehemby @LucieSilvas #perfection
RT @BellesandGals: Video shout number 5 goes to @LucieSilvas with "You Were Always on My Mind" https://t.co/bguTGXRVmL
Feeling slightly dazed this morning on our travels, but so happy to be traveling together ❤️ https://t.co/8czr2cnoLJ
Thanks for a fun night last night Denver. And @mlawhorn1440 for this shot. Ready for Lewsiton tonight !… https://t.co/8qBGJpBINs
Thanks @annakrantzmusic for a good thought for the day. And everyday ! 👌🏻 https://t.co/qEwBk0h8x3
RT @patknightradio: What a treat! @LucieSilvas rocked before @brothersosborne took the stage tonight! @985KYGO https://t.co/ssLFjZSRxr
RT @HostetlerPhoto: @luciesilvas on stage at the Summit Music Hall @985kygo opening for @brothersosborne !!… https://t.co/nDxLvyVCZV
Excited for the show tonight in Denver ! See you soon #thedirtrichtour https://t.co/7zKYkRJVZb
RT @brothersosborne: SOLD OUT show tonight in Denver w/ @LucieSilvas! #greenerpastures 🍁🗣💨
Hello, Denver 🙌🏻❤️ #thedirtrichtour
@Annajanegreen07 aw please thank Lucas from me 😘
Love this song 🎄❤️ https://t.co/k1T3mWZXxY
Gimme a kiss @jinglejohnosborne HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY ! ❤️ #friends #thanksgiving https://t.co/w8LhKPItu2
Thankful to wake up to the person I love, the dogs barking, the tv on, and to know they'll be lots of laughter today. Happy thanksgiving ❤️
RT @a_notefromNat: Are you looking to perfect your sway-and-snap drivers seat dance moves bc I really can't recommend this enough. https://t.co/QJ7x9i5Cx2
@momofpepe thanks Lisa! Happy thanksgiving to you and your family
@minesDarius ❤️😘
RT @Harmonylivin: Listening to smoke by @LucieSilvas on repeat. Getting psyched up for Friday!
Excited to play this one, with a bunch of my favs too. Get your tickets at https://t.co/J95DQNkpCQ @countryfest… https://t.co/sek6MOfA3i
RT @DrinkOne4Me: @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas are "Movin' on to Greener Pastures...." here in Seattle on 12/1!! Come on over, the green pasture is good!😙💨
RT @DrinkOne4Me: Perfect by @LucieSilvas Can't wait to see you live 12/1 Lucie!! https://t.co/NqZtCvrnag
Can't wait for you to see the third part of this music Video trilogy . Love working with Mr @patricktohill #smoke https://t.co/dn6m7a0vbc
"Somebody stop me... I am a danger to myself" #smoke #video https://t.co/lvX1eiZB6E
Bunch of Villains for the "Smoke" video 😎 @patricktohill @mlstella @shanetallant @isaiahstratton @keargow @zjackson9 https://t.co/MJooRrQViB
RT @CatalystClub: Low ticket warning!! @927KTOM presents @BrothersOsborne w/@LucieSilvas on 12/5. Get tickets now at https://t.co/YS9XBttz6C
On set for "smoke" . This cast is killing it!! #video #trilogy https://t.co/pOLMXAEexX
It looks painful. And it is. The kind I love to sing about 💔 https://t.co/xPCd9nVUU7
@Sam_Piscitelli haaaaa! I like that
RT @letsBRIEhonest: Currently has 'How to lose it all' stuck in my head and I ain't even mad 🤗 @LucieSilvas
@RachelYellen Thanks Rachel!
RT @RachelYellen: Smoking Jacket is the jam of jams @nataliehemby @LucieSilvas @mirandalambert https://t.co/PprINAtcC7 https://t.co/PprINAtcC7
RT @gr8nume: 7 days until the magical sounds of @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas! #DirtRichTour
Wendy's training videos- recruiting unsuspecting people everywhere just cause of these musical… https://t.co/HRykN6cBH5
RT @ricardoboersma: #NowPlaying Smoking Jacket by @MirandaLambert. @LucieSilvas has songwriting credits here.🙌🏻 ♫ https://t.co/1GvSGtG46r
@jessicamitchell thank you Jessica, that's so sweet of you. Really proud of it. Hope you're well ! 😘
RT @Think_Country: This was a great @CMT event to celebrate women in country. It was amazing to see how many of these talented ladies… https://t.co/ofYwSfzzxM
Merch! They are so soft & cosy. They'll be available on the upcoming tour dates with @brothersosborne as well as co… https://t.co/V02Lbtgcit
@ScotsRanger82 @brothersosborne haaaaaaa I'm just hoping I get to speculate
RT @randalourita: Today a year ago Smoking Jacket was written!! @LucieSilvas @nataliehemby @mirandalambert! #TheWeightOfTheseWings
@brothersosborne um
The new @BrunoMars album is gonna make you check yourself. Yep 👌🏻❤️ #24kmagic
@hunterkelly Thank you Hunter! Thrilled to be a part of the album. Love the way that song sounds. The whole album @eric_masse killed it !
@hunterkelly It really is, so beautiful ! Was listening non stop til 3am this morning
@mirandalambert right back at you. Grateful to music for bringing us together 😘🇺🇸🇬🇧
Fall in love with a voice and check out "Lights out" by @TheBonfires . One of my best friends in this world, and who I'm always in awe of 🙌🏻
" To love her, is to learn her, some things you just can't learn" - @mirandalambert Up all night listening to this new album. 🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
This has been on repeat for the past few weeks. It's utterly brilliant and she sparkles more than ever. Congrats… https://t.co/qZAUfe5cbi
RT @fishnbowl48: Smoking jacket 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Wow. Congrats @luciesilvas @mirandalambert & Natalie. #theweightofthesewings
Showing the world what you're made of. Huge Congrats @mirandalambert. This is amazing 🙌🏻👌🏻✨ #theweightofthesewings https://t.co/m6KfYsLtwE
RT @__hannahgoddard: Just knew I'd love this one ✨💕 @LucieSilvas https://t.co/Ho4WdSSPdS
Can't wait for this to come out tomorrow! @mirandalambert @wruckestrike @rscountry #smokingjacket… https://t.co/LFm0Pa53ad
There's magic in here @wruckestrike @paulmoak ✨ https://t.co/CLrJFSPEkC
Im so excited to get on the road end of next week with @brothersosborne . We'll have so much fun. Thank you so much… https://t.co/eNtUnsWPi5
@HBeats4JessieJ good thank you. Lovely of you to ask. How bout u?
Thank you my love @natalieosborne for filming a special night for me at the @TheRyman playing the @opry ❤️… https://t.co/4wmCMHOFWS
RT @momofpepe: Just realized I get to download @LucieSilvas song with @mirandalambert on TJ's @brothersosborne birthday! Cool!!
RT @brothersosborne: Gettin real country last night with @luciesilvas at the @opry. #lovinmeback https://t.co/f3Mxni4anj
RT @BMGNashville: We like these song reviews for @mirandalambert's album #TheWeightOfTheseWings. Congrats @LucieSilvas and Jon Randal… https://t.co/ag6loz5doD
RT @natalieosborne: I'm sorry for the perpetual bragging.. but @brothersosborne & @luciesilvas preforming on the… https://t.co/beM9FhgwCg
Thanks so much to my sis @natalieosborne for capturing this song from last night at theryman… https://t.co/1j5qQDOg8k
RT @Ashlyn_Nicolex: My best friends are featured on @thebootdotcom with @LucieSilvas cover "Villian" and it's bomb! @theyoungfables https://t.co/KEYPtJkTfc
Such a memorable heartfelt night. Closed eyes in this pic cause I was smiling so big… https://t.co/OCgcSdjO7Z
@oliviacjs @TheRyman @opry I Love this , thank you so much
RT @CharitySandra: So proud of @LucieSilvas taking everyone to church at @TheRyman on the @opry! https://t.co/wJcMXUR5Mr
RT @480SheriKing: @opry Intermission...time to catch my breath! John Conlee, @LucieSilvas, the Iassac Family....can't wait for the the rest of the show!
RT @opry: So @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas are taking us to 💒! #Opry https://t.co/FZHZLLjCdM
This is one of the most special shows I've ever been a part of me. So honored to play tonight.… https://t.co/mwIVDJ6TWf
RT @MyCountryNation: We chatted with @LucieSilvas about how timing is everything when it comes to her career & the music industry.… https://t.co/gxeUNXMorh
@rogermccoyradio @99kisscountry thank you so much for playing it!!
RT @99kisscountry: Have you heard @LucieSilvas' song #LettersToGhosts yet? I have it for ya here. You have to hear it! --> https://t.co/V7Jgp8gxuo #newcountry
What an absolute joy of a surprise to receive this beautiful gift for our little Barley, from… https://t.co/Gf3mALiIuk
No laryngitis , I won't let you beat me. Ready for the @opry tonight at the Ryman. Moody face, … https://t.co/hamxC2ANCF
RT @It_be_Chelskee: I wouldn't mind reliving this @YEPNashville 90s night again! Had soo much fun! https://t.co/YrscAt1qLU
The Dirt Rich Tour is about to pick this girl up and head towards the West Coast starting in one of my favorite... https://t.co/yOxrkkCcO9
Couldn't be more excited for this music 🙏🏻 https://t.co/DcU0EUhk00
Not long now til I get to see you on The Dirt Rich Tour with @brothersosborne 2016 . Get your tickets ! ❤️ #tour… https://t.co/q8dlxXEBU6
RT @filbillyleslie: What comes to mind whenever @LucieSilvas song "Shame" plays on my iTunes #shame #GameOfThrones https://t.co/aaaswjnECC
Can't wait to watch @littlebigtown tonight. And you might see someone familiar playing guitar with them tonight 🙌🏻… https://t.co/nLnlwpYRCo
RT @sarah_ledwell: 🎶Throwing stones as if you won't have your own judgment day🎶 #Shame 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 @LucieSilvas
@LisaJWalker1 thanks so much that's really sweet
RIP Leon Russell . We lose another legend who influenced millions. Listened to your lyrics as a little kid and they've inspired ever since 💔
RT @momofpepe: Loved seeing @LucieSilvas on @CMThot20!! #CMTNextWomen https://t.co/BlMzEfkf9C
RT @nbcsnl: Tonight's cold open with Kate McKinnon. #ChappelleOnSNL https://t.co/zZhQOLhKXY
@__hannahgoddard you too Hannah. It sucks right. Wish you better
When your friends take your dog out for a walk while you quarantine yourself to your bedroom. Thank you so much @rickbrantley & @JBamn 😘😷😤
Huge congrats @brothersosborne on "Stay a little longer" going PLATINUM! Bam! https://t.co/XRWBXwL3Ea
RT @momofpepe: @LucieSilvas Can't wait for next Friday, so I can hear your song on Miranda's album!! https://t.co/xB0LO4fmnK
Love you my darling. My friends are putting out amazing music this week. Check out his new video too for "Seven min… https://t.co/j00GCljQ2j
Tues night next week with such an amazing line up. Can't wait to play it, and at the mother church ! 🙌🏻 #theryman… https://t.co/8KGxViWbj3
RT @_Totde_: @LucieSilvas I Love you Bigtime https://t.co/T0In6KV4kN
"Connected" by @AnnaKrantzMusic is out today!! This song is so poignant right now and always. So so proud for u dar… https://t.co/RKLKvgAwFb
A heartfelt thanks and enormous appreciation for the men & women here and across the pond who gave their lives so we could live ours 🙏🏻🇺🇸🇬🇧
RT @MMusicWorks: On Sale at 10am: CMA Vocal Duo of the Year @brothersosborne w/ @LucieSilvas on January 18th! https://t.co/L0RKHNFTYd https://t.co/laOQadrTyS
RT @lacikent: Just got my tickets to see @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas at Marathon Music 🎉🎉🎉🎉 so excited about this show!!!!! I love them all ❤️
RT @JLouweezy: Who's seeing @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas in Nash in January?! 🙋 can't wait!!! #merryearlychristmastome
Thank you that means a lot https://t.co/fCc99iofNe
@RyanHurd this Brit is inviting you
Coughing through it tonight, but going through songs, excited to have started writing for the new album. Bring it 2017! 🙏🏻 #workinprogress
@MissMargoPrice this is so sad. What a genius #RIPleonardcohen
@MarenMorris @foyvance @TheBasementNash he's so good
The wonderful @kateyorkmusic is kindly taking my seat. I've tried to get myself better for tonight. So sorry to let… https://t.co/Pn9sDUlqlY
Well. This pains me but I have to let you guys know I'm too sick to play his tonight. Coughing… https://t.co/VN6qaosvZz
Happy Birthday @mirandalambert ! Hope it's the best one yet. 😘❤️🎉
I love this! It's LANCo opening for them tomorrow tho. Im sorry for any confusion. My dates are listed on my pinned… https://t.co/4zv3Jf3OQC
@AllieJ0308 @carlypearce me too! It's heartfelt and stunning
So beautiful!! Gets me. 😭 Proud to see women working hard in music and staying the course. Listen to this you'll lo… https://t.co/2trnvjK411
America is and will always be a special place for me. It brought me to you ❤️🇺🇸🇬🇧 #lovebringsustogether https://t.co/kL8wDnSOkY
The innocent face of my little nephew. I would like him and every child in the world to grow up… https://t.co/aMqZAo7VVz
@abestoklasa I'm so thrilled you got the reference . New Zealand is a good choice too FYI
We might be only a few hours away from watering our plants with Gatorade 😳
@LibrarianJaime where there's a will there's a way 😘
🇺🇸 #allicandoiswatch 🇬🇧 https://t.co/NdZ1ejzpDr
RT @It_be_Chelskee: Yessss! I'll get to see @LucieSilvas & @brothersosborne for my bday! Buying Friday!! https://t.co/mKrPD7F9fr
RT @sarah_ledwell: Just got this beauty in the mail 😍 @LucieSilvas https://t.co/1IhPbkAXPc
RT @paulmoak3: Great day writing with @luciesilvas and @nataliehemby, writing about how time is something we… https://t.co/20H5ZyCmOq
RT @opry: What are we watching? @LucieSilvas's #MyOpryDebut performance of "Letters To Ghosts." https://t.co/gpXlqv2EFd https://t.co/iUYVPkA5Wl
RT @brothersosborne: Our first Nashville show in years. So excited for this. w/ @LucieSilvas https://t.co/ABiSt3paSH
RT @MMusicWorks: New Show: CMA Vocal Duo of The Year @brothersosborne hit our stage on 1/18 w/ @LucieSilvas, Tix on sale Fri at 10am… https://t.co/LxVE2W4H2j
Last night 📷: Reid Long #dirtrichtour https://t.co/JgthVV7ay9
RT @momofpepe: @brothersosborne @nickolasbarnes @FillmoreSS Thank you for singing Loving Me Back with @LucieSilvas!!!!
@ponder76 @ReverbNation thanks so much! I'll take that as a huge compliment 🙏🏻
@_TeaClub_ it does! With lemon and honey in it ❤️
Last night was so much fun opening for @brothersosborne in what was a homecoming for them. Even… https://t.co/tRZlhEzyz8
RT @klou422: big thanks for @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas for sharing online for those that couldn't show fan luv in person. #ohwhatanightinMD. :)
RT @amywitha_y: Amazing show tonight! Thanks @brothersosborne and newest @LucieSilvas fans!!! https://t.co/LEVtGmWuSb
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Lucie Silvas - Roots @LucieSilvas https://t.co/atIvXwOCZb
Every time , they blow my mind. This crowd was so amazing and the boys felt every single ounce… https://t.co/hXMnlwWdaQ
When someone gets arrested at a @brothersosborne show and they haven't even taken stage yet..You know it's gonna be a good show. And it was!
@BrandonRayMusic @brothersosborne we love ya!
RT @opry: "The Grand Ole #Opry is probably the ultimate in country music..." - @LucieSilvas || Watch her #MyOpryDebut here: https://t.co/eHU4hmCqC1
RT @HendersonR: Blown away by @brothersosborne wifey and singer songwriter @luciesilvas tonight - just wow!… https://t.co/Upqy2cXIpM
@HendersonR thank you so much !
Silver Spring MD you are the most incredible crowd!!! Wow 🙏🏻❤️ #brothersosborne
It's gonna kick off at The Filmore tonight , can't wait to see you Silver Spring ! @brothersosborne #MD #DirtRichTour
RT @Section101Tweet: Client @LucieSilvas cover of “Always On My Mind” gives you the warm fuzzies. Listen: https://t.co/eXLVTOtdQt @feelslikenash
My boy @Fancyhagood released his single today!! And it's more than 7 minutes in heaven if you have it on repeat! 👏🏻… https://t.co/DUfStHhvnK
RT @BellesandGals: @LucieSilvas @C2Cfestival @brothersosborne @MarenMorris Fantastic news - C2C 2017 just got that little more exciting!!!
Aghhhh playing @C2Cfestival in 2017 for the first time on the same days as my family @brothersosborne @MarenMorris… https://t.co/MrfUhpZDLG
@BrettPack1 @brothersosborne thanks so much !
@TommySiriusXM @brothersosborne agh sorry Tommy, they'll be other shows I'm sure. It will be streaming LIVE though which is great news
Tomorrow I play my first show opening for @brothersosborne at The Filmore, Silver Spring. Can't wait to see our big… https://t.co/R1Nk5KkVtI
RT @RossMike15: @FillmoreSS @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne #SoldOut Get used to it guys! The word is out, and you've earned it.
RT @FillmoreSS: Update: @BrothersOsborne w/ @LucieSilvas this Saturday is #SOLDOUT! Congrats to the Maryland boys! https://t.co/zuqAzl4vWb
Special big thank you to @anna_redmon for finding this vintage dress in a store in Virginia and… https://t.co/l03ukAhuYB
RT @gogetemcam: Villain by @LucieSilvas is one of my favorite songs ever
RT @momofpepe: @brothersosborne SO excited about Saturday's Live Stream!!! Last Saturday, I got to hear @LucieSilvas and John! This Saturday, John and TJ!!
RT @jillianjmusic: Congratulations, @LoriMcKennaMA ...you're the most humble and kind human and we're all so in love with you. 💕
RT @DeccaRecords: THIS is how you make your @opry debut! Watch @LucieSilvas perform #LettersToGhosts on the famous Nashville stage ➡️ https://t.co/xVmQO8h5dk
Tears all the way. And an added bonus of @kateyorkmusic filming this and making those happy… https://t.co/ci6h5qTS1F
RT @LewisMoody7: Massive Congrats @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas. Best exceptance speech ever!!!👍🏼😀x https://t.co/zmocpuHCJq
RT @Ramallen: Lucie Silvas | My Opry Debut | Opry @DeccaRecords @LucieSilvas #stunning https://t.co/hDHpPi7qtq
RT @SoundsLikeNash: Today, we're taking a look back at @LucieSilvas @opry debut! https://t.co/SruUsbgLBC https://t.co/UM226IiWZy
@SoundsLikeNash @opry 😘🙌🏻 thank you!
@LewisMoody7 @brothersosborne love you Lew!
@ChrisStapleton You and Morgane are heroes. Congrats for tonight and thank you for being such great people. So loved xxx
@littlebigtown congrats you guys! We love you!
Huge congrats to the winners tonight. This show was so incredible from start to finish. Still buzzing !! #CMAawards50
@megan_gnad @RhythmsMag @SaraWatkins thanks so much !
@davidnail Haaa. Can't help myself. Love ya dude !
Anyone got some super glue? I wanna stay like this forever. Saying I'm in awe of you and proud… https://t.co/Zxn53FIkPK
THere aren't enough Words to describe the moment @brothersosborne won best duo tonight. We… https://t.co/B5Cfe3NwAo
RT @reallyitscasey: So happy for @brothersosborne & that win but seeing @LucieSilvas & @natalieosborne lose their shit for #BROS was awesome! One cool family.
@annkpowers love ya!
Wow wow wow!! So emotional ! https://t.co/bgoJeiYWOK
RT @SarahSadler: . @brothersosborne YESSS boys!!!!!!! So happy for you!!! @LucieSilvas You divinely glow in love and happiness! Love y'all. #CMAawards50
Oh my god!!!!Cried our eyes out. What an amazing moment. So proud of you @brothersosborne U are incredible people and I ❤️you #CMAawards50
She had already made us cry with an out of this world performance tonight , and then won Best… https://t.co/LLzmLlkBEN
Red carpet at the #cmaawards50 . Great photobomb @frankieballard 😂❤️ @natalieosborne @thestellas https://t.co/LCAy32tZ54
RT @ScottKash88: #WCW Checkout @LucieSilvas singing her hit song “Letters To Ghosts” in her #CountryMusicVideo… https://t.co/U1kSnT15fv
RT @newwomenofmusic: The 2016 #CMTNextWomen class had been announced! Find out who's joined this fabulous group of women here..… https://t.co/D4RvSwU4zN
RT @opry: We couldn't let #Halloween go by without sharing a tune about ghosts... so here's @LucieSilvas' "Letters To Ghosts." https://t.co/cnfHb9x5fg
RT @MickeyGuyton: 💕 LOVE all these pretty ladies 💕 @CMT #CMTNextWomen #cmaawards50 https://t.co/JpYkr2YsYF
RT @LunaticAtLarge: @brothersosborne (and @LucieSilvas!) are just the best. Can't wait to see you all on the #CMAawards50 red carpet =) https://t.co/Ho5g81dr4e
RT @jillianjmusic: all of these girls work so hard at doing what they love + today I was so thankful to sit beside them for… https://t.co/0sCEgvycBI
@catawampuscassy @patrick_davoren Haaa you guys are awesome, but she's amazing
RT @catawampuscassy: BUY LETTERS TO GHOSTS Y'ALL. It's seriously one of the best albums you could ever buy @LucieSilvas
RT @opry: We love this town and these ladies! #Nashville #CMTNextWomen @CMT https://t.co/LGjVCRFIXq
@aubriesellers @kreeharrison @MissMargoPrice loved seeing you all today. Got a perma-smile now
After shot with @people for the @cmt #CMTNextWomen https://t.co/jgP8uO1Bla
@thecountrynote thank you so much ! 😘
RT @aubriesellers: Sharing champagne with @kreeharrison and listening to @LucieSilvas and @MissMargoPrice good afternoon Nashville @CMT
RT @CMT: #CMTNextWomen in our second round: @RaeLynn @MissMargoPrice @LucieSilvas @lindsayell and @Lauren_Alaina. ❤️ So good! https://t.co/aSvcYgAU9M
RT @opry: Round ✌🏼️ of #CMTNextWomen performers! @RaeLynn @MissMargoPrice @LucieSilvas @lindsayell @Lauren_Alaina 💗 https://t.co/solh2jiQcy
RT @limetreemusicpr: What an amazing event to celebrate the fantastically varied talent from women in country music! #nextwomenincountry… https://t.co/rJWj1dfmeY
RT @AllAccessNash: .@CMT named its "CMT Next Women Of Country" initiative Class of 2016. Check it out here: https://t.co/Uzyfgc77lC https://t.co/nQvkO2NzFk
@brothersosborne !!!!! What a night. Hard work, talent, and determination came to this. Love you both so much ❤️ https://t.co/5dkyfQsvap
Holy @brothersosborne I could not be more proud of you. We all cried our eyes out tonight.… https://t.co/4biZE9mCQk
My girl @erinmccarley released this killer song , go check it out. She is amazing in every way 👌🏻✨ #good https://t.co/9CUHrpQ3LC
@MegaCountry @Route91Harvest ahhhh thank you ! ❤️
"Who's loving you" cover from the Grand Ole Opry this past Saturday night with John Osborne and Jarrad Kritzstein ❤️ https://t.co/hZwum2kvZN
She's all done. Used thin, different sized little mirror squares from Michaels arts and crafts… https://t.co/D5sgegPhMg
RT @BrandonRayMusic: 🙌🏻 unreal talents right here y'all! Two of the best in the game - @LucieSilvas and John (@brothersosborne ) @opry https://t.co/hRXe36LU4F
RT @bighowdy: @LucieSilvas is sooooooo good. Watch this clip. #grandoleopry https://t.co/CUZ0Kot0AI
@bighowdy thanks Brad !
@YTsingers @opry @YouTube thank you 😘❤️
Love you ! Let's never grow up tho 😉😘 https://t.co/BRXa7aksJV
❤️🎸 @ Grand Ole Opry https://t.co/cZVbYF8A68
"Who's loving you" at the @opry tonight with my @jinglejohnosborne and @jbamn ❤️ https://t.co/wOicon70ug
Backstage at the @opry with Mr @jbamn 🙌🏻 @ Grand Ole Opry https://t.co/N1nAC9PRbB
RT @momofpepe: @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne Loved your cover of Who's Loving You!! https://t.co/6Lv3wRE23U
RT @thekatieL: Stopped working to listen online to @LucieSilvas and @brothersosborne (John) play the @opry!! “Who’s Lovin You” is an all time fav! #sogood
Nothing like being on that stage with you, my darling. ❤️ @jinglejohnosborne @opry 📷: @misathebear https://t.co/s34MssEVMz
Thanks so much guys! https://t.co/RQxe4Wpu5J
@IlseDeLange aw thank you Ilse! Yes please id love to see you ❤️
RT @momofpepe: This video has me SO excited to hear @LucieSilvas & John (@brothersosborne) tonight!! https://t.co/eASOS3h6Py
RT @Anastasiabrown: https://t.co/24IH3CRwzJ via youtube - um, I think I died and went to heaven. Some of my favorite artists all on one song? 🔊@LucieSilvas
Ahead of tonight's @opry show, here is the video they made for my Opry Debut a few months back. Meant so much to me https://t.co/JhGaSx6s64
RT @n8van2: Aw I love this @LucieSilvas! "Lucie Silvas | My Opry Debut | Opry" https://t.co/PGjOMG2d17
RT @momofpepe: @LucieSilvas I cannot wait to hear you and John tomorrow night!! @brothersosborne https://t.co/PcoBSFpvA8
RT @FillmoreSS: Low ticket warning: @BrothersOsborne w/ @LucieSilvas on Saturday, November 5th! Don’t miss the MD boys, get tix at… https://t.co/0RK4krl8AF
This will be on my record player this Christmas! Nice one Kacey on another brilliant album 💗 https://t.co/q9LKcB7GFk
RT @jamielynnspears: I'm honored to be apart of @CMT #NextWomenOfCountry with these amazing women https://t.co/rCTmJifz5R
RT @brothersosborne: New limited edition Dirt Rich Tour poster by @statusserigraph. Available at our merch table! https://t.co/xTinMiPhmZ
RT @KFROGRadio: Keep track of the 5 #MistWanted just after 7:30pm for your chance to win tickets for @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas in Riverside on 12/14!
RT @WhiskeyRiff: .@CMT Announces Its Badass #NextWomenOfCountry Class Of '16 @jillianjmusic @caitlynsmith @IAmMaggieRose… https://t.co/XTJ7VtFCty
RT @headlineplanet: CMT Next Women of Country list also includes @runawayjune, @jillianjmusic, @MissMargoPrice, @LucieSilvas, more. https://t.co/YU3DqNAA1v
RT @JasontheScott: #CMTNextWomen class of 2016 incl @MissMargoPrice, @IAmMaggieRose, @LucieSilvas + @kreeharrison ▶︎… https://t.co/gbSnHoPwCX
@mrBobbyBones @caitlynsmith @MissMargoPrice @RScountry @RollingStone I'm in great company. Thank you ALL! 🙌🏻😘
@nadameansnothin @IAmMaggieRose @jillianjmusic @jamielynnspears @RScountry @RollingStone love u Nada!
RT @Motobec810: Forever Country Cover Series: #Nashville #singersongwriter @LucieSilvas Covers ‘Always on my Mind’ @SoundsLikeNash https://t.co/T3P6mb5eC2
RT @mrBobbyBones: all 3 have performed on the show and been favorites of mine. Bc they 👍. Congrats @caitlynsmith @LucieSilvas… https://t.co/gpdwxAakhB
RT @RScountry: Margo Price, Caitlyn Smith and Lucie Silvas are among 10 members of the CMT Next Women of Country Class of 2016 https://t.co/fBRRgU3Uye
RT @RScountry: Watch Parker McKay dream big in the stylish video for "Rolling Stone" https://t.co/TsVUyv0Ekp https://t.co/XTEwI9aLaO
RT @anniepeters08: Today's mood. @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne @Brent_Cobb @Andersoneast On repeat!!! ALL DAY LONG!!! 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵
❤️ you ! Thanks for having me on it. So excited to hear your whole record ! https://t.co/yPKozSKpB3
@mrBobbyBones @BrandonRayMusic love this Podcast. Real talk at its best. Refreshing. I need a showreel of the jingles too ; )
RT @KFROGRadio: Keep track of the 5 #MostWanted just after 7:30pm for your chance to win tix 4 @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas in Riverside on 12/14!
RT @mrBobbyBones: on the new #BobbyCast, ... @BrandonRayMusic and I talk about his career as a jingle singer, the awesome… https://t.co/9kjXvTiA5y
@mrBobbyBones @BrandonRayMusic love youz guys
At one of my favorite places @bluebirdcafetn with @abestoklasa @sarahbuxton and @charleskelley 💙 https://t.co/HaD2aspMG3
Excited for this ! https://t.co/HFCzFwOF4V
Thank you kindly 😘 https://t.co/AQFIkMMmEn
Folks in the UK.... Check out my new Autumn playlist on @spotifyuk with my current favorites and a couple of my own… https://t.co/Dinl7ZUfL7
Halloween is coming up.... And I gotta think of another outfit ..... #tbt https://t.co/WoTlLgYWk7
RT @KFROGRadio: Keep track of the 5 #MostWanted just after 7:30pm for your chance to win tickets for @brothersosborne & @LucieSilvas at RMA on Wed. 12/14!
@officialjasonle thanks Jason ! You too ☀️
RT @C2Cfestival: Here it is... The first wave of artists for #C2C17! Tickets on sale 10am Friday 4th Nov. 🇺🇸🇬🇧 https://t.co/RvmWgJCDcw
This beautiful and inspiring woman Mary Steenburgen has been talking to a few folks about her… https://t.co/WBb1nkmyw8
Let's get em 💋 https://t.co/jINSIhFcvr
@davebarnesmusic ha. Somewhere during the amalgamation process , they attached too much hair to my face
RT @bklynchick: Feeling pretty good about country music this morning. @LucieSilvas @MarenMorris @lindsayell @Lauren_Alaina @LOCASHmusic @OldDominion
Back together again ❤️ https://t.co/5DoYeOT0w4
@JennaPaulette I love that !!! ❤️
RT @SoundsLikeNash: .@LucieSilvas cover of "Always On My Mind" is giving us all the feels on this Sunday morning.… https://t.co/jtXsYBxpzc
So excited for this! Loved getting to know Miranda this past year & writing "Smoking Jacket" with her &… https://t.co/wYlvnweuhE
RT @TasteOfCountry: . @MirandaLambert's new album is available to order now! https://t.co/jFsiGqOPiM https://t.co/f13fuBuBsc
Don't miss these fellas on tour, you'll have an unforgettable time. 🙌🏻 @theshadowboxers https://t.co/UvdrvrZjGX
RT @brothersosborne: First sold out night of the Dirt Rich tour in Minneapolis. It did not disappoint. Had a blast y'all! https://t.co/EruKZ14OVL
RT @cmaedu: @luciesilvas giving us all the feels with her #ForeverCountryCovers rendition of Willie's "Always on My Mind"!🎶🙌🏻 https://t.co/NV9TMcIgZE
This is the first piece of music from an album that will kick off next year in best way… https://t.co/hnT4fntJ7I
@jillianjmusic those boots are a vision 😱
Let's put this in perspective .... When Beyoncé came to town I didn't go to the show, but when… https://t.co/0g35ugyR6j
I could not love these individuals more. And I love this so much! 🙌🏻 @littlebigtown #betterman https://t.co/ZlpvDxAcU5
@ArtistWaves thanks so much! Please follow so we can direct message
RT @TasteOfCountry: .@luciesilvas is mesmerizing in this @willienelson cover: https://t.co/P9ZaaPJh6W https://t.co/rC33Sz5C5p
@KreepinCountry jump off the fence 🎉
Brings back good memories of recording that version back in 2003. Thanks for including me ❤️ https://t.co/rcI4PQkXHJ
That day ❤️ https://t.co/afMH7d1Mhq
Thanks so much @TasteOfCountry ❤️ You guys #CMAawards50
@jamielocke1 @lvoicesbstars this looks so great. Checking it out now ❤️
Happy birthday to my big Sister Mia. It's so hard being so far away from you, but I'm just lucky… https://t.co/KxJ05c12J4
RT @FillmoreSS: Enter for your chance to WIN 2 TICKETS to Maryland’s own @BrothersOsborne w/ @LucieSilvas on Saturday, November 5th… https://t.co/Y4kCOkrfh6
Have you got your tickets yet to see us on tour together ?! Can't wait to join @brothersosborne… https://t.co/8F6bPc1YxC
RT @farawayhills: @mirandalambert 's #TheWeightOfTheseWings reaches out to include two co-writers from across the Atlantic: @LucieSilvas , @foyvance
We so appreciate it. Will be such a fun night ! https://t.co/iBBFZ0PBna
@Munro_Country @SoundsLikeNash thank you! 😘
😘 thanks guys https://t.co/5yDnBk4pZD
@beakcomms 😘 Thanku! You're the best
Thank you! So sweet of you 🙌🏻 😘 https://t.co/5R831a8X41
RT @SoundsLikeNash: .@LucieSilvas's cover of @willienelson's "Always On My Mind" will blow you away! Watch: https://t.co/udK0jl98Zj https://t.co/INie4Jv3ZL
RT @BMGNashville: We see familiar songs on @mirandalambert's album! Congrats @LucieSilvas "Smoking Jacket" & Jon Randall "Tin Man!" https://t.co/a090q1mEB0
RT @mirandalambert: Double album. One story. #TheWeightOfTheseWings https://t.co/wUVXuCwVV4
honored to be a little part of this amazing record of @mirandalambert with "Smoking Jacket" that I co wrote with Mi… https://t.co/oU9NEeFClS
Thanks so much @SoundsLikeNash for featuring my cover of "Always on my mind" for #CMAawards50 Check it out here https://t.co/20cuJqP7rM
RT @NessaAngeline: The fact that @LucieSilvas @nataliehemby and @mirandalambert wrote a song together 😭😭😭😭 #SmokingJacket
Love this clip of these lovely ladies covering my song ❤️👏🏻 #letterstoghosts #lullanas https://t.co/CQnsKqsPsz
RT @brothersosborne: Age is only a number #itaintmyfault https://t.co/dXJ3zFNsGY
Updated tour dates. More being added. #dirtrichtour #brothersosborne https://t.co/alR59ESeUl
@BMGNashville @willienelson @YouTube thank you my peeps 😘
I'm genuinely just humbled by the talent around me, teaches me everyday. Thank you 🙏🏻 https://t.co/A6ogfwu42O
RT @JasontheScott: #ForeverCountryCovers: @LucieSilvas gives one helluva performance with @willienelson's "Always on My Mind" ▶︎… https://t.co/0K3MwNbj8k
@JasontheScott thank you Jason !
Getting to play @opry with John Osborne OCT 29!! Come join us for a night that will be such a rarity and honor for… https://t.co/Lpd4JUdkpp
Aw thanks Tommy! https://t.co/ZcpQgB6WfB
RT @doredarling: Saturday morning grind made better by albums by @ChrisStapleton, @theshadowboxers, and @LucieSilvas! #nashville
RT @doredarling: If you need some inspiration this morning: https://t.co/FGn21DtUOU (Nothing better than @LucieSilvas and @theshadowboxers)
RT @HopeTreeEnt: Up now! @luciesilvas and @brothersosborne along with @theshadowboxers deliver an intimate… https://t.co/vaMSKxrZGv
RT @Think_Country: I am really enjoying the #ForeverCountryCovers have you watched @LucieSilvas https://t.co/rMlTbr05aR it's beautiful
@clfallis @Think_Country @YouTube 😘
@lacikent thanks Laci, so sweet 💘
@cgilbeysmith thank you Chris !
RT @jaimcferran: Oh yes! So glad this is now available in the UK! #LucieSilvas #FindAWayRemix https://t.co/t7jlPdpBJ2
And to top a great day off.... I’m SO excited to be a part of the #ForeverCountryCovers series with this version... https://t.co/mcQDw5JkkD
This was a thrill to do and with Artists I love and respect so much. What a fun day! Huge thanks to John from... https://t.co/VxYVuGyrEu
RT @KaceyMusgraves: Sang with my man last night ❤️ Proud of you, @RustonKelly & I love this song written by he, @LucieSilvas, & @JBamn https://t.co/dwZAqoawp5
RT @JBamn: an unreal tribute - so friggin inspired @LucieSilvas https://t.co/rG8VZpNWHp
@JBamn @willienelson @YouTube love you buddy ❤️
RT @momofpepe: @LucieSilvas @willienelson This is SOOOOOOO good!!! Is there anywhere to download this?
RT @TheShotgunSeat: ICYMI: Read our interview with @brothersosborne about their headlining "Dirt Rich Tour" w/ @LancoMusic @LucieSilvas https://t.co/ANWXdopJIV
@KazTD @rab3006 @willienelson @YouTube aw thank you so much! Much appreciated
RT @kasey_stone_: WOW! WOW! WOW! Everyone listen to this stunning 'Always On My Mind cover' https://t.co/L8plFMHu1H
So happy to be part of the #ForeverCountryCovers series with "Always On My Mind” by @willienelson #CMAawards50 https://t.co/RGRZe2H2KE
RT @hmarie8706: @LucieSilvas you beautiful gem you. Love this. 😭❤️ https://t.co/nULzQIipna
RT @anniepeters08: https://t.co/o2tBRipjMP @LucieSilvas singing @willienelson Always on my mind.... AMAZING!!!!! 👏👏👏👏
So excited this is up! Go check it it on @Vevo , this LIVE acoustic performance of "Find a way" with… https://t.co/TjKahKZBBx
RT @theshadowboxers: Video's up! Here's a little ditty we did with our good friend @LucieSilvas and 1/2 of @brothersosborne. https://t.co/z3vrmXK3UX
RT @cathrynills: Watching Nashville and then @LucieSilvas How to lose it all came on. Fab :)
@ignacionumero1 gracias! Estoy muy agradecida
@ianrkenilworth @theshadowboxers @brothersosborne @YouTube where else was he suppose to stash his bow?
RT @momofpepe: SO cool!! @LucieSilvas Silvas - Find A Way (Live / Acoustic) ft. @theshadowboxers, John Osborne @brothersosborne https://t.co/7TGsQQVQJ9
RT @ignacionumero1: Impresionante el nuevo acústico de mi número 1 @LucieSilvas https://t.co/BIsKwfW9wH
Got this playing right now. Beautiful voice. Thank you @brentcobb for making a class album. Inspired 👌🏻… https://t.co/yKTFBWMT2j
RT @clfallis: @LucieSilvas playing on tonight's episode of #Nashville. @SkyLivingHD
RT @hmarie8706: @LucieSilvas yesssss love those bros!! Can't wait!! I'm coming to VEGAS!!! @brothersosborne 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
@rockmeetscountr me too! So excited
Their headline tour kicks off officially tomorrow with lancomusic and I'm so proud of them and… https://t.co/q7AZVsYRCS
RT @WheelerWalkerJr: @MarenMorris AND @BROTHERSosborne https://t.co/0ga3KlGDIZ
@kelleighbannen @Saltandvine it was wonderful, and the perfect evening. I want more of that chocolate pot. Thanks for being my date 2nite 💘
So excited for @brothersosborne starting their first headline tour of the US. They've worked so hard for this. Love you boys. So much ❤️🙏🏻
Congrats @KelseaBallerini You are a Queen ❤️
RT @BrandonRayMusic: . @mrBobbyBones is a HUGE part of my story here!So glad I met him thru @LucieSilvas & that I can call him a friend.… https://t.co/j5UzGw8AZW
RT @CatalystClub: Just announced! @brothersosborne coming to The Catalyst with @LucieSilvas on Monday December 5th! Tickets go on s… https://t.co/Y9cr9cqAFW
RT @allfiredup93: @LucieSilvas yassssssss ❤️ https://t.co/wNSOiCQhy5
RT @SammIamSamm: Listening to @LucieSilvas because I miss all my Nashville favorites. I want to go to Milwaukee in a few weeks JUST for her 😂
@NCGAmyworld thanks so much 😘
Zippididoodah ..... 2 geeks on a zipline ✋🏻🔩 @ Fontanel Nashville https://t.co/PLZn79a9VN
RT @misstiffanyh: 90% of my excitement for the @brothersosborne show in Silver Spring is from hoping @LucieSilvas sings Loving Me Back with them #DirtRichTour
RT @ianrkenilworth: #MondayNightMix on @RadioWarks from 8 Kicking off with @LucieSilvas and @theshadowboxers @brothersosborne Here - https://t.co/3Zqnd9dvMO
RT @CMT: Don’t miss @LucieSilvas singing #Smoke and telling us about her musical background and more >… https://t.co/3Pba4cmVN1
@NC5_JKnutson my dog seems to think so 😳😂
RT @momofpepe: @stormewarren Loved hearing you mention @LucieSilvas!! Love her music!! @brothersosborne @SXMTheHighway https://t.co/wGHSbLe6xh
@TC_Dub ha no it is entertaining - I like seeing the different options ! 😂
RT @CarthyB: Now if you want a SERIOUSLY class cover of One Direction's Perfect here is @LucieSilvas https://t.co/iwTVH56bJT #XFactor
What a betty ❤️ @natalieosborne https://t.co/EuxIhFzbUa
@Marissa_Crowley do it!! Road trip ... And I'll have someone very special on stage with me ❤️
@theshadowboxers @davebarnesmusic @sethphilpott @Bopshopnick @brothersosborne Haaa exactly
I'm dying laughing now !! Gone https://t.co/mrWqzpkIau
RT @TheShotgunSeat: New Friday, new playlist! Listen: https://t.co/comfduwhBn https://t.co/I6VwiFaHvd
@CeliaIndhira I LOVED that show. Miss you guys
RT @CMT: .@LucieSilvas grew up listening to her parents' record collection. See who it included > https://t.co/LqTxjDKQci https://t.co/nvqPmATbVR
RT @MegaCountry: .@LucieSilvas kicked off the party on day 1 of @Route91Harvest Fest at the Las Vegas Village! Photo gallery here:… https://t.co/r1IXu5CtHX
@MegaCountry @Route91Harvest thank you Guys. Was so thrilled to be there
@Bopshopnick @theshadowboxers @brothersosborne practicing those moves right now 😂👏🏻
RT @Bopshopnick: @LucieSilvas @theshadowboxers @brothersosborne It's available in the UK now! love it. x https://t.co/dmQEMaKbyj
🙌🏻❤️ https://t.co/ep5dsnqDDM
RT @Maverick_mag: @luciesilvas new album LETTERS TO GHOSTS is reviewed in the latest issue of Maverick magazine! Subscribe here: https://t.co/2qxOGzPGzf
RT @conchashima: @LucieSilvas @theshadowboxers @brothersosborne Woop! I got an email today saying it's on Spotify UK now. 💕
Fans in Europe will be able to hear and buy "Find a way- the remix" featuring @theshadowboxers and John from @brothersosborne on October 14!
Next week ! LIVE performance of "Find a way" premiere on @vevo featuring @theshadowboxers & @jinglejohnosborne ❤️ https://t.co/8A9ffFXjDW
RT @CountryHub: This is so much fun! 🎸🎶 https://t.co/klPBIO7zKU
Just to let folks know. The only dates I'm play with @brothersosborne are listed on my website or on the pinned tweet listing tour dates xx
@tricia61862 @brothersosborne Hey Tricia I'm on the second leg of the tour only. You'll get to see the brilliant @LancoMusic on those shows
#tbt John and I back in the day. We are doing something so special together this month that will probably make my y… https://t.co/HfAPzfxH7b
RT @RossMike15: How awesome is this??? Love the fact that nearly all my fave artists are part of such a close knit group. https://t.co/ATkc67bQLE
@lucieprior I think they are from Sandro! Store in London
RT @Nicolas_Marcs: This year I saw @LucieSilvas live 3 times & now so excited to be seeing @LFabianOfficial next year, 2 of my all time favourite 3 performers
Barley does not understand Yoga. 😂Thank you for the most amazing lesson today @nativerunmusic… https://t.co/SxsNrI9rnh
RT @ReverbNation: Get over the midweek hump with @LucieSilvas' performance of "Villain" at @CottonMillLive. #ArtistSpotlightSeries https://t.co/BM0zx94kmZ
@BassBrothersUK @3RCMusic hey there friend! Lemme know when you guys are back in town
RT @BOB949FM: Adore this woman https://t.co/5GOgBpJBdChttps://t.co/ICvqAu5sW7 @nancyandnewman
When you see "Potty Party" as a song title, you must buy. Go get this kids, and by kids I mean Everyone ❤️… https://t.co/hKmt0uZNmK
LIVE performance video of "Find a Way" with The Shadowboxers and John from Brothers Osborne coming October 14th !... https://t.co/0qKO1wiAfy
@NancyandNewman @theshadowboxers @brothersosborne thank you guys!! 😘💘
Bringing you a LIVE performance video of "Find a way" with @theshadowboxers & John from @brothersosborne on October… https://t.co/YTBfonyb8x
@ownnashville @wordpressdotcom thanks so much for coming to the show and chatting, hope to be back soon ❤️
RT @CMT: "Nashville is truly my home now." - @LucieSilvas. Get to know her & where she comes from > https://t.co/9YP0ztv83H https://t.co/cAcfHFKAXP
RT @RossMike15: Can I get a RT favor from my faves @aubriesellers @KaceyMusgraves @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne @StephanieQuayle… https://t.co/iI2VEjswdX
Haa. I want some southern chicken! Thanks my friend 😊 https://t.co/0mhgF1b2VH
RT @mrBobbyBones: well. this is excellent. @LucieSilvas https://t.co/MKXNLpvWVi
@Alex_Masters thank you Alex!! 😘💘
@mrBobbyBones Thank you! You have been an amazing support and friend
@anniepeters08 @CMT that's so sweet of you, thank you
This makes me tear up a little. Thank you @CMT and thank you Nashville ❤️ #CMTnextwomen https://t.co/UNJbiVNuMD
This is the first time I performed "Smoke" LIVE on Tv , so it was so special that it was CMT . Thank you so much... https://t.co/fihkw5wbHM
RT @FramLeslie: #Stunning @LucieSilvas ❤️ https://t.co/KgCe1RqvBD
Thank you my friend 😘 https://t.co/Y9SZwzuaDg
RT @RossMike15: I know one or two of you haven't gotten on board the @LucieSilvas bandwagon - Now's your chance So proud of this l… https://t.co/WtFiTCizrN
RT @CMT: .@LucieSilvas performs #Smoke live in our studio! Watch here > https://t.co/rfwrlsvH3g #CMTNextWomen https://t.co/mha4NuucBW
When you see people work so so hard year after year staying so humble and focused on what… https://t.co/s3qTkNYRUz
RT @gr8nume: @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne Beyond excited for this tour! #2016highlight
RT @momofpepe: @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne sooooooooo excited!!!!! Bought my ticket yesterday!!!!!!! https://t.co/X1XjlFK0cH
Watching @brothersosborne rehearse for their headline tour. Even the dogs can't take their eyes… https://t.co/4RQ00N6XZE
RT @BrittneyMarie55: Today we randomly bought tickets to a Grand 'Ol Opry show and found out that @LucieSilvas is going to be there that night #score
RT @lindsayell: Played for 24 hrs straight...can't believe this was a year ago. Thanks again @CMT @opry & every artist who came out! https://t.co/caVnbMTTJ5
@kateyorkmusic 's laughing is the main attraction here. And We had trouble holding it together… https://t.co/vbI5F3bHZw
@loveyouluce @ianrkenilworth @Spotify @theshadowboxers I'll be announcing when it will be available there. Hold tight
Great memory. Thanks for posting Laci! ❤️ https://t.co/m0BWoayyYR
RT @mrBobbyBones: this is fantastic. @LucieSilvas https://t.co/HqDKQCCXKF
@mrBobbyBones @theshadowboxers @brothersosborne @Spotify @iTunes @amazonmusic @GooglePlay @AppleMusic Thanks Bobby! ❤️
RT @MoonInHerEyesx: Nothing will ever beat the feeling of having a physical copy of an album you love in your hands 🤘🏻✨ @LucieSilvas https://t.co/ehTeDozCos
@jo_maisey @Route91Harvest thank you Jo ❤️
A snippet of behind the scenes of "Find a way" the Remix with @theshadowboxers And… https://t.co/eIcqktnNI1
Thank you to @Spotify for featuring #FindAWay the Remix with @theshadowboxers and John Osborne at the top of your… https://t.co/6rqtIyecAb
RT @kayli0909: #FindAWay by @LucieSilvas & @theshadowboxers is such 🔥🔥🔥
@BrandonRayMusic @MegaCountry @Route91Harvest aw love ya B! Proud of you out there killing it
Thank you for having me and the guys yesterday @route91harvest @livenation and to @evelyn_shepherd15 for missing sc… https://t.co/NlsbKN8mip
@rachonair @brothersosborne You rock that shirt ❤️🔥
RT @rachonair: Hey @LucieSilvas I have the same shirt as you! 😜😘 https://t.co/HdSuEzf2md
RT @MegaCountry: Waiting for our #Route91Harvest pics? Here's a peek at Lucie Silvas smokin' the Next to Nashville Stage 😎 https://t.co/43uDZuKb2P
RT @WhiskeyRiff: Whiskey Riff #NewMusicFridays Ft. @LoganMize @ThomasRhett @dylschneider @Jacobbryant1 @LucieSilvas @ClaytonAnderson… https://t.co/j0mxEeEFv9
@WhiskeyRiff @LoganMize @ThomasRhett @dylschneider @Jacobbryant1 @ClaytonAnderson so happy to be in this lineup! Thank you !
@kariec714 @Route91Harvest thank you Karie!
Thanks so much ! https://t.co/deJ9bZGvgE
@jo_maisey thank you darlin! So sweet you were there . Have a blast !
RT @nashoverhere: . @LucieSilvas kicking off @Route91Harvest 2016 https://t.co/y2pTAlYRx6
One of the first people I met in Nashville and one of the coolest. Love ya @stormewarren @sxmthehighway #siriusxm… https://t.co/3wORVf73Vh
RT @YEPNashville: @LucieSilvas Top spot on #NewMusicNashville! We love you Luce! @theshadowboxers & @brothersosborne are okay too. https://t.co/x2EsvCPU4l
@YEPNashville @theshadowboxers @brothersosborne @Spotify love ya back!
Made some new friends #vegas #totaltourist https://t.co/0HDyUR8rge
RT @anniepeters08: Hey @LucieSilvas This is great!! Everyone sounds amazing! You also John! 😙 Awesome work.. As always! Love your… https://t.co/QxsugZAMUC
RT @EmmaWhiteMusic: Listen to #MyEx on @WhiskeyRiff #newmusicfriday ft. @ThomasRhett @LucieSilvas @TheShadowboxers @Spotify ♫ https://t.co/oRXRRa3Aaw
Here at @Route91Harvest festival in #lasvegas! Can't wait to play today #nextfromnashville https://t.co/eQ7Mf0thah
RT @patrick_davoren: Curing my schoolbus boredom this morning includes the new @LucieSilvas @theshiresuk and @lindsayell All fantastic.… https://t.co/VmTenO7XgW
On our way , bright and early 🎉😳 #route91 https://t.co/3hv2u8Q6sP
RT @momofpepe: @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne First thing I did when I woke up is I bought this song!!!!! Love it!!!! https://t.co/RqQzvlLrFk
RT @GiehlyMcStiehly: Well well all of my favorites on one song together??! I liiiiike 😍😍😍@LucieSilvas @brothersosborne @theshadowboxers https://t.co/eESC3s4p9h
Out now! https://t.co/gGhsD7DAWI @theshadowboxers @brothersosborne @Spotify @iTunes @amazonmusic @GooglePlay… https://t.co/ckaBaSSCaL
RT @HeyParkerMcKay: Everyone 👏🏻 purchase 👏🏻this 👏🏻 ish👏🏻 *when BAE/@LucieSilvas releases your fave song off LTG with @theshadowboxers. https://t.co/8CfORcjqrk
RT @brothersosborne: You can literally hold your breath in the amount of time it takes to register to vote. Proof: https://t.co/reNhCW4vSF #voteIRL
RT @Jenford130: Woohoo!! This will be on repeat!! Killer job @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne @theshadowboxers 💙👏🙌 please tell me ther… https://t.co/WD0naHauSR
RT @nashvilleblake: Stop what your doing and go NOW to @itunesmusic and get this lovely new gem by @luciesilvas… https://t.co/lCwi0tT6wZ
@patrick_davoren thanks for listening Patrick!
Midnight tonight ...... #collaboration https://t.co/ZrQtGnirP1
Very excited to see fans that got a special track today ahead of tomorrow's release ...... Midnight tonight ... It will be available !
RT @patrick_davoren: This is awesome. Thanks @mrBobbyBones for having @LucieSilvas play during CMAFest. Otherwise I wouldn't have known… https://t.co/sFBA1vQvkb
📷: @sonyajasinski https://t.co/3Yb56iODhm
RT @katietothemax: Most excited to see @LucieSilvas @ryanhurd & @evanpierri at #RT91Harvest this weekend!
@ReverbNation @CottonMillLive thank you so much guys ❤️
RT @ReverbNation: We're excited to introduce the next artist in our @CottonMillLive #ArtistSpotlightSeries, @LucieSilvas!… https://t.co/1sFjGrvOd2
This Friday. Vegas baby, Vegas. #route91harvest #siriusxm https://t.co/WHjSfj7YKF
RT @6shootercountry: We recently interviewed the lovely @LucieSilvas on her UK Tour. Read it here https://t.co/CzVTV1SRiZ @C2Cfestival
My fav vintage dress from @starstruckvintage for today's taping for @soundslikenashville #forever50 https://t.co/zlaGWxSqbU
@MissMargoPrice you too Hun. You were outstanding. What an amazing show ! ❤️
@JuliaGari @walkerhayes @bobbybonesshow @mrBobbyBones I love a mash up
@NickyJ1313 likewise Nick! You guys are so sweet
John secretly freaking out with happiness and trying to keep a lid on it ❤️🙌🏻 @brothersosborne… https://t.co/5j8xbKihSU
Haaaa no cause it was breath taking !! ❤️😉 https://t.co/A3IZHWdSRP
Streaming LIVE 2nite on https://t.co/XLAJk7eAZ1 ! @brothersosborne @MillerBudMusic @EmmylouSongbird @MissMargoPrice @SteveEarle @ColterWall
Excited to watch this amazing line up tonight and sing a little with @brothersosborne ❤️ #skyvillelive https://t.co/whIE9MOtYj
Well... That felt like a magical night. Huge thank you to @GreggAllman @ZZTop @RedRocksCO @LiveNation and everyone at #laidbackfestival ❤️
RT @GreggAllman: Unreal @luciesilvas! #laidbackfestival #tweet https://t.co/VNTTg5H3xP
So happy to be here 😘 https://t.co/qTM2dRuPe3
This place is unreal !! ❤️ @redrocksco @GreggAllman @zztop #laidbackfestival So excited to play… https://t.co/6UzX69QLFK
RT @RedRocksCO: TONIGHT: @LaidbackFest w/ @GreggAllman @ZZTop @RichieFuray @GabrielKelley @LucieSilvas & more #RedRocks75 Doors 3p… https://t.co/pwgf6Cu0q4
Off we go @jbamn @coreycongilio @officialgreggallman #laidbackfestival #redrocks ❤️ https://t.co/gCj4MnYlUO
Hmmmm, I may have got this process wrong 😂👓 #zennioptical https://t.co/4vwLBrhiwQ
RT @GreggAllman: Getting ready! Laid Back at Red Rocks with @zztop @gabrielkelley @luciesilvas & more! Show us your pics tag #laidba… https://t.co/iRStIwUlVw
We've both been singing this song we wrote with @jbamn on opposite sides of the Atlantic and I'm… https://t.co/MuephbQ9ed
Sing! ❤️ #myfavoritething https://t.co/VEAxBHUMLl
@RITTERSabrina Merci Beaucoup !
RT @RITTERSabrina: @LucieSilvas est de retour avec l'album "Letters To Ghosts" https://t.co/ofxHXiIb1x https://t.co/E5QaxWOeq4
@huwknight tucked up and getting better thank you . Was in need of it. Hope you're well !
One of the sweetest best people I'm so happy to know. Check out her new single out now ! ❤️ u @lindsayell https://t.co/eJcMxtakIY
RT @HighLarious36: And I'm on my 6th repeat of #LettersToGhosts By: @LucieSilvas. #JustCantStop https://t.co/CqMW7wkWqJ
RT @blackberrychris: Well the @LucieSilvas session on @BHarrisCountry the other week was so good I literally ordered the album whilst st… https://t.co/aAuC5EBjJQ
RT @KazTD: @LucieSilvas Love this song! Will it be on your next album? #TwoBirdsOneStone https://t.co/7XSN1DeKgL
#tb to shop in London recently. Thanks to my manager leshayj for posting this. This man sleeps… https://t.co/wcgF3B2Xiw
RT @GlobalCountryCo: @LucieSilvas we will just have to turn up #letterstoghosts real loud!
@GlobalCountryCo @AmericanaFest thank you guys 😘
It's really hard to be upset or frustrated when I've got the people I've got in my life. I don't care how cheesy this is. I'm very grateful
@YesThisIsAna thank you Ana
@hmarie8706 thank you Hun. Hope you are finding home here. Takes time. But it feels like home to me now ❤️
@KazTD much appreciated
@Martoon15000 thank you xx
@isaacloic 😘
@iloveshelmusic thank you so much Ladies 😘❤️
I'm having to pull out of my show 2Moro for @AmericanaFest due to illness. I'm so sorry to let anyone down and to miss out on it this year 😭
RT @SXMPrimeCountry: Just Watch. https://t.co/4Y04EaqXgB #ForeverCountry @JessicaSiriusXM https://t.co/UZql4EyCpD
@DNBones they will 🙌🏻
RT @GreggAllman: Headed to @redrocksamphitheater for #LaidBackFestival! What are you looking forward to? @zztop @luciesilvas #tweet https://t.co/vDfTNjYwcS
RT @dase2320: @LucieSilvas It's my treasure 😍😍😍, thanks from Spain!! Thank you Lucie, it's a great album!! https://t.co/C61eGPvPwW
RT @StageRights: Let's look at @Route91Harvest "Next From Nashville SiriusXM Highway Finds" Stage! Who are you excited to see?… https://t.co/aePmlM2Vg4
RT @LucieSilvasSP: YOUTUBE PLAYLIST | @LucieSilvas at the @BBowlLondon (12 videos by @JUMPINSOUNDS) - 10/09/16: https://t.co/peCjvACrZ2. Priceless.
This Thursday night SEPT 22nd, 10pm at @the5spotnashville for @americanafest 🇺🇸 https://t.co/woHoUFNpS9
I'm on my sofa ready ..... I'll just order take out til then 👌🏻 https://t.co/M9oeFuAKfl
RT @cherrysodablog: New post - review of @C2Cfestival #c2csocial w/ @luciesilvas @Thejakemorrell @ryanjoreilly https://t.co/APhwC1NDXb #countrymusic #ukcountry
@cherrysodablog @C2Cfestival @Thejakemorrell @ryanjoreilly thank you so much Laura !
RT @p_hadley: Catching up with @LucieSilvas on @BHarrisCountry - what a session! Sounding great! https://t.co/AFstWjjXgq #ukcountry #country
@bendanaher haaaa true that
RT @momofpepe: @LucieSilvas Yes -- another video of "Just For the Record"!! Something about this song really gets to me! Love it!!! https://t.co/sCSV1To3Ql
When I ask my friends "is #topshop getting younger? And they burst out laughing 😳😂 #indenial
@patrick_davoren don't blame em! It's so so good! 👌🏻
@patrick_davoren don't know what that means, but yes I love those guys
@DaniSpiceBoy it's soooo good
@DrMikeThe2nd thanks Mike!
The BEST!! Didn't wanna take my eyes off the tv screen for a second, and I didn't. #narcos https://t.co/1ydO6QQ0sJ
RT @conchashima: This album helped me a lot last year & this year, especially #Roots. #LettersToGhosts @LucieSilvas Thank you 💙.
Next Thursday night at @five_spot for @AmericanaFest . Come see me! ❤️🇺🇸 #americanafest https://t.co/6H7yGFLiat
@hmarie8706 the 5 spot !
@YosvaniRamos thank you ! 💘
Thank you so much for such a heartfelt review. I deeply appreciate it 😘😭 https://t.co/etHq7TXT5M
RT @nashoverhere: SATURDAY BRUNCH: Take a look at what’s caught our eyes & ears this week #countrymusic https://t.co/GMrizjKNEd https://t.co/EqAsJoolRE
RT @loveyouluce: @ChrisCountry @ToddSw33ney @LucieSilvas LOVED this interview and letters to ghosts! Thanks for answering my question so honestly #💔💕roots xx
@ChrisCountry @loveyouluce @ToddSw33ney thank you! 😘
Have you got your tickets for #laidbackfestival ?! Can't wait to play this, headlined by the great Gregg Allman 🙏🏻 https://t.co/wMfqD7dqMY
RT @Del40al1_es: Te acuerdas de @LucieSilvas? Tal día como hoy hace 10 años llegó al #1 de LOS40 con una versión de @Metallica https://t.co/rpN4POU7zc
RT @ToddSw33ney: Letters to ghosts on @ChrisCountry again! @LucieSilvas 😍😍😍
This will be an amazing show to see !! 🙌🏻✨ https://t.co/Ya15sQNFF6
@ChrisCountry @ToddSw33ney thank you guys! Was I awake during the taking of this photo? ❤️😳😘
RT @jo_maisey: 15 DAYS @LucieSilvas @Route91Harvest the british are coming. ❤️🐴👢 https://t.co/n4bJBETOiM
Backstage shots by @sonyajasinski ✨ https://t.co/Z6VmP4vw1n
Co wrote this with @HeyParkerMcKay for her new EP. On Spotify! She also has new video coming which looks amazing ✨ https://t.co/SoJYmKmsKF
I think I had springs in my shoes that night. Had the time of my life in London last week… https://t.co/8dIjPxeIoF
RT @loveyouluce: @jamiefloydmusic @ownnashville @LucieSilvas I adore your song roots ladies. What can I say! It's real life and real pain all at once 😚😚😢😢💔❤
Lucie Silvas (@LucieSilvas)-Two Birds, One Stone @BBowlLondon, 10th Sept... https://t.co/xwt79so5e3
I would join you for that 😂 https://t.co/RHZyBt9QTW
Updated tour dates ❤️ #letterstoghosts #BrothersOsborne #tour https://t.co/2UMQR242u4
@DrinkOne4Me @brothersosborne I'll find out for sure today
@momofpepe I love mini snickers ! 😁❤️
@AnsellPhilip thank you Philip!
@DrinkOne4Me @brothersosborne pretty sure that date is 100% happening
RT @UlvBjerkan: Catch up @WhisperingBob @BHarrisCountry @LucieSilvas in session @BBCRadio2 https://t.co/JOeh9J4Kh6 https://t.co/hFtR8At2GU
One of my best childhood friends just created this stunning line of bags purses and accessories. Check it out! 💘🙌🏻 https://t.co/D3hZBrkgnx
RT @JUMPINSOUNDS: Lucie Silvas (@LucieSilvas)-Happy @BBowlLondon, 10th Sept 2016: https://t.co/Tm9SvMW7ju via @YouTube
Never forget singing this to you 🇬🇧 https://t.co/ohyTWPS9Va
RT @JUMPINSOUNDS: Lucie Silvas (@LucieSilvas)-Pull The Stars Down @BBowlLondon, 10th Sept 2016: https://t.co/CtJ0FNYB6r via @YouTube
RT @JUMPINSOUNDS: Lucie Silvas (@LucieSilvas)-That's Alright Mama @BBowlLondon, 10th Sept 2016: https://t.co/1vvvqpWD28 via @YouTube
RT @JUMPINSOUNDS: Lucie Silvas (@LucieSilvas)-Two Birds, One Stone @BBowlLondon, 10th Sept 2016: https://t.co/y5XeBZlLx9 via @YouTube
RT @FillmoreSS: ON SALE NOW -- @BrothersOsborne w/ @LucieSilvas on Saturday, November 5th! Come see the Maryland boys, get tix now! https://t.co/nCOyG4amXP
What a trip that was. Crazy few weeks in the UK. Looking forward to more. Meantime I just landed in USA and nearly home now. So excited🇺🇸
RT @Songbirdinatree: @LucieSilvas @ownnashville Was an awesome gig - great band, great vocals, great songs. Loved Just for the record! Happy days :-)
@StephanieQuayle thank you Stephanie! 😘
@RossMike15 @StephanieQuayle @aubriesellers @KaceyMusgraves @Ashley_Sofia @hlongstaffe @amystroup ❤️
Great Artist. Great song. Great writers! Love this so much ! @davidnail @brothersosborne #goodattonight https://t.co/4l9lO2uioO
Nashville ... I'm on my way home to you 🇺🇸😍
Thank you Bristol! Wonderful way to end the UK shows...I can't wait to come back again. See you very soon. Thank you for your support ❤️ 🇬🇧
RT @lickleweirdo: @LucieSilvas categorically THE best live show I have ever witnessed vocals were flawless !! Thanks 4 a fab night - have a safe flight home X
RT @ownnashville: @LucieSilvas was unbelievable tonight, what a voice, what a show, what amazing music.
RT @1UmbrellaMusic: Looking forward to seeing @LucieSilvas in Bristol this evening...hopefully will inspire a week of good songwriting from tomorrow!
RT @BellesandGals: Read our review of the brilliant @LucieSilvas gig on Saturday night https://t.co/qEVsQNk39p https://t.co/JINfznUetS
@MissBLT opener @TheBonfires at 8pm, show at 9pm ❤️
RT @exchangebristol: We have five tickets left for @LucieSilvas tomorrow night, grab 'em here quick: https://t.co/rqs4hxWIF8 https://t.co/Sg84HlZX8G
RT @judietzuke: overwhelmed by all the emotions & memories I felt watching @LucieSilvas sing her heart out last night 😂 great gig & lovely friends ❤️
RT @__hannahgoddard: When @LucieSilvas slays so much in London you have to buy last minute tickets to Bristol. See you tomorrow ✨ ✨ ✨
RT @BellesandGals: Here's my review (Nick) of the @LucieSilvas gig at the @BBowlLondon last night. https://t.co/qEVsQN2rKP https://t.co/xrViEFI2ga
@BellesandGals @BBowlLondon @xKellieLou @NathalieSLarsen @limetreemusicpr @TwoWaysHome @CeriRose1 thank you so much for this ! 😘😭
Soooooo I literally can't wait to put my arms around this amazing smoking-hot man in two days… https://t.co/DYhBtolBcl
RT @momofpepe: @LucieSilvas - Pull The Stars Down @ the Brooklyn Bowl 10.09.2016 Such a beautiful song!! https://t.co/2mMqsAMK9e
RT @anniepeters08: Thank you @mirandalambert because of you, I now love @Andersoneast @brothersosborne @GwenSebastian @LucieSilvas @KipMooreMusic Thanks!! 💖
That crowd last night ! Thank you so much everyone ! 🙌🏻😭 #brooklynbowllondon #c2c https://t.co/68VU4IRcNc
Right before walking on stage at the @BBowlLondon last night. So honored to play with this band 👏🏻📷: @sonyajasinski https://t.co/I4B07PMfwp
Band photo with my friends @theshiresuk and @sonyajasinski Loved getting to hang out with everybody ❤️ https://t.co/fuAyIjGrdz
Cheers James! 😘 https://t.co/JSuqIU2xnm
You guys were fantastic ! https://t.co/Tzc40w4uQY
Thank you Emily! 😘 https://t.co/6XbGwvOIMO
I posted 6 photos on Facebook in the album "UK SHOWS !" https://t.co/ZhNgbiGX5R
Pre show in London tonight . Photo by @sonyajasinski ❤️🇬🇧 https://t.co/itcpoF9Nhj
@martineofficial Thank you for coming , for supporting me! Was so happy seeing you 😘
RT @martineofficial: Tonight I watched this beauty @luciesilvas blow the house down in London at the o2 - My god this… https://t.co/cyFdcpblxB
Incredible night in London tonight. Thank you all for coming and making it Unforgettable for me 🇬🇧 @bbowllondon https://t.co/Aj7GR6o0n4
RT @AnnaKrantzMusic: @luciesilvas showing The Brooklyn Bowl how it's done! 👏👏👏 rustonkelly https://t.co/h2KvKkvkv7
RT @RobGeog: @LucieSilvas loving the latest album and tonight's performance totally did it justice. https://t.co/fIUknZnsdm
🙏🏻❤️ https://t.co/aP2K4G3xz4
RT @DarrylDarryI: Blessed by 2 gracious & humble people @BBowlLondon today. @LucieSilvas & @DaveChappelle it was a pleasure. https://t.co/7jV2QVo9Kf
RT @loveyouluce: @JosephStyles11 @LucieSilvas Can I just say "Two birds One Stone" is such a class song! I LOVE it! Hope it makes the next album! X
RT @millyolykan: After a long week it's utterly fab to be listening to a great country playlist ahead of the amazing @LucieSilvas tonight! @BBowlLondon
RT @C2Cfestival: Stage Times #c2csocial Jake Morrell 19.00 Ryan O'Reilly 20.00 @LucieSilvas 21.15 Meet n Greet upgrades avail at: https://t.co/FQY2b9hTFx
@mirandalambert is here in spirit ❤️ https://t.co/9bE25DBma8
RT @Amy_1472: Just met the lovely @LucieSilvas https://t.co/DDP67wmGqb
RT @PROwls1: @LucieSilvasSP @LucieSilvas @jleshay Thank you :) Its an interview I'll remember for a long time, she was so genuine and lovely x
RT @CaraBeardMusic: On our way to @LucieSilvas beyond excited to see her at @brooklynbowl @TheO2 tonight!!🎤💕
RT @jadeycakes1992: Anyone want 2 free tickets to @LucieSilvas tonight? Two people dropped out and I don't want them to go to waste! Join me! I don't bite! ☺️
RT @lmarks84: @LucieSilvas Seeing you live for the first time tonight, been a fan for 12 years! So excited! #letterstoghosts
RT @exchangebristol: Only ten tickets left for @LucieSilvas - get them here: https://t.co/CBZUgfFwTr https://t.co/QhyjSARkRU
RT @xLauraxHollandx: @LucieSilvas Thanks so much for making this day even more special 💖 She burst out crying when we played the vid 👍🏻☺️ https://t.co/y2eo0Mjc7W
RT @PROwls1: I chatted to the insanely talented & lovely @LucieSilvas before her gig @OranMorGlasgow https://t.co/rfIGk65nLC https://t.co/SAEIS0frJi
@dazgale @BBowlLondon @C2Cfestival no the meet and greet is before doors as far as I know
RT @Jessie_LaurenE: Looking forward to gig season kicking off again tonight with @LucieSilvas at Brooklyn Bowl!
RT @BBowlLondon: TONIGHT! @C2Cfestival Social ft. @LucieSilvas w/ @ryanjoreilly @Thejakemorrell :: 18+ :: https://t.co/cPTOBvTGqe https://t.co/oPMzQUn6Ws
RT @GDickieDesign: So this beauty arrived today 😀 @LucieSilvas #LettersToGhosts https://t.co/zL3Q9PZQHS
RT @MarkDaleyUK: Can't contain my excitement! Taking Mum to see @LucieSilvas tonight at @BBowlLondon! #LettersToGhosts
Tonight at the @o2institutebham , thanku everyone for coming and for such a memorable night! ❤️ 📷: @loveyouluce https://t.co/DtwuHB7SVG
@loveyouluce love this Linda! Thank you angel
RT @Grovesy3: @LucieSilvas @O2InstituteBham think I can just about see myself......great night https://t.co/TAITb1NxkN
🙏🏻💘😭 https://t.co/8rODlVoKdp
RT @LAURA__AFC: @LucieSilvas Each album has been exceptional to hear live & tonight felt so special. Amazing gig, just like old times & that voice is still 😍
RT @michellethatter: Such a fab fab night with @LucieSilvas !! Catch her in London or Bristol if you can, completely brill x
Thank you Birmingham !!! See you again soon!! 😘🇬🇧 @O2InstituteBham https://t.co/hL2tDnR1u6
RT @AnnaKrantzMusic: Listen to last night's @WhisperingBob show with @LucieSilvas. Utterly brilliant as always xx
RT @jadeycakes1992: Is there anyone / two people who would like to join @Sophie_Watson and I at @LucieSilvas tomorrow eve in London? Totally free tix xx
RT @OrrenHopkins: Opening act for @LucieSilvas was REALLY GOOD! Loved your songs @TheBonfires
RT @GullInExile: Wonderful show @LucieSilvas you're looking & sounding just as good as you always did. Beautiful gesture to end on too
@conchashima next time ! Very soon 😘
RT @realgonekev: @LucieSilvas You were amazing tonight! And thanks for signing your plectrum! Please Please Please come back soon ❤ https://t.co/moo9JyjoBe
RT @ianrkenilworth: Two hours to @LucieSilvas #live #Birmingham - she will be fantastic! Can't wait!
Opener @TheBonfires on at 8, don't miss it! Im on at 9 sharp X https://t.co/AGwI3EROzK
@NatalieAL wow brilliant !
A paragraph from my @SomethnCountry interview . Thanks so much for taking the time. ❤️ https://t.co/vOBd8szny6
There's a brand new member of the #peakyblinders 👌🏻 @thebonfires https://t.co/lItQU6bQt7
RT @SomethnCountry: We chatted to the lovely @LucieSilvas about the new album, Nashville and more! Read here: https://t.co/7h7e4dSn50 https://t.co/rONjJ5Cmlt
RT @WhatsOnBrum: TONIGHT! #Birmingham welcomes singer songwriter @LucieSilvas to @O2InstituteBham 9 Sep > https://t.co/1Ul7q7Q2mV https://t.co/2viZpaI0SW
@NatalieAL @seetickets @BBowlLondon did they come to your email electronically ?
RT @dspworcester: @LucieSilvas really looking forward to your Birmingham gig 2nite. Another thing ticked on my bucket list! Pls say hi to David from Worcester
RT @johnthetiger: Looking forward to anniversary weekend with @julesacko! @LucieSilvas in Birmingham tonight, @LeicesterTigers tomorrow. #nothingelsematters
@SOB_TheRiddler 9pm my friend
RT @JUMPINSOUNDS: Looking forward to seeing the fabulous @LucieSilvas @C2Cfestival tomorrow #C2CSocial last few tickets here https://t.co/mSOPkXMn9a
RT @ianrkenilworth: @LucieSilvas sounding fantastic with @WhisperingBob on @BBCRadio2 listen again on iPlayer! #LettersToGhosts
@northernsoundz1 yes it is not me. Please disregard and my apologies X
@jamielawsonuk @WhisperingBob thank you Jamie ! Will I see you tomorrow ?
RT @trickster1966: Cpl Gr8 reviews of @LucieSilvas Glasgow gig... Including mine.. 😉 https://t.co/B29tdLXfta
RT @fell_lisa: Completely 💖'ing the new Letters To Ghosts album from @LucieSilvas So pleased she's back! #vocals #music 🇬🇧 🎤 👌🏼
RT @WhisperingBob: Thank you to @LucieSilvas for a wonderful session on @BHarrisCountry tonight @BBCRadio2 https://t.co/U1ClfHe3VZ
RT @realgonekev: One more sleep until @LucieSilvas @O2InstituteBham It's only taken 12 years to see her live! #itwillbeworththewait
They had to pry me away from @WhisperingBob 🙏🏻 https://t.co/usGpOJVsft
RT @Amy_1472: Yay! I've finally added a signed cd to me @LucieSilvas collection 😊 what a treat to come home to #letterstoghosts https://t.co/GeMH4sLtwK
RT @SanDimas2: @LucieSilvas @WhisperingBob So I am in debt to Bob once more. Another introduction to a wonderful artist. Music downloaded. What a voice!👏🙌🙌
Incredible and emotional time for me being on Radio 2 with @WhisperingBob . Thank U so much. And now he's playing @brothersosborne Tears! 😭
@WhisperingBob playing one of my dear friends @MarenMorris before we chat 😭❤️👏🏻
Tune in to Radio 2 now while I'm getting to hang out with @WhisperingBob in a minute and playing some songs from my new album. So excited !
RT @mrBobbyBones: ... https://t.co/ofWArNPAIa
@Thejakemorrell excited to watch your set ! 🎉
One of my fav people. Check out his new song ! @BrandonRayMusic 👌🏻🇺🇸 https://t.co/LohiqQyWjq
I'm gonna be hanging out with @WhisperingBob tonight on @BHarrisCountry ! Can't wait. LIVE at 7.15pm TONIGHT 🇬🇧 #bbcradio2 #country
So excited for this! Come see me on Saturday in London 🇬🇧🎉 @C2Cfestival @BBowlLondon https://t.co/Vht3b4PsYr
RT @carro111: A pleasure seeing @LucieSilvas and @SeanCKennedy1 @OranMorGlasgow See more pics here https://t.co/1oEnQLHKuQ https://t.co/urTVeyqId7
RT @ownnashville: Look what arrived today @LucieSilvas https://t.co/GsfK6lvDRO
@srmagee88 @AXS_UK it's before the show! Can't wait
@JezzaTaff @BRfmRadio @EricErdmanMusic thank you so much guys! The support means a lot
One last shot from last night in Glasgow, Scotland. 📷: @martoon15000 #oranmor #glasgow https://t.co/hv1rOcfcBS
@loveyouluce thank you Linda. Made me miss my mum even more. Thank you so much for being there 😘
Me too! You were awesome. Great to see you there front row ❤️ https://t.co/mOScFh6SfX
@trickster1966 thank you Alan. Sorry I didn't get to give you guys a hug. Hadn't seen family in years. Thanks for understanding ❤️
Brilliant faces of the crowd tonight at the Oran mor venue in Glasgow. Thank you all for an amazing night tonight ! https://t.co/z9pWGcdhZs
Such an awesome talent and sweet person @seanckennedy1 is. Thank you! Your set was amazing ! Let's do it again 🇬🇧🎉 https://t.co/Kknpac1KRt
My Scottish aunties and uncles /cousin came to see me tonight and made my day. So good to spend time with them 💘 https://t.co/Oj7bC9F4Oh
@Bopshopnick so sorry Nick I have a 6am flight to London & also Had family here at show so went with them . Love you guys and I'm back soon
Looking very serious pre show tonight in Glasgow! It's such a thrill playing with these guys. And at @OranMorGlasgow https://t.co/pwMhUPQTF0
@mrBobbyBones @KaceyMusgraves @taylorswift13 @gilstem I stalk them right back ❤️
RT @Martoon15000: This lady gives me so many feels! Too talented! @LucieSilvas https://t.co/5codLLlb2o
@Bopshopnick love you guys !
RT @johnco: Spoke to @LucieSilvas this afternoon for a future show @greatesthitsuk across the uk. Fantastic and interesting lady.
@CarthyB @johnco @greatesthitsuk thank you buddy!
RT @SomethnCountry: Incredible show by @LucieSilvas at the @OranMorGlasgow - come back soon!! https://t.co/7OFT5WrqD2
@GDickieDesign thank you Grant
😭😘❤️ thank you! https://t.co/iRgLPGGLN2
@Ash87x aw thank you!
@PhillipRayson thank you Philip!
GLASGOW! RT for your chance to WIN a pair of tickets to tonight's gig at @OranMorGlasgow! https://t.co/aAO3Yrrewe
Back in my Mums homeland tonight and so excited to play the @OranMorGlasgow ! This is gonna be a special night ❤️
RT @TwinnieleeMoore: @luciesilvas pulling on every heart string in the room. "Just for the record I really loved you"… https://t.co/WReyv5SEDa
RT @SomethnCountry: Headed through to Glasgow to see @LucieSilvas and @SeanCKennedy1 - it's going to be a fantastic night of music!
RT @Martoon15000: A year ago tomorrow since the @LucieSilvas gig dry spell came to an end in LA - now she's back in Scotland & 3rd time this yr! #silvasisback
RT @FillmoreSS: PRESALE -- @BrothersOsborne w/ @LucieSilvas on Nov 5th! Use code SPOTLIGHT to secure tix: https://t.co/RnsWJXfrko https://t.co/Lkh8PMhnLw
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a person who embodies everything I aspire to as a human being @natalieosborne… https://t.co/rSAvaYWag1
RT @NYC_newmusic: What an incredible, amazing concert by @LucieSilvas Welcome back to the UK, we missed you! #letterstoghosts https://t.co/kFFmK47qxZ
RT @GroggiBear: Stunning gig this evening by the super talented @luciesilvas Already looking forward to the next… https://t.co/UeuI2e3Av3
@anniepeters08 thank you ! 😘
RT @flossyfletch: Just home after the most amazing performance from my absolute favourite artist @LucieSilvas So honoured I got to meet you. #mademyday #happy
🙌🏻❤️ https://t.co/km8CVA7hB6
So good to see you Dave! https://t.co/Ycl5OoGTe0
RT @Alanwdawson: @LucieSilvas think these 2 shots speak volumes about your emotions from last night.. https://t.co/4H9bCrOJXV
RT @BellesandGals: .@C2Cfestival is giving away two tickets to @LucieSilvas' gig at @brooklynbowl in London on Saturday! ✔ it out! ⬇ https://t.co/yGqQKHPzlQ
Thank you Manchester for such a warm welcome back. It means so much to me. What a night. Thank… https://t.co/EYOI9t1Pfy
I ❤️ you!! https://t.co/xVbLwhAzGU
RT @brothersosborne: We're coming HOME y'all!!! Nov. 5th at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD. w/ @LucieSilvas. Tix are going fast. 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀 https://t.co/cdJswkVKNd
@RimmerStu thank you!
RT @bidleybell82: @LucieSilvas completely nailed her UK comeback gig this evening @DeafInstitute. What a totally insane voice she has and the songs from...
@SaraCude thank you Sara
RT @NYC_newmusic: So happy to meet @LucieSilvas Thank u 4being perfect, just like your song for our engagement! https://t.co/xIRE0wqPws https://t.co/wQjoGWcdtk
🙏🏻😭❤️ https://t.co/oQTYFFZVrU
Listening backstage to the beautiful sounds of @TheBonfires . Such a talent. Love this crowd already. See you sooooonnn Manchester 🇬🇧❤️🎉
RT @jasminexbanks: buzzing to finally see @LucieSilvas !! what an honour to be in such an intimate venue with such an incredible musician🙌🏽
MANCHESTER! RT for your chance to WIN a pair of tickets to tonight’s SOLD OUT show at @DeafInstitute https://t.co/gY83cjU47p
@Marky26 prob late this afternoon
Manchester!, Excited and ready for the first show in 🇬🇧. And that deserves a hair flip. 📷: @jasonmyersphoto https://t.co/kihT6rRFuV
RT @ChrisCountry: We’re chatting with @lucieSilvas this afternoon ahead of her UK tour - anything we can ask her on your behalf? #LettersToGhosts
RT @kayli0909: My mind is telling me not to miss out on @LucieSilvas first performance @RedRocksCO
@JasonMyersPhoto haaaa thank you Jason!! 😘🎉
Thank you Mike ! https://t.co/DMnvSiUmp8
RT @WhatsOnBrum: MUSIC HIGHLIGHTS! 🎶🎵 See this week's @WhatsOnBrum's gig recommendations across #Birmingham > https://t.co/6ZfZ8LoEQj https://t.co/o8jbo0LgV9
@Rosie_Liz aw love this
@NigeYC excited ! 😘
@DaveSteane77 what happened here ?
Excited to be on the road with you and the guys 🎉 https://t.co/36fvtE6AQ5
RT @rickythomaslee: Do any of my Manchester pals wanna come see @LucieSilvas with me tomorrow? Got an extra ticket.
RT @Thejakemorrell: I'm opening for Lucie at her @BBowlLondon show on Sat. U should come. It'll be off the chain!! @C2Cfestival https://t.co/icvxNB0BFb
RT @NathalieSLarsen: 6 days and counting before we I get to see @LucieSilvas again - how lucky are we - it's been less than a year! :D
Last day of rehearsals before my UK dates start. Can't wait to play you these songs and some new ones... Even newer than the new ones 🇬🇧🎉
@NDBGNT sorry to hear that. I broke mine a couple years back. Wishing you a speedy recovery
@SHAZCAP I'll be hanging out after show
@michaelgrib I'd love to come to Belfast. Soon I hope
@Martoon15000 ha you re an angel 😘
Getting you answers ❤️ https://t.co/Y6tIasnBfd
@Le_Nosh there's amazing openers but I still go on quite early that might
@KFRGHeather thank you Heather ! 😘
@RachiePix5 love you sister
@_nighttrap thank you!! ❤️
RT @Jigglyem: I'm #Home ! Back in the Big Smoke next weekend to see @LucieSilvas with @abbi_penn 😆😆
Yay!!! Birmingham ❤️ https://t.co/btIZTqPb7f
@JaredEvans77 @GrangerSmith happy birthday dudes !!
@Charelle92 thank you!
Such a generous present that I almost can't accept it ... Almost. Anna thank you so much for… https://t.co/OD9MLS8lY5
Thank you for taking me to such a lovely dinner. I love you guys to pieces ellagracewillow… https://t.co/dfADsw9Qlr
No better way to spend a birthday than playing music. Rehearsing for my UK tour dates today.… https://t.co/nFjS8W3Iy2
The great thing about turning one year older is maturity really kicks in to sort everything out 🎉 #happybirthdaytome https://t.co/pVDdDc5o13
@isaacloic thank you so much
@isaacloic ha I look so pensive ! Thank you!
@momofpepe thanks Lisa!
@xLauraxHollandx thank you sweetie
@SharLotteL gorgeous ! Thank you!!
Thank you Mollie. What a cutie ❤️ https://t.co/s25r1qeRJL
RT @momofpepe: @LucieSilvas Just wanted you to know that FB has removed the "fake" account. https://t.co/7RcKNu5t9f
@ryanzoneuk1986 thanks Ryan
RT @BellesandGals: My final video shout tonight goes to @LucieSilvas with "Perfect" https://t.co/iO3KdiEe3w (Nick signing off, Astrid is back tomorrow!)
RT @Ash87x: @LucieSilvas yas!!! 💗 today I will mostly be listening to... Cant wait until wed! 😁 #letterstoghosts #lovethisalbum https://t.co/qYBR29RDVw
RT @JosephStyles11: ❤ @LucieSilvas https://t.co/ruVMYmFsTp
RT @ownnashville: Who hasn't yet purchased @LucieSilvas Letters To Ghosts? You should, it is fantastic! https://t.co/XDlAYFj2NQ
RT @exchangebristol: VERY limited tickets remaining for @LucieSilvas, get them here before it's too late: https://t.co/xw5qogfgvd https://t.co/Xve9ISiX36
Hey guys. There's a Facebook account pretending to be me and it's not. I ofcourse appreciate the support but it's not my official Facebook
RT @Helen_Watts1: Currently obsessed with this song #letterstoghosts can't wait to see it performed live NEXT WEEK by @LucieSilvas 🙌🏻🎤 https://t.co/BpDS7zGoNG
RT @Amy_1472: This time next week we'll be on our way to @brooklynbowl to see @LucieSilvas 🎉🎉🎉
"Haaaayyyyyyyyy" 📷: @sonyajasinski https://t.co/ao90Nmxh03
@momofpepe no it's not me Hun
RT @GarethBarton: One week to go before I get to see the amazing @LucieSilvas for the second time this year! #letterstoghosts https://t.co/Zremitw17s
@__hannahgoddard that's not right. Sorry for the confusion. You should be able to just pay the difference . Hold tight 😘
Hoping we can sort this out for you guys ❤️ @C2Cfestival @axs @BBowlLondon https://t.co/v3WIsJb3YE
RT @Amy_1472: @Jessie_LaurenE @__hannahgoddard @LucieSilvas I ordered from AXS &upgraded. Brooklyn Bowl can upgrade in person. I did it with AXS on phone
First time the album is in stores in the UK. Thanks to my sweet fans for buying it today.… https://t.co/gkwqwFA4ob
RT @TwinnieleeMoore: This is my insanely talented beautiful friend @luciesilvas Guys her album is out TODAY! It's… https://t.co/StXMr3AQ1R
@nellietellie thank you Neil
RT @trickster1966: Can't wait to see @LucieSilvas at @OranMorGlasgow on Wednesday. https://t.co/8CUvjHlG8c
RT @jonathon_247: @LucieSilvas another preview of your show @exchangebristol https://t.co/IgkmtwKXyN via @bristol247
RT @EmilyAlgar: In celebration of @LucieSilvas album 'Letters to Ghosts' UK release, here are my thoughts on this beautiful record. https://t.co/NOUReqlrJl
@NJeanMartine thank you darlin'
@catonious thank you from one Lucie to another ❤️ #lucy
@julesacko thanks Julie!
@jackmcmanus thank you Jack!! Hope to see you guys
@TwinnieleeMoore love you Sista
RT @AnnaKrantzMusic: The English version is Soooo good! @luciesilvas #letterstoghosts 🇬🇧 https://t.co/LuGRsHQU5v
RT @nashoverhere: ALBUM REVIEW: Today is release day for @LucieSilvas "Letters To Ghosts" - Our thoughts here https://t.co/hDUQsbJ9O4 https://t.co/tNRH3cQx0E
RT @megweiss13: The #UK got even cooler now that @LucieSilvas #LettersToGhosts is available across the pond. My UK friends, go get some music for the soul.
RT @martineofficial: Get this album - this girl is SO good @LucieSilvas 👌🏻 https://t.co/db7qvTpmJP
@martineofficial love ya Martine xxx
RT @ScotsRanger82: @LucieSilvas Until then I'm just gonna let @AppleMusic Play it on Repeat https://t.co/SyNKrlhbBi
RT @NewCountryUK: Out today! New album "Letters To Ghosts" from the fab @LucieSilvas https://t.co/9Epa1oMunD
RT @cherrysodablog: So excited that @LucieSilvas is going to be on @BHarrisCountry next week!
Thank you my friend. You're one of my heroes https://t.co/fORMbEMiNK
RT @fadetoblack23: @LucieSilvas my copy just arrived. 👍 see you on Tuesday! 🇬🇧 https://t.co/p1V4RJ4WKk
Magical day in London today 🇬🇧 #letterstoghosts https://t.co/fMxaQFyFNI
RT @__hannahgoddard: Happy release day @LucieSilvas hoping I can get this on vinyl at some point! See you in London 🇬🇧🎉
Me/my dad/grandpa and grandma urge you to go buy the album today in the UK! 🇬🇧🎉 https://t.co/EV3eq6FPG1
RT @clfallis: Congrats on your first major label release for years.🇬🇧🎶❤️ https://t.co/D98JwNov24
RT @Bopshopnick: Congrats @LucieSilvas on UK release of the stunning album Letters to Ghosts. Can't wait to see you on tour next week. #letterstoghosts
RT @deanwharton1: Would urge everyone to buy @LucieSilvas beautiful album #LettersToGhosts out in the UK! It is one of my faves and Lucie is such a talent
RT @kasey_stone_: STILL loving #LettersToGhosts ... really great that it gets a formal UK release today! Congrats @LucieSilvas! Everyone go and buy it 😃🎶
RT @MarysaAdriana: Absolutely goosebumps like I get from @LucieSilvas https://t.co/8vK2y4lfYU
RT @BringCountry2UK: TODAY'S the day @wardthomasmusic and @LucieSilvas albums are out 💕
Today's the day, UK 🇬🇧 #letterstoghosts
RT @momofpepe: @LucieSilvas Look what arrived at my house today!! Totally made my day!!!! Hope I get to have you sign it some day!! https://t.co/b28VuUz0Lv
RT @huwknight: Congrats on the UK release of #LettersToGhosts @LucieSilvas , a great album produced by a lovely lady - a true inspiration - you rock ! x
@chrismoorewales @BHarrisCountry @WhisperingBob @BBCR2Country 😘
RT @BHarrisCountry: Next week - @LucieSilvas live in the studio! @WhisperingBob @BBCR2Country
Thank you for such a lovely review and for listening so attentively . Huge appreciation for you guys https://t.co/lMPOD2R7qk
Visited the offices of @deccarecords today in London. Great to have this team around me. 🇬🇧🎉 #letterstoghosts https://t.co/pyOnXPGAyX
RT @momofpepe: So cool to read about the story behind @LucieSilvas and @natalieosborne being on @brothersosborne 21 Summer!! https://t.co/obIkuxTp0F
RT @l1lly_c: Yay! I got my tickets for @LucieSilvas at Oran Mor next week #excited :D
@realgonekev I sure will ❤️
@bestkidrxuhl that's really lovely, thank you. Best compliment 💘
Such hard workers. Such great talent. Such good people. I love you two so very much. Congrats to… https://t.co/nQD0iwA4IR
You sweetheart . Thank you for the support https://t.co/M6ITGDTEuQ
RT @jonathon_247: @LucieSilvas thanks for great interview @bristol247 looking forward to your bristol show @exchangebristol https://t.co/e0ayfrq9PO
@sven111 😘
@hmarie8706 thanks honey bun
RT @sven111: @LucieSilvas Got tickets for the Brooklyn bowl on the 10th can't wait to see you perform ❤️
RT @Alanwdawson: @LucieSilvas secured a ticket to see you in manchester on Tuesday thanks to @loveyouluce !!!..thrilled is not the word !!!...
RT @SOB_TheRiddler: Uber excited look what arrived this am @LucieSilvas can't wait🎸🎤🎼 https://t.co/Xv3cz9k4HA
@NDBGNT thanks Nick 😘
RT @deanpiper: SO GOOD seeing @LucieSilvas killing it on ITV1 this weekend ahead of her SOLD OUT UK tour https://t.co/Px5R140jmB #LettersToGhosts
@deanpiper love you Dean! 💘
@NDBGNT it's the first time the album has ever gotta a labor release and of physical copies too in stores ❤️
@ownnashville thank you guys 😘
RT @SHAZCAP: @LucieSilvas only week to wait until Manchester! 🎤🎸👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Excited to see you live again. #letterstoghosts
@LAURA__AFC ha brilliant! Can't wait
@sven111 no it's sept 10! Tickets left ❤️
RT @JDHartil: Awesome from @LucieSilvas - Letters To Ghosts | LIVE Weekend 2016 August 27 https://t.co/nAX9vR3Wsd Catch her live @OranMorGlasgow Wed 7th!
RT @realgonekev: @Nick_Loveland don't forget it's @LucieSilvas @O2InstituteBham next Friday! If you can make it, you won't be disappointed!!!
@YesThisIsAna sure, if the venue is cool with that go ahead 😘
@deanwharton1 this Friday 🎉
Ready for a few interviews in London ahead of the album coming out on Decca this week 🎉… https://t.co/zSy0gBGf98
RT @SaraCude: 1 week to Lucie countdown commences! @littlemisshetty @LucieSilvas SOOO EXCITEDDDD!!!
At some point, I'll get these dates right, & spelt correctly 😳 Updated for you 🎉 #letterstoghosts #BrothersOsborne https://t.co/7aTlmbEcUV
#tb to Opry night. 🇺🇸 Missing the stage already and my folks who are safety back in NZ. 😭❤️ https://t.co/uLqYJhmeZD
RT @CMGRadioShow: NEW SINGLE: @davidnail's new single #GoodAtTonight (featuring @brothersosborne) set to impact 9/12! https://t.co/VAt7LoxyJ2
My fav Products . I have a problem 💗 https://t.co/L6DPr7bmac
@trickster1966 @WhisperingBob @BBCRadio2 thanks guys!
@kateyorkmusic yeah, Trip to Mars?
RT @Vingoodwin: Nice to see @luciesilvas on t'telly with @benmark7 @thebonfires… https://t.co/AYUS56f6nd
@KaneWilliams_1 all the socials and soundcloud and making you're demos available . Go to shows, meet people. Keep on creating. 😘👏🏻❤️
@BBCR2MusicBot ❤️😘
RT @BBCR2MusicBot: Now Playing Lucie Silvas - Letters To Ghosts @LucieSilvas https://t.co/atIvXwOCZb
@FionaCornish81 thanks Fiona 😘
@mattieh Amazon or my website https://t.co/4dqoLgP3Ug 💗
@trickster1966 yes ofcourse Alan
I wrote a message inside a few of the signed CDs of #letterstoghosts for those who pre-order the album in the UK...See where they end up 😻
RT @huwknight: Tears of pure joy watching @LucieSilvas on TV this morning, so much talent and beauty, and a great new album too, bring on the tour !
RT @LittleJeva: Loved watching & listening to the wonderful @LucieSilvas & @TheBonfires back on UK tv this morning!! What a treat 👌🏻🎶
RT @xLauraxHollandx: ♫ I can't let go of, someone I wanted the most ♬ @LucieSilvas - Letters To Ghosts https://t.co/y8jhg1sk5E
@dazgale oh ok then 😉😊
Thank you! 😘 https://t.co/5PaYEp9KGp
RT @ownnashville: Great to see @LucieSilvas on ITV Weekend, excited for Bristol even more now!
@lisaw12345 😘
@dwellzy4 thanks Danny
@Bopshopnick @RuthieRoo1982 excited to see you guys
RT @kasey_stone_: @LucieSilvas sounding amazing on #weekend 🎶 https://t.co/pO6WBtT4EJ
RT @ITVWeekend: The final treat of today's show is @LucieSilvas singing her version of @onedirection hit #Perfect https://t.co/8fLxoEVE5m
RT @ianrkenilworth: Great start to the day @LucieSilvas on #Weekend #LettersToGhosts
RT @MissNibbles_: @LucieSilvas This track is absolutely amazing from beginning to end @Laurawhiteoffic these lyrics are touching 😌 https://t.co/ouoxfgCiyI
@glennyboy1881 @ITVWeekend aw thank you. That makes me happy
So cool to be back in the UK. First appearance over here on @ITVWeekend. Singin another song at end of the show 🇬🇧💗 https://t.co/UW3OgWidxE
RT @ITVWeekend: On today's #itvweekend @realaled is joined by @StephenMulhern @TheMickyDolenz1 Paul Nicholls @LucieSilvas and @RhiannaDhillon
@momofpepe yes! Want you to have one 😘
@TracySmith220 sorry Tracy! I'll be back again very soon
@SOB_TheRiddler yes ofcourse!
RT @srmagee88: 2 weeks Tomoz and me and @KatyJaneLinley will be seeing the amazing @LucieSilvas live in London #excited !!! https://t.co/YmKk9riOwN
Tune in tomorrow morn @ITVWeekend from 8.30am UK time, performing 2 songs with my band and chatting to lovely Aled https://t.co/aum0vmf7XL
RT @ITVWeekend: Don't forget to tune in tomorrow to see @StephenMulhern @TheMickyDolenz1 Paul Nicholls @LucieSilvas and @RhiannaDhillon from 8:30
RT @richardovink: Just ordered a signed copy of @luciesilvas Letters to Ghost. Now waiting at the mailbox
RT @MsAshleyMich: Music recommendation of the day is brought to you by @LucieSilvas https://t.co/Ygf6uI14Mc
@RossMike15 sure thing Mike
Updated tour dates, spelt correctly 😊 . More to be added 🎉 #tour #letterstoghosts #BrothersOsborne https://t.co/Jdz0e2UuSU
@ianrkenilworth always!
@HighLarious36 working on that
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/tJFzuXoUdd
Have you pre-ordered your signed copy of #letterstoghosts ? Amazon , iTunes or https://t.co/4dqoLgP3Ug ❤️ https://t.co/kdOW92YTNb
@KimmieTurner @LucyCBarber Thank you! I'm very excited for the shows and to see you all
@RachiePix5 you say the word and I'm there 😘
@MorganMylesLIVE Thank you Morgan! 😘😘🙏🏻
@davebarnesmusic @jillianjmusic can't stop laughing. This is why I love people 😂 . Is Samuel next ?
RT @LucieSilvas: I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/Z22xBjLSOd
RT @liz_wright90: @LucieSilvas So glad to see you have a new album coming out, have pre-ordered 👍🏻🎉 😊
@jillianjmusic haaaaa can't deal with this
RT @jillianjmusic: THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST THING IVE EVER SEEN: https://t.co/EWd7mIa3dO
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/Z22xBjLSOd
Aw this is so sweet, thanks for spending some of that payday on me 😘 https://t.co/ZVKnbq5nQ9
Updated tour dates. More to be added. Get yours now ✨🎉 #UK #USA #letterstoghosts #BrothersOsborne https://t.co/fo21j78nA1
RT @JordiJSo: I cannot wait to see @LucieSilvas in London again. Waited so many years and now mange to see her twice in 1 year. Yay! #LettersToGhosts #C2C
RT @LulaFortunes: 6 most killer women in music right now to me @mirandalambert @MissMargoPrice @nikkilanemusic @TheBrandyClark @lindiortega @LucieSilvas 🙏🏻💕
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/sJFAjPrBCT
@Sareeetaaa hello! I'm not sure lemme find out for you 😘
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/1u4QnEOaiC
Amazing set last night from @TorMillerMusic. He captivated the audience. Bloody great band too #surrender https://t.co/B13oeJKTTp
RT @TwinnieleeMoore: These girls ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ & a random photo bomb! @annakrantzmusic @luciesilvas… https://t.co/g2qR88qMp6
RT @loveyouluce: @LucieSilvas Hey Lucie, just tweeting to say I have changed a date I am coming to see you to London so now have 1 spare Manchester ticket xx
@huwknight almost, Tom Meadows will be on drums 💘
@sven111 😘
@ToddSw33ney @peterwilson40 do check back as maybe more will become available. Birmingham too far? ❤️
First stop In London- Just recorded for @ITVWeekend with Aled Jones . Tune in on Saturday morning ✨ 🇬🇧 https://t.co/xec0GhqO0X
RT @Katie__Woo: just been watching @Nashville_ABC awesome to hear @LucieSilvas 'HOW TO LOSE IT ALL' on there #CLASSACT
RT @RossMike15: Who else am I digging? @FrankieBallard @LucieSilvas @brothersosborne @lucashoge @LOCASHmusic Too much great music that gets limited airplay!
So sorry , I'll be back again very soon https://t.co/z5CLsvC8sm
RT @deebodillon: @Beckytwolovatt and I have waited over 7 year to see @LucieSilvas again not long to go now.❤️ #letterstoghost https://t.co/z3ZmTEgaZE
RT @CMT: The art of an @opry debut with @LucieSilvas... https://t.co/nlysCG64mW https://t.co/JvqhJTT3pU
RT @DigitalTourBus: .@brothersosborne announces “The Dirt Rich Tour" with @LancoMusic @LucieSilvas. Details at https://t.co/u5ymZVcL9y https://t.co/MbIJgBRBRg
@TwinnieleeMoore yay!! It's hot! Excited to see you too 😘🎉
RT @huwknight: Look what arrived in the post today @LucieSilvas https://t.co/yLRchaR5Xj
@kateyorkmusic Haaa don't! Wish you were here 😭🇬🇧
Good Morning, London 🇬🇧👌🏻
😊 Thank u Colin https://t.co/l1OYJbfJah
You're the best Lauren. Thank you so much for this ❤️ #CMT #Opry https://t.co/ndsbxTb5CF
RT @BellesandGals: Shout #8 goes to @LucieSilvas with "Letters To Ghosts" https://t.co/7DkEbbH4gp
RT @HighLarious36: Just can't get enough of @LucieSilvas. Listening to "How To Lose It All"
RT @ownnashville: Don't forget, you can pre order a signed copy of @LucieSilvas album Letters To Ghost here: https://t.co/H7hA3IFio1
It's the crack of sparrows ... But I'm pretty sure I'm on my way to the UK 🇬🇧🎉
@djrobsterling ha! Awesome! Thanks Bud. Proud of that song. Hope you're well
They look very serious here but they were concentrating. It's been the most amazing week having… https://t.co/2W0eyJc62j
Behind the scenes footage from a beautiful night opening for Dave Barnes with the shadow boxers… https://t.co/BTDFF0Wdhv
RT @theshadowboxers: Thanks to you BUILD THE BEAT went viral on @Spotify: #10 Global / #5 US. On @iTunes now too. https://t.co/f68ZWhRnB0 https://t.co/H7pY7UIjj9
One of my fav songs and def two of my fav people ❤️ #villain https://t.co/4irpCa61b1
The circle 🙌🏻 love this moment from rehearsing with the Opry's legendary band . Honored they… https://t.co/C5DKbqhza1
backstage shot by @thewhitegirlmoves I made that little flower piece with paper flowers-craft store Michaels #Opry https://t.co/3HOA6FW63Q
RT @ianrkenilworth: Less than 3 weeks until @LucieSilvas hits the stage in Birmingham 🇬🇧 -can't wait! #PocketRocket #AmazingTalent
@charlesnashvill Kree is a queen 🔥💗🙌🏻
@jillianjmusic you are the sweetest! And amazing! Thank you doll ❤️
RT @JDHartil: Check out this fantastic interview with the talented @LucieSilvas on her life in Nashville and her new music - https://t.co/DXiKPYpEFW
@hmarie8706 so happy you were there 💘
@CharlesEsten @opry Thanks so much Charles! Night of my life. So great seeing you. You're a badass and a gem of a person ✨
RT @opry: So much talent in this photo. We're honored to have their voices on our stage. #Opry @CharlesEsten @LucieSilvas https://t.co/56WpmVuPIK
😘😘 thanks Katie xx https://t.co/6ImhtOM1W6
RT @exchangebristol: Tickets for the @MissMargoPrice and @LucieSilvas shows running real low. Don't say we didn't warn you!
Last night in pictures ❤️🙏🏻 Thank you to everybody at the @opry for making my year ✨ https://t.co/xp6CAI1GAT
So lovely seeing @RaeLynnOfficial and hearing her sing #lovetriangle LIVE. Special to get to hear that at the @opry https://t.co/zUGRI9oLeq
@LaurenOnFOX7 @mrBobbyBones @opry he really is. One of the best 💘
Thank you Bobby, for being you and supporting me like you do. wish you had been too xxx https://t.co/cFuvLbG3I4
Last night was a dream. Thank you @opry for making it come true. That stage is as magic as it… https://t.co/UOsyxwv0Og
@JoviGirl8 aw thanks Holly. All my love to you all
@MeDeniseyoung 🙏🏻😘
@lazycat1 😘😘😘😘🙏🏻😭
@RachiePix5 I love you so much
@CallieChampion awesome! Thanks Callie
Thank you Brenda! https://t.co/UbgCSl59DK
Pre show tonight in the debut dressing room. I can hardly believe I occupied it tonight . Feel… https://t.co/VWL5JO2PtU
Love you Carly! Thank you ! https://t.co/dH1okPlUw6
Thanks so much! 😘 https://t.co/z0uk2QO1n4
@valsouthernline great meeting you guys !
RT @JabeNation: Excited to be playin' the Grand Ole Opry tonight w/ @luciesilvas ! https://t.co/p7obfNXnLZ
@loveyouluce thanks Linda! I'm not sure but I'll find out ❤️
@xboxfoster thanks Bud! Appreciate it!
RT @hmarie8706: Of course I'm listenin to my fav song on @LucieSilvas @opry debut day! #NashvilleBound #LettersToGhosts ❤️❤️❤️🎉😭✨ https://t.co/szWsNvsME6
RT @CallumMack18: @LucieSilvas Pre-Ordered 'Letters To Ghosts' even though I already have a copy. So worth it. MANCHESTER NEXT MONTH!!!!
TONIGHT.... Unexplainable excitement for this ✨ @opry https://t.co/QyuWL98OMb
❤️ @brothersosborne https://t.co/QKrfXrtUFh
Let's get Raising! https://t.co/tBZWE7cTj9
Go @RyanHurd !! We're all behind you. Check this out everybody 🙌🏻 #wedous https://t.co/MyvR4cejeq
Last night at @thebluebirdtn was utterly magical. Inspired by my talented friends ❤️ https://t.co/enWG3u6mUY
Good lord I'm lucky to call Nashville home. Thank you @ksrhoads @kateyorkmusic @gabedixonmusic @leighannenash @emilywestmusic @stevenwilson
Celebrating with my mum, dad and Osborne family... Wish my sisters and the rest of the Osbornes were here too 🎉❤️ https://t.co/GJvTVmMBO3
RT @opry: Who's ready for another #Opry week? #OpryBound https://t.co/1XKgVrwbM7 https://t.co/I5KoJt3Nb4
@ScotsRanger82 @DeccaRecords @brothersosborne one day soon I hope!
@SBSwags @DeccaRecords thank you Sara Beth! 💘
@markspears thanks Mark! ✨
UK! I’m so excited to tell you that my album �#LettersToGhosts� will be out on September 2nd! Pre-order a limited... https://t.co/et46Q0d458
RT @AmericanaFest: Here's the full lineup for AmericanaFest! Who are you most excited to see? https://t.co/nljaYr9FJY https://t.co/sJdKpwgMEA
Hell yeah. Excited for this @thebootdotcom https://t.co/YerFVJwmZC
@Marsho25 😘👌🏻
@jimirvinuk our song is finally getting its day ✨ #smoke
@BMGNashville @DeccaRecords I have an amazing team around me on both sides of the pond now! ❤️ Thank you
RT @BMGNashville: Congrats to @DeccaRecords because they just signed a total gem! So proud of @LucieSilvas! #letterstoghosts https://t.co/Lvsc7bs18k
I did! He's amazing . We wrote a song called "gold" ... On his latest album https://t.co/p0OJm6hrJI
RT @BoxOfficeBuz: When you hear @LucieSilvas is doing a gig in the UK & the moths in your wallet ground you for the foreseeable future. 😨
@Courttt__ do it! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
@leedspete sure thing. Direct message me
RT @samanthacarew22: Just bought my ticket to see @LucieSilvas in London in Sep! Looking forward to that 😊 #C2CSocial
Here we go ! Officially signed to @deccarecords for a major release of #letterstoghosts . Gonna… https://t.co/VBQgGfB6r1
UK! I’m so excited to tell you that my album #LettersToGhosts will be out on September 2nd! Pre-order a limited... https://t.co/9pyRMClrwo
UK! My album will come out on Decca Records SEPT 2nd Pre order a limited edition signed cd https://t.co/9bcFvKecll https://t.co/6SXe850ogx
RT @YesThisIsAna: After having a massive panic attack earlier, @LucieSilvas has completely cheered me up with her live chat. Thank you for being you 💜
@KreepinCountry thank you! It was for the uk announcement for the album release through Decca ❤️
RT @KreepinCountry: At Noon CT and 10am PT @LucieSilvas and her space dog will be LIVE on her FB talking about pronouns and stuff... https://t.co/7NYgN7YKld
@kasey_stone_ this is just a Facebook LIVE video chat. Plus I'm terrible at multi tasking 😁😳
@kasey_stone_ yes in 10 mins
Me, my dog Barley and her satellite dish are getting ready to go LIVE on Facebook from my band page. In 12 minutes! https://t.co/wBshUtB3cp
Me, my dog Barley and her satellite dish are getting ready to go LIVE on Facebook from my band page. In 15 minutes! https://t.co/5ZWFuzu754
RT @ownnashville: @LucieSilvas Lucie Silvas – Letters To Ghosts – Album Review – Building Our Own Nashville https://t.co/AcS11eWEDK
Gonna be sharing some news and talking with fans at 12 noon US time, 6pm UK time.... 7pm for Europe. Come chat with me Here
RT @exchangebristol: ICYMI: other @LucieSilvas dates are starting to sell out, we're close behind. Don't hang around on these! https://t.co/gfc9E4H2F3
RT @RecCollMag: In The Pipeline for next issue led by @LucieSilvas.
@kateyorkmusic haaaa isn't it worth joining? 😂
Down chat with me tomorrow (today UK time) 6pm Uk time. 12pm CST US https://t.co/9CNyMKjKz2
@racquelgoldy thank you, that's so sweet
RT @racquelgoldy: Crying because this is so amazing @LucieSilvas https://t.co/QEAwuAdqQC
@miniejm1993 London! Sept 10 ! Come see me @BBowlLondon
@acountrygirl_ nooooooo. Birmingham?? 😁
@hmarie8706 @kreeharrison she really is. Look forward to seeing you Friday!
@MarkEvanMusic likewise Mark!
I can't believe this talent exists in human form! One of the greatest singers to grace a stage. 🙏🏻 @kreeharrison https://t.co/QlsdKjOh03
I think it's 7.30 but not sure ❤️🙏🏻 https://t.co/AM78yqpuxX
Hey guys I'll be LIVE on Facebook tomorrow at 6pm UK time 🇬🇧 , 12pm CST in the US. 🇺🇸 Come chat with me ! #facebook https://t.co/yRqIqoJX6Y
Hey guys I'll be LIVE on Facebook tomorrow at 6pm UK time 🇬🇧 , 1pm CST in the US. Talking bout… https://t.co/QwsS4RHkvi
Family together again. And those are not my legs ❤️😂 https://t.co/EGNO8jqiuT
Mama on camera 💗 #opry https://t.co/u1l1Zdeza6
Filming something special for the @opry today in the run up to my debut this Friday. And guess… https://t.co/TH5sH4IPYA
RT @Think_Country: So excited by additional @Route91Harvest line up especially @DanAndShay @wmmorgan @LucieSilvas & @runawayjune https://t.co/TEbwY0Ab98
RT @nashoverhere: And not forgetting the wonderful @LucieSilvas at @Route91Harvest new from Nashville stage along with @aubriesellers @BrettYoungMusic
@JamieeeMason @brothersosborne haaaa I'm so confused! Maybe we're doing both then?!
@JamieeeMason ?? 😘 From Bros Website https://t.co/PeFhW8g3jB
@JamieeeMason im sure it's the 10th for the Riverside show no? It must be wrong on the Bros website too . @brothersosborne
@huwknight yes for sure!
@cwhit0307 I'll work on that ❤️
Updated tour dates ❤️ More to be added #UK #brothersosborne #letterstoghosts #USA #bc https://t.co/nIGOm4uTB0
Another date added in Vancouver! So excited ! #thedirtrichtour #brothersosborne #vancouver https://t.co/Pyl2PBm1bo
RT @exchangebristol: Manchester @LucieSilvas date is sold out, we're not far behind. Don't hang around on tickets! https://t.co/W9EnIpj89i
@Alanwdawson I'm not sure Alan but check back here and I'll post if so...
@JosephStyles11 Haaa I prefer facial hair 😂
@MrsDarcy986 @axs @C2Cfestival you don't have to buy a whole new ticket, just the extra for the package. 💗
🙌🏻 Yes Ryan 👏🏻 https://t.co/ckyvzU4LDH
RT @rockmeetscountr: Purchased tix for 2 shows, can't wait for #LA and #Riverside! Two nights of @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas #rock https://t.co/vOgFQFbGZE
RT @Martoon15000: Legit cannot wait for this tour to come to the UK! 🇬🇧 🎉🎶 See you in a couple weeks @LucieSilvas 😘 https://t.co/H2o2u5xzzO
Tickets going fast for the #dirtrich tour!! Get em now ❤️❤️❤️ @brothersosborne https://t.co/KgMKgUTTth
RT @brothersosborne: Y'all! Tickets for The Dirt Rich Tour are on sale today! They're going quick. We're pumped! https://t.co/KPaxrr199I https://t.co/8D7NCvuMIo
Can't wait to hear this! https://t.co/K2NoHWDoRB
Total nonsense. You ladies are amazing examples of genuine, soulful country music #badass https://t.co/xdnqoUIFsG
Congrats @HeyParkerMcKay on your Ep release today. Bam!! I co-wrote "Call it off" with her and thrilled it's out. ❤️ https://t.co/QreVSllLyT
RT @Rendezvousfest: Rendezvous artist Lucie Silvas was named one of "10 New Country Artists You Need to Know" by @RollingStone. https://t.co/IJi7DMGXrE
@grandphubaar that's so so kind. Thank you 🙏🏻
RT @JamieeeMason: It's a damn good day when your concert ticket loot includes shows for @TheBrandyClark @LucieSilvas & @brothersosborne! #KillingItAtLife 🎉🏆
I'm even more excited for you!! 😘 https://t.co/6Y2WckBpIT
RT @hmarie8706: Just 1 short week away from being a Nashville resident & student! Also seeing this babe @LucieSilvas @opry debut!!!! 🙌🏼😭💙💙💙
Hope to see you out on the road. More dates to be added 🎉 #tour #brothersosborne #letterstoghosts https://t.co/bFkl0xsMaD
Last few tickets left for UK shows.... Get yours now xxx https://t.co/fjAYqRJXR0
TOUR DATES!! Come see me .... first show in the UK SOLD OUT and few tickets left for others. Brothers Osborne... https://t.co/fEinBOM7sA
First show SOLD OUT and only few tickets left for the others. So excited to see you guys ! Get yours now 🇬🇧❤️ #C2C https://t.co/Uhtff6qkLT
RT @ScotsRanger82: Awesome!! Just got ticket to see @LucieSilvas with a Meet&Greet Sat 10th Sept @BBowlLondon Any of my @C2Cfestival Attendees Peeps going?
RT @Fran73: @Amy_1472 @AXS_UK @LucieSilvas @C2Cfestival They can upgrade by calling Brooklyn Bowl office direct on 0207 412 8778 theyre calling me back!
@Amy_1472 @C2Cfestival @BBowlLondon hey Amy, it's just a remaining difference , not a whole new ticket 💘
RT @C2Cfestival: Meet+Greet packages are now onsale for @LucieSilvas #C2Csocial on 10/9/16 @BBowlLondon. Get them at https://t.co/C9WYb33joJ don't miss out!
@kateyorkmusic @SoVeryBritish haaaaaaaa nailed
RT @AXS_UK: C2C Social Featuring @LucieSilvas at @BBowlLondon this September - special meet & greet package now available! https://t.co/m4QUnvXZt3
RT @momofpepe: @LucieSilvas Hope John and TJ see that Greener Pastures is on this list! Wasn't @MarenMorris one of the writers too? https://t.co/tpczaBmSDb
RT @drhfan: So excited for @brothersosborne #DirtRichTour with @LucieSilvas @LancoMusic Even wearing my family reunion shirt to celebrate!! 🍻
Excited to be part of @rendezvousfest 9/30 & 10/1 in gorgeous Colorado. https://t.co/bzDArj0Vz8 for tickets 🙌🏻 https://t.co/x1dE7WrAWj
Excited to be part of Rendezvous music Experience (9/30 & 10/1) . It's gonna be amazing weekend… https://t.co/zlJtgTsWjw
I found him in this position! Love hanging with such a sweet and talented dude @jdmcphersonpix #truck 🙌🏻 https://t.co/RNh9wSoDXN
RT @KyleEDey: Got tickets to see @brothersosborne and @LucieSilvas in Boise this November! Gonna be a great show!
@RossMike15 @brothersosborne best movie ever right here. Future shows around Midwest will happen I'm sure in some way
Expressions ❤️ Friends 📷: @jillianjacqueline https://t.co/qaqAYLFgz3
Oh you Gem 😊😘 https://t.co/u71Syxk2Sb
RT @oohgaryc: Don't take my word for it. Here's the wonderful @LucieSilvas with Letters To Ghosts herself! https://t.co/3MKpf9QJLo x
@KreepinCountry it ain't about connections 😊
RT @drhfan: So pumped for the #DirtRich tour! Can't wait to see @brothersosborne multiple times with @LancoMusic and @LucieSilvas 😍First tickets bought!
RT @HOBLasVegas: PRESALE -- @brothersosborne w/ @LucieSilvas on December 17th! Use code: ENCORE until Thursday at 10PM: https://t.co/ZynzRWlJRd
❤️ love these women ! https://t.co/lyCOuftKoO
RT @HOBSanDiego: PRESALE -- @BrothersOsborne w/ @LucieSilvas on December 16th! Use code: ENCORE until Thursday at 10PM to get tix. https://t.co/AFo9dwKMVz
We're coming to party again U.K .... See you soon! 🎉🇬🇧 #letterstoghosts https://t.co/6dPwbq853x
RT @LoveMyPineapple: @LucieSilvas just bought my tix to San Diego & Vegas for @brothersosborne #TheDirtTour . Do you have a M&G too?
RT @rachonair: I absolutely loved chatting with @LucieSilvas today! Listen here: https://t.co/GEuhuRJU3K
RT @SaraCude: 4 weeks to @LucieSilvas in Manchester! Beyond excited! (Still hoping Alone can sneak on to the set list... 😉)
Amazing memories of all of us back in the day. Can't wait to play with you next month 💘 https://t.co/pSCQeq2Hcz
RT @rachonair: I am so thrilled to be chatting with @LucieSilvas today on Roots & Wings! @WCRXFM https://t.co/GIc60LnRW0
@momofpepe hey Hun I posted my dates with them. LANco are on the Dallas one. You will love them!
Yes! I love this song. Listen to that angelic voice, and the person matches it. On Spotify now @elisehayes #Spotify https://t.co/fsPVhrWMcb
@KreepinCountry I wish! Gotta to work here this week. But I miss them 😭
Me too! This is gonna be so much fun https://t.co/7iUo40urBV
@KFRGHeather aw i love this! Thank you ❤️
RT @mrBobbyBones: dang. Lucie all over the America. If you guys get a chance to see @LucieSilvas, for sure go. like, for sure https://t.co/6ta0ErhLCv
@mrBobbyBones Thank you my friend! 😘😘
Happy birthday to one of the greatest @ksrhoads 🙏🏻❤️ https://t.co/nUD78o2Kws
Correction of the tour dates 💃🏼 MD show is not yet confirmed FYI https://t.co/kx84E4TkiR
RT @WhiskeyRiff: .@brothersosborne Announce Badass Headlining Tour - #DirtRichTour @LancoMusic @LucieSilvas https://t.co/KvOWiJ1ETZ https://t.co/mlyP2AoS78
@hmarie8706 I gotta cover some different ground but I'll get there on other things outside of these dates 😘
@IKLARM I will be soon ❤️
Correction on some tour dates. Coming up! The MD date is yet to be confirmed FYI ❤️ https://t.co/ZIucgcD55l
RT @BMGNashville: Don't miss @LucieSilvas on these upcoming tour dates!! #comingtoacitynearyou https://t.co/gi3Ajskxns
RT @Thejakemorrell: @LucieSilvas just announced a cracking set of tour dates - https://t.co/w5UDJvmW53 . I'll be supporting her @BBowlLondon on 10th Sept ✌️
@ScotsRanger82 @brothersosborne I'm working on that !❤️🇬🇧
RT @KreuzersKorner: Wait... @brothersosborne going on tour w/ @LancoMusic and @LucieSilvas? Is this true??? I am TOTALLY there!
RT @nashvillegab: The @brothersosborne just announced headlining "Dirt Rich" tour with @LucieSilvas and @LancoMusic! Get the details: https://t.co/oqFQ16X4az
RT @brothersosborne: The Dirt Rich Tour. Bring yo butts. https://t.co/nKg98vBsXb
Here are my tour dates coming up so you guys know which @brothersosborne ones I'm on too. ❤️ More to be added #tour https://t.co/Kyst2zlTeH
RT @brothersosborne: Headlining our first tour this fall/winter. Can't wait. -The Dirt Rich Tour (w/ @LancoMusic @LucieSilvas) https://t.co/LdV5OYPWJQ
This is happening! I can't explain my excitement and pride for their first headline tour & to be joining them 🙏🏻❤️ https://t.co/plJRJgDExo
RT @963StarCountry: .@brothersosborne is coming to Madison this fall with @LancoMusic @LucieSilvas! Tickets go on sale Friday https://t.co/TEUex2TaQg
RT @momofpepe: @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas I literally screamed from excitement when I saw this!!!! I can't stop shaking!!! https://t.co/BmEJ2rcALP
Yeah !! 🙏🏻 https://t.co/DYmDMSB2M1
#Repost @keithurban ・・・ Side stage - @BROTHERSOSBORNE KIIIIIIILIN IT! - KU #Watershed https://t.co/9vkJRgYIlv
I LOVE these voices together. Amazing . Spirit and soul ❤️ @_thesisterhood https://t.co/STQQ2DlvZt
Saturday night singin with Mr @hello_i_eric was so much fun #thecasino https://t.co/BtMre3AN52
#NP "pillow talk" @zaynmalik on repeat
RT @JDHartil: Woohoo...just over a month now to catch the fab @LucieSilvas at - Oran Mor https://t.co/5z6Uw4d4CJ via @OranMorGlasgow
@BasementEast is the place to be tonight in Nashville for @whoisfancy 💚 You'll be blown away ✨
RT @ToCNights: The new video for #21Summer by @BrothersOsborne is bound to make you remember your first heartbreak 💔 https://t.co/jgxcPAGf1U
RT @GDickieDesign: Just about a month until @LucieSilvas in Glasgow. Eeeek! Can't wait. Will you be doing signings? 😁😀 #excited
RT @hmarie8706: 2 weeks from today I move to Nashville! Also get to see @LucieSilvas @opry debut!! Definitely livin up my last year in my 20s 😬🎉🎉🎉🎉✌🏼️💙
RT @Pip_EntFocus: EF Country: @LucieSilvas sets September releases for Letters to Ghosts https://t.co/P0Vb69R5hI #LucieSilvas https://t.co/Ew9Sz78miM
RT @nashoverhere: NEW: @LucieSilvas to release 'Letters To Ghosts' on 2nd September + UK dates a few days later! #countrymusic https://t.co/QAGkHb8SpI
Beautiful women. Such a brilliant show tonight ! Inspired ❤️ https://t.co/vPNaagsEUk
Blown away as always. But tonight was magic @brothersosborne #greektheatre #mirandalambert #countrymusic https://t.co/sBl5KCekEo
@DNBones @JuliaDolf @brothersosborne aw I wish! I fly home to Nashville tomorrow 😭
Excited to be part of #americanafest this year. Date and venue to follow ❤️ https://t.co/dXBNNOAJfk
@Estherlala I love that. Amazing 🙏🏻
RT @HighLarious36: @LucieSilvas, every time Villain hits my shuffle it also gets at least 5 repeats. #LoveIt.
We love you @TheMSteenburgen . Thank you for inspiring us ❤️ #thelastmanonearth https://t.co/AD8G2x9lMq
Amazing day watching amazing people at work 🎥 #thelastmanonearth https://t.co/f3PpiVHZJF
Boys and tattoos 👌🏻 Beautiful new body art by @londonreese @brothersosborne https://t.co/HyoDgCLmat
RT @ScottKash88: #WCW SEE @LucieSilvas sing her hit song “Letters To Ghosts” https://t.co/E8wiuzKThH #CountryMusicVideo 🎤🎸🎥🔊🎶💗 https://t.co/9InXK1cZHU
It's here!! @brothersosborne new video for #21summer . I'm in love with it. check it this sneak peak ❤️ https://t.co/uSfbv1JJWU
Just bumped into our sista @marenmorris in LA. This day is now complete 💘 https://t.co/2UF6I4SkMb
John getting new ink 👌🏻 @brothersosborne @londonreese #art #tattoo https://t.co/REXfpzd3Xy
RT @CarthyB: managed to get a @LucieSilvas ticket for C2C social - lookin forward a honky-tonkin ole time! https://t.co/NnH9ozs7E9
LONDON!! I'm so excited to get over there and play this show. Tickets almost out. 😘🇬🇧 #c2c @C2Cfestival https://t.co/WFyIzwzO3M
I'll keep you posted if any more become available bud 💘 https://t.co/MJpPeEFMC8
RT @CADENA100: #LaMejorVariedadMusical de @CADENA100 llega ahora un poco gamberra, pero yo no tengo la culpa, Fdo: @RaquelCantos ;) https://t.co/xLJ9uYcCOK
RT @nextwomenofcoun: 10 New Country Artists You Need to Know feat. @LucieSilvas @LJmusik and more.. https://t.co/7zHF5yJNZ7 #countrymusic
Coming up soon! Can't wait! Thank you @reagankmusic for this photo ❤️ @opry https://t.co/A78k4CJSQs
Tranquil. Well... Some of it is @jbamn 👍🏻 https://t.co/R3V2DEXOVe
Tranquil. Well... Some of it is @jbamn 👍🏻 @ Highway 84 West https://t.co/9IUbSc1pya
RT @mhcountryfest: Hey @LucieSilvas fans! Her 5pm set on the Sunrise Stage will be a little late due to traffic delays. Sit tight - she's worth the wait!
Due to being British, I got a tad bit lost on my way to #mountainhomemusicfest so I'm running late on my start time. huge apologies!! 😁🙏🏻
RT @WChurchill87: @LucieSilvas just discovered this album. Haven't stopped listening to it https://t.co/ldyDtKdneK
Real Soul. I bloody love you @lorimckennama #thebirdandtherifle https://t.co/uLuI8h84Vk
Just left Cape Blanco and stopped off at a cosy little Italian restaurant called Angelos. Great… https://t.co/haTshgEGgs
Thanks for having me..... I've always wanted a wind machine on stage-This was cost effective 😂 #windbeneathmywings https://t.co/TuIJDp6EFd
@foyvance your new album is spectacular, no less. Hope it reaches every corner of the globe 🙏🏻 #thewildswan
@KreepinCountry thanks so much! So sorry I didn't get to come chat to you 😬
Festival tour vintage dress up https://t.co/HSaZom260x
Girlz 💗💗💗 @lindsayell @KaceyMusgraves https://t.co/ZMhjWi24Rq
RT @jstocking21: Oh yea, @LucieSilvas song before the @davidnail show!!!! #nailedit
RT @davecookie1963: Future of country is in great hands with the likes of @LancoMusic @JonTLangston @LucieSilvas...#watershed favs today https://t.co/AWQ5RFYVOY
That's spaceykacey being a badass today at #watershed @ The Gorge Amphitheatre https://t.co/ltQsUDDh4q
Mr @ryanhurd ✨ #nextfromnashville #watershed 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 https://t.co/K0GZE7pSMj
@davecookie1963 thank you Dave !
Thank you #watershed ! @ The Gorge Amphitheatre https://t.co/iIdLCXIdnY
First time playing at #watershed ! So pumped #nextfromnashville https://t.co/v2NZ6qSdF4
RT @itsShaLizabeth: I seriously could listen to @LucieSilvas all day 🙌🏻 https://t.co/VXoQPEW3xK
Planking/bonding @jbamn jamiemcleanband https://t.co/L3Xc5lFiHV
RT @oohgaryc: One of my fave singer/songwriters of all time is back! *buys @LucieSilvas Letters To Ghosts* Love her! x https://t.co/Ym3a7oYumS
@MarkFranklin123 thanks Mark! Lovely to get a message from u
RT @MarkFranklin123: @LucieSilvas OMG. Just heard Letters to Ghosts. Absolutely welcome back, such a voice xx
@Eric55LA @brothersosborne @opry Thank you Eric 💘
RT @Boiseboy12: I can't wait to see the lovely and beautiful @LucieSilvas this weekend at the Mtn Home County Music Festival #Idaho https://t.co/dbChkdzG4h
This weekend 🎉 #watershed #capeblanco #mountainhomecountrymusicfestival https://t.co/etZ0zZjQi0
RT @MegaCountry: Don't miss @LucieSilvas, @LancoMusic + more emerging talent at @WatershedFest! https://t.co/DEjBTU9HIm https://t.co/5I58my2ppH
RT @ashleymarie588: @caitlynsmith and @LucieSilvas speak to my soul on a daily basis! 💜💙💚🎤🎤🎤 #amazingwomen #music
@alansmithUK hey Alan! I already have an opener but thank u for asking anyway. Hope you can make it to the show
RT @brothersosborne: Sang some country music last night at The Grand Ole Opry with @luciesilvas . Love that damn stage. @opry https://t.co/sHBYCpDsF3
RT @JackieMarushka: @chippetree great seeing you too! The @brothersosborne + @LucieSilvas were fabu! Congrats on all that great momentum! #HowDidIMissCatering?
@sachakayy it's new so I haven't record it... But perhaps I will 💘
RT @momofpepe: #wcw goes out to @hillaryscottla and @luciesilvas!! Both beautiful inside and out!! Thank you… https://t.co/LU85IsAyU2
RT @momofpepe: My reaction when @LucieSilvas joined @brothersosborne last night on the Opry!!!!! #LovingMeBack https://t.co/YB2rKg3yXZ
RT @opry: Can't end the night without an awesome backstage selfie. 📸#Opry @CharlesEsten @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas https://t.co/Zg1TEAf6Yy
RT @opry: The only way that performance could be better is if you added @LucieSilvas! Wow. #Opry https://t.co/hpUSH99e44
Nothing like singing with people you love. Honored to be on the Opry stage with @brothersosborne 📷: @natalieosborne https://t.co/BgND6E0YcV
Songbirds @tronian @madidiaz 💗 https://t.co/6j6nsOC8fP
#tb to #CMAfest with @mrbobbybones at the Ascend in Nashville. On stage with my sweet friends @jbamn & @rustonkelly https://t.co/ASBRfyN35A
@kateyorkmusic perfection 😂 https://t.co/Y2kFE6jPeQ
RT @GlobalCountryCo: Congrats to @LucieSilvas on her Rolling Stone article! Check her out: https://t.co/4o1u71Q50K
RT @CallumMack18: @LucieSilvas I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU LIVE IN SEPTEMBER IN MANCHESTER! 💃 #LetsHaveABall #GonnaBeAGoodTime 😊💃
RT @OfficialChappy9: Only album I have on my phone is @LucieSilvas #LettersToGhosts - shower music in Thailand 👌🏻 Can't get better https://t.co/eTdTBDSwQH
I've had many questions about this one.... The final lyric on #letterstoghosts is "But his love has got me STONED!" Not "stole" 👍🏻
@iGoBySinclair I did!! We couldn't stop! Did you love it?
After watching #strangerthings I tried to find a porthole to another dimension. Barley wasn't gonna let me go alone https://t.co/TVWdJhhEJO
RT @americandream09: AWESOME LUCIE! Always great to see you! https://t.co/ZPMX5fLR8Z
I've got such exciting news to announce and I'll be celebrating in person in the U.K. At these tour dates. 🇬🇧🎉 #tour https://t.co/BcOMRvSXcU
U.K. I'm coming for you, again ..... Next month ❤️🇬🇧 #tour #allaccess https://t.co/GANDzr9hNa
Such a memorable night. Huge thanks to the guys that made it happen on stage @jbamn @DWeeZee… https://t.co/mIl8Lpd6ZO
Get gorgeous little pregnant belly. Last night with @therachelpotter at the Ryman https://t.co/KkqBL32xpM
Having a blast up there with @theshadowboxers playing a LIVE version of "Find a way" together ❤️… https://t.co/sDMy2V542C
With my friend @rustonkelly singing "Just for the Record" at the Ryman opening for Mr… https://t.co/69ZjQpa9fd
Thank u @davebarnesmusic ❤️@theshadowboxers @TheRyman and everyone who came to see the show last night 🎉🎉 https://t.co/7FwLshiUND
RT @codyfry: Arranged horns on a few @davebarnesmusic tunes for his show at the Ryman. SO MUCH FUN. Incredible night, Dave!! https://t.co/T2dmOzWt0T
What can be better than the Ryman with great friends . Thank you Dave for a special night for us all. Honored 🙏🏻 https://t.co/6gfGAoVVFn
RT @theshadowboxers: Huge thanks to @davebarnesmusic @LucieSilvas & everyone who came out to @TheRyman last night. That's how it's done. https://t.co/EofX28vpmP
@RossMike15 thank you Mike!
RT @natalieosborne: @luciesilvas @theshadowboxers @davebarnesmusic at theryman blew me away tonight. What a night… https://t.co/63wYDwJ6xU
RT @therachelpotter: And another standing O for @luciesilvas ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/x9BG1AFFW9
RT @itsbetterthanj: This gal was amazing at @theryman tonight @LucieSilvas https://t.co/MVDqgP6Um3
RT @NC5_JKnutson: What a fun moment, @LucieSilvas and @theshadowboxers playing on @TheRyman stage together! https://t.co/bcGa56Im4O
RT @teresaparr: Welp, @theshadowboxers and my home girl @LucieSilvas just showed @TheRyman WHAT'S UP. 👊🏼✨👊🏼
Thank you Jesse!! https://t.co/DLi8U8AACY
RT @Jamesdavidh7: @luciesilvas was incredible! Dave Barnes is up next! #rymanauditorium #davebarnes… https://t.co/7KfwYocexC
RT @therachelpotter: Stoked to see @theshadowboxers, @davebarnesmusic, and most of all, my fav gal @luciesilvas kill it at @theryman tonight!!! 🎉🎉
So happy you were here!! https://t.co/0le8mBGEuJ
RT @kaylabethlee: Beginning my birthday weekend w/some favorites tonight @TheRyman! @davebarnesmusic @LucieSilvas @theshadowboxers https://t.co/fF4BK4Y2ow
RT @Kristinlusk: So exited for @davebarnesmusic, @theshadowboxers and @LucieSilvas tonight @TheRyman! Thanks to the hubs for the amazing bday present.
RT @weenickynoo76: Cannot wait til September #luciesilvas @LucieSilvas waited so long to get to a gig. Excited much
@ noooooo. I know how that feels . Message me tomorrow bout this
RT @Martoon15000: Actually cant wait until the next @LucieSilvas reunion in glasgae!!! It's gonna be the shizzle.
RT @theshadowboxers: We last played @TheRyman 1, 168 days ago. If we keep up this frequency, you won't see us there again until late 2019. So better come tmrrw!!
RT @KreepinCountry: One week from today, it's the gorgeous voice of @LucieSilvas at The Gorge!! Kicking off @WatershedFest in style! https://t.co/eRaLjzoad8
@sneezeonthebeat sorry Hun. But there's a very good and exciting reason .... Keep you posted
@RustonKelly Ladies and Gentlemen..... Now get ready 🙏🏻👏🏻💔 https://t.co/yWplfXoEyO
"This town is killing me" @caitlynsmith . Honestly, it is... I'm holding back serious tears.… https://t.co/ofZatDs2tN
Ha. But I'm only 5ft, I need heels 😊❤️ I'm in 👏🏻 https://t.co/jCn0PfDJaD
This! Tonight 🙏🏻 @rustonkelly #halloween #Nashville https://t.co/ypYoiouUY8
Blowin smoke @jeremyspillman @jdmcphersonpix 👌🏻 https://t.co/6N6va9O0vz
RT @Matty3A: If you need me, I'll be listening to @LucieSilvas & @davebarnesmusic for the next couple days in preparation for @TheRyman #Nashville
Haaaa I have many questions bout this ! 😂💚 https://t.co/UjmJYGfjOM
@_FaithhLee_ 😘
RT @sarah_ledwell: Late night jam 💔 @LucieSilvas https://t.co/ZSabs6DiRR
Haaaa thank you! You'll have to come and see ❤️ https://t.co/ipTHMAcroh
My folks are flying in from NZ for a week to be here when I play the Opry next month. It's not easy for them to get here. Im so excited!
RT @plamedia: @Do615Nashville @davebarnesmusic @LucieSilvas @theshadowboxers @TheRyman @AC_Ent This is going to be an amazing show!
RT @maughan67: @LucieSilvas #smoke What. A. Song.
@maughan67 thanks Matt!
RT @Do615Nashville: Win tix to see @davebarnesmusic w/ @LucieSilvas & @theshadowboxers this Saturday @TheRyman! https://t.co/O7Ie1zRraD https://t.co/uuZw9hHZUt
RT @ninalina31: One day closer to see @davebarnesmusic and @LucieSilvas @TheRyman #carryonsanvicente
Congrats @mirandalambert on your brand new single #VICE . So excited for this. Wishing you the best of everything 😘 https://t.co/G2LhZZH7EK
Countdown..... I can't wait to play this show ! @davebarnesmusic @theshadowboxers #Nashville #theryman JULY 23rd https://t.co/pRwxDn6KRR
RT @hannaydavidreal: @LucieSilvas playing my favourite song master, trying to dj lol #sorryforthesilvernose https://t.co/78KgpZJwPb
Yes!! This angel is coming back to see us and is going to light up the stage. Can't wait 💚 https://t.co/Y8fnyPsWV8
Check out @theshadowboxers cover of "Greedy" By Arianna Grande, and after you've stopped staring in awe, go dance... https://t.co/sv5KAmkNNd
August 19th!! This will be a moment in my career I'm most proud of. Cant wait to stand in thew circle... https://t.co/SlTxEZVk4t
Go dance around your house to this amazing version of "Greedy" Arianna Grande by my friends @theshadowboxers https://t.co/R7dZaHFLPC #greedy
RT @TheShotgunSeat: Demo of the Week: "What Gave Me Away" (@LucieSilvas, @troyverges, @blairdaly) https://t.co/rxj1wbxjrg https://t.co/abcwA7TcEQ
@RossMike15 ❤️🙏🏻
@KreepinCountry 😘
@hailey_steele 😘💘
@lacikent thanks Laci!
@RossMike15 so appreciate you, thank you
RT @whoisfancy: @deusnash obsessed with @ArianaGrande 's record. And @Meghan_Trainor 's record. still wearing out @LucieSilvas @MarenMorris & @alessiacara
@BrandonRayMusic @opry love you B! Thank you
I first stepped foot in Nashville in 2007, and I'm still in constant awe of the Legends that… https://t.co/qmi1RfxavJ
@Ashlyn_Osmer 😘
RT @4thgradenothing: The moment when you're wondering how @LucieSilvas is feeling after her fun night w/ @kateyorkmusic and @Lightning100 plays Letters to Ghosts
@AllieJ0308 @kateyorkmusic haaaa we should all be eating French toast together to soak up the shame
RT @alexthomopoulos: One of those Nashville nights. @kateyorkmusic @luciesilvas devilinnashville @ Nashville, Tennessee https://t.co/19uTqiDRXI
Very British problems 😂 https://t.co/0YSqEabw6E
@BrandonRayMusic done 🎉
RT @KelseaBallerini: @davebarnesmusic @LucieSilvas ill be the one screaming the loudest 🙋🏼
@KelseaBallerini @davebarnesmusic just Come jam with us 🎉
Next SATURDAY!! Been so looking forward to this. A night in the mother church with people I love. Come see us #ryman https://t.co/U0rrrQMTwz
RT @itsbetterthanj: Got my tickets for @davebarnesmusic and @LucieSilvas at @TheRyman !
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/UKVuT97nAA
RT @vivianemarotta: Spending the Saturday listening to @LucieSilvas! If you haven't heard her last album yet, you must to! 🎶👌🏼 https://t.co/RRzwfnQEXK
@laurelwrightxo yes please ! ❤️
You guys were amazing tonight. Moved me to tears @laurelwrightxo
So much beauty in the world and these harmonies @sarahsiskind #stationinn #julielee&sarahsiskind https://t.co/mc6kog42GI
RT @jswain824: Really hoping @LucieSilvas is going to just show up in AR tonight! Loving @brothersosborne! https://t.co/olE3YuR05g
RT @KreepinCountry: Two weeks from today The Gorge will be treated to the gorgeous voice of @LucieSilvas! Weekend 1 #Shedders don't miss her! @WatershedFest
RT @momofpepe: Saw this at the store today, and it made me think of @LucieSilvas and John @brothersosborne! https://t.co/aKm24DXfEC
RT @Jigglyem: Just got tickets for me & @helicopterout to see @LucieSilvas in September! Excited!!! :)
RT @davidnail: .@TasteofCountry has a behind the scenes look at 'Good At Tonight' feat. @BrothersOsborne! Check it out: https://t.co/XLB4GkX77K #FIGHTER
@jakeowen @brothersosborne this is awesome ❤️
RT @pewalla: Have picked new brilliant tracks for your listening satisfaction https://t.co/DUE7j21JgO @jacobbellens @LucieSilvas
RT @janetintouch: @LucieSilvas Love those sunglasses...bring some over when you come to the UK for your tour!!
@xLauraxHollandx so sorry! Yes absolutely
RT @lucyellz: Letters To Ghosts by @LucieSilvas is honestly a religious experience every time I listen to it
New Vintage store I love in East Nashville @starstruckvintage Great things I got to wear for the shoot yesterday ❤️ https://t.co/WaBB2UZ7yn
Coming to you soon. A collaboration with The Shadowboxers and John Osborne. Shot by Patryk… https://t.co/pgmJr4cYil
RT @theshadowboxers: Doing East Nashville things in East Nashville with some very talented friends, Lucie and John.… https://t.co/P6hI4qXr4S
RT @HopeTreeEnt: Had a blast shooting @luciesilvas @theshadowboxers and @brothersosborne today. It was a fun day.… https://t.co/ITGFq1j8Uc
Can't wait to show you what we shot today ❤️ @theshadowboxers @jinglejohnosborne https://t.co/NmMSCnI9OW
Thank you!! 😘🙌🏻 https://t.co/OHo4qyaLlY
RT @LucieSilvasSP: Gracias, @40Andaya, por seguir teniendo en cuenta a @LucieSilvas y su música, poniéndola en el programa 🙂😘 @djdanimoreno @Alexkalextrik
@KreepinCountry @lindsayell I got the best answer for you, although it might mean you miss week before. I'm only playing on the 29th now
@brothersosborne Finally hit top 30 this week! We've only just begun. Let's keep it moving! #21summer https://t.co/MfJUq1aLjc
@RaeLynnOfficial aghhhhh thank you 🙏🏻 The wait for this song was worth it
Woh. Thank you For this song @raelynnofficial . I don't mind starting my Monday crying if it's for this reason. 💔 https://t.co/FE8E20nNjJ
Happy birthday my Nikki!! It's already over in New Zealand but it's just beginning here so… https://t.co/v5eISN7IqP
RT @40Andaya: En la última hora de #AndaYaFresh con @djdanimoreno escucharás > @LucieSilvas > @davidguetta > @TheChainsmokers & @theofficialdaya > @Sia y+
RT @McCloyMatt: @LucieSilvas You're a tremendous individual with a big heart ❤️ This is really heartwarming https://t.co/mDrBRqe085
RT @SharLotteL: @LucieSilvas that's a lovely sentence you posted on Facebook . I'm single mum and i'm proud to be his mummy ❤️💋 https://t.co/ZpjkpmUqM4
Haaaa I'm nearly as good as him with my beats 😂 https://t.co/Dh34Gq29K0
It's soul destroying that people are being made to feel unsafe. Feel heartbroken yet again for lives being stolen. #Dallas
I've got some news to share with friends around Europe very soon. #tb to one of my shows there . Be back soon ❤️ https://t.co/GaeoD8IMZ3
RT @sustscot: I've got mine for Glasgow but there are only a few tickets left for @LucieSilvas @luciesilvasLast dates in the UK. https://t.co/bHPbfFKDB6
July 23rd!! This is gonna be such a fun night with #DaveBarnes and #TheShadowboxers !! Come see us ❤️ #theryman... https://t.co/5gdtlBOZ4q
@_SarahDarling hey!! That would be lovely ❤️
Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us, everything about you. Love you , you beautiful talent @caitlynsmith Congrats on your new ep!
@sean_mcconnell Congrats!! You're a badass
A group of truly inspiring artists released their music today. The diversity of Nashville is amazing #Nashville https://t.co/8BxJIrkhuq
@momofpepe I got to co write "how to dance" and "something in the middle" and sing a little too ❤️🎉 @kreeharrison
Classic voice! Please treat yourself to some timeless music. Proud of you @kreeharrison and to be part of it 🙌🏻 https://t.co/t3N82wHLwP
RT @maughan67: @LucieSilvas *sees Lucie's tweet* *goes online* *buys tickets* *feels happy* I love the internet.
Dates coming up 💙 #letterstoghosts #festival https://t.co/LnkZNYA1an
Last tickets going for my few dates in the UK. Can't wait to get over there and the end of next month 🎉🇬🇧 #UK https://t.co/A74FyQG0IG
@BellesandGals @RollingStone @C2Cfestival thank you all! 😘
@hmarie8706 you're moving here? How exciting
RT @C2Cfestival: Great to see that @RollingStone have named @LucieSilvas in their upcoming country artists list! Well deserved 👏👏👏 https://t.co/e4kyejnCug
Named one of the best country albums of 2016 so far. I'm so proud of you and all our friends in… https://t.co/ErSDyau2yy
Check out @SMASFoundation. If u donate u'll get a song we wrote from a story 5 year old Nolan wrote https://t.co/ZKhVk2YipC. #SingMeAStory
RT @liam_snedden: @LucieSilvas this album is just 👌🏻 #letterstoaghost a https://t.co/q6TjZWT5oW
RT @itsbetterthanj: This @LucieSilvas song Happy is my jam https://t.co/uncLuv2tgu 🙌🏼
RT @leachswn: Love this track , Place to Hide, @KandaceSprings , @LucieSilvas ♫ , @judietzuke https://t.co/w1znSMo35i #deezer
Pumped to hear Sean sing "Villain"... He's gonna be opening the show for me in Glasgow at @OranMorGlasgow Sept 7th❤️ https://t.co/pPq2hf9Orq
So excited about what's next for "Letters to ghosts"-a song we wrote so long ago is taking me on such an adventure. https://t.co/2cFD5iDIHv
July 23rd!! We're playing the mother church 🙌🏻 Who's coming ......? #theryman #nashville https://t.co/IWKG3exYiO
RT @LucieSilvasSP: ¡Orgullosas de ver a @LucieSilvas en @RollingStone como artista destacada por los editores: https://t.co/w5KD5TDAYx! https://t.co/w2GwD4H4qT
👏🏻🙌🏻😭 https://t.co/ucxfvlw1Re
RT @davebarnesmusic: Nashville, TN! I’m playing at the @theryman w/ @LucieSilvas & @theshadowboxers on 7/23! https://t.co/lni9uz9Pen https://t.co/YuZ4fbv84p
Happy 4th from john and I. Thanks for letting me stay ! ❤️ #july4th https://t.co/TZvfqeszMk
@hmarie8706 awww!!! ❤️
Sometimes it's necessary to try new forms of therapy with my dog who is petrified of fireworks! 💔 #throughadogsear https://t.co/yuj83UvbJN
😘😘😘 it's a top from Topshop and fringe shorts from @NastyGal ! Go see 👍🏻 I want your whole wardrobe 🙏🏻 https://t.co/rCFlAhmKWX
Here's lookin at chu @jbamn ... Right? 😄 #summerfest https://t.co/BZRkrqkWit
Just for the record... I may just do that 😉❤️ https://t.co/A6RVWEwJJF
@McCloyMatt thank you Matt, great meeting you
@NewCountryUK Thank you guys
@edhickman87 it's called "just for the record" 💘
RT @Fact: Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.
@phillipdell152 @martineofficial she's my doll . Thanks Phil!
@phillipdell152 @martineofficial I'd just like to hug you Martine 😘😊
Nailing every angle of enticement. Thank u for my pretty Lavender & sunflowers @brothersosborne @ameliasflowertruck https://t.co/bNUWZSFbJp
RT @exchangebristol: Tickets for @LucieSilvas are flying out! Don't wait on getting tickets https://t.co/kO0GbFZX0D
@fadetoblack23 woo hoo! Can't wait 🎉😘
@emmatorrens thank you Emma!
❤️🙏🏻 https://t.co/VreY4GUTKH
Love singing at @3rdandLindsley ❤️ One from last night https://t.co/2khHg9fg8K
RT @BrandonRayMusic: @nataliestovall & @luciesilvas last night - such a great time!! https://t.co/QmSPuL5QT3
The past couple of weeks have been some of the most exciting, including here opening for Willie Nelson and Kris... https://t.co/mMZ90jadC8
RT @BellesandGals: September is going to be good - @MissMargoPrice. @_SarahDarling and @LucieSilvas gigs in the first 10 days #farewell #summer #gigs
@darrencarnall1 haaaa thanks Darren! 😘😂
https://t.co/2LQTyNZS2B Amazing to wake up to!! Thank you @RScountry ! #rollingstone https://t.co/SRrTWTv1f8
Late night playin 😘 https://t.co/F1JbPOX1wG
RT @JaredEvans77: Always a great night when I get to hear @NatalieStovall , @kelleighbannen , my dude @BrandonRayMusic & to top it off... @LucieSilvas #sogood
@charlesnashvill aw thanks Charles
RT @heathereleven: Soul and style @luciesilvas & @nataliestovall on Lucie's song..."Happy." One of my all time… https://t.co/rkGRRiITgs
Thank you so much for having me sweet @NatalieStovall. You guys were amazing tonight! https://t.co/IfJfbbB6Fn
I'm so excited too! https://t.co/lrLVaQY9K4
RT @mrBobbyBones: tonight. I never go out, I will tonight. these are the best/most talented folks. In Nashville??? lets go! https://t.co/CelLAzo9tr
@HighLarious36 love that. happy birthday?! And your rent is due tomorrow , mine prob is too 😳
Last night 🎤. 📷: Bill Russell #Summerfest https://t.co/ck35s1onrr
Tonight ❤️ https://t.co/ajduvDI7rM
RT @BBowlLondon: Show Notice! @ryanjoreilly + @Thejakemorrell will open for @LucieSilvas on SAT, 10 SEP-->> https://t.co/d2ZCijtfNt https://t.co/3J1uU3iiMM
RT @3rdandLindsley: It's shaping up to be a magical night TOMORROW w/ @NatalieStovall & Friends! Grab tix: https://t.co/B25TBd6nuy https://t.co/8gAboOm5sy
Help me make it through the night..... Kris 😭🙌🏻 #kriskristofferson joined by the Haggards on stage tonight 🙏🏻 https://t.co/5pGMrrGpDn
@n8van2 I saw you! You're so sweet!
Opening the show for Kris and @willienelson was an honor tonight. Thank you #summerfest . Love you Milwaukee ❤️ https://t.co/8i5nwV1yaK
RT @john_diedrich: Wow. What a show by @LucieSilvas at #SummerFest - she is one to watch @pietlevy
Thank you kindly! ❤️ https://t.co/F7TTexq6AP
Today.... #Summerfest !! Can't wait to get on that stage. Opening for #KrisKristofferson and @willienelson on the BMO Harris Pavilion at 6pm
RT @Thejakemorrell: Repost from @c2cfestival : I cannot WAIT to play this show with @luciesilvas and @ryanjoreilly . Grab your... https://t.co/l7qXSwE1Do
Shot by my friend @blusanders. Unforgettable night last wk with @mirandalambert & @gwensebastian #keeperoftheflame https://t.co/LOb5ZqRjwE
@Thejakemorrell @C2Cfestival @ryanjoreilly me too! 🎉👏🏻
RT @C2Cfestival: Pleased to announce that @ryanjoreilly & @Thejakemorrell will support @LucieSilvas! https://t.co/xBgnD09K0y https://t.co/6DljTnNZP0
RT @arikakaosa: Really excited for @LucieSilvas #KrisKristofferson and @willienelson tonight!!!!
RT @BellesandGals: Video shout number 8 goes to @LucieSilvas with "Perfect" https://t.co/iO3KdimCEW #best #cover #ever
RT @KreepinCountry: Two albums and an EP you need to own: @aubriesellers' #NewCityBlues @LucieSilvas' #LettersToGhosts @kelleighbannen's #CheapSunglasses
Thank you Karl! https://t.co/a7Pjhaxarr
Not having any fun in rehearsals 🍄😄 https://t.co/H9aeaK34Ya
RT @Jeb_Hoge: Welp. Once again, @davebarnesmusic points me to another awesome talent. Currently hooked hard by "Letters To Ghosts" by @LucieSilvas.
RT @NialleCrazyMofo: I invested 8, 359 ❤ in @LucieSilvas on @FAMOUSdotAF: https://t.co/6kXJ3Uu43W
@hunterkelly Aw thank you Hunter, it's very much appreciated 🙏🏻
RT @YoungDreaamer: @LucieSilvas 'Perfect' (cover) This woman is simply brilliant! 🌟 🎼 ❣️ https://t.co/gcbtGMPLcI
RT @cadesophie: bloody 'ell. @andrew_combs and @LucieSilvas playing Manchester the same night. i did not sign up for this first world problem.
@hunterkelly haaaa no need at all, I loved the piece ❤️
@showboybakeshop hey! So sweet. Be back there in a few months 💘
Thank you guys! I'm a Brit, but I do love Australia ❤️ https://t.co/PA3d7ogJVy
@BrandonRayMusic you! And your voice! 👏🏻
RT @HighLarious36: I've bought albums from only 3 artists since @SpotifyUSA hit. @KingsOfLeon, @theavettbros @LucieSilvas. #WorthMyMoney
RT @exchangebristol: Tickets selling fast for @LucieSilvas, she's here on September 12th https://t.co/L3WcTEkIDz
@RustonKelly I finally got a follow! I can stop Stalking you now. By the way your new living room wallpaper looks great
Love this oldie 💘 https://t.co/AX113UMP5N
My first time playing #summerfest in Milwaukee this week!! And ......Kris and Willie will be there too! #bucketlist https://t.co/kuDg4rwoq5
@xxLauraxxxxx shoot, reading now
RT @TimDriesen: Recently discovered @LucieSilvas 's Letters to Ghosts. Song's been on repeat ever since! Love it!
@davebarnesmusic @nashvillegab 😂 "soup or song"
RT @nashvillegab: Concert Review: @davebarnesmusic and @LucieSilvas bring incredible music and hilarity to NYC's @GramercyTheatre. https://t.co/TuhzWWSM36
RT @shelbytidwell: @LucieSilvas you win Best Prison Hair.
I'll be your #villain 💔 https://t.co/zs8rNXBEmR
@wrabel 😭 beautiful song #11blocks https://t.co/rlR8yBmKsA
RT @JamieMcLeanBand: Always such a pleasure singing with the incredibly talented @luciesilvas A killer weekend… https://t.co/WGPJddE9W7
RT @HighLarious36: @LucieSilvas Amazing Song. #ContinuedSuccess https://t.co/3X2a31DMb3
@HighLarious36 thank you! 🙏🏻
@shanherrold @nashvillegab 😘
Your music is so additive , and fresh!! I'm in love with it @jillianjmusic #kidsthesedays
RT @cgreeley100: @LucieSilvas singing one of my fav songs "Smoke" @GramercyTheatre in NYC 🗽 last night. That VOICE 🎤🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/oRdiEWWzfW
My favorite thing to do 🎤🎹📷: @Rebecca_Mich https://t.co/qnXNG9YIby
@Rebecca_Mich lovely to meet you 💘
@hmarie8706 @nashvillegab 😭 thank you
Utterly perfect. In ❤️ with this song @davebarnesmusic #headlights https://t.co/2FmTk89H0M
@nashvillegab 😘 Thank u kindly. I've always wanted to be a unicorn 🦄❤️
Thanks @elleton2 for snapping this from tonight @gramercytheatre & my bud @jamiemcleanband for playing with me #nyc https://t.co/rlclgDoPaY
RT @nashvillegab: In case you were wondering, @LucieSilvas is a magical unicorn at singing. https://t.co/ERpluynBdT
RT @Rebecca_Mich: So excited to see @LucieSilvas and @davebarnesmusic tonight in NYC! 🎶
RT @Steroo81: @LucieSilvas looking forward to seeing you at 02 institute on sept 9th . Tickets purchased :)
RT @davebarnesmusic: Tonight, NYC!!! See y'all there! https://t.co/TDSWBJThRd
RT @ryanjoreilly: Looking forward to a London show in September with @LucieSilvas https://t.co/ylBotN0vkm
@jesseruben thanks Jesse!
RT @GramercyTheatre: TONIGHT — @DaveBarnesMusic w/ @LucieSilvas & @HannahGillHours! Doors: 7P. More info: https://t.co/q38kpdNVl9 https://t.co/oPQ0ymfTSV
RT @SV_Photog: Artsy photo I took of @LucieSilvas and @JamieMcLeanBand at @thehamiltondc #NikonUSA #ConcertPhotography https://t.co/V6kjeJNj25
RT @hmarie8706: Music Therapy. The best way to cope after recent passing of my cousin. "Roots" by @LucieSilvas & "I cried" by @TheBrandyClark 🙏🏼 #RIPbarry
Had so much fun playing at @thehamiltondc tonight with @davebarnesmusic with my buddy @JamieMcLeanBand . Hope to come back soon 🙏🏻✨
@DriDri1227 I do!! That made it even more exciting
RT @nwertan: Umm hey @LucieSilvas how is it possible that you are better live? at the hamilton. Obsessed.
Thank you Josh! https://t.co/Y5djUgVIOZ
RT @mirandalambert: "Sounds so good to me"... Love you girls! @dixiechicks #girls https://t.co/JN0VB88q5F
Tonight ! We're playing @thehamiltondc @davebarnesmusic . Come see us if you're in or near the DC area ❤️
@RustonKelly making iTunes look even better 🙏🏻🎉 So happy for you #Halloween https://t.co/wRTZN6I4gR
@GwenSebastian me too! 😘 Was a thrill singing with you
Some Dixie Chicks with @mirandalambert and @GwenSebastian ❤️ #cowboytakemeaway #DixieChicks https://t.co/yHHb7Pe0xs
@RobBanks_WYRK Thank you Rob, so appreciate it 😘
RT @RobBanks_WYRK: Buffalo we got damn lucky tonight! Miranda Lambert, Anderson East, Brothers Osborne, Lucie Silvas, Gwen Sebastian & Kip Moore on one stage.
@RobBanks_WYRK @brothersosborne you're hilarious! Hope I get a meet and greet with you soon 👍🏻
This moment blew my mind tonight. Thank you @mirandalambert for inviting me to sing #DixieChicks with u and Gwen ❤️ https://t.co/YaBZ79RQMN
RT @RobBanks_WYRK: I mean shit, look at this encore. @mirandalambert @KipMooreMusic @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas @Andersoneast https://t.co/5xxn69ZQ9P
@Rebecca_Mich yes absolutely
You inspired me so much tonight, sang your ass off and are a true entertainer. Thank you for sharing your night with me @mirandalambert ❤️
RT @thebootdotcom: @mirandalambert, @gwensebastian and #luciesilvas singing @dixiechicks? YES, PLEASE! https://t.co/PsVuixOq66
RT @randalourita: Miranda, Gwen and @LucieSilvas singing Cowboy Take Me Away by the @dixiechicks and the crowd singing along! https://t.co/cjBIc9MBCu
Tour dog @brothersosborne @mirandalambert ❤️ #keeperoftheflame https://t.co/XK6OEhtcYk
So excited to witness @mirandalambert tonight after @brothersosborne and @KipMooreMusic take the stage. 🙏🏻❤️
@gr8nume what is? 😳
I'm so sorry to say I have to miss the amazing @girlsofnash tonight at @3rdandLindsley . Be thinking of everyone. Gonna be a great night 💘✨
We won't be having any fun tomorrow... None whatsoever @davebarnesmusic @thehamiltondc https://t.co/XZyy9gkE1Q
RT @davebarnesmusic: THIS excited about this weekend. DC - Friday @thehamiltondc! Saturday - NYC @gramercytheatre!!! w/@luciesilvas!!! https://t.co/kIvm5swpp8
@momofpepe @brothersosborne we may have to do that
@drfeasby haaaa I hope so
This weekend ❤️󾓬󾓦 #DC #NYC https://t.co/ii6LCwo6T8
Come see us this weekend, I can't wait to play these ❤️ #davebarnes #dc #nyc https://t.co/JJ806VEhjR
I love this guy! , and he loves a @brothersosborne solo 🎸⚡️ #stayalittlelonger https://t.co/Bw3Q1xhEf6
@srlantz70 aw thank you! Barley got shy ❤️🐶
❤️ @jinglejohnosborne https://t.co/u0hzK9cPgd
@thadcockrell haaaa they were right in front of my face! Usual story . Thanks Thad! Great bumping into you
Miss you back!! I'll be there in no time 🇬🇧❤️ https://t.co/L1P0HcRiyM
RT @ORSVP: Enter now to win a pair of tickets to see @davebarnesmusic at @GramercyTheatre on Saturday! https://t.co/ecmLqvlpZl https://t.co/r59M1PqSCe
@jonmclaughlin got excited about the Ryman show coming up in July! 💘😊 Can't WAIT to play with… https://t.co/qeerj7cxx7
How doth one decide upon what hour the battle commences ? #GameofThrones #9for9.30
@jillianjmusic um, the incredible beauty of your parents was passed down for real
"You pull the stars down, and I just have to reach out" ..... I wish all ceilings looked like this. Make a wish ✨ https://t.co/lo1gFUQ4ix
RT @HarrietsMusic: Love this version of #PlaceToHide by @KandaceSprings https://t.co/X03FcLISnk So beautifully written by @judietzuke and @LucieSilvas xx
Gracias!! 👏🏻❤️ https://t.co/YhOmAHk7Q8
Happy Father's Day to a dad who has spent his whole life trying to make ours better. We love you… https://t.co/iQT1RJlyK4
😭 #change @whoisfancy singing the song he wrote that @xtina just released for #Orlando 🙏🏻 #pride https://t.co/JEN6WDEDIp
This beauty about to take the stage at #pride in Louisville. So proud of you @whoisfancy 💋 https://t.co/VdRsdcXzop
RT @SaraWill1ams: Tickets purchased-thank you @Neil1Owen x see you in Birmingham @LucieSilvas 👏 #excitedmuch xx https://t.co/M2fOYEQiDU
@RachiePix5 @brothersosborne I need us to tooooo ❤️💋😘
Coming to a town near you ..... ❤️🇺🇸🇬🇧 https://t.co/G7VnlmQY6K
RT @Rebecca_Mich: .@LucieSilvas's album is insane. I hope everybody's listened. 🎤
@natalieosborne I love you my sister ❤️
Class. Just beautiful music @kateyorkmusic @joepisapia Out TODAY! 💘 https://t.co/v9pfAz6bM1
🙏🏻❤️ https://t.co/KMQGTGMJQ2
Incredible. So proud of you my love ❤️💛💚💙💜 #PrayForOrlando https://t.co/XGUPTkGGXt
RT @ThePerezHilton: Beautiful song, @xtina!! Written by @whoisfancy. https://t.co/PyIAKA97IH
September 09, 2016 at 02 Institute 3... https://t.co/b6UTjuFYd0
last night with Chris Stapleton, the only travesty being that Jarrads tie dye ensemble is blurry in this photo 😂 https://t.co/PvD9gePuRl
@MickeyGuyton boom! Love you tooooooo 🎉
Girl.... It's your birthday today yes? Happy birthday you beauty ❤️ @MickeyGuyton Let's eat some sweet 16
Tickets for my London show included with other dates. Get Em here 😘🇬🇧 https://t.co/bJ3UQCYs7E
Your generosity and kindness will last in everyone's minds that you meet, thank you for having… https://t.co/hu26vDvhKh
Tears. All tears . These two inspire me beyond belief 🙏🏻❤️ @chrisandmorgane @ChrisStapleton https://t.co/NgOl6O83WV
Wonderful human. And ofcourse that talent 🙏🏻❤️ Thanks for having me out @castapleton @chrisandmorgane https://t.co/VPGYKgK48H
Night to remember ❤️ @castapleton @jbamn @rustonkelly @thope05 @traditionalbarber_anthony 📷: @keargow https://t.co/NVgGBVUoLR
Just before hitting the stage #ChrisStapleton https://t.co/8x5zazCaYI
@HSbehindtheLens thank you! 😘
Thank you so much! https://t.co/E0gJywVFml
RT @NKDmag: Okay and a few more of the wonderful ladies of #CMAFest 😍 https://t.co/P1gpHmcshD https://t.co/4iqSXupycT
RT @3rdandLindsley: NEXT WEEK @changetheconvo Pres. an all-star Girls of Summer w/ the best songwriters we know! https://t.co/8RPJSBKgOy https://t.co/fvd6zpl3XT
@jeremy_chua love it! Thank you!
Does anyone else consider an entire wardrobe make over after watching game of thrones? Plus maybe a gym session 😁 #fthegym
@jeremy_chua can't wait for you to tweet about letters to ghosts too 😜🎉
@jeremy_chua I just tweeted about her single too. It's awesome
Thanks honey bun! Will be sad to miss you https://t.co/Yyue3NeYD9
On my way to a show and blasting debut song by my sweet friend @nikitakarmen . Check it out. I love her 🎉 https://t.co/1GuXZt9Dh9
❤️ this girl https://t.co/bsRK8TkKTc
@oldnorthbanker yes the Brooklyn bowl date...... #c2c
Such a beautiful song and video. I love it @kateyorkmusic https://t.co/ufRzyceTIQ via @youtube
RT @NewCountryVA: @ChrisStapleton @LucieSilvas Thursday night Charlottesville VA #sprintpavilion #FireAway #SoldOut https://t.co/DmWmQsC2b7
Sometimes we need to take a deep breath and let the chaos in our heads be drowned out by just… https://t.co/e7EzjT4J1m
Celebrating Maren tonight. We love you so much. Long may your success continue. 🎉🍾👸🏻 #mychurch #hero @marenmorris https://t.co/n6KGFO3BMY
@momofpepe no I mean I retweeted it. Thank you sweetie!
@momofpepe yes i posted it, so beautiful !! ❤️
This week with @castapleton @chrisandmorgane 💋 Really excited to see you guys 🎉 https://t.co/4fyN6N7wHy
@ntaly4 I've never forgotten Spain. I'll be back there
@xxLauraxxxxx I will be but not sure dates yet
@feelouise @CallumMack18 look forward to meeting you !
@huwknight awesome
@fredmacaulay yay Fred!!
Who's coming to the first of more dates to come in Europe..... Letterstoghosts 🇬🇧 https://t.co/YuSxozwuMt
@PatrickAprea thanks Patrick! ❤️
RT @3rdandLindsley: Catch @changetheconvo Pres. Girls of Summer on 6/23 w/ Heather Morgan, @caitlynsmith & MORE! https://t.co/8RPJSBKgOy https://t.co/irrFAtMtkp
RT @RustonKelly: my single 'Black Magic' is officially out. CHECK IT OUT ON SPOTIFY NOW: https://t.co/KNV1jmoLUv https://t.co/NPa6RII4rB
RT @changetheconvo: The #GirlsOfSummer are BACK!!! Make sure to get your tickets before they sell out!!! --> https://t.co/vUiGDlIzvg https://t.co/WuOGm0LnH6
We don't need permission to do what we love. You go girl. Love this ❤️🙏🏻 @kelleighbannen #cheapsunglasses https://t.co/1fZRnCUeU8
RT @brothersosborne: In honor of those in #Orlando, don't run. Don't hide. Don't fear. And never hate. Be 100% yourself in spite of the ass holes in this world.
RT @brothersosborne: A tribute for #Orlando 🙏🏼 https://t.co/RsxypeEM6W
Cheers 📷: @fordfairchild Hair and make up : @tarrynfeldman https://t.co/XIZbSUSSO8
We love you @charlieworsham . Thank you for always bringing it back to what counts, the love for music ❤️ #CMAFest https://t.co/SCORcfrcIh
I'm in ❤️🙏🏻😘 https://t.co/7FpYHz5rd1
We must react with only more love, cause they want us to hate, to separate and create war. My… https://t.co/I7hxnkju68
Thoughts are with the families of the victims of this awful tragedy in Orlando. This is so scary and upsetting. 😭🙏🏻
RT @itsShaLizabeth: @charlieworsham Midnite jamboree round 2 was awesome ✌🏻️@MissMargoPrice @KidRock @LucieSilvas @HunterHayes https://t.co/kWTLtRXiFP
RT @hmarie8706: @charlieworsham and the incredible @LucieSilvas just jammin out!! 2ngt was amazing!! #CWmidnitejamboree 🙌🏼🎉🎤🎸 https://t.co/Z4TteT18d0
Nothing better than singing with friends! Love you @charlieworsham Thanks for inviting me out tonight. ❤️ https://t.co/yjV1hzGp7E
There is literally no limit to @charlieworsham talent. Dude thanks for inviting me to share the stage with you 🙏🏻
Dang @MissMargoPrice you're brilliant 🙏🏻💋
RT @ZachShrout: The 3rd #midnitejamboree off to a great start @charlieworsham w/ guests @LucieSilvas @KidRock #CMAFest @DWeeZee https://t.co/p4xojY3QKW
RT @ScottyBredin: #CWMidniteJam guest 2 - @LucieSilvas - dang, @charlieworsham knows talented people https://t.co/aFg5zVcQdx
@CarthyB @MissMargoPrice I'm not sure. But it's moved to a venue that's cooler Temperature wise
Tonight!! Come hang with us ❤️🎉 @charlieworsham @MissMargoPrice @Brent_Cobb and more..... https://t.co/6Gdbj6bTvF
You're the 10, always. Had so much fun today with you all @mrBobbyBones
RT @hmarie8706: Hell yes @LucieSilvas !!!!! Killin this version of #DangerousWomen ! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥🎤 https://t.co/BRlfWR3s7N
RT @charlieworsham: well, video won't load but guess what?! 1st round special guests #CWMidniteJam tonite: @luciesilvas @brent_cobb @missmargoprice more 2 come!
RT @JukeboxMixtape: I'm obsessed with @LucieSilvas and her perfect gold ensemble! #CMAFest https://t.co/1ClGMseI3y
RT @nadameansnothin: The @mrbobbybones @producereddie #RagingIdiots female entourage ✨ https://t.co/eKdlQVME6E
Amazing crowd for the show today!!! #bobbybones @ragingidiots @cmafestival 📷: @soundslikenashville https://t.co/8ceF7UrMtw
Today 🎉 #CMAFest https://t.co/pGxlYLcqN8
RT @HannahGillHours: #NYC we're playing @GramercyTheatre June 25th with @davebarnesmusic and @LucieSilvas !! Show starts 7pm https://t.co/XVXgc9ukD0
Congrats @HeyParkerMcKay on your single release today! Go get em girl 🎉❤️ #RollingStone
@LbtMedia @wlgolden 😘😘
Got to meet some really lovely people at the signing today for #CMAFest . Thanks for waiting to see me. 📷:@oconnorm4 https://t.co/efRUWLxzTd
RT @CarthyB: . @LucieSilvas put on a killer show at #CMAFest2016 ! That voice 👌🏽 even though we were all sweatin balls haha https://t.co/S3GRu37d23
Thank you #cmafest for my first show! And to my boyz @rustonkelly @jbamn @traditionalbarber_anthony @thope05 https://t.co/UDCYSLWBun
RT @surfkarasurf: Roadtrip from NJ and loved singing every word with @LucieSilvas, be seeing you anytime in NYC! #CMAFest #ChevyCMA https://t.co/1DiluzpTAU
RT @nashvillegab: Anything you want, @LucieSilvas' got it. Mesmerizing talent! #ATTCMAFest https://t.co/XWCZ9BMddF
RT @FreeMarketsFan: #CMAFest @LucieSilvas is killing it at the Cruze Park Stage #BLLime #sunshine https://t.co/fX7HwSczwy
RT @NC5_JKnutson: Taking the #ChevyCMA Walk of Fame Park stage - @LucieSilvas! Can't wait. Her first time performing #CMAFest https://t.co/okgDrSkCSg
Playing my first ever #CMAFest show today at The walk of fame park stage at 1.50pm!!! Can't wait see you ! 🇺🇸 #Nashville
RT @AXS_UK: .@LucieSilvas is coming to the UK to tour her fantastic 'Letters To Ghosts' LP! https://t.co/FDXamhr6ui https://t.co/A2QLtIoxlf
RT @O2InstituteBham: ON-SALE NOW! Tickets for @LucieSilvas & @springkingband available via @TicketWebUK! https://t.co/wgJmNDxqot
Tickets for my UK tour are on sale NOW: https://t.co/RyaxaRKB1W. Can’t wait to see you there https://t.co/1hIxCshTUu
Tickets for my UK tour are on sale NOW: https://t.co/RyaxaRt0ao. Can’t wait to see you there!!! 🎉🇬🇧❤️ https://t.co/Z2QJUh47VL
@AddieK_12 lovely meeting you ☀️
This is exhausting 💤😜 @kateyork @erinmccarley #nashville #cmafest https://t.co/bj3LvGHonH
Come say hi at booth 670 10am- today @kreeharrison , @erinmccarley & @kateyorkmusic for this book signing #CMAFest https://t.co/m54hvBdqIE
Come see us girls at booth 670 today from 10am while celebrate and sign copies of @kateyorkmusic… https://t.co/vUL2Fi1Jm3
It looks like I'm asleep sitting up in this picture 😳 😂 Early morning chat with @jenniferwfox17 for @FOX17 #cmafest https://t.co/bK4sYIOv5E
RT @JenniferWFox17: Performers coming up in the 6am hour #LIVE ON @FOXNashville .. @DenimJoe @KelseyKmusic @LucieSilvas https://t.co/g3V4jxEgOY
RT @WhatsOnBrum: NEW UK TOUR! @LucieSilvas plays @O2InstituteBham #Birmingham on 9 Sep. ON SALE 10 Jun > https://t.co/rEcQrQOMf7 https://t.co/uI3RFv0mAR
So proud of @brothersosborne . Kind and talented and always melting my heart. Amazing night all round 🙏🏻 https://t.co/x5tKbiOhTe
When your mother-in-law gets mistaken for a Country music legend 😂🙏🏻❤️ #CMTAwards https://t.co/GQ8SAVJdp5
Our firecracker @marenmorris opening the awards with @keithurban and @bretteldredge 👏🏻🎉❤️ #cmtawards https://t.co/58DypQLMLj
My doll @natalieosborne ❤️ #CMTawards https://t.co/Nx85xsDjX8
@brothersosborne ❤️ #cmtawards https://t.co/ukfWRQ3Jat
Bam @natalieosborne @brothersosborne @nadameansnothin @lindsayell 🎉 #cmtawards https://t.co/KxXHUDDswb
RT @nashoverhere: NEW: Good to see @LucieSilvas return to the #UK for the #C2CSocial at @BBowlLondon in September - Tix on sale Friday https://t.co/KN910bDYJE
RT @conchashima: I love yooooou @LucieSilvas!!! 😍 booking for me and my sis asap @LucieSilvas @O2InstituteBham @AEG_Live @O2music https://t.co/3cr2cIsSTp
UK!! Just a few dates to come see me this September. Tickets go on sale this Friday 󾔗🇬󾓪 #aeglive #c2c... https://t.co/BLD8Uexrrg
UK!! Just a few dates to come see me this September. Tickets on sale this Friday 🎉🇬🇧 #aeglive #c2c #letterstoghosts https://t.co/K9Sw7q6ZHU
RT @TheO2: The incredible @LucieSilvas is coming to @BBowlLondon for #C2CSocial this September - find out more here: https://t.co/MGyvzRo0QZ
RT @BBowlLondon: Just Announced! C2C Social ft. @LucieSilvas on SAT, 10 SEP at @BbowlLondon-->> https://t.co/J1AeLOAh1Y https://t.co/msZvAwG8bs
RT @O2InstituteBham: NEW SHOW! @LucieSilvas O2 Institute3 Friday 9 September #O2Priority now: https://t.co/4R2YtddQXc Gen sale Friday https://t.co/47jmrnWMNC
RT @AEG_Live: NEW SHOWS! @LucieSilvas is back and playing five shows in September. Tickets go on sale at 10am on Friday. 🎫 https://t.co/aGmUXx7qqQ
@KandaceSprings likewise ! 😘🙏🏻
RT @KandaceSprings: 'Soul Eyes' is available for pre-order worldwide! iTunes: https://t.co/rK23UsSQmm Amazon: https://t.co/RkToYPKdCP https://t.co/QUevGjAzH0
Got to meet this powerhouse of a talent tonight @kandacesprings and hear her sing a song I… https://t.co/y1SJkFFax1
Fun shoot with @fordfairchild , playing dress up with a cameo by @barleysworld 🐶 . Glam by @tarrynfeldman ❤️ https://t.co/JozhQJ1iCV
Special announcement coming tomorrow ...... 🎉🇬🇧
RT @DvanDuinHoek: So beautiful @LucieSilvas ❤ https://t.co/SPK8he8zbt
Lovely chatting to @jessedknutson today from @newschannel5 about #cmafest . I'm a first timer for both these things! https://t.co/cyRrpPSApv
Nashville Book signing tonight for this beautiful book by @kateyorkmusic & @sonyajasinski hosted… https://t.co/NoY99egi9K
CMA week 🎉 #cmafest https://t.co/Hn4zRXa5UH
@McCloyMatt you sure will 🎉
RT @JasontheScott: Heading to #CMAFest? Here are 10 acts you should see, incl @jillianjmusic + @DrakeWhite ▶︎ https://t.co/bTjqpVuqRL https://t.co/uw7Gf52aPz
There's plenty of things to take seriously in life... But I wanna leave myself out of it #chillthefeckoutonyourself
The one and only reason I downloaded snapchat. You're so beautiful @erinmccarley https://t.co/Kahh7JKPv1
Hell yeah.... I can't get enough of https://t.co/CvfmB4jNlE
@RuthieRoo1982 aw happy birthday @nickmanton . Hope it's the best yet 🎉
@kasey_stone_ Wednesday.... 🎉
Separating from siblings is always way harder than I try to tell myself. These past few weeks… https://t.co/xDOUanlb7w
@loveyouluce @fatreg yes!! It's amazing. So beautifully shot and just badass
RT @JulietteQuirant: The love of my life & my favourite singer-songwriter @LucieSilvas, what else could I ask for?? #happy #blessed 😀❤ https://t.co/UBWcxq3uYj
Honey I shrunk Mika 💙 #Lynchburg https://t.co/iAafdL2ggx
I'm not done .... Another of my Nashville family... Is releasing her debut album too. She has… https://t.co/EW7sJWZQ2m
RT @kreeharrison: You can now pre-order my #ThisOldThing album on @AppleMusic & get the title track + #DeadMansHouse instantly! 📱🎧 https://t.co/cvQvICuAyN
@KreepinCountry thank you, your support is amazing
@fatreg that's good to hear. 😘
@fatreg thanks for the heads up! 😳
@KreepinCountry Haa that photo is about 10 years old!
Two words: PEAKY BLINDERS 🙏🏻👏🏻🇬🇧 #peakyblinders
RT @betsy_alperin: Missed the wondrous @luciesilvas at rockvillerec Hometown Holidays last weekend? She's back at… https://t.co/TwC33DUnPP
It's out. My friend, sister, inspiration and ofcourse, #HERO has her debut album out today. You… https://t.co/491eynrrFZ
@iGoBySinclair thanks Doll 😘
Happy Anniversary @jinglejohnosborne .... Thank you for being you ❤️ https://t.co/XGKqGvRo2J
RT @fordfairchild: #WCW Finally got to shoot the one and only @luciesilvas and OMG it was so amazing. 💄: @tarrynfeldman 💪: @smevee https://t.co/pRXC297xkA
My first #cmafest and where I'm performing 🎉 #Nashville #ragingidiots #womenofcountry https://t.co/HTYRGH6psF
RT @C_Whiskey_G: And I'm stoked @BrettYoungMusic @LucieSilvas @LancoMusic @JordanCWDavis will be at @WatershedFest !!!
RT @conchashima: Still my favourite song 💙 #Roots @LucieSilvas #LettersToGhosts 🎶 https://t.co/6xKVx8FaDm
RT @NatalieStovall: So excited to be a part of @MrBobbyBones & the Raging Idiots' Wonderful Women of Country show this year!! 😍 #CMAfest https://t.co/fuTKmwlAff
@tritonal getting this crowd wild for their new single myself & @toferbrown wrote with them! #tritonal #getaway https://t.co/AAxP9SOPgw
@bestkidrxuhl Merci 😘💋
Red is for ❤️. @jinglejohnosborne is home today 🙏🏻😭 https://t.co/SIJOlsPlO1
Dangerous woman album makes me feel like a dangerous woman #np #ArianaGrande 👊🏻💥
@isaacloic Thank you Isaac
We all miss our sweet Greg ❤️ https://t.co/7eWAuXDUYt
Go @TwinnieleeMoore ! Congrats on your new track "Home". ❤️ Co written by @TheBonfires https://t.co/ClRc3rhMUD
@jillianjmusic you're my B ❤️
RT @jillianjmusic: Brilliant work @toferbrown @LucieSilvas @Tritonal !!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ https://t.co/iaZDVBbypr
@fraserforrest I'd never forget Scotland! ❤️
@BrandonRayMusic dang look at dat truck 🙏🏻
Announcing them any minute! Miss you guys too! https://t.co/fWKAbPaxYi
🙏🏻 I'm honored ! https://t.co/5QMleeqV7w
@ianrkenilworth @judietzuke @RadioWarks @huwknight thanks Ian! Looking forward to announcing my UK dates any minute now
RT @Johnnedhyman: @LucieSilvas What a great show tonight. As I loudly (rudely?) screamed, you were killing it. Safe travels!
Pre show tonight in Rockville, MD. 📷: @tronian https://t.co/v8APZdhV6h
RT @DelaneydyerMc: You're welcome. || @LucieSilvas, you're amazing! 🙌🏻 https://t.co/knx9tIW8t9
@kateyorkmusic Ima scoop you next time
❤️ me too ! https://t.co/hOLv8B5tJo
@cpswimmer yes! Rockville tonight ! Come by 🎉
Rockville MD we are on our way... 🎉❤️
RT @GregFeis: Thrilled to see @LucieSilvas in today's #USAToday! We in #Rockville (Md) are excited to see your show Sat 5/28! https://t.co/TIP02E7xdN
@BrosOsborneFans @brothersosborne 😘
RT @KFROGRadio: What were the 5 hottest #country songs and artists today? #requests @brothersosborne @ChrisYoungMusic @CassadeePope https://t.co/u2zkEcBJys
My girls @maddieandtae shout out for #letterstoghosts & #downhome in @usatoday @brothersosborne 🎉😘 https://t.co/I5nfKUni7f
RT @kreeharrison: #DeadMansHouse was the 1st song I wrote for this record. I'M SO EXCITED it's on iTunes! https://t.co/eXzkfptv6i https://t.co/VZehaOQF0d
My Doll @kreeharrison has her single #DeadMansHouse out today!! The badasses at @Lightning100 have been spinning it. She's amazing. Check it
@Tritonal @toferbrown @AngelTaylor that was so fun! Hope to see you guys again soon 🎉 congrats on the release today
Huge thanks to @Tritonal @toferbrown @angeltaylor for having me be part of this song. Out today! https://t.co/mXQfIjUwL2
So Thrilled to be part of this song! Out today #getaway #tritonal https://t.co/UzZciuBtMS
@cdaydreamz .... This is on repeat. So good 🙏🏻 #work https://t.co/6qt1XsUrWi
@therachelpotter who's being mean to you.... 😡
Thanks Chelsea! 😘😃 https://t.co/siOeAr8Gu6
@jjgp716 thanks Joe!
@MarenMorris Me want one
I love Nashville.... More everyday. Thank you for being my home ❤️
Thank you to you guys for making this happen. Amazing to have been a part of it https://t.co/3cDI5Ba82P
#tb to recording "Smoke" exclusively for @cmt . This was a first for this song. ❤️ U guys ! @lesliefram1 @stacecato https://t.co/AVitA73YKu
RT @JulietteQuirant: @LucieSilvas haa! We love U and we can't wait to see U again! We're listening to "Villain" at the moment & we're both crying, U're a lgend:)
@Andykaren7893 @michaelkiwanuka @Carole_King @BSTHydePark wow! Incredible line up
@JulietteQuirant Haaa. He's lucky to have you
@GregFeis @HTHRockville can't wait to see you all
@rickbrantley LIVE on @Lightning100 🎉🙏🏻 ❤️ Amazing #hurtpeople https://t.co/xSAsCiYbce
@Martoon15000 no not been announced yet 👍🏻
@thehorsettes love you back
Last one from last night with these beautiful talented babes @thehorsettes 💋 https://t.co/lFeoVqVUCP
90s night babies ❤️❤️❤️ @MarenMorris @whoisfancy #myheros https://t.co/JbGtb5KCOv
@andrewmcohen @brothersosborne thanks so much for amazing night my friend !
John and I must have been distracted in this shot 😂❤️ @brothersosborne #90s https://t.co/anUtaiwjGZ
RT @YEPNashville: #YEPRewind 5.24.16 @thebasementeast https://t.co/eY9W8kWH3U
@DWeeZee U are so loved & Cherished. Thank u for bringing us all together like u do & reminding us fun is what it's all about. I Love u!!
RT @RockvilleRec: Only 3 days til #HTH16 #Musicfest https://t.co/vIjlzrYZKs #HTH16 @TheRadGs @TheMoCoShow @LucieSilvas https://t.co/nFLoiBGpZx
RT @ZachShrout: After their solo albums I vote a new girl duo @MarenMorris @LucieSilvas #YepRewind @YEPNashville @DWeeZee #nodiggity https://t.co/npsTFO5aPn
RT @AnnaKrantzMusic: Life. Made. @luciesilvas @marenmorris @whoisfancy @d_weezee @eli.beaird @evanhutchings https://t.co/ihXVPgx7Q8
RT @SarahCompton_: @MarenMorris @LucieSilvas & @fancy just SLAYED my life performing "no diggity" #dead #90sbaby
RT @NativeNashville: SHOW: Get out to @BasementEast & @beastpub TONIGHT for YEP Rewind: 90's pop night w/ @davebarnesmusic @MarenMorris https://t.co/JfHKO6HpMc
Lyric prompt @barleysworld 😂 📷: @annakrantzmusic https://t.co/wDtyD51Heo
RT @hmarie8706: @CMT @LucieSilvas @kelleighbannen @MickeyGuyton @MarenMorris @carlypearce Yasss! kickin country musics ass! Love all y'all! SO proud! 🙌🏼❤️
RT @FramLeslie: First filming ever for #Smoke @luciesilvas #CMTnextwomen LIVE-Someone in the room said "She is… https://t.co/lTXdqKya3V
RT @CMT: Had the best day taping with our #CMTNextWomen. Sneak it now on our Snapchat 👻: CMT https://t.co/AvC5ANXGV0
RT @CassiNmusic: I've been listening to @LucieSilvas for a week wondering where she has been all me life! #LettersToGhosts
RT @natalieosborne: "He's gonna look like this one day" - Dad. Get ready @luciesilvas @brothersosborne https://t.co/MIbz1YAtHl
RT @RockvilleRec: Just 5 days until Hometown Holidays #MusicFest! https://t.co/RkFm8aBDdb @LucieSilvas @dangermuffin https://t.co/rZWbZAWmOT
@ianrkenilworth no not at all. Not announced yet but will be very shortly
@jefferydavid thank you !! 😘
RT @jefferydavid: Breakfast at my fav spot EAT in Noho and being blown away by the music playing. Just discovered @LucieSilvas WOW! What a voice!! 😊
RT @98WSIX: In case you didn't realize something incredibly cool was happening in Nashville this week. @BasementEast #LiveMusic https://t.co/8MBOW51HwD
Coming up..... June 10th! #CMAFest https://t.co/Z9Zvh3y5ca
@KreepinCountry that's so sweet. Thank you
"A dream is a wish..." at bedtime for little Mika 💘 https://t.co/SH5x61eBj6
RT @InaWroldsen: @LucieSilvas OBSESSED with your cover of Perfect. Litterally perfection. What story telling you do... And your voice...😻 #currentlyonrepeat
RT @sneezeonthebeat: #LettersToGhosts on repeat today @LucieSilvas https://t.co/bHobaxGj4P
🇬🇧 Brits ❤️ @thebonfires @annakrantzmusic @jamesmorrisonok https://t.co/1oKYEnPRtI
RT @JabeNation: Jammin the jamz w/ @luciesilvas https://t.co/dRwgejTv92
RT @GregFeis: Must See if in DC area: the amazing talented musician @LucieSilvas at Rockville Memorial Day fest #HTH16 next Sat. night 5/28. Go see her!
Just picked up poor barley, who is a little under the weather today, on top of the fact that… https://t.co/vsuhS19q55
RT @YEPNashville: 🔂9️⃣0️⃣🔂 #YEPRewind @BasementEast 5/24 9pm https://t.co/daZu6G7Di0 https://t.co/0cTZM7BJN8
❤️ You guys! https://t.co/tUnjhwQj1H
RT @_CreativeNation: The best @BluebirdCafeTN. #CanIGetAnAmen 🙏🏼 https://t.co/lQly2nzZRj
RT @NY_Places: More buzz for Gramercy Theatre: https://t.co/Gaj9RROxri - RT @PopGigsNYC Don't miss the @LucieSilvas at Gramercy Theatre on Jun 25! https...
@Rebecca_Mich of course!
RT @shanherrold: #CMAFest @TheSwonBrothers @brothersosborne @WaterlooRev @LucieSilvas @RealCarmack @TaraThompsonTN @HIGHVALLEY https://t.co/ryslfwsUoY
I'm not excited about being 5ft, But I'm SO excited about what we are working on together @theshadowboxers #fresh https://t.co/RbzDapmDEr
RT @LiveRockInDC: Ready to rock Washington? @davebarnesmusic & @LucieSilvas at The Hamilton on Jun 24! https://t.co/o5VpcTH1kD https://t.co/W4OxYdGRqQ
It's unreal listening to voice like this sing in the room with you.... Worship @JamesMorrisonOK 🙏🏻
RT @ianrkenilworth: @LucieSilvas @Andykaren7893 @JamesMorrisonOK @TylerSamJ Wow - love both your albums! #LettersToGhosts #HigherThanHere #Genius
RT @1957Chevyman: @CountryMusic I am most excited to see @LucieSilvas & @lindsayell . I really hope to get meet and great #CMAfest #FanFairX
RT @hmarie8706: My current jam! If u don't have it go get it.. If u do GREAT choice! 🙌🏼 @LucieSilvas #letterstoghosts 🎤 https://t.co/RyonBG6V12
@Andykaren7893 @JamesMorrisonOK @TylerSamJ yes I'm the lucky one today 💘
🙏🏻 @jamesmorrisonok @tylersamj #nashville https://t.co/QM7rRMYImi
Next weeks line up! 🎉 @d_weezee #90s https://t.co/4HMF46lg40
Get yo tickets!! Can't wait to party on that stage with this line up, 90s style 🎉 @ The Basement… https://t.co/VQL9iaUPxm
Happy birthday to these sweet dolls... ❤️ I'm lucky to call you guys family @kreeharrison and @jamiefloydmusic 🎉
RT @BellesandGals: Next up is @luciesilvas with "Letters to Ghosts" https://t.co/Z2tSxtX8ut
We cookin up something today ❤️🎉 ...... @theshadowboxers https://t.co/9CIfUL37TR
@JamieeeMason thank you Jamie! So sweet of you
@JamieeeMason you sweetheart!
UK.... I'm coming for you, again! Check back here for updates ❤️🇬🇧
Fav new store i found in LA last week called The Library LA, in Larchmont, but I can't find… https://t.co/zcJoqesLYc
@KFROGRadio I'm honored to be on this list. Thank you!
RT @KFROGRadio: #NextInNashville is back! Hear insight from @ryanbeaver & @MorganMylesLIVE, plus new music from @DierksBentley. https://t.co/ulbkU4I95X
Just over 24 hours til my sister arrives from New Zealand.... And counting.... ❤️🎉
RT @KreepinCountry: If you're not loving @LucieSilvas by now, then I fear you might be incapable of love. Watch her brilliant #Villain. https://t.co/DLpxAE2iJ1
@momofpepe almost..... I'll post em ❤️
RT @McCloyMatt: Rough sketch of my sign @LucieSilvas. I am so excited to hear you live! #CMAfest is 24 days away https://t.co/zan1R28zv1
Snuggled in my barley blanket with my Barley. We miss you @brothersosborne ❤️😭 https://t.co/KEFi0xVKo8
Gangsta braids 👍🏻 hair and make up by @tarrynfeldman https://t.co/FAZVG2Ni1z
@kelleighbannen @NashGlam ❤️❤️❤️ you
RT @kelleighbannen: @LucieSilvas @NashGlam match made in HEAVEN
@kelliebeauty1 💋
Gettin' Glam by @tarrynfeldman https://t.co/sm7nV3TFs0
RT @natalieosborne: What happens when @luciesilvas has a photo shoot. #fringeanddogs #nodogswereharmedinthisphotoshoot https://t.co/1cmwWqfXc7
Photo fun today with @tarrynfeldman @fordfairchild ❤️ https://t.co/FoeVX3ncMt
RT @SharonPrickett: I just ❤️ @LucieSilvas album but her cover of #yougotit takes my breath away. #letterstoghosts https://t.co/CUisflV4ED
@SharonPrickett 😘 Thank you!
Friends who talk you out of your own silly head when you need it most . I ❤️ U @whoisfancy https://t.co/AzFfv7HGOa
This is how I personally feel about a juice cleanse #tbt https://t.co/5pNl6dfW08
RT @SaraCude: When you are coming all the way from the UK and get to see @LucieSilvas perform at @BluebirdCafeTN #dreamcometrue
Slightly blurry but a moment from a magical night at sbbowl opening for @chrisstapleton… https://t.co/JEBxgiIgE7
@SallyRyland @kimberlynovosel thanks so much 😘
RT @kimberlynovosel: O N R E P E A T - The more I listen to this song, the more I love it. Keep ‘em coming @LucieSilvas! https://t.co/RxGJ5IKw5R #countrymusic
RT @sbBowl: @LucieSilvas @TheBonfires @ErikKertes @RustonKelly @JBamn <- what a great freakin' photo! Thanks for an awesome set.
@KFRGHeather I pretty much did but tried to play it cool somehow
Honored to have opened for @ChrisStapleton tonight and got to meet Mr @kennyloggins too. 😱 Magic night in every way. 🙏🏻
Not only insanely talented but such kind and welcoming people. Thank you @ChrisStapleton and beautiful Morgan for having me tonight. 🙏🏻✨😘
RT @philipmbloom: Glad we got to see @JBamn w/@LucieSilvas opening for @ChrisStapleton tonight. They killed it..those harmonies 👌🏼 https://t.co/0y08rqQjbO
RT @rbilson84: @LucieSilvas pls can you retweet? I'm taking part in Scotland's Big Walk. 54 miles in 24 hours. #NoExcuses #Yomp16 https://t.co/OgBlD2o7DM
Let's go boyz 🎉 @thebonfires @erikkertes @rustonkelly @thope05 @jbamn #chrisstapleton #wheresjon https://t.co/kaNGN06S9q
Tonight's venue. Utterly beautiful ❤️ @chrisandmorgane #chrisstapleton #santabarbarabowl https://t.co/QtUZh1usNM
Santa Barbara bound ...... #santabarbarabowl #chrisstapleton @thebonfires @rustonkelly @thope05 @jbamn https://t.co/L6dR4nkrax
RT @mwfoster90: When you realize @LucieSilvas is opening for @ChrisStapleton tonight! Can't wait! https://t.co/5aihNuiVFq
RT @ErikKertes: I'll be playing with the incomparable @luciesilvas tonight at the Santa Barbara Bowl opening for… https://t.co/G17QdyJwmz
@brothersosborne with 2 @cmt nominations !!! Congrats boys. And to everyone nominated !!! ❤️
RT @sbBowl: @sbadventuregal @ChrisStapleton @LucieSilvas - none through us. Should be a fantastic concert tomorrow!
RT @kreeharrison: Aghhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Thank you @Lightning100 Let em know 🙏🏿 I'd love to hear what y'all think. #deadmanshouse https://t.co/6CiQCXX98w
@dspworcester I sure am
RT @davebarnesmusic: SO excited to play the @rymanauditorium in Nashville on July 23rd and have the amazing… https://t.co/mQEJNdG9D3
RT @davebarnesmusic: Ron Brice is the absolute best. One of the first people to support me in Nashville. MUCH LOVE @3rdandLindsley. https://t.co/i4E091TjBB
@hmarie8706 you're a sweetie
@kasey_stone_ it's being planned so soon as I know I'll post 🎉
My reaction at the news that miss @annakrantzmusic is arriving in Nashville in 48 hours 🎉 https://t.co/9jTvwSrFda
@momma_mia8 I know that feeling 😘
@momofpepe thanks Lisa! 😘
RT @OfficialChappy9: @LucieSilvas Any help you can give for this would be amazing Lucie. Invest, RT, share - hope you're well x https://t.co/QU7RTF2cFB
RT @momma_mia8: Happy x @LucieSilvas breaks me every time. I've been feeling it hard lately. #MusicThatSpeaks
Happy Mothers day to the kindest soul I know. Thank you for giving me so much. I wanna make you… https://t.co/j6VoeLbgaz
RT @GregFeis: Excited to be able to see @LucieSilvas in concert at Rockville (Md) Hometown show 5/28! She's a wonderful musician/vocalist!
@mallorytrunnell 😘
Come see us!! July 23rd The Ryman, Nashville #davebarnes #theshadowboxers https://t.co/9TOTEq1pv4
Updated Tour dates..... ❤️ https://t.co/33EKEbnOtU
Big news!! Brought to you by Mr @davebarnesmusic .... That voice.... Of an angel... Goes on, and… https://t.co/tA1TqQ4WJO
RT @AntoSalvatori: I'm not good at making promises...❤ One Direction - Perfect ( @luciesilvas Cover) https://t.co/GQf5qfeMoM vía @YouTube
@charlesnashvill @ryanbeaver @nativerunmusic ha perfect!
Have to shout out for these two artists as well cause they are brilliant! Out today. @ryanbeaver @nativerunmusic https://t.co/7D58hhtw8M
Best part of my day so far.... the arrival of @theshadowboxers new song! Hear it on #spotify 🎉 #womanthroughthewall https://t.co/QUHDV7z1o0
.... "How do I find a way to your ❤️" #letterstoghosts #Stagecoach2016 https://t.co/ECwESmc2VL
@iGoBySinclair so excited to see your vid ❤️
Just got done rehearsing for the next run of shows and I'm having the time of my life right now. ❤️ this band 🙏🏻 #tour
RT @ryanbeaver: Starting this Friday 5/6, you can grab my new album Rx but if you can't wait - @AmerSongwriter has you covered here! https://t.co/5ZCoWE4vGk
RT @LiveRockInDC: Only 2 months left! @davebarnesmusic & @LucieSilvas in Washington on Jun 24. Grab the tix! 👉 https://t.co/4j3UJMNA13 https://t.co/U6TjzvPPz3
RT @ScottKash88: #WCW SEE @LucieSilvas sing her song “Letters To Ghosts” in a #CountryMusicVideo https://t.co/E8wiuzKThH 🎤🎸🎥🔊🎶💗 https://t.co/kiKLA3avud
RT @CelticToni: @LucieSilvas Just listening to you (Find a way) for the first time on Spotify, and I love it!!
Another shot from #stagecoach 🎉 https://t.co/4vAJIAxYMJ
RT @ABCNashville: Watch @LspringsteenTN's gorgeous #UnLockedSession with @LucieSilvas #LockelandSpringsteen #LucieSilvas https://t.co/EawsTmwui0
RT @kateyorkmusic: Today marks the official release of mine and @sonyajasinski 's book! Grab your copy today. ❤️ https://t.co/nG3XU1c805
#Repost @kateyorkmusic with repostapp. so proud of these two. They worked for a long time on… https://t.co/aygBEYD0o1
Very excited and honored to be playing this show next week with the wonderful @castapleton @chrisandmorgane ! ❤️ https://t.co/cpVdkPXZBJ
Who's hungry ? #oscarmeyerwienermobile https://t.co/TdSPsTuKya
That red eye was made way more fun by @MaddieandTae . Love you two 💋 .... And good night 😴
Long day of traveling and now the red eye home. Intense but so excited to get to see my family ❤️ See you again in 10 days Cali 🎉
RT @ErikKertes: Rad time playing #stagecoach today with @luciesilvas! #moollon #daddariostrings #aguilaramp… https://t.co/M0d0srIYxt
Trailer rehearsal pre show today #stagecoach @thebonfires @erikkertes @sluprok @julianbbell https://t.co/pogtLMl42e
@jo_maisey AGHHHH can't believe you are at stagecoach ❤️
@KFRGHeather thanks Heather!! 💋💋💋
Thanks to my band and being such amazing road folks ! #Stagecoach https://t.co/3abnvIDDTE
RT @KFRGHeather: .@LucieSilvas is sounding AMAZING onstage at #Stagecoach! https://t.co/7itwKqoL7g
RT @StageRights: Happening now! @LucieSilvas #stagecoach https://t.co/Ry5R0kpzJ1
@garygo Indio! So beautiful
I think I just arrived in heaven #Stagecoach https://t.co/CuqpA0MIYi
RT @vivianemarotta: @momofpepe @brothersosborne @LucieSilvas love listening them while I'm traveling, any time is a good time to listen them though lol
@kateyorkmusic @SoVeryBritish spot on 😂
5am drive to Indio today. Waking myself up with @ElliotRoot pumping in my headphones. Now I'm ready 🎉 #elliotroot
@isaacloic bonjour! Merci beaucoup! 😘
Errrrrrr that's just made my day and it's only 5am!! Hope I can watch it online from 🇺🇸 Thank you! https://t.co/6XeIqEDVj1
RT @KreepinCountry: @LucieSilvas If I were to see you play a set that long, I believe I would be able to die a happy human! #LongSetLucie #17SongSilvas
Well that's the longest set I've played in a good while 😳🎉 SO much fun tonight. 🙏🏻 https://t.co/NKWaEWghEc
Ready for the show tonight. And that's me trying to wink with the wrong eye 🎤🎹💋 https://t.co/xVSRp6Bya4
RT @ErikKertes: Fun times rocking in AZ with @luciesilvas! We'll be at Stagecoach tomorrow (Sunday) on the main… https://t.co/C2e5wvcl4E
Thanks for listening! I had a great time 🎉 https://t.co/f5ScEcTrtb
RT @AmerSongwriter: Listen to Lucie Silvas perform “Just For The Record” at our #DiscoverVolume2 concert. https://t.co/7WAKUVcobb @LucieSilvas
Amazing crowd for us tonight , thank you !!! 🙏🏻😘 #arizona https://t.co/HolewIEdsr
Such a fun gig tonight!! @thebonfires @sluprok @erikkertes @julianbbell #arizona https://t.co/8cwb1cYGrX
This is what happens when you leave your keyboard stand at the previous venue 👍🏻 #knees #arizona #cameobyjongreen https://t.co/FPpUD2TBzS
RT @vivianemarotta: .@LucieSilvas and then @OldDominion at the #Stagecoach on Sunday, of course I'll be watching ❤️🎶🎶
RT @momofpepe: I'm obsessed with @LucieSilvas cover of You Got It!! SOOOO good!! https://t.co/JLIVcTQ0BU
Just try to get through this without crying... I didn't 🙏🏻 https://t.co/8DFYGJR43a #Coldplay 😭
One more from last night at @theTroubadour . Photo by Jeff Bender https://t.co/jxHh2IiqcD
There's only one place to be tonight.... At Hotel Cafe in LA watching @theshadowboxers !!! Incomparable 🙏🏻
RT @stephie6788: Fell in love with @LucieSilvas last night! Sooooo good. ❤🔥 https://t.co/UfwJ0jQbXL
@nickolasbarnes how could you 😂😳
RT @TracyLeshay: Pre- #Stagecoach magic @theTroubadour Wish I could follow @LucieSilvas all the way to Indio for more! https://t.co/GOMdOB3UIa
RT @MzWarrington: .@LucieSilvas So good tonight!@theTroubadour Catch her this weekend @Stagecoach #stagecoach #countrymusic 🙌🏾💥 https://t.co/PDqhvFUITk
RT @StephanieMHsueh: @SamPalladio @LucieSilvas y'all put on an amazing show (and sounded great together too) https://t.co/BsApMKLkTi
🙏🏻 #thetroubadour Huge thanks to my brilliant band tonight @thebonfires @sluprok @julianbbell @erikkertes https://t.co/aCRk3fCp93
@SamPalladio is smashing it right now!! So badass!! @theTroubadour
RT @BenJStone: @LucieSilvas @Babyvns @magicgiant bummed I missed it.. But can't wait to see you kick ass at @Stagecoach this weekend!! BOOM. 🐎
Tonight was so special for me. 🙏🏻❤️ @thetroubadour @sampalladio 📷: @stephaniehsueh https://t.co/1fCyB3Fjbx
@OfeliaTweets thank you so much. This is the sweetest 💘😘
RT @StephanieMHsueh: Truly one of my favorite (and one of the most talented) artists! @LucieSilvas you were incredible! ❤️ https://t.co/gUTw0ZQlTJ
Thank YOU!!! What a night! So happy to be here https://t.co/AsiVI1dP2s
@matracaberg @whoisfancy we love you back!!
Hello LA ❤️ @sampalladio #troubadour https://t.co/LZXQoKGWwM
RT @whoisfancy: Got into @luciesilvas 's makeup bag. Can't wait to see her tonight @ #thetroubadour 🍾💋💥💅🏻🐅✨💄 https://t.co/y96Tf6Kz8A
RT @theTroubadour: Set times for tonight's SOLD OUT Sam Palladio show: Doors open at 8 pm | @LucieSilvas at 8:30 | @SamPalladio at 9:30. See you there!
@M_J_Eisenberg @KFRGHeather @SamPalladio 😘🎉
@phillipdell152 thank you Phil 🙏🏻
RT @KFROGRadio: If you don't know @LucieSilvas, you WILL after @Stagecoach! Performing on Mane Stage! https://t.co/lxcPXg4si0
RT @KFRGHeather: It'll be her very FIRST Stagecoach Festival performance this weekend! Get to know @LucieSilvas. A brilliant artist! https://t.co/FKNDl4kxca
@KFRGHeather thank you for such a lovely piece! You're a true music lover, excited to see you at Stagecoach !
How could I not be in love with this person 👆🏻❤️ Its already your birthday, and I wish I could… https://t.co/YOvpAxnNc4
#Repost theryman with repostapp. ・・・ ANNOUNCED EARLIER TODAY: THE SHADOWBOXERS AND LUCIE SILVAS… https://t.co/FPzWzAax40
@_whiskeydiaries I seriously can't wait
Let's go to California together 🎹🎤☀️ https://t.co/ljuvnYNVsw
@Motobec810 @AmerSongwriter thank you guys!
Last chance for #stagecoach !! This will my first ever festival in the USA, playing on the Main ("Mane") Stage... https://t.co/yNhoKzXh4j
Last chance for #stagecoach !! My first ever festival in the US, playing Sunday May 1st. So excited!! @stagecoach https://t.co/MSNezZVYVC
RT @AmerSongwriter: Listen to Lucie Silvas perform “Just For The Record” at our #DiscoverVolume2 concert. https://t.co/7WAKUUUNjD @LucieSilvas @_WEARECONNECT
I wanted to steal this little guy and bring him back to Nashville! Let's live on a commune and… https://t.co/HpSiuK1XBQ
RT @SoVeryBritish: A handy collection of awkwardness from the Very British Problems book https://t.co/Rod29q68dM https://t.co/FBNovbo1AB
@CEstarli 😘
RT @natalieosborne: Favorite couple. @brothersosborne @luciesilvas https://t.co/ItJsgmUbnG
Prince is in the sky 🛩💨 #prince #jazzfest https://t.co/ACu0zsjDo2
Best start cleaning up then...... #brothersosborne #jazzfest2016 https://t.co/nevXbRqVrN
Just a snippet of the fun and total genius carnage of this show!! Best show they've ever played… https://t.co/4iItia8hQp
Some seriously good shit is about go down at #jazzfest !! 🙏🏻 @brothersosborne #nola https://t.co/n5oEracsfe
@WhirlyGirlMusic @JBamn @RustonKelly so excited!! See you there!
Too much fun with @jbamn and @rustonkelly, can't wait to sing a couple new songs at these upcoming shows next week https://t.co/yCfhLRstIA
@hmarie8706 @SamPalladio @theTroubadour thanks sweet thing
@KreepinCountry @MarenMorris ☺️ the sky is the limit!! 👍🏻
The best part of my day so far...... Pre ordering this gem. I love you @marenmorris You're my #hero https://t.co/c6dOHpvqjU
@SamPalladio @theTroubadour Thank you Sam! Can't wait for this!! 🎉🎉
RT @SamPalladio: Can't believe I get to say this but....we sold out @theTroubadour! It'll be a night to remember. Bring it on LA! https://t.co/l4CyRwuChT
Lovely cowbell guy magically appeared from nowhere and vanished right after this song... The… https://t.co/f8EEeuVyqT
RT @megan_gnad: Thank you for publishing in New Zealand, Verve Magazine! @LucieSilvas 🌟❤️🇳🇿 https://t.co/PCybNvxtEz
"Sometimes in snows in April"..... 😭😭 You made an impact on the world in so many ways.… https://t.co/rzhky7h7ma
Prince. We have lost one of the GREATEST. Devastating. I can only dream of genius like his 🙏🏻😭 #RIPrince
Teaser clip of a new song, recorded live with @RustonKelly #justfortherecord https://t.co/ji8q4tCuNQ
RT @hmarie8706: Woohoooo it's officially on our #cmafest2016 schedule! Can't wait to see you @LucieSilvas ! 🎉🎉❤️💃🏻💃🏻 #letterstoghost https://t.co/ihHOTiOxJY
RT @unbridledlove36: Lucie Silvas - Letters To Ghosts https://t.co/b1Bn1NRBaz via @YouTube @LucieSilvas
My first #CMAfest . Excited for this 󾔗 https://t.co/FOueT8G3AY
My first #CMAFest !! Excited to play for you 🎉 https://t.co/Ig3OwsULMP
Opry debut!!! So proud of you @brothersosborne ❤️ #opry https://t.co/l9qFj1vQZN
RT @lovinlyrics: #CMAFEST2016 ARTIST LINEUP - PARK STAGE FRIDAY JUNE 10 12:30pm - @RealCarmack 1:10pm - @TyHerndonCom 1:50pm - @LucieSilvas
RT @CStar_Photos: RT - Park Stage #CMAfest Friday 6/10 @DrewRBaldridge @JMCOfficial @RyanKinder @RealCarmack @TyHerndoncom @LucieSilvas @RaeLynnOfficial (1)
This man was spotted lurking tonight , approach with caution. Nice t-shirt tho 😂👍🏻 Love you @nickolasbarnes https://t.co/juKM5BTVES
What a night, and performance. Total perfection @brothersosborne @MarenMorris #fireaway https://t.co/6EbxVhoRdL
Stunning rendition of an amazing song by 3 people I love @brothersosborne marenmorris . They did… https://t.co/SNiPDqY8M4
Mobile sunbathing ... In the shade 😳👍🏻 https://t.co/wQdIP4N386
RT @BellesandGals: OK, so 'Letters to Ghosts' by @luciesilvas is absolutely brilliant. The album and the song. I know I've said it before, but need to repeat!
RT @CheyenneRae17: @whoisfancy was so right with this suggestion😍🔥 Love @LucieSilvas's music. https://t.co/wQ8fq8r99K
@kelleighbannen @KreepinCountry 😂👏🏻
@KreepinCountry oh yeah, we've been married nearly a year now! 😜
Love getting to sing with @jinglejohnosborne ❤️ 📷: @tracy_ulam https://t.co/z392TbDIoh
@SamWatts82 thanks Sam!
@rockmeetscountr aw thank you!
Got a few questions bout this outfit yesterday. Jacket and leather fringe belt from @nastygal , … https://t.co/Ur2Di70mLU
Sweethearts!! Lovely to get to hang with such humble people 💘 @maddieandtae https://t.co/6UnbRPUJom
@MaddieandTae you guys are amazing, loved getting to see you tonight
Such a great audience tonight , thanks for having me again @brothersosborne. Excited to watch @maddieandtae now ! ❤️ https://t.co/5GLiwC39qI
This voice is one in a million 🙏🏻 @tjosborne @brothersosborne https://t.co/841l3EXMfc
Check out this amazing cover and video for "La